The subtleties of room design for a young man

For a young man at any age is very important his personal space. As a rule, men do not pay attention to minor, in their opinion, little things, but at the same time they are very jealous of any invasion of their territory. Therefore, it is important to think over the entire design of the room at once, because then the guy simply will not allow to change anything, since men are usually big conservatives.

There is a huge variety of design trends for the design of residential premises. Let's try to consider the most suitable for men flow.


This style is distinguished by its brutality and asceticism. He is an amateur and is recommended, rather, for a young man of about 25 years old than for young men at a tender age.Its distinctive features - a minimum of finish, and sometimes its complete absence. Since “loft” in translation means “attic,” a room in this style should have all its signs — bare concrete walls, the absence of even a hint of decorations, rough wooden or metal furniture, and instead of curtains, blinds or even without them.

If the raw surface of the walls and ceiling seems too brutal, you can add a bit of coziness to the room by painting it in neutral colors. Alternatively, you can experiment with the color scheme and paint all the walls in several colors. Preferred tones - white, gray, brown, black. As for the latter, you need to be especially careful with it. Even if the room is spacious, you should not paint it all black - you need to add it metered, and preferably in the form of several accents. The abundance of black in the interior only at the initial stage will look spectacular, and then will begin to oppress and annoy.

If you are dealing with a room for a young man in an old "Khrushchev", then there is usually a small room under the nursery, the area of ​​which rarely exceeds 12 square meters. mIn this case, it is worth generally to refrain from black.


This style of interior is very similar to the previous one. Here, as in the loft, there are no extra accessories. Every thing has its strict purpose. Guys are often rather casually concerned with restoring order in their room, so furniture for such an interior should be chosen in terms of practicality and functionality.

A spacious and spacious wardrobe full wall is a good option for storing clothes and other things. In it you can quickly add up all the things scattered around the room, if necessary, quickly put things in order. In addition, there you can store and more bulky things that can be a teenager in 16 years - rollers, hydroscooter, game console, musical instrument. There you can also allocate an area for storing disks, books and stationery.

It is better to choose the facade for the cabinet doors from wood or high-quality plastic, but you should refrain from looking at the mirrors in the news - it’s not typical for guys to admire themselves every minute, besides washing the mirror is most likely for mother. When you design a working area for a room in a minimalist style should also exercise restraint. The size of the table should be exactly so that it fit the laptop and textbooks.Choose a practical upholstery for a chair so that if necessary you can easily remove traces of chips or cola.

For finishing in a minimalist interior characterized by calm solid colors. Preference should be given to natural colors. Traditionally it is sand, gray, light yellow, pale green or neutral white.

High tech

This design of the room in a modern style and will surely suit the taste of guys at the age of 18, who are interested in, for example, robotics or computer games. It has a characteristic minimalism asceticism, but it has already been diluted with some technical innovations that progress offers - they are not only present here, but also displayed for show. If a TV is planned in the room, then this should be the plasma of the latest model. If the music, then it can be a synthesizer or even a drum set or home theater, and always with high-quality acoustics.

Furniture is still devoid of smooth shapes, all lines are clear, simple and understandable. However, if in the loft we observed some primitive design, then hi-tech, on the contrary, is replete with the presence of hidden complex mechanisms.There are many modern appliances, secret drawers and built-in wardrobes. Glass, metal and plastic are characteristic for the high-tech finish. The floor is most often covered with a synthetic coating. However, with the use of artificial materials should also be careful. It is important to remember that this is still a living space, and an abundance of synthetics may adversely affect the health of a teenager.

As a decor, thematic posters, paintings or photographs are allowed. The basic colors in the design of the walls are still all neutral shades. You can choose one color or combine several shades. If a young man is fond of graffiti, he can personally decorate one or more walls in his room.

A very large role in high-tech lighting plays. Here, preference is given to artificial light - it is present everywhere: built-in lights on the ceiling, interior lighting of furniture, LED strip on the walls and shelves. With the help of lighting, it is possible to zone even a small 10 meter room and demarcate zones for rest and work. Properly selected light can visually expand the boundaries of the room.


This interior solution is suitable for young people who are engaged in a particular sport. If this is a football player, you can choose finishing materials in the colors of his team, decorate the walls with clippings from magazines or posters with athletes and idols of a young man, and on the floor lay a floor imitating a football field. If the owner of the room is keen on volleyball or basketball, hang him a net for the ball. You can decorate the room of a young man who is fond of Eastern wrestling with quotes from martial arts masters.

Often the children's passion for sports develops into something more, and a young man in 20 years already has a certain list of awards and achievements. For cups and certificates, you can select a separate rack or cabinet with glass doors, so that all guests entering the room could see the pride of its owner. For greater effect, the cabinet can be equipped with interior lighting. Those guys who are not interested in any particular sport, but simply prefer an active lifestyle, can be pleased with the wall bars with a turnstile for pulling up or a simulator. Since such things are not bought for one year, you should not save on the quality of sports equipment.And then the corner, which was bought for a teenager at the age of 14, will serve his master at the age of 20.

There are no special rules or restrictions for the decoration of a room in a sporty style. There can be both very light and rather dark tones. Here you can play on the contrast, then the room will look dynamic, modern and youth. As you know, sport is, first of all, movement. Therefore, a room in a sporty style should be as spacious and comfortable as possible. You should not make her furniture - it should be at a minimum. At the same time, it should be practical, comfortable and not bulky.


The musical theme in the design of the room for a teenager or a young man is quite common. She almost never goes out of fashion. In addition to the already classic rock and metal, genres such as R'n'B, rap and some other directions have recently been added. When creating a musical interior, you can move away from the usual stereotypes and give free rein to the imagination. Here, creativity is welcomed - for example, you can use drums as shelves.You can’t put a lot on them; rather, they will serve as a decorative element, but rather attractive and unusual. The bedside cabinet or coffee table can also be decorated for a drum kit.

If you have an old guitar on the mezzanine, do not rush to throw it out. It can also be used in the interior, for example, as a wall cabinet. To do this, you need to remove the front panel, and inside make a few shelves. You can also decorate the walls with beautiful stickers depicting dancing figures or portraits of famous musicians. You can make original watches or photo frames from CDs. You can also simply hang them on the walls, and if you hang a spinning disco ball to the ceiling, the light rays will be reflected in the discs, creating additional musical lighting.


This design is distinguished by the courage of ideas and is suitable for those who are not afraid of experiments and creativity, for confident young people who don’t tolerate boredom and try to stand out from the crowd. For avant-garde is characterized by the presence of bright colors and accents.The color scheme does not tolerate tones - here everything is at its maximum and in contrast. The colors are saturated, while the neighborhood of traditionally incompatible shades is allowed.

The furniture is often chosen by the author, with complex shapes and bold character. But at the same time, we should not forget about its functionality. The bed should first of all be a place to sleep, and then an interior decoration. And a wardrobe, even if it is from the most fashionable designer, should certainly be roomy. You can zone a room with the help of light - you can make a stretch ceiling in the form of a starry sky above the bed, and in the core above the chair and TV you can hang a chandelier in a modern style or install a floor lamp with an original lampshade.


This interior is more suitable for teenage boys. He will never lose its relevance. The only difference is that the fathers of modern boys at the age of 14 were read by the wanderings of Captain Nemo, and the charming little Captain Jack Sparrow became the idol of their sons.

Modern technologies of large format printing allow you to create photo wallpapers with any theme. Therefore, if the glory of the aforementioned pirate is haunted by your offspring, give him a gift and order a poster with a plot from a well-known blockbuster.This may be, for example, a pirate ship on the moonlit path in the night sea in the entire wall, and spotlights will create the illusion of a starry sky. To complete the picture, you can hang a lampshade in the form of a steering wheel, and instead of curtains on the windows - fishing nets.

In order for the room to be a living room, rather than reminiscent of the scenery for a performance, it is important to comply with the measure and withstand the functionality. On the floor you can lay a laminate that resembles a ship's deck. In the decoration is allowed a combination of wood and white metal. Preferably colors are discreet. For the walls, you can choose brown, by association with the captain's cabin, or blue, like the sea. Any neutral tones that can be animated with a few details are also allowed - a starfish glued to the wall, or a sink on the shelf.

Summarizing all the above, we can conclude that there are a lot of directions in which you can move when you design the men's room. However, they have something in common: the room should be as functional, comfortable and livable as possible.

Review the room for a young man in a high-tech style, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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