The interior of "Khrushchev" in various styles

No matter how people’s demands on apartments changed, the “Khrushchev” remains a very common type of housing. To him willy-nilly have to adapt. As practice shows, this space with the whole mass of its shortcomings can be made quite comfortable and stylish.

Features of planning

"Khrushchev" have a whole set of layout features that make it difficult to live on such a living space. The architectural design of the Khrushchev era included small rooms, small kitchens, narrow corridors, combined bathrooms, and low ceilings. All this was inherited by the modern man, for whom, in order to live comfortably in such an apartment, there may not be enough repairs in the budget option.Sometimes you need a modernization, far beyond the level of economy.

Zoning features

The problem of "Khrushchev" are the features of the organization of living space. An apartment can be both three-room and four-room, but one of the rooms is passing, and therefore it is already losing its functionality. The living room can be at the same time someone's bedroom. A passing bedroom is no longer a bedroom.

Therefore, sometimes the only option to improve the quality of space - redevelopment. In the "Khrushchev" bearing - external walls. Internal partitions are not, there is room for transformation. Another thing is that such measures require consultation with architects and coordination with the relevant services.

Demolishing the walls and combining the premises sometimes creates new problems. Therefore, do not go to extremes. The same bathroom should remain in place. In the case of communal trouble in the new bathroom with the flow of the toilet, for example, you can flood the living room from below.

The unpleasant consequences of combining the room with the kitchen. On such redevelopment, as a rule, the owners of one-room or two-room apartments, where very very closely.With this combination, the space becomes larger, but steam from cooking is walking around the room, and fatty spots sooner or later reach places outside the former kitchen. The walls and furniture of the living room are impregnated with food smells.

Sensations of space can be achieved without having to break and carry something:

  • Choosing a wallpaper, it is better to prefer paintings with small patterns. Such ornaments visually expand the space and make it boring.
  • It is better to refuse screaming paints and dynamic patterns. If you want an accent in the room, it is better to highlight a certain functional area in bright color.
  • The remaining walls should remain in soothing colors.
  • Doors between adjacent rooms should preferably be arranged in the form of a folding screen. This allows you to combine space without depriving them of functionality.
  • When you decorate the rooms do not allow different styles in each of them. Otherwise, you will get a sense of chaos. The space in such an apartment will not be felt.

We select the design styles

The style must be sustained in the interior of each room of the apartment. A certain design solution should correspond to everything from furniture to lighting. And the scope for creativity opens up very large.For the "Khrushchev" fit any style that matches the character of the tenants.


Natural materials, high-quality light, the sophistication of the interior - this is what distinguishes the classics. Such a universal design is suitable not only for a large house, but also for a one-room "Khrushchev". The severity and aristocratic style is equally well emphasized by the corresponding patterns on the wallpaper and curtains, paintings in large frames, accents in the form of moldings.


It is characterized by the presence of a large number of floral patterns on furniture and in decoration, smooth forms and soft colors. If you want to furnish the "Khrushchev" in this style, it is better to choose a non-bulky furniture. These are modular headsets with low sections, upholstered furniture with elegant legs and smooth lines of armrests. A set for the living room will complement the coffee table, made of glossy plastic or glass. Functional sliding doors and a stretch ceiling in several levels will fit well into the modern interior.


Scandinavian style is characterized by ease, simplicity and naturalness in the interior design. This is just what you need for "Khrushchev".The rooms are decorated in pastel colors, over which white dominates. Bright accents, usually in blue, red and green tones, give a lively atmosphere.

You can use wood paneling in the interior, which will add comfort to the apartment. For the floor is suitable laminate or parquet light shades. A nice addition would be a soft solid carpet.


This is a style for experimenters seeking to keep up with fashion. It is more suitable for spacious rooms, resembling production plants. Deliberate abandonment of individual elements of the interior emphasizes home comfort. Often this opposition is given by the contrast of the floor and ceiling design.

In the "Khrushchev" style loft is quite capable of finding its embodiment. In many ways, this is achieved by combining adjacent rooms. Loggia can be made part of the living room, and that, in turn, combined with the kitchen. The bathroom at the same time can be increased by the corridor leading to the kitchen. Such a combined space is easier to issue in the loft, using light colors in the interior, dark ones will make the apartment dark.


This style in the "Khrushchev" is very appropriate.It will be appreciated by lovers of natural materials, aged furniture, handmade decorative elements. Old, simple and unobtrusive luxury will give such an apartment a charming look.

If you combine a room with a balcony, you can make a panoramic window that matches the style of Provence. The room will receive additional square meters, more light and air will appear in it.

Upholstered furniture of white, beige or light gray color is suitable for Provence style. And if you want more bright colors - blue, blue or green. Modern technology should not be evident, and be built into the furniture, successfully masking it.

Country music

This style is able to create a cozy atmosphere, even in the "Khrushchev". Wood is used in the decoration, sometimes deliberately aged things are present in the interior. To match the style of country fit handmade wooden furniture, a large number of textile items.

The color palette is aged in pastel shades. The presence of a checkered pattern, a striped pattern in the interior will also be a characteristic feature of country music, as well as the presence of plant motifs.For a change in such an atmosphere it is good to place some bright color accents.


This style combines many areas born in the Mediterranean countries. Many are attracted by the Italian. The Italian style is rich in interior design - lush decor, fine details in the interior, bright colors and an abundance of patterns. Wicker furniture, wrought iron elements, tile with a pattern and mosaic - all this is inherent in this style, as well as natural colors (green, yellow, ocher and terracotta).

To the Mediterranean style showed itself well in the "Khrushchev", will have to try. It is important not to overload the interior with details. It will be enough to introduce into the interior only some elements of this style.


This design will most seamlessly fit into the space of "Khrushchev". The style is austere and concise. In it there is a place only for the most necessary elements. It is emphasized with a neutral color scheme. Although as a slight contrast in the room you can set the sofa a bright color.

A sign of minimalism - the convenience of the situation.Functional zones are distinguished by a neighborhood of well-coordinated colors and pieces of furniture that act as border elements.

High tech

He will modernize the interior of "Khrushchev". Simple lines in exquisite combinations of different materials, as a rule, glass and chrome-plated steel, emphasized attention to the role of technology in everyday life, cold shades - a typical citizen will appreciate the joys of living in a “Khrushchev” style.


This style is interesting using natural wood, textiles, leather and crystal. The furniture is massive, with tight upholstery. The ceiling can be white, sometimes with stucco. A characteristic setting will create wallpaper with small patterns and heavy curtains with fringe. Parquet on the floor. The interior of the living room can be supplemented with an imitation fireplace.


This style can give the "Khrushchev" an incredible originality, soulfulness and comfort. A large number of wood, textiles, handmade accessories in the interior gets on well with the fancy modern technology. The situation of “Khrushchev” in the Russian style can be not only original, but also provide the comfort of living in such a house.

Examples of ideas for design

Even a close "Khrushchev" kitchen can be made cozy and functional. There is a place for stylish, modern things. The kitchen set of milk color will not only be convenient for the hostess, but also make the room more visually. Tile with a pattern, echoing the small details of the situation, will give it a unique charm of Provence.

Combining the kitchen and living room in the “Khrushchev” is a risky but rather common way to solve the problem of tightness. If you arrange the kitchen-living room in country style, you can achieve an interesting result, emphasizing the environmentally friendly environment. The use of a common color scheme under a light tree will enhance this effect.

Separation of functional areas is achieved by using the sofa in a characteristic rustic style. The ceiling with beams creates an image of a country house. Accents in the form of curtains on a window with a small floral pattern and a country-style tablecloth on a table underline the image chosen for the living room.

How you can arrange the kitchen, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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