Design a living room with a fireplace in a private house

Fireplaces are increasingly being installed in homes. The fire gives the house not only warmth, but also a special atmosphere and comfort. If the apartment has the opportunity to put only an imitation, you can place a real fireplace in a private house. It will look good in almost any interior, regardless of style. In this case, a fireplace is one of the semantic centers of the room, and the design of a room with a fireplace should be well thought out.

Interior features

The fireplace is a special element of the interior. Most often, it becomes the central accent and is located opposite the entrance to the room, although other options are possible. The center will be interesting to look in combination with different styles.

Consider the following living room design options and features for placing a fireplace portal in such interiors:

  • Very often, modern interiors add real fire. country style. In combination with natural materials, wood, stone and animal skins, the fireplace portal will look especially interesting and organic. Often for such interiors choose wood or brick cladding for the portal. It can be located in front of a sofa or armchairs. A fireplace in the interior in a rustic style will make the house particularly cozy.
  • Connoisseurs Art Nouveau also often choose a fireplace to decorate the room and its heating. Interior options can be very different - the fireplace is often reveted with a smooth lacquered wood or decorated with ceramics. With leather upholstered furniture and cabinets of lacquered wood, this option will look especially elegant.
  • Lovers classic interiors or baroque can choose a model lined with marble. This option is the most organic fit into the overall concept and will look luxurious.
  • Now the fireplace portal can be successfully entered even in the most modern atmosphere at home. hi-tech style. There are very interesting models of modern fireplaces, decorated with metal and glass. With this design, they are perfect even for modern eclecticism or stylishminimalism.


The location of the fireplace in the room is also extremely important, as it will attract attention.

Consider the following good layouts:

  • It is important that the fireplace portal faces the center of the room - then the fire will be clearly visible from anywhere in the room. This will make the room design more harmonious.
  • Drafts are often bad for the work of the fireplace. It should be positioned in such a way that there are no doorways, windows and stairs close to it.
  • Next to the fireplace portal usually equip a cozy place to relax with a sofa or armchairs. It is not necessary that between the fireplace and upholstered furniture formed a passage through the room. So family members passing by will invade the space and disturb your peace.
  • TVs are often located above the fireplace. This is not the best solution in terms of design, because the technique will distract attention to itself. At the same time, it is convenient for many to relax in front of the TV, so this kind of accommodation is extremely popular. If you hang the screen above the fireplace, try to make it as inconspicuous as possible: it’s good if the wall is dark and the TV itself doesn’t stand out.
  • Sometimes a spacious living room is divided into several zones, one of which is the hearth. This allows you to move the TV and the rest of the equipment to other areas, and places near the fireplace can be used for reading, work and conversations.
  • If you have two panoramic windows in the living room, the center is often placed between them. This is a stylish solution for any interior. In addition, it is also a way to effectively use the space between two windows, which is often not furnished in any way.
  • If you make arches or decorative walls in a spacious room, you can often build a fireplace in them. It looks very interesting and unusual. In addition, this option is suitable if along the main walls of the room you can not find a place for a fireplace.

Fireplace decor

Now lining of fireplaces differs a huge variety. You can find both expensive and economical options suitable for any interior.

The main thing is to think over the design of the entire room in advance in order to choose the right decor for the fireplace.

Some veneers will be almost universal, while others will fit only in a specific version of the interior. Consider the following models:

  • Gypsum or panel Portals can be very diverse in form, but most often they are made in the classical style. They look concise and stylish, and also have a low price. The most common are white or light versions, although, if desired, you can paint the portal in any color. You can also find models with an unusual design shape and texture - these original options will be able to fit seamlessly even into modern interiors.
  • Brick or stone cladding - This is one of the most popular options in private homes, which will organically look in many variants of interiors. The portal made of real brick or stone will look most stylish, but it is quite expensive. If you want to save money, you can purchase a decorative tile that imitates brick. Now there are very interesting options of various colors and sizes.
  • Ceramic tile - This is an interesting option for an interior in modern style or country. It can be very diverse. From small tiles you can easily lay out beautiful mosaic patterns. Also popular tiles - relief tiles that are perfectly able to decorate the portal fireplace.
  • Marble portals or portals made of solid stone - This is an expensive option, which will fit mainly in the interiors in the classical style or in the Baroque style. Models from an artificial stone, popular now will be a little cheaper. These are durable and refined facades for a fireplace that can have the most diverse design.
  • Plastic facades - This is an economical option. Often they do not last long, but everything will depend on the quality of a particular product. The advantage is that, when working with plastic, the designer is not limited either in form or in color solutions. Thus, you can find very unusual modern versions of such facings.
  • In modern interiors is very popular now mantel glass cladding. Designers offer a variety of options. It can be glossy or frosted glass, dark, transparent or stained glass. Also very popular are the models with backlight.
  • Very stylish can look and metal cladding - this trend is typical for the style of minimalism and high-tech. Typically, the design of metal portals is very simple and concise, although you can meet some unexpected interesting options.Often, the metal in the lining is combined with ceramics or glass, creating an interesting design.

Kitchen Ideas

Nowadays, open spaces in interiors are very popular and many are eager to get rid of unnecessary doors and walls between rooms. Especially popular kitchen-living rooms.

Placing a fireplace in a room divided into two zones may not be easy.

At the same time there are many interesting options that can be implemented with such an unusual layout.

Consider the following design projects and decide:

  • If the kitchen area is spacious enough, the fireplace can be placed right next to the kitchen unit. This option is especially suitable for you if you have a corner kitchen project. Most often in such cases, choose a fireplace, built into the wall - a protruding fireplace can interfere with work in the kitchen. The option is relevant if the fireplace is viewed from all sides in the room. Usually in front of him at some distance have a table or a bar.
  • If you have an island kitchen, an original solution could be a fireplace built into the island. In such cases, the island is usually divided into two parts - on the one hand,facing the living room, there will be a fireplace, and on the other side facing the kitchen there can be a worktop, stove or sink, as well as shelves and storage boxes. This design looks very modern and unusual, and also helps to clearly delimit the space without unnecessary walls and arches.
  • If you are going to make an arched structure, a small wall or a column in a room, a fireplace can be built into them. Usually this is done in such a way that the fireplace portal is facing the living room. Such a decision will look unusual and stylish. In addition, an arch or pillar will further highlight the fireplace in the interior.
  • If you have a large kitchen set, sometimes the fireplace portal is located in its very center. It may look very interesting - a fireplace in this way will truly resemble a home. It is good if in this case the space of the room is not divided by anything and the lighted fire will be perfectly visible from the living room area.
  • If you have long side walls and you want to reduce the cooking area as much as possible, a fireplace can help to delimit the space in this case too.You can place a miniature set on one side, and place a fireplace behind it. For greater differentiation, the facade of the fireplace can be supplemented with a ledge with shelves for logs or with closed drawers. At the fireplace portal, you can place anything you like - indoor plants, a coffee table, a secretary for work, bookshelves or closed wardrobes. Thus, you can easily limit the kitchen space, making it as compact as possible.
  • Of course, more traditional versions of the fireplace in the center of the room are also suitable for the kitchen-living room - this is usually done in the living-room area next to upholstered furniture. This is a win-win option, universal for all types of interiors.

Ideas for a small living room

In some country houses living rooms are quite small, so in this space it is important to use all the available space as efficiently as possible. At the same time, even in a small room, if desired, you can place a fireplace.

For a good layout, take note of the following ideas:

  • Hearth built into the wall - This is a solution that is not always possible to realize, however, if there is such an opportunity in your room, for a small-sized room a built-in fireplace will be an excellent option.So it does not take too much space, but will become an indispensable element of the decor. In small rooms, the fireplace allows you to create a special atmosphere of comfort, and it will also be great to warm the room during the cold season.
  • Corner fireplace - This is another interesting option. Often we don’t use the space in the corners of the room, but in a small room we want to find an application for every square meter. If a protruding fireplace in the center of the wall significantly reduces living space, the fireplace in the corner will be almost imperceptible. Mostly this option is suitable for modern interiors - this solution can be beaten by choosing an unusual lining and properly placing the furniture around.
  • Even if you decide to post fireplace portal in the center of the roomYou can find ways to save space. First of all, the facade of the fireplace can help. On top and on the sides you can place open shelves - you can store books, dishes, small items of equipment, boxes and boxes of things on them. Often, also at the bottom of the fireplace has a closed box for storing firewood - you can also store other household items in it.Finally, directly to the front of the fireplace, you can hang pots with potted plants, decorate the portal with pictures and photos within.

Stylish design solutions

The fireplace is a classic element of the interior, which can look and very modern. In the living room of a private house with a fireplace you can realize unusual ideas that will make the space of the house individual and allow you to beat the presence of a fireplace in the room.

Note a few spectacular design ideas:

  • Now popular fireplace portals combined with an aquarium. If you keep fish in your house, you might like this idea. Sometimes aquariums are built into the façade from above, however, it will look most original if the aquarium forms an arch around the hearth. Such an unusual detail will be a highlight in the interior of any living room.
  • Suspended fireplace portal - This is another fashion design idea that can be realized, although the prices of such fireplaces are still relatively high. Typically, suspended structures are made in a contemporary style and best fit into minimalist or eclectic interiors.
  • Fireplace with doors - This is a simple but original solution that will surely attract attention in the decor of the room. In the classic version of the fireplace is closed with two doors with glass through which you can watch the fire. There are also combined options - for example, a fireplace is located only on one side, the space behind the second door is an isolated locker for storage.
  • Tall fireplace built into the wall - Another interesting option for a modern trendy interior. The focus in this case is not located below, as in the classic case, but higher on the wall. It looks especially good in laconic interiors in high-tech style.

See the following video for more interiors with a fireplace.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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