Apartment interior: beautiful modern ideas

The modern interior is not only half-empty apartments with a minimum of furniture and white wallpaper on the walls. It can be very multifaceted, which allows everyone to choose for themselves the ideal stylistic solution that will meet the latest fashion trends.

Special features

As a rule, the loud word "modern" refers to almost all interior options, unlike what was previously created by designers. In the past goes rich decor, an abundance of small things and decorations.

Modern people no longer need ostentatious luxury, but maximum functionality, and the very concept of “luxury” now has a slightly different meaning.

If earlier the nobility tried to decorate their houses with painted gilded massive wardrobes, now the presence of modern equipment in the house is appreciated.Modern design, as a rule, is selected for individual needs of a person who lives in a house or apartment.

It is also worth noting the fact that many confuse the concepts of "modern style" and "modern". The design of the room in the Art Nouveau style is more strict and limited. His features are recognizable, while the modern style is something more flexible, able to adapt to the requests of the owner of the dwelling. General characteristics of the modern style can also be distinguished in a small list, but each of them can be easily donated.

The most important feature of this trend in the design world is a huge amount of open space. As you can see, the most stylish apartments look as if the designer began to equip them and abandoned his project in the middle of the road. They are half empty, they set the minimum amount of furniture, almost no decorative trinkets.

The walls and the ceiling seem to merge into one. All this is done in order to create the appearance of free space even in the smallest apartment. Every detail of the interior has a specific place and is chosen not at random, but after careful planning.Statues, decorative plates on the walls and monograms on the furniture are not welcome - it's time to forget about all this.

The main attributes are simple geometry and wide windows and doorways. Also in the room, decorated in a modern style, there should be a lot of mirrors. This is done not only so that you can admire yourself from all angles, but also to visually expand the space of even a small dwelling. When part of a room is reflected in a mirror, it seems that there is actually twice as much free space. If you follow these basic rules, you will be able to arrange the room so that it will look quite modern.

Fashion trends and new items

Modern interior can be fashionable and stylish or long lost its relevance. It is not so easy to keep track of all the latest and latest trends in the design world, but you should know the main points, especially if you want your apartment to look modern.


The phrase “modern style” often implies several similar stylistic directions at once.You should consider the main ideas that will help determine the design of an ordinary apartment or studio, because each such direction has its own characteristics that distinguish it from others.


Constantly there are any new technologies that replace obsolete, and this is reflected in the interiors of houses. Techno style, although it was founded relatively recently, gained popularity precisely because of its ability to emphasize such changes. Its main distinguishing feature is far from strict geometric lines, which are also found in other directions.

Techno style highlights the choice of lighting, which should be artificial and stylized under the light of discoballs from nightclubs. Also, it should be noted, and the maximum functionality of this style. Even the narrowest rooms should appear more spacious. You can achieve a similar result using pastel-colored wall coverings, mirror wallpaper, or even real mirrors.

High tech

There are many similarities with the techno style and hi-tech. The premises should be designed so that they have everything they need, but at the same time, all these details do not attract much attention. Choose furniture and accessories of simple shapes.Decorated in the style of high-tech housing suitable for a variety of people: bachelors, and young couples, and families. In an apartment or house decorated in this way there will be a place for a reasonably comfortable bedroom, and for a furnished study, and for a living room.

Modern high-tech distinguishes the presence of colors of the cold spectrum. There is no place for bright color accents or colors from a warm palette.

Most often, colors such as gray, black and white are used to decorate walls and furniture. They are the ones who best embody the idea that designers originally put into high-tech style.

Art Deco

This direction will definitely appeal to young creative individuals. Among all the other styles of art deco stands out the brightness and the use of some intricate decor: ethnic elements, decorative trinkets of unusual shapes and colors.

Within the framework of one apartment or even one room, you can use elements “come” from different cultures, for example, exquisite Japanese lamps decorated with hieroglyphs or sakura flowers, and warm Persian bedspreads. These dissimilar details are surprisingly harmoniously combined in the interior decorated in the art deco style.


Noteworthy is such a direction as minimalism.It is characterized by simple straight lines and similarity with the classics. In a room decorated in this style, everything should be thoughtful, but at the same time very simple. Do not burden the interior with a complex decor and do not forget that there should be enough free space in the room. In a room stylized as minimalism, furniture made of tempered glass and chromed metal looks good. Good and mirror surfaces, for example, shelves or sash closet.

Modern classic

Sometimes new is called well forgotten old. Modern designers do not hide their love for trends from the past, often inspired by some particularly interesting styles of the past years. Modern rethinking of the classics also looks quite interesting. It conciseness and manufacturability successfully combined with quality. Modern classics are characterized by the use of expensive finishing materials: natural leather, wool, high-quality cotton or stone.

It is allowed to use interesting accessories, which in high-tech or minimalism styles, for example, seem superfluous.

You can decorate the living room with elegant bronze candlesticks or a heavy chandelier with wrought iron elements. It will be interesting to look and luxury mirror in the wall in a heavy metal or wooden frame. Please note that such details should be much smaller than in the traditional classical style, one such accessory will be quite enough.

It is also worth noting that modern classics are much more functional than all stylistic trends from the past. In the rooms there should be not only beautiful furniture and exquisite decorative elements, but also all the necessary equipment that should not be hidden, but on the contrary, should be shown for show. If earlier, the well-being of a person was judged by a picture of a famous artist hanging from his home, now a wider “plasma” or a home theater will make a greater impression on the guests.

Finally, it is worth noting that modern classics are a style that is more suitable for decorating spacious apartments or private houses than small rooms, because there is the same monumentality that was so appreciated in the past, for example, huge carpets, wall tapestries or stucco molding.

Wall decoration

The modern style, as a rule, is inherent in plain walls without any special decor, so the best finish is a simple whitewash or light paint.

In some cases, the walls are left unpainted at all, covering only a thin layer of plaster. You can also choose natural materials for wall decoration. Look at the wooden panels or thin bamboo wallpaper that will look good on the walls of a modern apartment or house. Consider that these finishing materials are quite expensive.

If you do not want to spend money and want your minimalistic design to also have a minimal effect on the state of the family budget, then you can choose simple plain wallpaper. Suitable as wall coverings, stylized as an expensive material, and simple light.

Ceiling decoration

The same principles should be followed when designing the ceiling. If you have enough money, and you are ready to spend it on repairs, you can decorate the ceiling with wooden beams or suspended ceilings. The second option is good because you can literally create a miracle by styling the ceiling under the sunset or night sky.Particularly impressive is the stretch ceiling with space colors, decorated with LEDs. However, you can get by with much cheaper materials, for example, to paint or whiten the ceiling.

Color solutions

For modern style, the use of light colors is most characteristic. Classical achromatic colors are usually taken as a basis. Look good and pastel colors. In such directions as modern classics or Scandinavian style, all shades of brown look favorably. They are associated with a feeling of warmth and comfort, so they can be safely used both as primary colors and as complementary.

For the placement of accents can be applied and more saturated colors. Colored cushions, patchwork rags, drawers, baskets, or coasters can be used as bright details. Designers use almost all colors, but the most popular today are shades of blue, violet and yellow. In addition, they are organically combined with gray, black and white, which also can not but rejoice.


Comfort is not the main thing in a modern style, but still I want to have a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere in the house.The easiest way to recreate it, using all sorts of curtains, rugs, carpets and other textile products. Prefer natural materials. They not only look more expensive, but also last longer, and are also more beneficial to health than synthetics. As for colors, textiles - this is exactly what allows you to diversify into the solid interior of modern homes.

So that your apartment does not resemble a half-empty box, pick up a pair of cozy blankets, suitable curtains and pillows in one color. These trifles will be enough for the apartment to “live” and become more comfortable.


When planning the interior of the apartment always have to think about the selection of suitable furniture. Functionality should be paramount. In order to free up a maximum of space, designers try to arrange furniture along the walls - so there is enough space in the center of the room.

Like the rooms themselves in a modern style, the furnishings should be compact and simple. Here a simple round armchair of light color will look more harmonious than a sophisticated sofa with curved legs.

As for materials, natural wood and glass or plastic are equally valued.Wood looks expensive and is pleased with its quality, and plastic is modern and bright, so you can choose pieces of furniture depending on personal preferences and features of the style in which the room is decorated.

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Very often, in a contemporary style, spacious studio apartments are designed. To properly design a single room, you need to be able to properly use partitions and columns that help to zone the space.

Most often, zoning uses simple partitions. Outwardly, they look like a half wall made of tempered glass, natural wood or cheap drywall.

The most beautiful option is a glass partition, which is almost invisible in the room and does not “weight” the interior.

Another modern version of the partition - a translucent crystal curtain, which looks a bit pretentious, so it is most often used in the design of rooms in the style of modern classics. The place of such a crystal partition can be found even in a small-sized living room.

Young people or just lovers of nightlife and outdoor activities will love the idea of ​​dividing the space into separate zones with a bar counter. It can separate the kitchen from the dining area or living room.A variety of models of bar counters allows you to fit them into any modern interior. Try to install the bar near the cupboard, cabinet or window sill. There you can keep everything you need for making your favorite drinks.

Another functional solution is the use of a kitchen island for dividing a studio into two zones. This island is located in the center of the room and separates the kitchen from the living room or dining area.

If you are designing a bedroom for a child or a living room, then instead of a partition you can use a low bookcase. It will not only look beautiful in the interior, but also serve as a place to store books, documents and all the necessary trinkets. To divide the space into zones it is quite possible to use even furniture. This move is particularly relevant if there is not enough space in the apartment, and there is not enough space for the installation of partitions.


One of the main distinguishing features of a modern interior is wide open windows. No matter how large they are, natural lighting will always be not enough, so you need to choose high-quality sources of artificial light - lamps, floor lamps and sconces.

In modern apartments it is not recommended to use heavy chandeliers with crystal pendants or wrought base.

Pay attention to light glass or plastic ceiling or neat metal constructions. They can be both simple and decorated with carvings or decorated with small details. Very often, modern designers use tiny diode lamps, which are used to place accents, for example, to highlight a picture or a work area.

We design under the area

Regardless of what size apartment or house, the interior can be arranged according to the latest fashion trends. There are projects for small apartments of 40 square meters. meters, and for more spacious premises of 120 square meters. meters

Soviet apartment

Apartments that were built during the USSR, were similar to each other. They had a tiny kitchen (not more than 10 square meters. M) and a combined bathroom. The number of other rooms depended on the number of tenants. But even such a modest area can be transformed, for example, by combining the main room with a kitchen using an arch or completely dismantling the wall.After that, the room will be at least more visually. In such rooms it is worth using modern furniture: a transforming sofa in the living room and a modular table in the kitchen.


It is much easier to make a modern renovation in a stylish studio. The size of this apartment may be different: from 15 to 50 square meters. Such premises are especially popular among young people, in particular, among students. All sorts of partitions will come to the rescue, which will help to separate the different zones from each other and create a sense of privacy while staying in any part of the studio apartment.

Beautiful real-life examples

There are many interesting examples of how designers turn real living spaces into stylish apartments, which are pleasant to watch for both owners and guests.

Japanese minimalism

Due to the lack of free space in eastern countries every free meter is appreciated. It is Japan that inspires many modern designers. A Japanese-style room is a room with low chairs, a soft bamboo carpet, a narrow bed and a wardrobe. Preference is given to natural materials: fine cotton, bamboo wallpaper, light wood, and so on.Primary colors - white, beige or coffee. The light base can be decorated with exquisite paintings in the form of Japanese characters, red circles or the charming colors of sakura.

Street style

Young people always want to add some extravagant notes to a simple interior. It is quite possible to do this, based on the loft style, which is now extremely in demand.

Apartments or studios designed in this direction resemble warehouses or factory premises. They should not be perfect, strict and accurate, on the contrary: in such an interior there is a place of slight negligence. Sticking wires, bare brick walls, shabby wooden tables and other household details look quite organic here. The walls in the room in the loft style can be decorated not with boring wallpaper or with a layer of light paint, but with a bright painting from a can. If you like bright graffiti on the facades of houses, then such a design move will definitely please you.

Classic motifs

No less popular are the classic motifs in the modern interior. Modern classics is a style that delights connoisseurs of beauty, and is popular with both young people and mature people.

Making an apartment in a modern classic style is quite simple. Combine plain light wallpaper with high-quality wooden furniture and the same doors and windows, while you should not decorate the arches and the surface of the furniture with paintings or other types of decor. The furniture in such a modern apartment also combines traditional details and the latest fashion trends. Neat wooden chairs are placed next to stylish metal tables and glass shelves.

When you design such an apartment, you can experiment a lot, especially if you are confident in your artistic flair.

The modern style is constantly changing and improving, so you should not blindly follow certain specific trends. Always make something of your own. So, even after many years, your apartment will remain unique and beautiful, and will not turn into an outdated room, constantly in need of repair.

An example of the interior design of the apartment, made in a modern style, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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