Tree in the interior of the apartment: stylish natural design

Tree in the interior of the apartment: stylish natural design

A huge variety of practical artificial materials could not force out natural wood. Natural raw materials are in great demand worldwide as a material for interior decoration of apartments and houses. Wood has a number of advantages due to which it does not lose its relevance. The array is used in both classical and modern styles. Further in the article we will talk about the use of wood in the interior of residential premises.

Material Features

Consider the benefits of natural wood:

  • Environmental friendliness and safety for health.The material is completely harmless to small children, pets and allergies.
  • Exquisite natural color. Some varieties are decorated with expressive annual rings, others have a monochromatic and smooth pattern.
  • Wear resistance and durability.
  • The array creates a warm, homely atmosphere in the room.
  • Furniture and decorative items made of wood look stylish, elegant and rich.

Each variety has a special color and individual performance characteristics. In the field of design used both rare and common varieties.

Use in decor

This material is actively used in apartments and houses in a variety of styles. Designers appreciated the wood at its true worth due to the huge variety of colors and textures.

It is worth noting that furniture made of wood, especially if it is a valuable and rare breed, is the most elegant, valuable and elegant. It decorates not only residential buildings, but also expensive restaurants, high-class hotels and other elite institutions.

Floor decoration

The flooring is important not only as a decorative element, but also a tool for creating a comfortable atmosphere in the room.High-quality finish will help keep the room warm and become a solid support under your feet.

Parquet from this array is found in residential premises rarely due to the high cost. But the price is fully justified by its beauty, durability, environmental friendliness and other advantages. Not a single artificial analogue, even the highest quality, can completely replace the finishing material made of wood.

With proper care, floors will look elegant and attractive for many decades. Also affects the longevity of the indoor climate.

This flooring option is used in classic styles. Finishing material complements the refined and luxurious interior. Also, natural wood is used to design rustic country style and modern industrial loft. On the floor of the tree dust accumulates more slowly than on artificial finish.


Regardless of the size of the room and decorative style, furniture is a mandatory attribute of the room. Items made of natural wood stand out against the background of products from other materials.These are premium products that adorn exquisite interiors, as well as various elite establishments.

In classical styles (Baroque, Empire, Rococo and other) wooden furniture is decorated with gold-plated elements, three-dimensional figures, carving, expensive textiles and other details. Also wooden chairs, beds, cabinets and tables are used on the basis of Asian styles and village styles (country and Provence). Products from natural raw materials are essential elements in the direction of modern and classicism.

Wooden furniture will not only decorate the decor with natural color, but also give extraordinary comfort during use. The service life of high-quality furniture is several decades.

Types of array

For the manufacture of interior uses a variety of varieties that differ in color and texture.

Domestic varieties - It is oak, birch, pine, ash, larch, linden and others. And exotic breeds - wenge, mebrau, tic, abachi, beech and many others.

Each variety has a special color and performance characteristics. Some are better suited for stacking in rooms with high humidity, others show resistance to low or high temperatures. The color of the product is chosen for the decor, as well as the overall color scheme in the room.Furniture from dark varieties will look especially expressive against the background of light walls, and vice versa.


Doors perform an important function in the process of zoning rooms. Despite the fact that in some stylistics arches are installed instead of them, it will not be possible to completely abandon the canvases. Wooden models demonstrate high strength, reliability and practicality. The market offers a huge variety of options for every taste and budget. In addition to deaf cloths, doors with glass and metal inserts are very popular. The combination of two different materials gives the product a special look.

Cloths from natural raw materials can be made in different colors. Also, customers can choose models of various sizes, shapes and textures. Products differ in type of construction and opening method.

Wood is easy to process, due to which material can be given any shape. Cloths from the massif are used in the classical and modern directions. Experts note that natural material creates a special microclimate in the room, which has a positive effect on non-human.


Wood is used not only as a material for the manufacture of furniture, decoration and other key elements, but also in the format of additional elements. This material has a special aesthetics, due to which it is used to create a homely and warm atmosphere in the room. Even small objects can change the atmosphere in the room by adding notes of comfort and coziness to the decor.

Compact and neat little things (picture frames and photographs, figurines, boxes and other items) will make the situation fresh. It can be both useful things in the home, and cute trinkets.

The kitchen will look great wooden utensils and cutlery. When choosing additional elements, it is necessary to take into account the style of the interior, otherwise the objects will not fit into the decor, but tear down its integrity.

Products from a tree will help to change an interior and to make it more attractive and stylish. A great solution to update the decor without the cost and effort.

Wood in its natural form

As a decorative element is often used wood in its raw form. These can be branches or sections of trunks.Designers note that large and massive branches can be used instead of curtain rods. Such an element is ideal for rustic American country.

Original look stylish compositions of small twigs and particles of wood. Such items are ideal for decorative areas, which tend to be natural and natural.

It is worth noting wooden screens and other elements for zoning rooms. In this case, the product performs two functions at once: decorative and useful.


To protect the material from external negative factors and extend its service life, special techniques and tools are used. Processing is necessary not only to protect the material, but also to decorate and transform it. Consider the most popular wood processing options:

  • Varnish Transparent lacquer is used for processing furniture in the classical decorative direction.

The material protects the surface from damage, and due to the transparent texture does not overlap the natural beauty of wood.

  • Patina. The patination method is especially popular when decorating doors. The canvas is covered with a special film.As a rule, the tool will give the product a silver or gold tint.

Patinated used to achieve the effect of old furniture.

  • Enamel (paint). Due to this mining, the wood can squeeze a different color - from light and pastel shades but saturated and dark colors. Colored enamel is processed with furniture made from natural materials, doors and various decorative elements.

The effect of cracked, faded paint and abrasion gives the tree a special look. Such products have a special charm and charm. This treatment is used in the manufacture of flooring, doors, furniture and other items such as caskets, chests and more.

Interesting tricks

If you want to give the decor a special expressiveness, pay attention to the wooden wall. This is a stylish and practical design technique that is able to transform a monotonous interior in a typical residential area. This technique will breathe new life into the decor, make the atmosphere fresher and more comfortable. The wall, sheathed in an array, will help to distract from the concrete structures. Certain varieties have an enchanting aroma and special properties that positively affect human health.

One of the walls, decorated with wood, will attract attention.This element will be the key and interior.

This technique has several advantages:

  • The design will become more attractive and multifaceted.
  • Additional insulation.
  • The emphasis that attracts attention, will distract from the shortcomings of the layout and design.
  • The wooden canvas will help mask the defects of the wall, such as cracks, bumps, potholes, and more.
  • If you want to select a separate location in the room, a wooden wall is ideal.
  • Light varieties visually increase the space of the room.
  • In combination with other elements and objects of wood additional wall will create a unique ensemble. This combination will ennoble the room and bring the style to a new level.

Designers note that if you wish, you can decorate all four walls with panels from natural raw materials, but in this case the necessary effect is lost.

When choosing a material for the wall, keep in mind that it should be combined with the flooring and furniture. Pay attention to the color of the variety. It can merge with the range of flooring or to contrast.

The second thing to consider is the texture of the material.The wall can be smooth, with a slight glossy shine or have beautiful cracks and scuffs. Take into account the individual characteristics of the breed: resistance to temperature, moisture, fading and other influences. The description of the breeds given above will help you make the right choice.

In the next video you can see an overview of interesting ideas for decorating the interior with wood.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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