Room design: custom solutions

The design of the living room is a very important and serious stage of the entire renovation. Living room and bedroom are places where we spend most of our free time and gain strength. It is important to create everything for your own convenience and take into account the many nuances.

Room rules

Competent arrangement of furniture is no less important than the furniture itself. To please the result for a long time, take into account the advice of designers regarding this issue. Consider the options for placement of furniture in a limited space, as with a small area often faced in prefabricated houses and Khrushchev.

There are not so many possible options, some of them are more preferable, some less, some are completely inapplicable in certain spaces.

There are two main methods of furnishing:

  • symmetric;
  • asymmetric.

Under the symmetrical arrangement of furniture means the location of paired interior items on both sides of a given axis. As an example, bedside tables on either side of the headboard are suggested. According to this principle can be placed shelves on both sides of the sofa, cabinets and the like. On the opposite side is traditionally placed TV. This is a simple and concise atmosphere, familiar to our eyes. However, this situation looks organically only in rooms in the form of a square.

The asymmetric method involves the alternation of high objects with low ones, which are located along the walls, which creates the necessary balance indoors. The owners of elongated premises usually resort to this method.

Room 17 sq. M. m

In such rooms it is best to adhere to the standard principles of furniture arrangement. In one-room apartments of medium size, screens can be used as zoning, which will help to separate the working area from the bedroom. Such partitions are easy to fold, and with the help of them the sizes of the zones change.

If, for example, the owners need to receive guests, then the screen simply folds up and retracts, and at night it is simply returned back. Also, do not forget about lighting, because after working with its intensity, you can functionally separate one zone from another.

Rooms less than 17 square meters. m

If you need zoning such small rooms as 12 and 16 square meters. m, 11 and 14 square meters. m, the partitions will be too bulky, instead you can use curtains. Dense fabric will create complete insulation, and transparent tulle slightly outlines the border, while maintaining the generality of the room.

If the room has enough natural light, for example, a room with two windows, in front of them you can install a mirrored wardrobe, which visually add space and air.

A sleeping area in a small room is best equipped with a folding sofa, which when folded during the day will take up minimal space. If one person lives in a room, it makes sense to use a chair-bed. Lumbering furniture is strictly contraindicated. The limited area makes getting rid of excess and leave only the most necessary.Mirrors, the glossy surface of the furniture, open shelves create a more airy interior.

Making out a room in a communal apartment, it is necessary to think first of all about functionality. Smart zoning will bring the necessary comfort to your home. To visually expand the space, it is better to arrange the room in bright colors, pick up light tulle and mirrors.

Features of design

The style of design depends on the layout. The easiest way to create a design of square rooms, and over some non-standard options have to break his head.


In Soviet times, the passage room was a widespread problem. The owners fought with an unsuccessful rectangular layout in many ways, separating one zone from another with screens, curtains, and even sofas and cabinets. Below are a few tips to increase the functionality of walk-through rooms.

One of the modern ways of dealing with an uncomfortable room is an open-plan layout, which visually expands the room. It is necessary to remove the curtain walls and install partitions of glass

A good idea is to use the principle of symmetry. The space between the doors is taken over the axis.

Many rooms are passing because of the actively used glazed balcony. In this case, it can be re-equipped as an office.

Often the living room is a room where doors to all rooms come from, which makes it difficult to arrange furniture in a comfortable way. If you are the owner of such a plan, do not try to build all the furniture along the walls. In addition, free vertical space is not so much, if you subtract the doors and windows. Use furniture for zoning premises. For example, the sofa can be turned back to the kitchen.

If the passage zone does not at all allow you to comfortably exist, you can consider the option of moving the doorway and separating part of the room in favor of the corridor. Such large-scale work requires mandatory coordination.


In the generally accepted sense, a studio apartment or open-space is a combination of a kitchen and a living room. This significantly increases the comfort of life and expands the space.

The kitchen area is usually separated by a bar, which is not only very convenient, but also stylish. It is very important to install the TV in such a way that it can be seen not only from the sofa, but also from all points of the apartment.In this way, family members can do the same TV show while doing different things.

Lunch place is best to equip the window. Primarily due to natural light, as well as to enjoy the views from the window and communicate not only while watching TV.

L shaped

In such a non-standard room, the sofa is better to choose an--shaped with wooden armrests, so that you can put a cup or glass there.

To hide any of the zones, use the screen.


The presence of two windows in the room is luxurious and beautiful, so do not miss the chance to create a cozy and bright space. Very often, these rooms are played up on the principle of symmetry.

Large windows fit well with minimalism. The sunny side, and even the angular, sometimes gives residents the inconvenience. Sunlit room needs to darken the blinds, curtains and tulle.

Make room in bright colors to add even more air. If the windows are located on opposite walls, then it is permissible to create a different design.

It is better to place the desktop next to the window in order to ensure natural light, but the arrangement of the furniture should not prevent the passage to the window area.Next to the windows you can put two chairs, and between them a coffee table, floor lamp or houseplant.

If you are lucky enough to have large windows from the floor to the ceiling, then place the furniture opposite to enjoy the views.

By appointment

The design of a room directly depends not only on its size and layout, but also on its purpose.

The living room is usually the most spacious in the apartment, which provides room for imagination. In terms of style, there are certain standards. The interior is decorated either in a classic style, or in accordance with the new modernist trends.

The classics do not become boring with time and do not have bright irritating elements, which cannot be said, for example, about the interior in a loft style. No matter how original the design may turn out, it is unlikely to be equally pleasant to the owners in 5-10 years. The guest room belongs to all tenants of the apartment and should be universal. The room should be comfortable to receive guests and spend family evenings.

When choosing an interior for a bedroom, it is important to understand the characteristics of a couple or a person living in it.In particular, it is necessary to take into account the gender of the owner and his addiction.

Women's boudoir is always fundamentally different from the men's bedroom. The design of the apartments of a glamorous girl and a gamer guy will vary, which is quite natural, because the design of the room should correspond to the tenant.

When making out a room for a grandmother, it is necessary to take into account the needs of an elderly person, namely, the ability to reach out from the bed to the first-aid kit, to get the necessary thing without having to bend down low or stand on the chair.

The office is usually designed in strict and dark colors. It is often used wood trim, which creates an atmosphere of expensive classics.

As for the kitchen, first of all you need to decide what you are talking about: a standard kitchen or a kitchen combined with a living room. Usually, the interior of the kitchen is chosen by the chief cook in the house. Cooking takes a lot of time, so it is important that all the "kitchen" manipulations were as comfortable as possible.

In the bathroom, the main thing is to use every millimeter of space efficiently. Consider where it is better to place the washing machine, in some cases it is better to do it in the kitchen, where to hang a heated towel rail, do you need a cupboard, and so on.

The tastes of children and adults differ significantly, therefore, in order to please the baby, but at the same time preserve practicality and functionality, engage in the drafting of a child's room with the child.

Registration of the corridor depends on its size. If it literally has a size of 2 by 2, then you are not clearing up. The main thing is to provide coat hooks and a place for shoes. If the area of ​​the corridor is larger, for example 4 by 4, then you can already think of a place where you can sit, a chest of drawers and a mirror, cute little things like a housekeeper.

General recommendations for the design of a small corridor are simplicity and unobtrusiveness:

  • no - motley wallpaper;
  • no - open shelves;
  • good lighting;
  • mirrors.

If you are a happy owner of a spacious entrance hall, you can give free rein to your imagination and allow yourself a more interesting room decor and furniture arrangement.

There are many variants of layouts: from standard and simple to unusual triangular and pentagonal rooms, bedrooms under the roof, and the like. Using general advice, you can create a comfortable and unusual atmosphere in any home.

All of the above solutions will help create a comfortable environment around you and spend time with benefits.

How to make?

If your apartment is not as spacious as you would like, do not be upset - for small areas there are many unusual ideas. If the close space hurts you, then think about the redevelopment project. The room can be expanded by combining a room and a kitchen or a room and a balcony. To do this, it will be necessary to demolish one common brick wall.

The emerged place can be equipped with a working area or, on the contrary, a seating area by placing bookshelves and an armchair there. If the resulting space is not so much, you can equip a niche for a built-in closet instead of a balcony. Before starting work, it is necessary to coordinate the project in the relevant authorities. Make redevelopment feasible with their own hands, but if in doubt, it is better to turn to professionals.

Color solutions

Classics are always in fashion, especially in small spaces.

  • Light pastel shades like ivory, dairy and beige will bring warmth and air into the interior. Furniture will suit any, the main thing is not to choose too cumbersome.
  • Room design in white, azure and blue-green tones brings freshness and vigor.The perfect solution for hot and cramped rooms.
  • Fans of rustic comfort will appreciate the Provence style. Remember that carelessness should be easy, do not overdo it with details.
  • The smaller the room, the less should be the decor elements. In this sense, the minimalism style will be a great option. Laconic black and white gamut always looks decent and stylish.
  • Luxury and comfort add all shades of brown: sand, coffee, terracotta.
  • Yellow color scheme is always relevant. Pay attention to the interesting and trendy shades of corn, mustard and ocher.
  • All shades of blue, from pastel to deep ultramarine, give the room magical depth.
  • It seems as if the floral scent fills the room, decorated in purple, lilac or purple.

Drawings and patterns

Everyone knows that dark colors and large prints hide space, so in small rooms it is still better to use a light palette, but no one has canceled dark and bright accents. It is also not recommended to use wallpaper with a large 3d pattern and large patterns in cramped spaces.

Beautiful examples in the interior

All things that surround us have an impact on our lives. That is why it is so important to pay special attention to the design of the surrounding space. Beautiful and well-designed room not only pleases the eye, but solves the problems of poor planning, lack of space, hides flaws and increases functionality.

Below are examples of successfully combine aesthetics and convenience. At first glance, it seems that placing the furniture and not overloading the room is a task that is almost impossible. However, designers skillfully cope with the conditions of a shortage of square meters and non-standard layouts.

  • A wonderful option in gentle colors for a girl. Compact ottoman at the same time performs the role of the cabinet. The window area is effectively involved under the desktop.
  • Non-standard solution for the room student. In the center of the nursery there is a whole complex uniting a desk, a bed and a wardrobe.
  • A bold decision for youth. Recreation area under the ceiling and open shelving for things.
  • Gentle and cozy little room, where there is nothing superfluous, but at the same time there is everything you need.
  • Loggia, converted into a children's bedroom.
  • Here it is - a solution to the problem of a narrow and uncomfortable room.
  • Option successful zoning sleeping area with textiles.
  • The bed is well hidden in the closet. Practical and stylish.

Non-standard room design solutions see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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