The subtleties of the design of the guest room

 The subtleties of the design of the guest room

You should not treat the decoration of the guest room lightly. Registration of this area of ​​the room should be carried out correctly, especially if the main part of the house is dressed in an elegant and luxurious interior. The appearance of this location affects the overall appearance of the house. Further in the article we will talk about the design of the guest room in a private house. Consider the rules for creating a comfortable and stylish atmosphere.

Main provisions

The guest room is a separate and isolated area designed for comfortable accommodation of guests. In this location should be everything you need for a full pastime. You can draw an analogy with a hotel room.It does not really matter where exactly a separate room for guests is located. On the basis of private houses they are most often equipped on the ground floor or attic.

Most often in this room there is a lack of lighting. It is rarely used, and therefore the well-lit areas are left to the owners of the house for themselves. When decorating this location, it is necessary to compensate for this drawback, especially if the room is located on the basement floor. Installing large windows and artificial light sources will cope with this problem.

Small space

When decorating a miniature room you need to know what should be in it:

  • Sleeping place - bed or sofa. If the room is miniature, a folding chair will do.
  • Work zone. Desk for working with documents, modern technology and other things. It can also be used for eating.
  • Storage space. A wardrobe and several shelves are required.
  • Also do not forget to place in the room. mirror clothes hanger.

If the task is to arrange a small room, designers strongly recommend to make a choice in favor of modular cabinet furniture.This is a practical and convenient option for limited space. With proper placement in the room there is a place for everything.

Furniture without frame also fits perfectly. The chair bag takes up little space, weighs a little and can be freely moved from place to place. Modern alternative to standard chairs.

A wall with spacious and open shelves is a practical and stylish solution for compact rooms. This piece of furniture can be used to store dishes, personal belongings, books, and more.

Do not overdo it with the number of pieces of furniture. Install only the most necessary: ​​bed (sofa), table and chair, wardrobe. If there is a place, you can put a bedside table, chair.

For decorating miniature rooms, it is better to choose stylistics based on conciseness and restraint. The most popular of them - minimalism, hi-tech, Japanese style. These areas are characterized by calm, delicate and neutral colors.

Each style has a characteristic color palette, but we must not forget about the important aspect - the size of the room. It’s not a secret to anyone that to decorate small rooms you have to make a choice in favorlight finish. This color must be considered when choosing furniture, curtains and other elements.

Spacious room

Large room allows you to choose any style. The spacious guest room can be decorated in a luxurious classic style: classicism, baroque, rococo, modern and others. For the above style choose luxury furniture of the highest quality. Classic areas - an excellent base for placing a huge number of stylish and luxurious decorative items: lamps, paintings, figurines and other things.

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In the free location you can install a lot of furniture for a comfortable accommodation of guests. Furniture is best to install in the corners of the room and along the walls. The space allows, in addition to the sleeping and working area, to equip a mini-kitchen and much more. You can also equip a sanitary zone, separating it from the room with the help of partitions of glass, drywall or other material.

In a large guest room it will look luxurious large lamp, placed in the center. Especially luxurious looks luxurious crystal chandelier with pendants. This is a standard device for the classic direction.To illuminate the darker corners, additionally used small LED lights.

The combination of zones

The working area is a kind of study in the room. To arrange this location, you need a written or computer desk, a chair and a source of artificial lighting, especially if this zone is far from the window.

In order not to litter the space, the sleeping area is not separated from the working part by the walls. All this harmoniously exists in the same room. If desired, you can use a small partition that will create visual zoning.


  • Stylish and practical design of the room for guests. The photo shows how a sleeping place, a working area and a miniature rest area in the corner are well combined. The image clearly demonstrates a well-thought-out design using a soft color palette: beige, brown, white, gray.
  • The second example of such decoration. A partition was used as zoning. It also performs the function of open shelves. The palette is restrained and pleasant.
  • Airy and bright guest room in a minimalist style. Stylish and sleek design.
  • Spacious and elegant finish in a classic style. All items in the interior are in harmony with each other.

Useful tips

  • The design of the guest room should be combined with the design of the rest of the house and the entrance that leads to this room.
  • The best color palette - pastel and moderate tones. They do not irritate the eyes and contribute to peace. In such a room, any guest will be pleased to be.
  • You should not forget about bright colors. Without colorful accents, the design will be dull and faded.
  • Take care of a sufficient number of compartments for storing things and hangers.
  • In the furniture on the basis of the guest should not be stored extraneous things.
  • The dresser can replace the wardrobe, but in this case equip the room with additional clothes hooks.
  • The idea of ​​placing fresh flowers in the room should be discarded. These are additional efforts.
  • Think of the guest’s leisure while he is in the room. Place in the room a bookshelf with interesting literature, prepare a selection with movies and music, put a few new magazines on the table.
  • Do not forget to equip the desired number of outlets.

In the next video you are waiting for 5 tips to create comfort in the guest bedroom.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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