Design one-bedroom apartment of 36 square meters. m: ideas and options for planning, interior style features

Each of us dreams of a cozy and beautiful accommodation, but not everyone has the opportunity to purchase a luxury home. Although if you bought a small apartment, you can arrange it with the help of proper interior design. Thanks to the recommendations and the help of specialists, it is possible to transform housing that is modest in size and emphasize all its advantages.

Small apartments have their advantages - they are compact and comfortable in them. Also, you do not have to buy a lot of different furniture, the interior will not be unnecessary items. Before registration of housing it is necessary to start creating a project.

In such cases, it is recommended to contact qualified specialists and experienced designers who will take into account all your wishes and prepare a plan for all the necessary parameters and customer requirements.

Space allocation

Since it is important that the area was effective, it is necessary to consider every centimeter. The plan should include all the furniture that will be in the apartment, accessories, lighting and all the details. In the process of working on a project, you can make changes if you have new ideas.

The working area should be divided into several parts, namely the kitchen, living room and bedroom, which can perform the task of the nursery. In each of the sectors will be appropriate furniture, but more about this information below. The area of ​​the room can be highlighted with the help of lighting, light walls or a podium. Screens are better to choose translucent fabric or wicker so that they do not create heaviness in the interior. In addition, they can be folded and hidden at any time.

As for the podium, this is an excellent choice when planning an apartment with an area of ​​36 square meters. Thanks to him, it is possible to divide the territory, place in it a pull-out bed or drawers where you will keep your clothes. So you have the opportunity to save space in the house. But there is one drawback to which attention should be paid - for apartments with low ceilings, the podium is not suitable, so consider this factor. For compact housing, sliding doors are in great demand, as they do not occupy free space. They can be installed in the hall, as well as in the bathroom.

The important point is the color range.

The shade in which your interior is made is of great importance. The palette should be chosen carefully, listening to the recommendations of the specialist to whom you turned for help. Professionals say that for small apartments the best option would be light shades, thanks to which the area will seem more free and spacious. With regard to the design of windows, it is better that they were installed on the blinds or Japanese or Roman curtains, which are popular.

Since it is not possible to decorate a room with various furniture, You can restrict yourself to minimalism, which will look presentable and stylish. Thanks to products and accessories, you can emphasize the interior design. The arrangement of furniture also plays a big role, because the space is limited, so you should not buy massive beds, install bulky walls. This will feel discomfort, but not comfort.

In this case, give preference to built-in products, because they are capable of transforming, which means that they will not take up much space and you can hide them at any time. In such furniture, you can store clothes, fold bedding, toys and other things. You can pay attention to the beds, which are built directly into the closet. Furniture color can be chosen according to your own preference, but it is better to focus on light shades. If we talk about dark or bright colors, they can be used as accents, but they should not be a background.

As for the hallway, avoid the "dead" space near the front door. Let there be no extra furniture, but only a shelf for shoes or a dressing room.

Last but not least in the design of a budget, but modern apartment design is lighting. It should be a lot, because we are talking about modest dimensions, and the abundance of light will make any dwelling visually wide and creates comfort. Not limited to one lamp but don't buy big hanging chandeliers. Let it be LED lamps that can fit in different parts of your home.

Kitchen and bathroom

Remained an equally important part of any apartment.A bathroom in such modest dwellings is most often combined. To save space, install a shower cabin, which, besides the comfortable size, also looks stylish. In this part of your house you can get by with a small dressing table, under which a washing machine will be built. The latter can be installed in the kitchen, where you will need a small dining table and a minimum of lockers for storing utensils.

You took care of everything, starting with the preparation of the project for the design of a one-room apartment and ending with the choice of stylish and compact furniture, as well as the equipment of the bathroom. During such an important task it is impossible to do without the help of a qualified and experienced interior designer, who takes into account any details and listens to your wishes. So you can create comfort, coziness and beauty in housing with a small area, because you know the main secrets. Get to work, and soon you will see amazing results. Avoid mistakes and succeed.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

Entrance hall

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