Examples of interior design luxury apartments

Luxury residential design is the most expensive. Such a project requires the use of the highest quality materials, rare pieces of furniture and the implementation of complex repair work. As a rule, a specially invited designer or a whole group of specialists is working on the arrangement of elite housing. Interior design of such houses and apartments is thought out to the smallest detail. This approach to the arrangement of the room helps to create a luxurious living space, analogues of which are very difficult to find.

Special features

Most often, luxury apartments imply a large amount of free space. But it is realistic to bring elements of luxury into small rooms.

Some recommendations that should be taken into account in the elite arrangement of a small apartment:

  • To increase the living space, you can combine the loggia and the living room into one room, which will be a very profitable solution for owners of small apartments.
  • The main thing in the visual expansion of space in a small room is light. By installing around the perimeter of the room neon lights or spotlights, you can achieve the effect of additional space.
  • In a small apartment you should not hang bulky and dark curtains on the windows, as they will interfere with the penetration of daylight.
  • In vogue recently entered panoramic windows to the floor. Such a window will make the room bright and give it an element of luxury and sophistication.
  • A full-wall wardrobe is the best fit for a stylish little apartment. It is best to use a wardrobe with mirrors, because they will help to visually expand the room.

Basic styles

A distinctive feature of luxury housing is a literate balance between the elements of modernity and classics. The main thing in design is to give the room an individual style and not to fall behind fashion trends.

For room design Provence style soft, light and pastel colors are recommended.The abundance of light-colored fabrics and the presence of porcelain and ceramic figurines are a distinctive feature of the direction. For the design of the walls in this style, it is recommended to apply modern paint and plaster, which will help to convey the old French atmosphere.

Wallpaper for wall decoration should not be used at all.

Colonial design implies a combination of European classics and traditional oriental elements. This room looks noble and festive due to the luxurious decor, natural materials and exotic items. The interiors of luxury apartments, made in the classical style, only benefit from the introduction of colonial features in them.

Interior decoration in english style gives the room an aristocratic atmosphere. Such a design combines the restraint and stiffness of the Georgian style and the nobility of the Victorian.

A distinctive feature of this interior is the presence of clear straight lines and correctness in geometric forms.

For the design of the walls are usually used wallpaper. It is best to use ornaments with vegetation.They are very well suited to wooden items made of precious wood. It can be mahogany, oak or walnut. The floor in the hallway and in the kitchen is laid out using curly tiles, and in the living room and bedrooms - with parquet. Conservatism in the English style is inherent in furniture.

Art Deco Style is pretty young. Luxury lovers often use it in the interior design of apartments. Art Deco perfectly combines classic and modern elements, the severity of neoclassical forms and smoothness, monumentality and elegance. In this interior exclusive products are used. They can be represented by various items from rare materials. For the design of the walls used color of wet sea sand. The furniture is usually made of wood and upholstered in leather with bright color. Art Deco perfectly combines various styles that will make the room luxurious and individual.

Baroque - this is probably the main style to emphasize luxury. He is very defiant, aristocratic and memorable. It uses an abundance of stucco on the ceilings and walls.Murals are very often used, and thematic paintings are often used. The walls are usually draped with silk or velvet fabrics. When finishing the floor is used marble. You can lay out semi-precious stones or apply for this purpose artistic parquet made of natural wood. All materials used, as a rule, are expensive and emphasize the ostentatious luxury of the room.

Loft - a particularly relevant and bold style with emphasized negligence. It is perfect for fans of minimalism and practicality. In exact translation from English "loft" means "attic". It is characterized by the preservation of the old brickwork or its imitation in the design of the walls. In this style there are usually no hidden communications - various pipes, wires, metal parts of the frame are open to the eyes. All these elements become part of the interior.

When planning the room, as a rule, there are no partitions between the rooms. The room is simply visually divided into functional areas.

The use of progressive and modern technologies will only emphasize the industrial character of the apartment. Curtains on the windows are not usually used.

Duplex apartment

The interior design of the whole house or two-story apartment gives unlimited flight for the imagination of the owner. The presence of a large area allows you to place furniture of any size in the house and give each room an individual and unforgettable style.

The layout of the premises should be carried out in such a way as to provide all residents and guests of the house with comfort at a decent level.

It is reasonable to place sleeping rooms on the second floors, so that both residents and guests can relax and rest comfortably at any convenient time. Bathrooms and toilet are best placed on each floor, which will be convenient. On the first, it is desirable to arrange the premises intended for general use. They can be represented by rest rooms, living room and kitchen. Also here it will be reasonable to place utility rooms or equip them under the gym.

To determine the style often owners of luxury homes use the experience and knowledge of skilled designers. Usually they are made either in strict classical styles, or in luxurious and even overly elaborate and challenging ones, since their owners are quite rich people.But now everyone is committed to individuality and originality. Therefore, more and more often the owners of such houses prefer youthful, bold directions in design.

When finishing an elite living space, modern and expensive materials are most often used. Usually they are natural. For example, when decorating walls, they use wallpaper with embossed fabric or embossed pattern, Venetian plaster, paint, bamboo cloth or cork panels. The most popular material is natural wood.

When finishing the floor, you can use stone, porcelain, wooden natural parquet. A bad step would be using linoleum or laminate. Such materials do not fit into the real elite design.

For more interior options for a luxury apartment, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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