Organization of space in the apartment: ideas for proper storage

Regardless of the size of the apartment, you can fill it with various things very quickly. In order not to create inconvenience, you need to organize storage. In small-sized housing this problem is even more urgent. Experts are ready to suggest how to solve it.

Features of the organization of space

Harmonization implies the rejection of a large cabinet, especially from an open shelf or hanger, since they lead to chaos. Where appropriate embedded solutions that match the color of the finish, or tall cabinets of moderate length and width, equipped with mirrored facades.

It is very important to take care of the maximum illumination of your home, about dividing it into zones using translucent plastic or glass barriers.But zoning studios is more appropriate to produce using sliding doors, as this is much more practical.

Optimization of the use of small spaces is achieved through transforming furniture of various kinds. Multifunctional items should give preference to the ordinary. If it seems that there is no space left to be used, just take a closer look.

Be sure to create a separate workspace, and ideally select the office. The merging of kitchens and living rooms is permissible, but other rooms are not worth connecting.

The vertical distribution of stored items is much more economical than the horizontal. Select a piece of furniture that will act as an organizer of the surrounding space, and arrange everything else so that it is fully accessible and clearly visible.

It is advisable to use such styles as minimalism and hi-tech, which are different:

  • maximum release of space;
  • the predominance of functional and compact items;
  • the ability to use even incompatible visual elements.

The apartment must have several parts that add comfort, since there is clearly not enough functionality here.

Creative ideas

The original move - the use of furniture with a glossy or mirror facade, as well as products based on plastic and transparent glass. Such objects visually occupy very little space and remain almost invisible. The areas under the stairs allow you to create storage systems or work corners. The space under the bed, if you take it in large retractable drawers, can accommodate more things than it may seem!

In a small apartment, it makes sense to store children's toys under specially equipped floors. This will avoid chaos and help to interest children in an unusual approach. The construction is simple - a platform or a cellar is being built, the depth of which should be 35-40 cm, and make a lifting cover to facilitate access. Creative space saving is also achieved through the use of pieces of furniture that combine the properties of a bed, wardrobe and bookcase.

Plywood cube can be placed around the window, putting inside a comfortable bed. To the right is the built-in wardrobe, the drawers of which are made pull-out. To the left and above are parts of the bookcase in the shape of the letter “G”.To the bottom of the bed put a few more boxes that allow you to store linens.

Doing such a construction with your own hands, it is necessary to provide for the placement of audio systems and projectors.

Clearing the room from all the excess, not throwing a lot of things, will help disguised in the walls of the storage place. The choice of their appearance is almost unlimited. Some designers have resorted to such original solutions as imitation of mollusk shells or bird's nests.

The coloration of niche interiors in bright colors contrasted with the main colors of the walls helps to expand the space.

If the house has a large library, it can be placed in the very middle of the apartment and supplemented with a staircase that can be used to enter the study. As a rule, it is not delimited from other premises, but placed on an open balcony, which allows you to view the first floor. The library is carried out in two tiers, its shelves and stairs must be made of wood of neutral shades.

Expand the available space will creatively turn out with less significant rework.

In the kitchen you can use:

  • reclining ironing board, which is usually in the closet;
  • lift shelf;
  • sliding section for pots, pans and lids.

There is a place for foil and parchment in a magazine stand, and the bread and most vegetables will fit in the roll-out drawers of the headset. Do not refuse to use the internal space of the cabinet doors - there it is easy to install hooks on which measuring spoons or lids from pans will be held. An additional locker with boxes for seasoning allows you to separate them from other products and at the same time always have at hand.

When there is not enough space in the bathroom, you need to increase the use of its accessible part by applying curtains with pockets and attaching a magnetic tape to the wall that can hold small metal objects. Embedding the cabinet in the wall, drawers with roll-out basket holders are two more examples of the creative use of space. Free space under the bathroom, fenced off with a special screen, easily accommodates household chemicals and rarely used things. The main cabinet can only be filled with cosmetics.

Interesting options in the interior

According to experts, small apartments will benefit from the partial demolition of walls and installation of sliding doors.To abandon the classic wardrobe and hide the bed at the same time (if there is no need for it) will help the podium. The original version is a lightweight table which, when assembled, is suspended from the wall and acts as a mirror.

The ergonomics of any room will improve if small baskets are used to store various items. It is advisable to add bright accents to make the room more beautiful. It is more correct to replace traditional flower pots with phytowall, since it is also easier to take care of. A well-chosen corner shelf or shelf can look very good.

Competent design concept of the kitchen often includes the use of dishes, exposed on open shelves. It is needed as an additional decor. Visually expand the window and increase the passage of light through it can be, securing the eaves closer to the ceiling. To save space is often helped items made in retro style. At the same time, they significantly improve the perception of the style and image of the rooms.

The division of studios into pieces with the help of large furniture is sometimes more aesthetically pleasing than at the expense of partitions with a purely decorative function.In an insufficiently high room it is appropriate to use low furniture, and best of all, a little raised above the floor. Embedding the chest in the alcove will be aesthetically appropriate if they are made of the same type of material. Shelves fancy configuration, complemented by curtains with bright prints, look very original.

For more information on how to organize storage in the house, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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