How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year?

The New Year is a holiday that adults and children are eagerly awaiting. The brightest symbol of the celebration is a beautifully decorated, sparkling Christmas tree with multi-colored lights. In the old manner, many decorate it in the same way that our grandmothers decorated it, and from year to year they observe the same creation. In this article we will examine the current trends of Christmas tree decor, which will help to surprise your loved ones and guests.

Where to put?

Before decorating the New Year's beauty, it is necessary to determine the place where she will be. It should be immediately noted that the living tree should not be located near the battery or heater, so it dries faster and loses its unique coniferous smell.

  • The classic option is to place the Christmas tree in the corner, behind the sofa, between the chair and the sofa.Thus, it will not interfere with movement, and the atmosphere of the holiday will remain.
  • Herringbone well put and about the window opening. Such an idea will help organize a real winter fairy tale. Imagine how on New Year's Eve outside the window rages a blizzard, it is snowing, and the tree shines with warm home lights. However, in this case, take care of decorating the window so that the composition is complete. Garlands cut out of paper snowflakes, jelly Velcro on glass will do.
  • If you like to be photographed, the Christmas tree can be placed right next to the table. Some branches beautifully lay on the edge, so create a great background for a family picture. This option is good only for large rooms with a table, where guests are accommodated without crowding.
  • Happy owners of real or artificial fireplaces can please themselves by setting the Christmas tree in close proximity to the design. The result will be a real Christmas picture that will serve as a professional background for photos. The only thing is to place the Christmas tree at least one meter away from the fireplace.
  • Non-standard solution - hang the tree from the ceiling top down.Of course, for this you need to take care of the fixings. Light items can be hung on the chandelier, heavy Christmas trees are attached to reliable fixtures. Such an idea of ​​accommodation is suitable for those who love and appreciate all the original.
  • The latter option is more suitable for an artificial Christmas tree, but you can also use small live. The tree is set on a raised platform - it can be a bollard, a steady chair, a coffee table. Thus, the New Year symbol will attract the eyes without cluttering the room at the same time.

Color spectrum

It so happened that most often the colors for New Year decorations are determined by the Eastern horoscope. Depending on the color of the animal, the year of which comes, many people decide how to decorate the Christmas tree.

    It is believed that following these rules brings good luck.

    However, there are classic combinations that will always be relevant, regardless of the year and the personifying person.

    • Truly royal looks red-gold combination of tones. This combination looks luxurious and rich, it is appropriate in any interior. But do not forget that choosing a similar design, you can not add to it other colors, especially silver, blue tones.
    • The combination of cool shades - blue, blue, silver looks very unusual.Having decorated a Christmas tree with such toys, you can immerse yourself in a winter fairy tale, feeling like a traveler in a fantastic forest.
    • The New Year tree can be decorated in an original way with brown elements combined with gold color. They look soft, at home. Complement the range of small toys in dark red hues.
    • To create a festive atmosphere, it is a good idea to decorate the tree with white toys. But only one white will seem boring to many, so you can dilute it with additional shades - pink, blue, blue, green. Choose only one tone, so the composition will look much more advantageous.
    • It is recommended to combine exclusively cold colors with silver tones, for example, blue, violet, dark green. Warm tones will be excellent “neighbors” for gold.
    • If you do not want to choose a combination for a long time or you are afraid that guests will not appreciate your efforts, use ready-made kits. In such sets there are Christmas toys, and garlands, and all this is already formed in color.


    It is possible to decorate the Christmas tree in different ways, today there are many areas that will be perfectly combined with the interior. Consider the most popular ones.


    A classical Christmas tree is like a frozen photograph from the past. She will take you to the times when the New Year was a great reason to cook Olivier and revise the “Irony of Fate”. This is the most nostalgic version of the decoration, which will return many in the long-forgotten evening.

    For decoration you will need:

    • silvery toys;
    • snowflakes cut from paper;
    • old-fashioned electric lights;
    • classic colored paper chain garlands;
    • toys in the form of fruits and vegetables;
    • silver "rain";
    • tip in the form of a large icicle or star.

    Decorate your Christmas tree in a chaotic manner, the way you want, because 30 years ago no one had any idea about a strict style, in this case there is a charm in disarray. Complete the interior of the room with old toys - Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, gnomes, teddy bears and deer.

    Modern directions

    Modern style involves jewelry, radically different from the classics. The Christmas tree is picked up in a special, regular shape, and the toys are solid, without drawings and spraying. White, red, gold, silver, green and blue colors are welcome.It is better to refuse paper snowflakes.

    Those who would like to surprise their guests, you can think about the idea of ​​creating a Christmas tree from scrap materials, such as plastic, cardboard, paper. Of course, it will be different from the live, but it will leave an indelible impression on the guests.

    • European style. This direction assumes decoration in a single color range. Cold colors are most commonly used. You can add a Christmas tree with designer elements in the form of bows or symbols of the coming year.
    • Sea style. This decoration is unusual and very interesting. Blue, white, greenish, brown tones become suitable. To decorate, use seashells, pebbles, stars. Most decorations can be made with your own hands.
    • Provence. This is a rustic style, which is inherent in all natural. It will look good lavender, pale blue, white and pastel colors. To the tree you can add interesting elements in the form of Santa's socks, snowmen, flowers.
    • Minimalism. Christmas tree in the style of minimalism - a combination of rigor and restrained luxury. For its decoration only balls are used. It is better to choose balls of two colors, for example, red and white or blue and white.

    Decoration algorithm

    Having brought the Christmas tree home, many people think not only about the style in which it is better to decorate it, but also about how to properly place all the existing elements.

    This can be done in one of the following ways.

    • Arrange the balls in random order, but hang the garlands around the entire circumference of the tree.
    • Place both balls and garlands in strict symmetry. This method is perfect for modern style.
    • Hang items vertically. It is a good idea to use New Year's tinsel, from which you can make original bows.
    • If you like the classic, place the toys and the "rain" rings. As you move to the bottom of the tree, take the larger ornaments.

    Before decorating the tree, you need to fix it. You can use a reliable metal stand that can not be overwhelmed by children or pets.

    Next, go to the garland. Check that it works, and also make sure that there is a power outlet next to which the device will be connected.

    The next step is the decoration itself. Hang items according to your own taste or style, but remember that the abundance of toys will completely hide the tree. The final action - the design of the top.

    How to hang a garland?

    Most people, when asked to hang a garland, lose heart. Do not despair, it is quite simple if you develop a clear algorithm. Imagine that the garland is already hanging on the Christmas tree, for this you can use a drawing or even select the necessary places with clothespins. This simple method will help you understand how to best fix the device.

    Do not hesitate to ask for help. It is much simpler to hang the decoration together, because a friend or family member can hold the other end so that the garland does not get tangled. Another important point is the size of the decoration. If you buy a meter-long garland, it is clearly not enough for a forest beauty. In order not to be mistaken, get a few products, it is good if they burn in different colors.

    Decorating a Christmas tree, you should use a few tips.

    • If the tree is alive, you can buy a garland of cold tones. By the same artificial trees suitable warm colors - red, yellow, pink.
    • To muffle flicker, position the decoration cross-shaped, hiding between the branches. For a brighter light, wind the garland around the edges of the branches.
    • Deciding to hang a garland, start from the bottom of the Christmas tree.
    • There are cases when the garland is simply not enough. Never leave a part of the tree "naked", it will look ugly. If possible, buy a second copy, if not, decorate only visible fragments of wood.

    Choosing decorations

    Buying jewelry is not only a responsible, but also a pleasant moment. Thanks to him, there is a sense of celebration, anxious waiting for a miracle. It is worth considering a few trends that can serve as a worthy decoration of the Christmas tree.

    • Bows. Decorating with bows allows you to make the tree elegant and delicate. You can use different types - large and small, fluffy and not very.
    • Felt toys. Small figures made of felt are always interesting. Make a toy in the form of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, snowman or deer. The process itself will deliver no less pleasure than subsequent contemplation.
    • Vintage. Classics, which came from childhood, will cause pleasant sensations. Diversify your Christmas tree with old-fashioned toys inherited from your grandmother; this will bring harmony to your soul and enliven the secret memories of childhood.
    • Cones. Natural cones collected in a pine forest will serve as an excellent decoration for a New Year tree.Paint them with acrylic paints, cover them with sequins or sequins, powder them with colorful shiny powder - and the unique decoration is ready.
    • Characters Depending on what year has come, pick up the symbol. This can be a figurine in the form of an animal, a special cookie, a beautiful statuette. Do not skimp on such trifles, because they will bring happiness in the next 12 months.


    Optimal options for the Christmas tree are themed options. To do this, buy the appropriate animal figures and attributes that may come in handy for the coming year. However, there are universal toys that will be appropriate in almost all styles.

    A great idea would be to buy decorations inspired by the spirit of Christmas. It can be angels, stars, figures, symbolizing rebirth. Edible toys look beautiful on the Christmas tree. For example, you can hang on it delicious candy, candied citrus slices, small chocolate products, dough men.

    Always appropriate to be toys related to the theme of the New Year.

    Among them:

    • Snow Maiden;
    • Santa Claus;
    • snowman;
    • deer;
    • Santa's sock;
    • penguin.


    Balls, as a rule, become the main decoration of the forest beauty. They are made of different materials - glass, porcelain, plastic, even wood.

    Ordinary glass models are well suited for a classic interior style. They can be both single-color and with a thematic coating. In modern areas, spraying is better not to use, purchase balls in two colors, for example, blue and white. Glass and plastic models will look beautiful.

    It is worth considering that the larger the size of the balls, the less they will be required. Small items need, on the contrary, to hang a lot, otherwise the tree will seem empty.

    For hi-tech and loft, a good idea would be to pick up silver, brownish specimens. They can be placed in a strict ring order, and garlands to hang vertically. In the style of Provence use purple, pale blue porcelain balls, which will be in harmony with the general atmosphere of the room.

    It is quite possible to make the balls yourself. For this paper, cardboard, cold china is used.

    Ways to design the top

    Making the top - this is the final stage of decorating the Christmas tree, but it must be thought out in advance.

    By tradition, Christmas trees make out:

    • pointed massive star;
    • decoration in the form of a large icicle;
    • scale snowflake white or blue color.

    In modern styles you can use:

    • figures related to the subject of Christmas;
    • huge lush bows, matching the interior colors;
    • garland, which is randomly wound on the top of the tree.

    Beautiful examples

    Getting ready for the New Year, it is not always advisable to use the usual type of Christmas tree decoration, because today there are many styles and ways of decoration. The Christmas tree, which stands near the fireplace, always causes associations of warmth and home. She brings to mind movies about Christmas, where Santa sneaks through the chimney to leave Christmas gifts for kids. Trees decorated with bows are always stylish and beautiful. As a rule, red bows are used for the decoration of a holiday tree, but you can choose any others. Sea theme in the winter cold days brings memories of summer and gentle sun. Choose jewelry in the "beach" colors - sand, pale blue, blue.

    In the style of minimalism, a combination of silvery and golden tones will be appropriate.This Christmas tree will give a sense of wealth and luxury. In the classical style, it is a good idea to decorate the tree in one tone, and to decorate the room itself with similar decorations. Beautifully looking trees mounted on a dais. Particularly interesting is the abundance of white elements, for example, artificial snow.

    Fir-trees decorated with unusual decorations always attract the eye. If you are drawn to art, try complementing the New Year tree with interesting paintings and photographs. Stars - this is absolutely a win-win option. However, they must be able to choose. To get an interesting result, buy or personally make large items that will be immediately visible. Stars look good in modern styles, they can be used as the only decoration. In the classical directions a large number of stars will be inappropriate.

    For tips on how to steal a Christmas tree for the New Year, see the video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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