Design one-room apartment of 35 square meters. m

Owners of one-room apartments always have a difficult task to make the interior of their home beautiful, functional and roomy. We will try to understand this issue and find a solution for each issue together.

Preparation for repair work

Before proceeding to direct repair, you should make a list of the most necessary things, furniture attributes, which should be in your home. Based on how many people there are in a family, a different number of beds and storage systems are required, consider this when creating the list.

In order to make it easier for you to navigate in space, draw a drawing with the plan of your apartment, think for what, where and how it will stand. If the drawing is small, make a mockup of cardboard, so you can rearrange the elements until their arrangement seems perfect.Alternatively, you can use a special computer program and see the project in 3D mode on the monitor screen.

Have a technical apartment plan on hand. Thanks to him, you will learn which walls can be demolished and which, if desired, can be demolished, thereby uniting the space that will immediately become more spacious, more spacious and functional.

Decide in advance on the place where there will be a TV, computer, refrigerator, kettle and other necessary appliances that work on the network. Proper location of outlets will help avoid the use of extension cords, which occupy space on the floor and create a feeling of clutter.

If the place for the cabinet is determined, consider, perhaps, it is worth using the built-in storage system with compartment doors. This will most likely require the installation of an additional cabinet wall, which can be made of plasterboard. This design will save space, will allow to accommodate a lot more things, compared with the usual wardrobe.

Decide on the style of the future housing. Small apartments from the hallway to the living room is best maintained in the same style.Consider the feature of the room, for example, palace styles of 35 square meters. m will be inappropriate, but minimalist interiors fit harmoniously.

Important Tips

To make the repair successful, and finding and living in an apartment comfortable, consider the following points:

  • The walls in the apartment is best painted or pasted over with light, pastel wallpaper, the color close to natural;
  • The drawing on the wallpaper should not be large, such prints visually reduce the space, the pattern on them is not visible, quickly get bored and begins to annoy. Remember that vertical stripes visually raise the ceiling, and horizontal ones expand the space. If candid stripes seem out of place to you, try to consider the option with a horizontal or vertical combination;
  • Mirror or glossy surfaces are often used to expand the space. Pick up for the future cabinet door from a mirror, and the room will immediately begin to appear larger and lighter;
  • Try to do only the most necessary furniture. An excessive amount of dressers, coffee tables, bedside tables will occupy useful space, will create confusion and chaos.
  • Consider options with furniture-transformers. Such models are designed specifically for small spaces, they are very functional, comfortable and at the same time compact.
  • The cabinet is best purchased on order. Representatives of the manufacturer will take into account all your wishes, together with you will develop elements of the internal filling of the cabinet, which will keep all things safe and tidy. Another advantage of making the cabinet to order is the ability to use the maximum available space in the room, both in length and width, and in height.
  • Try to abandon a large number of decorative elements. Numerous vases, pictures, pots will clutter the space, add diversity to the interior, deprive it of style and comfort.
  • If there is a child in the apartment, you can equip his corner with a loft bed, and under her place a desk - space saving and ergonomics are obvious. For two children, consider the option with a bunk bed.

Expanding space

Now modern construction firms are creating projects in which you decide what the layout of the future apartment will be.Buying an apartment in a new building, you get an area in which there are only load-bearing partitions, and you can build the interior walls yourself, at your discretion, or not to build them at all.

If you purchased an apartment in the secondary real estate market, calculate the options with the possible demolition of the walls, because a large number of doors and walls occupy useful space, and the open space allows you to accommodate more furniture elements.

The nuances of the demolition of partitions:

  • First of all, it is a wall between the toilet and the bathroom. Often in small apartments, the toilet and bathroom are very tiny. Dismantling the partition between them will allow you to install a washing machine, a full sink.
  • If you have a loggia, be sure to warm it and consider the option of attaching this area to the residential part of the apartment. In principle, it is not necessary to combine these spaces, but a warmed loggia will allow to place in it, for example, a workplace.
  • Demolishing the wall between the room and the kitchen can be useful if the apartment is inhabited by one person or a young couple. In the presence of children it is better not to combine the rooms.

Please note that all redevelopments must be coordinated with the BTI, otherwise they are recognized as illegal.

Zoning techniques

Zoning can have both purely visual sensations, and functional. The first type includes various combinations of color walls and floor coverings. For example, in the studio, the kitchen and dining area can be covered with wallpaper with a pattern, and the living room with a plain-colored companion, in a one-room apartment, decorate the area behind the TV with an accent panel from photo wallpaper or wallpaper with a pattern.

A more vivid example of zoning is the installation of screens. Transparent and translucent models help to create a feeling of privacy, but at the same time leave a feeling of spaciousness and weightlessness, and deaf options close from prying eyes everything that I want to hide. By the way, mirror screens solve both tasks and visually double the space.

Creating podiums is another example of good zoning. The sleeping area or children's corner can be raised compared to the living room. The resulting space under the top level of the podium is very convenient to convert to a storage system by installing drawers there.

Separate a part of the room with the help of drywall partitions. Due to the fact that the material is thin, such an element does not take up much space. It can be pasted to the tone of the main walls or highlight wallpaper with a bright print.

Sliding partitions on the type of compartment doors are also very common and are very popular when it comes to the division of space. When unfolded, two miniature rooms appear in your apartment, but if you move the canvases, the room becomes spacious and light. Ideal for families with children.

Maximum space savings can be achieved if you apply zoning reception using a bar counter in a studio apartment. Place it between the kitchen and the living room. This method allows you to get rid of the bulky dining group, using the rack itself as a table.

The working area can be a continuation of the window sill. It is stylish, fashionable, perfectly saves space, and working at such a table is light and pleasant.

A very important detail on zoning is the right light. Provide each zone with its own individual light source.In the kitchen, separately highlight the work surface with spotlights or LED strip; hang one small chandelier or a series of three to five small lamps above the table. In the living room, the main chandelier, which gives the maximum amount of light, can be installed not in the middle of the room, but in the center of the zone playing the role of the living room. In the bedroom, you can restrict the presence of two sconces over the headboard. The workplace should be well illuminated in the dark with a desk lamp or a series of spotlights mounted in the window opening, if the desk's table top performs the role of a sill.

Stylistic and color schemes

In a small apartment it is important to create an interior that will be comfortable not only for living, but also for the eye. Therefore, try to avoid motley wallpaper, a large number of bright or dark shades, prints with large elements, such as colors.

The most harmonious interior design in a miniature apartment will be made in the style of minimalism, high-tech, loft or Scandinavian style.

Miniature apartments often can not boast of high ceilings, so the stucco, colored surface of the ceiling with bright drawings, relief texture only exacerbate this drawback.But white glossy or matte texture will help to let in more air and weightlessness in space.

Light walls are the second magic wand in creating the interior of a small apartment. Choose natural colors - white, beige, light gray, coffee with milk. It is not necessary to glue all the walls into bright, variegated wallpapers, rather choose one of the ways of combining, in which there is an opportunity to place accents with the help of contrasting solutions.

Now it has become fashionable to combine plain wallpaper or painted walls with decorative plaster, special wall laminate, brick or masonry. Such elements look very attractive in the living area, giving freshness to the interior.

It is best to completely remove the doors and leave only the door to the toilet, as the hinged mechanism in the open position steals the useful space of the apartment, or pick up sliding systems like a pencil case when the canvas hides inside the wall.

In a miniature apartment, small accents are needed that will give dynamism to the interior. Such an accent in the kitchen can be an apron in the headset, draping in chairs, a chandelier or curtains.In the main room - a wall element, pillows on the couch or carpet. If the room and the kitchen are combined, the accentuating details should overlap, forming a space of uniform style.

Ideas in the interior

One of the most successful way to zoning in a small apartment, where the kitchen and living room are combined, is to install a bar counter. With this layout, the apartment seems larger, more spacious, and the interior looks stylish and modern.

A screen in a small apartment will help retire and relax, while the interior is absolutely not overloaded.

Thanks to competent zoning using the podium, you can not only create a unique interior, but also, if necessary, transform your living room into a bedroom.

An example of a one-room apartment design, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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