Design of a small apartment: comfort and coziness

If the problem of the shortage of square meters will not be solved, it is important to approach the organization of the available space correctly. You can make a small apartment cozy, comfortable and ergonomic. To do this, just use a few design techniques and tricks.

A small cozy apartment often creates a brighter impression than a spacious house. But in order to decorate a miniature apartment, it is necessary to have fantasy thinking, good taste and a sense of color.

Special features

Small apartments today are not uncommon. The design ideas of modern apartments are becoming more daring and original every year. New layouts, pieces of furniture, decoration materials and decorative elements appear - everything to make a small apartment cozy and comfortable.

Fresh design ideas and many different tricks can create a unique design even on 30 square meters. But here it is important to take into account the overall style of the apartment.

A small apartment of 32 meters makes you dream, look for individual projects and create truly unique interiors. For maximum comfort and convenience, the interior of the apartment should be arranged as simply as possible.

At the same time, the requirements for a small apartment are exactly the same as for a large apartment - it is necessary to accommodate the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and bathroom. And in some cases, even a study and children's room.

Each apartment has its pros and cons. For example, from obvious minuses - small footage. And of the benefits may be large windows, high ceilings or an unusual layout.

In an apartment of 47 squares, you can create a beautiful and practical interior at minimal cost. For this it is enough to use concise forms in furniture and decor, as well as modern technology. The same can be said about apartments with an area of ​​38 or 43 square meters. m

For a mini-apartment of 30 square meters. m it is important to choose the right and thoughtful finish.The surface of the walls, ceiling and floor should be uniform. And in a small room you need to fit everything in a limited space. The area of ​​such a room is usually not less than 11 square meters. m, and in most cases it is 18-20 square meters. m

Therefore, any reincarnation in an apartment must begin with a clear plan drawn up on paper; each square centimeter must be taken into account. Every detail should be directed to a visual increase in space.


Not all styles of interiors can be used in a small apartment. But despite the chosen style, it is better to maintain the whole apartment in one direction. And having thought through every detail, you can get a functional and stylish interior. This can be done in different styles: Provence, Art Deco, Modern or Baroque. But the most appropriate style is minimalism. The interior should be only the necessary things, the minimum of details and monotony is welcomed. You can prefer dim shades - such as turquoise or mint.

  • English style - associated with twilight and cramped rooms, but it can be successfully used in a small room.Cozy rooms, restraint, warm lighting and large armchairs are the perfect solution for a small living room.
  • High tech - combines comfort and innovation, great for small apartments. Style is characterized by the use of the most simple and concise forms without additional decorative elements and details. The combination of light, monochrome and metallic colors is just in hand to the owners of small apartments.
  • Fashion today industrial loft style with a brick wall is expensive: metal structures and bohemian elements of decor, such as upholstered furniture, paintings, and possibly antiques - will cost quite a lot.
  • For conservative people who value tradition, it’s better to arrange an apartment in classic style. In addition, the classic is important at all times.
  • Lovers of Paris and fans of the era of Audrey Hepburn fit easy entourage in french styleCarrying like for some time in France. Restrained light scale, elegance, airiness and aristocratic atmosphere look very attractive.
  • Another French style - chalet - Absolutely not like the pretentious luxury, this is a cozy and slightly sloppy interior of the shepherds of a mountain village.
  • Japanese style combines the harmony of beauty, poetic motifs of Eastern culture and functionality. The style of the Land of the Rising Sun is great for small spaces. As zoning designers recommend the use of screens and mobile partitions.
  • Swedish style gathered all the techniques and ways of visually expanding the space: light shades of walls and bright decor, construction of a hill and the use of partitions, multifunctional furniture and open cabinets - all this makes the interior of a small room very cozy.
  • Interior design in Finnish style, preference should be given to finishing materials and furniture with natural wood shades, as well as a combination of blue and white. Therefore, the interior in the Finnish style always looks concisely, simply, spaciously, is warm and cozy.

In any style for the floor it is better to choose light shades of wood, if we are talking about laminate or floorboard. In a small apartment in an open area you can lay the boards without thresholds and joints.

Also the tile under the tree laid diagonally looks great, it contributes to the visual expansion of the space.

Color solution

In a small apartment it is appropriate to use light, calm and neutral shades. They are able to create a real miracle, reflecting the light and expanding even a tiny space. This applies to walls, ceiling, floor and furniture. But any objects and things can be not simple and boring, but design and attractive.

Shades can be cold and warm. Warm palette is more suitable for dark apartments, and cold - sunny. In any light, the space in bright colors of the apartment will seem more airy and voluminous. But in pursuit of white walls, the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to get a hospital interior. Pastel, monochrome and bright details are the best allies in creating a comfortable and cozy design.

For a small room, photo wallpapers with perspective, plaster or silk-screen printing are excellent - a skillful combination of different colors and textures in one room will allow you to create a unique and stylish interior.

Visually raise the ceiling and expand the narrow space will help vertical lines on the walls.And it is not necessary to choose strict straight lines, it is enough to choose an upward-pointing ornament or pattern. The color of the ceiling must be lighter than the walls.

Dark and saturated colors can be present in the interior only as a decorative element to emphasize the contrast and add depth. A bright color can cover one wall or part of it. Also a bright sofa or a pouf will fit into a bright room.

As prints and drawings it is better to use balanced geometry and simple patterns. But the main background should remain bright.

Bright decor can only be used in paintings, textiles and curtains. If you like beautiful cushions, choose bright and cute pillowcases that can be changed depending on your mood. Well, if the color palette will overlap with a hint of curtains or rug.


As you know, the theater begins with a hanger, and the apartment starts with a hallway. And in order to avoid a mess in the narrow corridor, it is better to immediately choose a place for a narrow but roomy shoemaker. It will save a small corridor space from dirty shoes and help maintain order.

The main rule, which must always be remembered, is no need to clutter an already small room with unnecessary furniture. All pieces of furniture should perform their tasks, and it is better to combine several functions.

Choose functional furniture. The furniture, created by individual calculations, is capable of turning any situation into quite comfortable housing. For example, even loft beds will help to combine the living room and bedroom without sacrificing space.

Separate bedroom hidden from prying eyes will create a feeling of comfort and tranquility. And if it is possible to separate the sleeping area from other rooms, then you can afford a large double bed.

Basic rules of choice:

  • the length of a berth should be at least 15 cm longer than a person’s height;
  • choose a bed of comfortable width;
  • leave free access to the bed on both sides;
  • The inner casing of the bed must have a storage system.

And if you can abandon any object, then it is better to do so. TV is better to fix on the swivel bracket. So you can get rid of unnecessary shelves or consoles, which take part of the space.

But if a coffee table is necessary, then give preference to a transforming table, which can turn from a small one into a large table for 12 guests. The main thing - that the design of the furniture was simple, and the weight - small.

When choosing furniture, the most important thing is to rationally use the free space around the walls. But at the same time it is necessary to abandon the stereotype to place furniture along the walls opposite each other. For example, a corner wardrobe is perfect, which visually takes up a bit of space, but it can hold a large number of things.

It is better to choose mirrors as door trim, they will visually enlarge the room and eliminate the need to purchase additional dressing table.

Especially carefully choose the furniture in the kitchen. It is better to opt for a roomy headset that will reach the ceiling. On the upper shelves can be stored rarely used dishes or appliances. A narrow space between the wall and the refrigerator can be used for vertical roll-out shelf-rack.

Dining table is better to choose folding. You can also use a narrow bar counter for eating in the kitchen, and during the arrival of guests to disassemble the console table-transformer.When choosing furniture color, give preference to light shades of wood, such furniture looks less massive.


Multifunctional furniture can overload the room. Each zone of the room should have its own purpose. To do this, you need to divide the apartment into small functional areas: living room, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Ideal if the layout of the apartment allows the dismantling of some walls. If you get rid of some partitions and make repairs, you can combine the living room, kitchen and hallway, rearrange the furniture so that the apartment has more space and create an original interior.

The apartments of the old foundation, the so-called "Stalin", have obvious potential - high ceilings. Therefore, in such an apartment you can implement the most unusual and interesting solutions.

You can remove unnecessary overlap and unload space with the help of the second tier (often a bed is placed on it) and increase the functionality of each square meter.

Many actions during redevelopment need to be coordinated with the executive body and prepare project documentation.

Examples of finished projects show that as a means of zoning you can use anything: furniture, curtains, screens, partitions, a small podium and even panoramic windows.

If one person or a young couple lives in an apartment, then you can focus on space and freedom, and the fastest and easiest way to zone a space is to use light curtains or mobile shelving.

You can also divide the apartment by choosing colors that contrast with each zone. The main thing - to all the shades echoed and combined with each other.

Artificial lighting brings warmth and comfort and plays a key role in zoning. Each part of the apartment should be lit. Additional lamps in dark corners will not emphasize the boundaries of the room.

It is better to replace the large ceiling chandelier in the center of the ceiling with a large number of built-in lights., directional lamps and LED strips. And as individual lighting, use wall sconces and floor lamps. Also advantageously look floor built-in lamps with a directed vertical light upwards.

Combining the available types of lighting with a stretch glossy ceiling,You can achieve an incredible effect. Reflected from the mirror coating, the light will stream and visually raise the ceiling. And the reflective space of the room will not allow defining clear boundaries of the ceiling and walls from the first time.

Rules for increasing space

The living area should be divided into separate zones: a living room and a bedroom. And in each zone an individual design should be thought out and special furniture should be selected.

The perfect recipe for increasing space visually is simple:

  • The use of multifunctional and only necessary furniture. Here the main thing is to keep the middle ground between aesthetics and practicality.
  • Particular attention should be paid to upholstered furniture, since it is here that most of the time residents and guests spend. Do not choose a dimensional sofa, it is better to limit yourself to a two-seat sofa and one chair or a soft pouf. And during the arrival of guests you can get folding chairs, which must be in the apartment, in which relatives and friends often gather for a family dinner. These chairs can be stored in a suspended state outside the door and get as needed.
  • A good design trick is getting rid of ordinary doors. You can use sliding structures or make arches with additional lighting in place of openings. Such a simple way will create the illusion of a large space and use the space on the wall, which usually remains to open the door.
  • Maximum mirrors and good lighting. The mirror can hang not only on the wall, but also on the cabinet, door or partition.
  • The main mistake that is made when arranging a small room is the use of thick massive curtains. Beautiful curtains with lambrequins categorically do not fit in this case. It is better to choose portieres of light and calm tones, or light curtains-tulle. Also suitable for rolled Roman, Austrian or Japanese curtains.
  • Discard the decor in favor of functionality. The number of small parts, statues and photo frames should be minimized - all elements create a sense of mess and clutter in a small room.

What to consider a family with a child?

When developing the apartment project, the brightest and warmest space in the apartment should be allocated for the children's room.Even the smallest, but a separate room will be a better option. The main thing is that it is cozy, comfortable and uncluttered.

To determine the boundaries of the children's area is better to use drywall partitions. They have excellent sound insulation and do not let the light through. With the help of false walls, you can actually create a separate nook for a small family member.

But if the layout of the apartment does not allow to divide the rooms into two parts, you can resort to this method of zoning, as the podium. Such a reception is sure to please the child.

A children's area can be lifted by several tens of centimeters, and the podium's bowels can be used as a spacious storage system. Also under the raised floor can be hidden another bed.

For a school child, it is better to choose furniture-transformer, which combines several functional areas, for example, a bed and a wardrobe. Modern furniture transformers are impressive in their design.

It is also necessary to equip the working area, and it is best to place the table near the window. In a small room, you can use the plane of the window sill as a desk.And on the sides of the right and left to place the shelves for books and notebooks.

The interior of the child’s room should be made in calm colors.

In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it with the palette, because in this room the child will not only play, but also learn, and relax. And flashy bright colors can make it difficult to relax or tune in to study.

Beautiful interior design ideas

Design solutions and tricks open the will of imagination and help create a beautiful interior of a small apartment with their own hands. Consider the real examples of arrangement of small spaces.

Wall mural with perspective, stretching streets or picturesque landscapes - an amazing and effective way to expand the space. One wall can deceive perception and create a stunning effect.

An open corner cabinet in which every detail and detail is thought out can become a real art object.

The space of the cabinet must be thought out to each shelf.

A calm but not dull color palette will dilute the dull light interior of the living room. Patterns and unusual prints on the pillows, a cute lamp and colorful carpet will create a unique and harmonious interior.

If you combine the bathroom and get rid of the bath in favor of the shower, you can achieve a significant increase in usable area.

The washing machine can be placed in the bathroom under the sink. Only in this case, the depth of the sink should not be less than the width of the washing machine.

An example of the design of a small studio apartment from a professional designer can be found in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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