Design one-bedroom apartment of 50 square meters. m: examples of interiors

One-bedroom apartment is considered one of the most common and versatile types of housing, because it can be as spacious and comfortable as a house. The most important thing is to make it right. Two-room apartments are ideal for couples who already have a child or they are only planning to have a baby.

It is very correct that parents consider in advance the existence of a separate room. Many wonder how to choose the right interior for an apartment of this type with an area of ​​50 square meters. m. And also, what moments are very important to take into account, so that it was comfortable not only for the household, but also for the guests. Below you will find out the answers to these questions and get acquainted with interesting examples of the interiors of two-room apartments.

Where to begin?

Any design of the future home begins with its competent planning, selection of suitable building materials and furniture. If you get a two-room apartment from scratch, with so-called bare walls, then it makes sense to think about its redevelopment and even the demolition of some walls, if this allows the construction of the house and safety standards.

Proper transfer of the wall in many ways can improve the external perception of the future home and completely change its format. Redevelopment of the apartment is done in order to make the premises more spacious and functional, however, for all these works, the advice of professional builders is necessary. Repair, renovation of the design and interior in the secondary housing may also require some effort, since it is often necessary to replace all floor coverings, renovate walls and ceilings. The transfer of the walls in this case is not always the most relevant component of the repair process.

Improving the repair already completed by the developer is not an easy task, since many works have already been completed, and most of the time will be spent on the selection of new building materials.

Free layout

According to many experts, 50 squares - a sufficient area, if you have the desire to create. In order to profitably select and organize the free planning of a two-room apartment on your own, it is best to analyze ready-made projects and interior options that will greatly simplify your task.

It is very important not to forget that a spacious room should not be empty, it is important to make it as cozy and comfortable as possible. Minimal attention can be paid to the hallway and corridors, because such rooms are best not to force extra furniture. In a two-room apartment, both large and small kitchens with dining areas look equally good. The most advantageous option is considered to be a combined kitchen with a living room in a studio apartment.

Free planning gives you the opportunity to implement a variety of ideas.

Be sure to pay attention to the translucent and transparent partitions between the rooms, which will certainly make the apartment more spacious, airy and stylish.

Design of different rooms

In a two-bedroom apartment can be equipped with a variety of roomsbecause the whole interior and its high-quality design depend on the current layout. Next, we consider the decoration of various rooms in a two-room apartment of 50 square meters. m

Corridor and hallway

Modern projects of two-bedroom apartments are very often created in such a way that they do not have a separate room, which everyone used to call a hall. Often, entering the room, people immediately enter the living room or hall. If the apartment still boasts a corridor, then it will not be large, which means that it should not be done in dark colors and overloaded with an abundance of furniture.

Visually expanding the space in the corridor will help not only the light finish of the walls, but also the correct lighting.

If you choose wallpaper with pictures, it is better that they were small. If you want to visually increase the height of the room, choose mounted options as ceilings.


In order to advantageously decorate the kitchen space, very often designers combine a dining area and a kitchen. The most advantageous it looks in studio apartments with an area of ​​50 square meters. m. If the walls are non-supporting structures, then they can easily be moved and the space of the room a little more spacious.To visually expand the space in a small kitchen, you can use the same techniques as in the hallway and in the hallway.

The most advantageous always look bright colors in the decoration of the walls, a favorable contrast for them can serve as dark floors.

Particular attention should be paid to kitchen furniture and a headset, which should not be too bright or, conversely, discreet. Here everything has to harmonize well. Light nude walls, dark floor, glossy ceiling and chocolate kitchen set look very advantageous. Of course, its color can be any, however, the shades of natural wood under oak, ash or walnut best please the eyes of the household. With all this, gentle and moderate shades create in this room a special comfort, which has to eat and home get-togethers.

Bedroom and living room

It is not uncommon when in a small two-bedroom apartment a living room can be at the same time a bedroom. And all this is due to the fact that there may not be enough space to fully accommodate this room, but this is not a reason for unrest.

Designers recommend choosing folding beds.which not only save space, but are also considered very functional. The most popular styles in which these types of rooms are designed are considered modern. These include minimalism, hi-tech, futurism and some others.

Of course, classical styles are not out of fashion. It all depends on the overall design of your home. It is very important that all rooms make up one common picture of your apartment.

For decoration rooms 2 in 1 as the flooring is best to use parquet or laminate. Walls can be additionally decorated with photo murals or alternatives from expensive textiles.

Depending on the style of the room, you should select the most successful colors.

If we are talking about the bedroom in the style of hi-tech, then the whole range of gray, black and other dark shades will be very useful. In this case, you can make an unusual color lighting, which will be the highlight of your room. Do not forget about floor lamps and wall sconces, which will easily bring a touch of comfort to your home. To save space, it is best to purchase a wardrobe.


Children's room can be arranged at the discretion of the parents.Even if the apartment is in a classic style, in which noble shades prevail with a tint of gold or silver, it is not necessary to equip the child’s room in exactly the same way. For boys, choose blue, blue, green and grayish colors. Not bad will look wallpaper with a variety of pictures. The main thing is that they like the child.

As for girls, they often love everything pink, white or lemon. However, very bright and acid colors are not recommended for children's rooms, since they can adversely affect the psyche of the child.

In a two-room apartment of 50 square meters. m, you can easily equip a multifunctional children's room, where you can fit everything you need. It is desirable that the room had enough natural light. Today the so-called themed interiors are popular.

Be sure to pay attention to rooms for girls with Disney princesses.


Toilet and bathroom can be located in the same room or in different. Which of the layouts is better, it is impossible to say unequivocally, because often this issue is considered even during the construction process.If the toilet and the bathroom are located separately, it is still better to arrange them in the same color scheme.

Combined bathroom in an apartment with dimensions of 50 square meters. m very often not very large, so it is best to acquire a small shower cabin in it, so as not to hamper the space. Installing a shower cabin can also make room, for example, for a washing machine.

Many experts believe that monochromatic tiles for the bathroom - this is a great solution.

However, if you want to purchase options with patterns and geometric shapes, it is better to stack them horizontally. Although, of course, it all depends on the image on the tile.

Some zoning tricks

The project of a small apartment is necessary for everyone, because without it there will be no clear understanding of where and what to locate, as well as which zones are best to divide the room into. Zoning is always a winning option, if you think of it to the smallest detail. If you have bright lights on the ceiling, then take a closer look at the glass panels that will easily divide the room of a small apartment without weighting the interior.

Often, mirrored decorative panels separate the kitchen and seating area with a dining table. Thus, you not only visually share the room, but also make it more comfortable.

Expert advice

The design of a two-room apartment with a small area may seem rather difficult if you develop it yourself. If you want something special, it is best not to be afraid to spend money on professionals, because their services in this area maximize their price.

Choosing the same style for each room, do not forget that natural and artificial lighting can also play into your hands. In addition to all this, the furniture should be in harmony with each room.

If you pay attention to every detail, then even the smallest apartment will become for you a cozy dwelling for many years.

Examples of successful interiors in the "eco-style" for a two-room apartment of 50 sq.m. See the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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