Design of a two-bedroom apartment of 60 square meters. m: design ideas

One-bedroom apartments with an area of ​​60 square meters. m - this is one of the most popular options for living space in large cities. Such housing is quite affordable and quite suitable for the whole family. At the same time, the rooms in such apartments are small, so competent design is very important. If you think out in advance how to equip a small two-room apartment, you will be able to effectively use all the space, as well as create a cozy homely atmosphere for all family members.

Features of planning

The layout of such apartments is rarely varied. Often they have a small kitchen and a combined bathroom - this saves space and makes two living rooms more spacious.

At the same time use the available space shouldbased on your needs - it is obvious that the design projects of an apartment for one person or for a family with children will vary considerably.

Consider the following interesting options and decide which project is best suited for you:

  • If one person or a married couple will live in the apartment, you can make a living room and a bedroom from two rooms. Usually in such cases a smaller room is chosen for the bedroom - there it is necessary to place only the bed, the wardrobes and the dressing table. The living room can be arranged very differently, depending on your needs. A spacious room can be divided into zones - for example, to allocate a separate place for work or a hobby.
  • Now the layout is popular, when the door to the kitchen leads straight from one room, not from the hallway. In this case, many prefer to remove the door and make a stylish arch - so you get the original kitchen-living room. The lack of a door will allow you to visually expand the space and bring the dining table into the living room, if there is not enough space for it in the small kitchen.

This modern version of the layout is especially relevant for large families, as well as for those who like to receive guests and organize holiday feasts.

  • When the family has grown children, many prefer to allocate one room for the nursery. Usually the smaller of the two rooms is suitable for this. But even if you cannot allocate a whole room, it is very important that children have their own personal space. A suitable option could be the division of the living room into zones - with the help of an arch, a screen or curtains there you can allocate space for children.

Finishing apartment

It is the design of the floor, ceiling and walls - this is the first thing that catches the eye when looking at the interior. It is imperative that the finish is successful.

Color spectrum

In small apartments it will be better if the whole decoration in different rooms is combined with each other. It is not necessary to make it the same, but the colors and texture should be in harmony.

Here are some recommendations for a successful wall decoration in a small two-room apartment:

  • First of all, if you want to visually make the space of a small apartment lighter and more spacious, you should use mostly light colors. Prefer pastel shades - white can look uncomfortable and create a feeling of incompleteness, organically pure white color looks only in classic interiors.

Do not be afraid to combine different unexpected pastel colors with each other - this way you will make the decoration only more interesting. Dark and bright colors are acceptable as small accents, and in a similar color scheme you can decorate the hallway, corridor and bathroom.

  • If you plan to finish the apartment with a living room, you may like the combination of lilac, olive and ocher tones. This fashionable and unusual color scheme is suitable for modern interiors. In small rooms it is worth using only one color for decoration, and in more spacious rooms you can combine several shades.
  • Now for finishing often choose gray tones. So that they do not look boring, they can also be combined with other colors. Often choose blue, crimson and yellow shades.

To the interior was not too gloomy, you should not combine gray with dark colors.

  • If you want to make dark walls in the hallway or bathroom, you can consider the brown and burgundy colors. The rest of the rooms can be decorated in beige, brick and light brown colors.
  • In an apartment where children will live, they often draw up a bright children's room.It is important that its design is organically combined with the design of the rest of the apartment. You can take the muted shades of the same color for the bedroom and kitchen, and for the nursery to use a rich hue of the same color.


Ceiling decoration is also important, but it will depend on the characteristics of your apartment and the type of lighting that you want to do. Suspended models are not recommended in apartments with a low ceiling. Often, the ceiling is made perfectly smooth, however, if there are imperfections and uneven patches, they can be easily hidden by making textured paint spraying or laying the ceiling with plasterboard.


Finishing the floor in the apartment allows a huge variety of options. It can be linoleum, laminate, parquet or tile. Choose the option that best fits into your interior. The following features should be considered:

  • Linoleum - This is the cheapest finishing option, which is not difficult to lay on the floor even by yourself. But in appearance, it is often inferior to modern laminate, and is also less environmentally friendly.

In addition, linoleum - not too practical solution for living rooms.It breaks easily with time and requires replacement.

  • Laminate - This is the most popular modern flooring for apartments economy class. Now you can find high-quality laminate, which in appearance can not be distinguished from real wood. However, instead of natural shades, you can pick up more interesting options: now there is a laminate with a variety of prints. For example, models decorated under colorful boards may be suitable for the design of a children's room or a balcony.
  • Parquet - this is a fairly expensive coating, but it is the most durable and environmentally friendly. In addition, the flooring looks good in any interior. However, it should be borne in mind that natural wood is easy to scratch, so you have to be careful with the coating.
  • Tile - This is a popular option for finishing the floor in the bathroom, on the loggia or in the hallway and in the hallway. Now there are a lot of stylish options for floor tiles - if you wish, you can even create complex patterns from a mosaic.

For living rooms, tiles are rarely used, because this coating is cold - it should be considered only if you are going to make a heated floor.


In a small two-room apartment, it is important to use the space as functionally as possible. Regardless of what style you prefer for design, consider the most compact solutions that allow you to save space. In addition, it is important that the elements of furniture throughout the apartment are in harmony with each other, but do not look too boring and monotonous.

Choosing furniture in the apartment, consider the following points:

  • In the two-bedroom apartments of 60 square meters. m is usually quite small and narrow kitchen, but it is important to arrange a space for cooking, so that it is functional and comfortable. One of the current solutions - built-in appliances. For example, now you can make a small refrigerator, built-in closet, and built-in stove.
  • If it is important for you to keep a lot of things in the kitchen, it is worth making the headset high up to the ceiling. To get things from the upper shelves was convenient, you can purchase a small and stylish folding ladder that does not take up much space.
  • In a small space, it is better to prefer smooth cabinets with minimally visible handles.
  • For the bedroom, living room, nursery and hallway it is worth considering corner cabinets. Such options are very functional and allow you to use the place in the apartment, which is often not used in any way. Cabinets in the corners will be deep and roomy.
  • As a bed for children or for possible guests, you can choose a sofa. Now you can find very comfortable and high-quality sofas with one or two beds.
  • It is possible to use folding tables in the interior. It can be a dining table, computer or coffee table. If necessary, they can be expanded or, conversely, made very compact.


Minor accents in the interior of the apartment are no less important than the decoration and furniture. Accessories make the space cozy, original and original. Accessories can be practical or purely decorative.

Consider the following options:

  • Carpets always give comfort to the room. In addition, they will allow to warm the floor in living rooms. Now you can find options with the most unusual colors and textures. Many choose the trendy mat now - lint-free carpets that require a minimum of care and are very practical.
  • Pictures or photos on the walls will not occupy extra square meters, but will allow to significantly diversify the space.
  • Living plants give the house a special comfort. If the lighting allows, be sure to place at least a few flowers in the house. They can be put on the windowsill, hung from the wall and ceiling, or placed on a stand on the floor.
  • Vases, jewelry boxes and sculptures will also look stylish in many interiors.
  • Various baskets and boxes are now popular, which help to organize the space on the open shelves. In addition, they can look very interesting in a variety of interiors.

Fashion ideas in the interior

It is very important to decide in advance on the style and try to maintain in it the interior of the whole apartment. Then the whole ensemble will look harmonious, even if you use different colors and materials. Consider interesting examples of interior design in different styles:

  • You can furnish a small two-room apartment in classical or baroque style. Light colors inherent in such interiors, perfectly help to make the space brighter and more spacious in appearance.To save space, you should use all kinds of transformer cabinets, built-in shelves, secretaries and dressers.
  • Modern interior in minimalism style also great. Try to keep the furniture as smooth and monotonous as possible - especially as regards the kitchen and large wardrobes. Choose glossy doors without handles and minimize the presence of open shelves.

Glossy surface will additionally reflect light, which will visually expand the room. It is not worth crushing the space with small details - the interior should be concise.

  • Cozy interior country style now even the owners of city apartments often choose - natural materials allow you to feel closer to nature. You can find a lot of wooden folding tables that are perfect. Also high will look stylish closed cabinets, mezzanines, chests and benches with storage space.
  • Often now apartments are furnished in Provencal style. These are bright interiors that combine simplicity and grace. Laconic wooden furniture, light fabrics with floral patterns,mirrors on the walls and exquisite chandeliers - all this will give the atmosphere of the apartment a special atmosphere.

How to decorate an apartment of 60 square meters, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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