How to decorate the room for the New Year?

 How to decorate the room for the New Year?

New Year is one of the most magical and atmospheric holidays. Preparation for it begins long before the evening of December 31. You can spend the old year and meet the new one at home, on the street or in a restaurant. But the warmest will be its celebration in a cozy homely atmosphere. Regardless of the number of guests, be it a narrow home circle or a large group of friends, the festive decoration of the house plays a very important role.

Where to begin?

How to decorate the room for the New Year? The options for festive decoration of the room are incredibly many. To date, there is a huge selection of ready-made ornaments on the New Year theme.You can buy them in almost any store, especially on the eve of this holiday. However, making Christmas decorations with your own hands is much more interesting and exciting. To this pleasant action you can attract kids who will be delighted with such a pastime.

Where should you start? First of all, it is necessary to determine how many rooms will be decorated. Be sure to decorate the room in which the solemn event will be held. The atmosphere in the hallway is important, especially if guests are expected on this day. Crossing the threshold of the house, they immediately plunge into the New Year atmosphere. Being engaged in decoration, you should consider the size of rooms. Decoration of large rooms will be different from the decoration of compact rooms.

It is necessary to decide how the rooms will be decorated for the New Year. You can do with the purchase of the decor or make it yourself. A good option would be to combine the finished products with handmade jewelry. In any case, you will need a list of what you need to purchase. To make a list of necessary materials you need to know exactly what jewelry will be made.Materials for decoration can be cuts fabric, ribbons, rope, fluff, foam, and many other options.

In order to make it easier to determine the specific decorations, you should consider some of them and choose the ones you like the most.

New Year's windows

Decorating windows is of great importance for creating a festive atmosphere. Drawings or decorative elements on the windows will delight passers-by on the street, and give a special mood. The most famous and popular way to decorate windows is to place snowflakes on them. Most often for this purpose use white napkins or very thin paper. The snowflake needs to be cut out on a stencil or according to its own design. Not always beautiful snowflakes are obtained the first time, so do not be upset. It is necessary to continue the creation of these paper decorations, and very soon the desired result will be achieved.

You can glue paper snowflakes with water, evenly moisten the decoration and gently place it on the glass. You can also use PVA glue. When using glue it is important that it does not damage the glass and was well washed off from the surface.

Decorating windows with paper napkins is the simplest and most frequently used design method., but today is not the only one! Today it is not difficult to find a special paper with a Christmas theme, which is easily glued to any flat surface. Working with such paper is easy, and the process of decorating windows is greatly simplified. In addition, self-adhesive paper, as a rule, gently peel off, leaving no residue on the glass.

Real Christmas patterns can be painted on the windows with the help of the simplest toothpaste. The main advantage of this method is that the paste is very easily washed off the window surface. You can draw it with a brush or finger. Variations of ornaments are diverse, it all depends on the artistic abilities of a person. Starting from simple patterns on glass, ending with drawings that have a plot (of course, New Year's), this decoration will appeal to all inhabitants of the house, guests and passersby who see it from the street.

If you do not want to glue snowflakes or draw on the glass, you can decorate the windows otherwise. The best assistant in this business will be a garland.You must carefully fix it on the windows, and the festive atmosphere will be ready. A basket of candies and tangerines, placed on the windowsill, will also be a wonderful decoration. It is best to supplement the basket spruce twig or ribbon, tied with a bow. Candles standing on the window will look good, while you must follow the rules of fire safety and place them away from curtains and flammable objects.

Lighting Design

Festive lighting creates a magical atmosphere, so you should pay special attention to this aspect. Decorating a room with luminous garlands is a familiar way of New Year's decor. Nevertheless, he deservedly does not lose popularity to this day. The garland can be placed directly on the Christmas tree (if there is one), on the windows, walls, decorate the doorway with it, and also hang in any convenient places.

To make the festive blinking of lights a long time, one should pay attention to the quality of the garland. It is recommended to buy high-quality jewelry, in this case it will last for many years and will not disappoint with non-burning lights. Store the garland should be properly.Almost every person at least once in his life faced such a difficult task as disentangling the garland, which was not kept very carefully.

Garland is not the only option for today light design at home. A special place belongs to the candles. Different in color, size, shape of the candle will be a wonderful New Year's decoration of the room. You can purchase the finished product in the store or make a decorative candle with your own hands. Candle decoration decor can be very diverse. Satin ribbons, lace, pieces of beautiful fabric, braid are suitable for decorating festive candles. All sorts of compositions with fir branches, cones, dried flowers, and sprigs of rowan will look very elegant and original. Cinnamon sticks and dried oranges also perfectly complement the design of the candle.

Chandeliers, lamps, lamps, that is everything that belongs to lighting fixtures, decorate the New Year's decoration. For this, small Christmas-tree toys or just thematic figurines neatly suspended from a transparent fishing line or an inconspicuous thread are well suited.The material for the thematic figures can be anything: fabric, felt, paper, clay. Making such toys with their own hands does not require much effort and cost. It is only necessary to determine which figures will be made and purchase the necessary materials.

You can succumb to intuition and stitch toys at your discretion, or find the exact pattern of a particular product and make it. In addition, it is worth visiting the specialized shops, which have a large selection of kits to create all kinds of decor. The kit usually includes patterns and all the necessary materials.

Festive wreaths and compositions

A common attribute of New Year's décor is festive wreaths. They are hanged mostly on the door, but they will look great even above the fireplace or just on the wall. Christmas crafts from different materials can be perfectly combined with a themed wreath. If the room has a decorative fireplace, then it certainly needs to be decorated with Christmas crafts. Candles, spruce branches, tangerines and other attributes of the celebration will create an incredible comfort and festive mood.

Christmas socks and mittens hanging over the fireplace are very popular. Although this tradition came from the west, it has already managed to firmly establish itself in our country. It is customary to hide souvenirs and small gifts in such socks and mittens, as well as notes, wishes and congratulations on the coming year. Like most Christmas decorations, a wreath can be purchased at the store or do it yourself. In order to make a New Year's wreath yourself, you must perform the following steps.

  • Take the basis for a wreath, the best option is foam. This lightweight material is very convenient to use, you can neatly attach branches and all the other details of the decor.
  • Spruce branches should be attached to the base. They can be both artificial and real. Although artificial fir paws will not give that same New Year's flavor, but they will look just like real ones.
  • Additional elements of decoration in the form of small bright Christmas toys, tinsel, cones attach to fir or pine branches. Such compositions are often decorated with bows, sprinkled with sequins.
  • The branches to the foam attached with threads.Lighter and smaller parts can be put on glue or double sided tape.

When making a New Year's wreath, you can use any decorations. If fantasy requires rest, then a more specific idea of ​​decorating a room for the New Year can be peeped in illustrated articles or magazines.

How to decorate a Christmas tree?

The main guest of the New Year's holiday is the Christmas tree. It can be a real or artificial fir, big or small, fluffy and not very lush. In any case, the tree is an important attribute of the holiday, so it is necessary to decorate it. You can arrange it in a classic way and hang Christmas toys and rain on a tree. Despite the fact that the traditional design has its fans, at the moment it has slightly lost its former popularity. Decorating Christmas trees is now taken more creatively, out of the ordinary, using the most non-standard ideas.

An interesting solution for decorating a Christmas tree will be small photos of all the guests who will be present at the gala event. You can hang the photos with the help of small pegs or you can use threads or bows for this purpose.Candy and other sweets will be a wonderful decoration of the New Year tree. Especially good if sweets are homemade. Gingerbread, decorated with icing with various ornaments, can be hung on a New Year tree or put on a festive table. From this decor, everyone will be delighted.

Toys for the Christmas tree can be made by hand. To do this, you need the balls of the desired shapes and everything you need for the design. It is worth buying multi-colored threads, beads, ribbons, spangles. With the help of glue, you can add glitter or beads to the ball, while the decor can be monochromatic or in different colors. If there is not enough space in the room, you can buy a small spruce tree, decorate it with tangerines and sweets, and ikebana made of fir branches with New Year's tinsel will decorate the festive table.

Garlands for decorating the Christmas tree can also be made by hand.

For the decor you can take:

  • various beads strung on a fishing line;
  • tapes;
  • figures;
  • flashlights;
  • pearl thread;
  • "Rain".

Figures of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden or other New Year characters, placed under the Christmas tree, add a special fairy-tale atmosphere.

Depending on the room

New Year's decor may vary, depending on the selected room. The main criterion when choosing a design for a nursery is the safety of children in the room, so it is not recommended to use glass objects or put candles there. Garlands, working on electricity, should be placed out of reach of the child, and even better - replaced by paper counterparts or made of safe material.

Preparing a children's room for the New Year will be a real event for the child. The joint production of snowflakes, garlands and crafts will give the kid a sense of celebration. A great choice would be toys that personify the symbol of the coming year. Such cute plush animals are traditionally sold in many shops of the city on the eve of the New Year.

The bedroom of adults can be decorated more diversely and used as a decor for candles and festoons. There is no doubt that the festive and romantic atmosphere will be provided. Also in the bedroom you can put New Year crafts from fir branches. A basket with tangerines and sweets, festive subjects and window decorations - all this is suitable for decorating a bedroom.

Style and colors

The choice of style and color in the New Year's design of the rooms depends entirely on the preferences of the owners of the house. There are no rules and restrictions in this matter. However, it should be remembered that the color scheme of the decor should be combined with the general color scheme of the interior. It is not necessary to arrange the room in dark colors, it is not recommended to decorate it in a very colorful and bright colors. A universal option is the decor in blue tones. Additional shades can be pink, lilac, as well as gold and silver.

Images on the glasses, blue and white snowflakes and snowdrifts on a transparent surface will be associated with snow, ice and New Year's atmosphere. Good in the interior will be combined and different shades of the same color.

Beautiful examples

Using a variety of ready-made ideas and connecting your own imagination, you can decorate the room for the New Year with style and elegance. The decorative fireplace with New Year's crafts on it will look cozy. However, a beautiful Christmas decoration can be created in the event that there is no fireplace.

It can be interesting to arrange the chairs for each participant of the celebration. A simple “rain” or thematic upholstery of the chair will create a truly festive atmosphere. To provide children with delight in the morning of January 1, you can make "traces" of Santa Claus (or Santa Claus). To do this, you need to wake up a little flour on the floor, and then leave a footprint there.

It is also important and beautiful decoration of gifts. An excellent choice would be to pack each present in a box, which is then wrapped in gift paper and tied with a ribbon. Beautiful themed serving of dishes will also give a festive mood to guests and hosts. Most salads or cuts can be made in the form of a Christmas tree. Mandarin can make eyes and smiles, for this you only need peas carnations.

To prepare homemade garlands, you can get by with very non-standard items. Even the most common colored pasta strung on a thread can serve as an original decoration.

      Ideas for New Year's decoration of the room are varied. Some can be peeped in thematic articles or come up independently, without limiting the flight of fancy and experimenting. And the most important thing: the decoration of the room for the New Year is not a hassle at all, but a pleasant pastime!

      How to decorate the room for the New Year, see the following video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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