Design examples of large rooms

Creating a cozy interior in a large room requires careful preparation. It seems that such a room is very easy to decorate and furnish beautifully, but to create comfort and harmony is not so easy.

Preparation for finishing works

In order for the interior to be thoughtful, organized, and most importantly, beautiful and cozy, it’s worth starting with creating a project for the future room design. To do this, you can draw a drawing with the future arrangement of furniture, make a layout in which, in addition to the objective situation, color ideas will be displayed, and a special computer program will allow you to see your design in 3D mode.

Consider in advance whether there will be any partitions in the room that are provided for zoning the space.

They must be built before the start of finishing works.The material may be a brick or drywall. Very often, a large room, which has the role of a living room, is combined with a kitchen and a dining area. The process of demolishing the wall is also one of the first.


The function of the room depends on whether this room is the only one or at your disposal a large apartment.

If there is only one room, then it is necessary to think out the most competently what most necessary things you need, because, in fact, this space is intended both for rest and sleep, and for receiving guests, and possibly for work.

Also, be sure to think about how to zoning a room.

This technique eliminates the feeling of chaos, organizes life. One of the most common ways to divide the space is to install partitions, for example, between the sleeping area and the living room, or to build a podium. A less drastic method is to acquire a folding screen. This element looks beautiful and elegant, while creating the necessary sex and folds easily if the need arises. More fundamental sliding partitions completely isolate one zone from another, are made on the principle of compartment doors, are very compact and do not weigh down the space.

Combining a kitchen and a large room, usually a living room, is a suitable solution for both a one-room and a multi-room apartment. This has its advantages, but also lacking cons.

The advantages include:

  • The increase in visible space allows you to create a light, airy interior;
  • If the kitchen is small, the demolition of the wall makes it possible to move the dining area, increase the working;
  • A looser layout allows you to create an interesting and unique design, not driven into a narrow frame.


  • Smells from the kitchen will spread to the living room area, and textile elements (furniture, carpet, curtains) will very easily and quickly absorb them;
  • In the studio apartment, the sound insulation completely disappears, so the rest and sleep of one family member and, for example, the process of cooking to others becomes impossible at one time. However, if there are several living rooms, this problem disappears;
  • In the panel house the demolition of the walls is impossible, since each is a carrier.

A large living room in a country house or a multi-room apartment can be made in any modern or classic style, using large and overall furniture and decorative elements.In such a room, you can create a resting place at the TV with sofas and puffs, a small but cozy zone by the fireplace, and also find a place for a dining group in case of receiving guests, if the plan does not provide a separate room for the dining room.

To create coziness in the large bedroom, it is necessary to fill it with textile elements and a beautiful bedroom set. The furniture ensemble can include a large four-poster bed, bedside tables, a large swing closet or a built-in closet, a dressing table with a pouf, a bedside bench or an exquisite chest for storing bed linen, curtains and a carpet to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.


Large rooms often have a rectangular or square shape. This is the most successful dimensions of the room to create any interior. Such rooms are conveniently furnished with furniture, decoration of walls, ceilings and floors is not difficult. However, large rooms may either be too narrow or have niches, projections and other non-standard solutions in the layout.

Narrow rectangular

In order to visually bring such a room to a square shape, one should competently make pasting wallpaper or painting walls: two wide walls should be made in a light color, two narrow walls - in a dark one.Also, the installation of mirror elements on one of the wide walls will help to visually edit the space.


With the help of competent design of the ceiling with different levels, you can completely transform the shape of the room. In sharp corners, in which it is difficult to fit any furniture, put pots with decorative indoor flowers and trees. They soften the sharpness, distract attention from the uncomfortable shape. Proper glueing of the walls also aligns the trapezoid, bringing it closer to the square: glue the wide side with wallpaper with vertical stripes, and three narrower walls with horizontal ones. Mirrors or glossy surfaces on both or on one of the narrow side walls also “break” the trapezoid.


In fact, such a room is very easily subjected to zoning, this form is easy to beat, to make every corner of the room comfortable and functional. In a one-room apartment or studio apartment a wide, but short part can be a sleeping area or a children's corner, the rest is suitable for a living room. In a multi-room apartment or house, you can thus divide the space into a dining room and a seating area with a sofa and a TV.L-shaped bedroom will help create a separate area for a spacious dressing room.

With a semicircular wall

The complexity of this form lies in the fact that all standard furniture models are designed to be placed along straight, straight walls. Sofas, cabinets, tables along a semicircular wall will look strange and unnatural. But the dining group, which looks great just when it is heading towards the middle of the room, padded stools and armchairs, which also look excellent in dynamics, can harmoniously coexist with a semicircular wall.


The design of a large entrance room is complicated by the presence of a large number of doorways and doors in principle. Swing systems steal and simultaneously saturate the space.

There are several ways to make adjustments:

  • The color of the door leaves should not be too dark. Ideally, if it will match the tone of the color of the walls. By the way, there are invisible systems - the canvases are completely merged with the wall, only the door handle issues them.
  • Instead of swinging structures, install systems on the basis of the “pencil box” principle or sliding -style and space-saving.
  • Do not use doors where possible. Ordinary arches will create an airy and transparent interior.

Ensure that moving from one room to another around the apartment is not hampered by decorative elements or furniture.

Low ceilings

In the "Khrushchev" one of the problems in the planning are low ceilings. Visually raise the ceiling wallpaper with vertical stripes or vertically combined canvas. Do not decorate the ceiling with stucco and do not make multi-level colored ceilings, they only exacerbate this drawback.


A big room needs a lot of light. In apartment buildings, very often one room has just one window, which does not provide the necessary natural light. Therefore, be sure to organize a sufficient number of lighting devices around the perimeter.

Spotlights do an excellent job with this task, they do not overload the space, they can coexist with the main chandelier, floor lamps and wall lamps, give enough light, they can be used for light zoning of space.

If your living room is divided into a dining room and a seating area, then both parts need individual lighting.Now it’s absolutely impossible to have two or even three ceiling chandeliers, as long as they are made in the same style and combined in material.

Rooms with two or three windows are bright and spacious, but even they need artificial light in the dark.

For more examples of large room designs, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

Entrance hall

Living room