Interesting apartment renovation ideas

In each person’s life, there comes a moment that pushes the beginning of global changes in their lives. And when your image is updated, and a rearrangement is made at the workplace, the repair of an apartment or house will be a consistent decision. Everyone dreams to make their living space cozy, stylish and practical. In this article we will talk about innovative ideas in the design and repair of apartments, will showcase the actual design items and the organization of living space, as well as talk about the key points of the repair of bedrooms and decorating the apartment as a whole. Everyone can carry out repair work not only in a stylish and original way, but also “wisely”, without ruining his or his family budget.

Furniture-transformer - a godsend for a small apartment

Interesting and no less original solutions for apartments, which are deprived of an abundance of free space, relate to their design with the help of transforming furniture. Such ideas will help not only beautifully, but also practical to organize the layout of the apartment, to make it comfortable for everyday life.

Repair of a small apartment does not allow its owner to use a large amount of finishing materials, decorative niches and massive plasterboard partitions. That is why the owners of such square meters are increasingly using fairly simple redecoration without excesses, complementing it with modern folding furniture. Such a miracle technique has not only the original design, but also solves a lot of housing issues.

Among such furniture there is its own classification, which distinguishes four main types of transformers:

  • folding (usually chairs, beds, tables and chairs);
  • retractable (connecting cabinets and beds, adding shelves or even whole tables to them);
  • rising (such models have a special lift);
  • modular (used for a given functionality).

Using furniture-transformer in the cosmetic repair of an apartment, you can significantly optimize the living space, eliminate the discomfort associated with cluttering the space.

Such interior elements can serve not only as traditional furniture, but also become an art object. Recent examples are often used in the design planning of apartments. Such furniture can smoothly pass to the ceiling, then to the floor, or even completely form a false facade.

Repair of a one-room apartment often does not do without a transformer, which combines a bed and a wardrobe. Modern ideas are not limited to this association, sometimes you can find variants of transformers that camouflage under the closed shelves, tables or even dressers.


Textile decoration is considered the final stage of repair work. The choice of fabric in the interior is one of the key points on which the overall design, its stylistic features depend.

It's no secret that the overall design of the room can affect its color scheme. Thus, cold tones visually make the living space more, and warm tones on the contrary narrow it.

Particular attention is paid textile decoration in the design of the bedroom.This part of the apartment should be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Concentrate attention at the same time on the choice of a suitable bed, original cover, its compliance with bed linen, upholstery material for upholstered furniture of the bedroom.


Design projects of bedrooms - not only beautiful pictures on the Internet, but also a chance to bring beauty to life. Such a project is based on the capabilities of the room itself, its dimensional characteristics, and features of the apartment style.

Repair of the bedroom is most often aimed at competent zoning of the space, where stretch ceilings, plasterboard partitions, podiums and false walls are actively used. The design of small bedrooms focuses on the predominance of pastel colors in them. In this case, you should worry in advance about the presence of several bright accents, which will focus all attention. The furniture solution of modern bedrooms is to use the minimum number of objects. This saves more space, which can be zoned to the work area or lounge area.

More spacious bedrooms are made exquisitely, in large rooms allowed the presence of deep and dark colors with rich furnishing.

An interesting idea when redecorating a bedroom is to cover the walls or furniture modules with mirrors. Such a step visually increases the room, adds light to it. A competent bedroom renovation project should not lose sight of the fact that a bedroom should have several zones where it will sleep comfortably, devote their time to a hobby, and also just relax. For such zones, you can use not only construction or design methods, but also supplement the islands of the bedroom with proper lighting. In addition to the main ceiling lamp, additional light sources can be installed on the walls, niches or panels.

Traditional bedroom design considers the bedroom as a room where there is a main accent in the form of a bed and two bedside tables. The minimalist style provides for the presence of only the above elements, which are combined with mirrors. It is noteworthy that the surface of the bedside tables must necessarily be below the level of the mirrors.Such a decision creates a spatial perspective.

New bedroom redevelopment projects include the creation of a lounge area. This area is designed for rest and relaxation of the owner of the apartment. The arrangement of the recreation area often causes certain difficulties due to the insufficient square of the bedroom. The way out of such situations is to connect the balcony and the bedroom. Such a restructuring involves the creation of a loggia, which can be used both for the workplace and for rest.

Budget Repair Ideas

Nowadays, ideas for repairing an apartment are interested in more and more owners of square meters. Modernity dictates its own rules, and therefore everyone thought about how to implement simple design solutions for the budget design of the house.

The words “construction” and “repair” often make people panic. Many believe that any repairs require huge financial expenses from the apartment owner, and the state after its completion is described as a feeling of complete devastation. Eliminate waste from repair work is impossible, but still there are some tipswhich will help to save your money.

The most important thing in any repair is its quality basis.therefore it is impossible to save on materials. High-quality and durable materials - a guarantee that the repair will be safe for health, will not require renewal for decades. The concept of a quality foundation is quite simple: the floors and walls should be made just perfect. The disproportionality of these fundamentals threatens in the future with the fact that the baseboards will not adjoin the wall, and the acquired furniture will not become as it should be.

By saving on the basic elements, you can lose huge funds during the further stages of repair. To carry out repair work with his own hand, too, under the power of a few. Fill the floor, plaster, wall decoration, installation of stretch ceilings should be done exclusively by professionals. The quality of the coating in this case depends not only on the appearance of the wall, but also on its practicality. Most often, after finishing the walls are completed with a panel or wooden coating.

You can start saving from the design project itself. Many hire professionals who give advice, which corner to put the bed, and which corner - the TV.Such recommendations will not affect the quality of your renovation in any way, and you can decide the issues of arranging room elements yourself. To date, many projects of the rooms can be found in the public domain on the Internet, and besides there are a lot of planning options.

Room decoration is also the part of the repair, where you can save your money. Nobody talks about linoleum on the floors and the cheapest wallpaper. No, the opposite. In terms of flooring, professionals recommend using the most “reasonable" flooring - laminate. Such material is not only attractive in appearance, but also very practical.

Laminate does not require such financial costs as, for example, parquet or filler floor.

Budget option walls - wallpaper. But here we must try to select a really good copy, and not “grandmother's delights”. Some designers recommend leaving the wall in its original form. Such ideas may be quite original, but they are best complemented by stylistic elements, such as a fireplace.

Another point of saving your money are interior items. Interior items - it is on them takes a huge part of the funds.In this case, the purchase of furniture - the most expensive thing. However, as practice shows, it is much cheaper and more practical to buy items of both cabinet and upholstered furniture separately. This method will help not only to save money, but also to take a more responsible approach to the selection of the necessary details of your family hearth.

You can see how to easily and inexpensively change the design in the apartment in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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