Features of the design room of 15 square meters

15 square meters m. - a fairly common room measurement for houses from the time of "Khrushchev" building. On precious meters, you can equip a living room, bedroom, or a nursery, if you have a two- or three-bedroom apartment, or you can combine all the functional areas, if you have one-bedroom apartment at your disposal.

It is important to remember that not all styles will be appropriate to look at a small space. But do not despair - this article will convince you that 15 square meters. m. enough to create a modern and spectacular design.

Project creation

In any case, whether the professional designer will work, or you will be engaged in the design and repair yourself, before starting work you need to create a project.

The project should take into account:

  • area and shape of the room;
  • number of windows, presence / absence of a balcony;
  • location of heat and water supply;
  • the need to create a nursery.

The project can be drawn on paper (graph paper is suitable for this purpose), or it can be done with the help of computer programs. Creating a project will help determine the cost of finishing materials, the appropriate dimensions of furniture.

The shape of rooms can be square and rectangular, less often you can find options with beveled corners.

A square room is a regular-shaped room, so designers like to work with it — every possible zoning method is suitable for such an apartment; you can “try on” almost any interior for it. But more often the rooms have an elongated shape, which creates certain difficulties in the design.

The main task in creating the interior of such a room is the optical expansion of the room, to transform it from a “slot” into a convenient space. For this purpose, accent painting of walls can be used, the use of strips - a horizontal stripe visually makes the space larger, but at the same time the ceiling seems lower. The wider the strip, the lower the room appears.The vertical strip visually makes the room more elongated, and the ceilings are higher.


  • The vertical bar is prohibited if the height of the room is greater than its width.
  • It is also important to take into account the side facing the windows of the room: if the windows face the sunny side, the use of light gray, turquoise, blue is possible - such colors will bring coolness in the hot season; if the shadow - use warm colors: beige, peach and others.
  • If you carry out work on the pre-weatherized balcony, it can also be turned into a working space - a study, dining area or dressing room.

Ideas for a one-room apartment

If the living area of ​​your apartment is 15 square meters. m., modern designers offer a closer look at the option of creating a studio apartment. The first such apartments appeared in Europe at the beginning of the last century, and by now have gained popularity in our country.

Their main feature is the complete absence of internal partitions; a private room is just a bathroom. TO

Room, kitchen and hallway merge into a single harmonious space.

Using various zoning methods, functional areas are highlighted in the room.

It can be use:

  • pieces of furniture (shelving);
  • architectural structures (podiums, arches);
  • different flooring (carpets, the implementation of different colors, respectively zone);
  • correct light accents.

All these methods can be combined with each other to get interesting and bright solutions.

Highlight those functional areas that you need. Someone works at home, so it is important to equip a full-fledged workplace; for others, the house is a place of rest, it is accordingly important to arrange a comfortable bed.


As a workplace, you can use a wide window sill, placing cabinets with retractable drawers under it. If you remove office supplies and a computer, lay a mattress on the windowsill and throw pillows, you will have a cozy place to read.

Install sconces or place table lamps for comfortable work.

Living room

To highlight the living room area, you can use floor elements: use a laminate of a color that is different from what you put in the bedroom and kitchen.

Furniture items will also help to highlight the guest area - a sofa set “back” to the bar counter or to the writing desk will clearly demarcate the seating area and the kitchen / study area.


Sometimes people can not give up a full-fledged bed in favor of transforming sofas, even with limited space. Also, as with a sofa for guests, it is preferable to place the bed as far as possible from the front door.

To create a sense of privacy, hide the bedroom from prying eyes with a glass wall, screen, or shelving. Use more subdued lighting compared to the guest area, lay a soft carpet.

Note! When creating a project, keep in mind that redevelopment must be coordinated with government agencies. Demolition of bearing walls is prohibited.

If you decide to combine the kitchen and room, do not skimp on the hood.

Ideas for a two-, three-room apartment

As mentioned above, the first step is to create a project plan, taking into account all the features of the room and your wishes.

Living room

When planning a design, it is important to take into account the functionality of the room - whether it will be used for receiving guests or for family gatherings of households after the working day.Based on this, there is a choice of the main color and furniture of the room.

If the living room is a gathering place for guests, the room should be decorated in bright, dynamic colors - yellow, orange, red. It is not necessary to use these colors as primary colors - it is enough to paint one wall in a contrasting color.

If the room is rectangular in shape, the accent should be one of the short walls.

In addition to introducing the dynamics, such painting will help smooth out the disproportion of the rectangular room, make the wall visually closer to the square.

If the living room is a gathering place for households, choose a calmer tone. Contrast staining is also appropriate here, but the choice should be made in favor of a shade close to the basic shade of the walls.

You can select a zone for watching TV, a fireplace zone (with a shortage of space and a great desire, you can use a false fireplace).

When choosing furniture, consider its functionality. If you often have guests, look at the variant of the sofa-transformer, which will allow you to also organize additional storage space.If possible, place the sleeping place far away from the entrance in order not to disturb the sleeping.

In the living room often have a working area. A good option for placement will be a place near the window, closer to natural light. To highlight this zone, you can use all the methods of zoning: separate the office with a rack, glass wall or contrast staining; install additional light sources.

An interesting option is the location of the office in the closet: when closed, this is a regular-looking cabinet, but behind its doors there can be either a computer desk or a large working surface for creativity and handicraft.

Often it is necessary to combine the living room and the bedroom, if the other room serves as a nursery. To separate the bed, use the same methods that were considered for a studio apartment.


Usually in the Khrushchev room with an area of ​​15 square meters. m. give to the living room, but if the decisive for you at home is just rest, you can use a large room for the bedroom.

Choose corner models - this is the most compact option while maintaining roominess, or place it behind a mirror - this will help not only to evaluate your image to its full height, but also to visually enlarge the room.

In the bedroom you can place a dressing room.

It is best to place a working area near the window, and install shelving with all necessary accessories for work near the window opening. If the workplace is not supposed to be, then a dressing table can be placed near the window.

Do not forget also about choosing the right lighting - in the bedroom the light should be dim, diffused, most relaxing, and for those who like to read in the bed it will be important to place additional sources of light near the bed - these can be like table lamps placed on bedside tables, and floor lamps.

It is better to position the bed with a headboard to the wall without windows and doors, and in front of it you can place a small chest of drawers, attach a TV to the wall.


First of all, choose a style based on your lifestyle and preferences, because you have to live in this interior. Listen to yourself and the household.

But when choosing a style, one should proceed not only from one's desires, but also from the peculiarities of a visual assessment of a small space. For example, the classic design style involves the use of solid furniture, an abundance of decorative elements and stucco.All these elements will adversely affect the space of the room, make it visually even smaller.

It is undesirable to combine several styles at once in a small space - none of them will be able to unfold completely, provided there is a limited area, which ultimately leads to a chaotic pile of furniture, maybe beautiful, but could not show it; maybe bright, but lost against the background of other objects.

It is worth using the styles that distinguish features of simplicity, clarity of lines and the absence of lush decor:

  • minimalism;
  • high tech;
  • Scandinavian style.

If you are confused by the restraint of these styles, make bright accents - it can be paintings, posters, bright pillows, souvenirs. The number of such items should not be large, you need to save free space.

Of course, to equip your apartment according to all the rules and canons seems an unthinkable task, especially if there is nothing behind experience. But believe me, the result is worth it. Do not be afraid to create, create!

I would like to end with a quote by American architect Daniel Hudson Burnham: “Do not think of minor projects.There is not enough magic in them to heat up the blood, so they, most likely, will not be realized. ”

Making a small living room, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

Entrance hall

Living room