Design options for rooms of 9 square meters

Everyone's dream is to have a comfortable large room in the house that could combine several functions. This opportunity provides housing in new buildings. But the usual "Khrushchev" and apartments in old residential buildings leave little choice - there rooms are small, narrow, walk-through and square with a size of 9 sq. M. Rooms with dimensions of 3 to 3 meters pose many problems to the owners. They are not easy to arrange and have to give up the popular zoning today. But if you approach the repair and design of such premises wisely, to develop a detailed project, you can easily create an interesting and functional interior.

Special features

Despite all the difficulties of small rooms, square rooms have three features that help in the development of an interior project:

  • Symmetry. This is considered a virtue that simplifies the task of creating a room design. Such areas are made easier than narrow elongated options. Square rooms are easier to perceive, conceal ledges and niches in the case of a rectangular layout;
  • Versatility. In room 3 by 3, you can make a bedroom, office, children's room, living room. Also, if necessary, it is allowed to combine the functions of the premises. For example, the living room is combined with a study or bedroom;
  • The possibility of applying any styles and their combinations. Modern style with fancy shapes and accessories is suitable for a small bedroom, laconic minimalism with a restrained decor is ideal for a living room, and eco-style will fit into the office.

Color spectrum

The color palette plays an important role in the interior of a 3 by 3 sq. M room. Experts advise to pay attention to the following shades and combination techniques:

  • White. Optimal color that visually expands the space. The main advantage is that it will allow you to choose furniture and accessories in absolutely any color. It can also be diluted with a natural palette - woody shades and young greens, creating a different mood and style;
  • Dark shades. They will not expand the space, but they will give the illusion of erased borders.Brown, blue, burgundy, mustard, emerald, purple act on the emotional background soothingly, envelop and relax;
  • Playing on contrasts. A stylish technique that helps to adjust the space. For example, the designers' favorite trick is painting one wall in a dark color or using photo wallpaper;
  • Neutral gray. This color personifies nobility and refinement. It is used both alone and in combination with darker or lighter shades due to the difference in intensity. Creates an interesting sound with bright yellow, turquoise, pink and blue;
  • Pastel shades. They are popular due to their lightness and ability to be combined with other colors. They soothe, adjust to rest, so they are more often used in bedrooms.


Finishing work is an important stage of the room design project. All finishing materials must be of high quality to ensure maximum operation time and environmental friendliness.

  • Laminate, parquet, simple wooden board, cork are suitable for the floor. The cork has unique properties - it is natural, relieves pressure from the feet, retains heat, soundproof the room;
  • To expand the space, the coating is laid out in different ways - diagonally, in a checkerboard pattern, materials of different colors are combined. The main caveat - the floor must be done a few tones darker than the ceiling. This will visually make the room more spacious and wider;
  • To finish the walls do not need to invent something original. Painting - the easiest and most versatile way. The most commonly used one color. Painting the walls and ceiling in the same color blurs the boundaries between them;
  • The second option is wallpaper. When choosing a picture, ornament, another print, the room’s style is taken into account. Minimalism assumes geometry in the form of various shapes, classic - floral motifs. Large drawings should be left for large rooms, otherwise the space will be absorbed;
  • The ceiling in a room of 9 square meters should be discreet and monotonous. The optimal color is white or ivory. As for the structures, experts advise to abandon the multi-level, which looks too heavy and cumbersome. To visually expand the room and make it light, it is allowed to install niches with lighting devices on the ceiling.


Furniture set depends on the purpose of the room. But there is one general rule - do not overload the small room with a large number of objects. If the room is used as a bedroom, special attention should be paid to the storage areas. It can be built-in wardrobes, wardrobes, modular models and corner. It is desirable that they were equipped with doors with large mirrors.

The central place of the bedroom is the bed. It should be neat and low. The bulky model will give the effect of congestion of space, and wide - visually make the room even smaller. Designers advise not to move the bed to the wall, but to approach it from both sides by placing bedside tables with lamps. On the opposite side you can hang up the TV, eliminating the use of racks and cabinets.

In the corner of the room, if the remaining square meters allow, and if necessary, a dressing table or an ordinary small coffee table is installed.

The living room is furnished with a sofa, ordinary or angular, TVs, shelves, coffee table. An office computer desk, an armchair, cabinets with shelves for placing books are put in the office,and for the rest you can put a rocking chair. A small children's room allows you to show imagination in terms of choice of furniture. A combined sleeping place with storage space, a desk, a gaming complex is an excellent option for a small square room.

Beautiful interior options

It may seem that on an area of ​​9 sq m little can be done from the design projects. However, this is absolutely not the case. The following compilation will show how to use every square centimeter of the room as useful and original as possible:

  • Laconic design bedrooms - calm, cozy and minimalistic. The color scale perfectly emphasizes the configuration of the room, without hiding the space. White color in combination with dark tones builds a noble and relaxing sound. Very little furniture, but in combination with a two-level ceiling, it creates the illusion of a large, light-filled room;
  • Bright, life-affirming lime color - what you need children's room. White ceiling and floor - they expand the space, pushing the walls apart. The space is saved thanks to functional furniture that combines a storage system, a sleeping place and a play area.A wardrobe and a table are made in the same style, they do not clutter up a room, on the contrary, complement it and complete the whole interior;
  • Cabinet, combined with the hall - A great option for Khrushchev houses. Corner table, sofa and TV - the minimum set of furniture needed for such premises. On the other hand, murals with an urban pattern make the room wider and add a note of unusualness to it;
  • Little cozy living room - there is nothing superfluous, everything is in its place. Beige tones create an elegant atmosphere, a white ceiling fills the room with light, and bright accessories add accents.

Tips for the design and design of a small bedroom can be found in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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