Layout and design of 1-room "Khrushchev"

Today, many people live in small one-room apartments, Khrushchev. Most often, they are not only small by the meter, but also have a rather inconvenient layout, especially for houses built in Soviet times.

However, if you think through such important points as planning and interior design, even from a very small apartment you can make a very cozy, comfortable, stylish and modern home that will delight you and all members of your family.

Layout one-room "Khrushchev"

To properly plan the area of ​​a one-room apartment, you will need to perform redevelopment.

The best option would be the elimination of partitionsas it will allow to increase the area of ​​the room and form a very comfortable and modern studio apartment.

It is necessary to remove partitions only those that can be demolished without harm to the construction of the house. This issue will need to be coordinated with the BTI services. It is forbidden to touch the bearing walls, ventilation and gas pipeline, as well as to have a bathroom above the living room or kitchen of the neighbors. To fulfill these requirements is extremely important, since their violation can lead to such disastrous consequences as the destruction of the house.

At the stage of deciding on redevelopment of an apartment, it is necessary to take into account such an important factor as the number of people living in a 1-room apartment. For example, if the parents and the child will live in the room, it is necessary to separate the space into two separate sleeping areas, which can be divided with the help of a partition or curtains.

When planning a 1-room apartment in which parents and two children will live, it would be advisable to provide for the installation of a children's bunk bed.

Modern models of such beds have a very beautiful and bright design., you can pick up a bunk bed with the image of your favorite fairy tale characters of the kids, then they will surely be delighted with their beds.

One room of 30 square meters. m can act simultaneously as a bedroom, and as a living room, and as a nursery. It can also be used as a personal account, for which a separate area should also be provided for a desk - the household will be able to work and learn.

In the room it is not necessary to install bedside tables - they will only take up a lot of free space. And instead of a standard bed, it is best to install a convertible sofa, which very easily and quickly turns into a comfortable and spacious double bed.

The table in the room can also be used as a sliding table - this is very convenient for small rooms, because when folded, the table will take up a minimum of space, but if necessary it will easily turn into a large table at which all your guests can comfortably accommodate.

For small apartments, it is optimal to use not only transformers, but also armchairs, beds and even wardrobes, in which the sleeping place is hidden.

Most often, the owners of one-room Khrushchev combine a kitchen with a room. This is a very good decision, because the kitchens in Khrushchev houses are very small, even a couple of people can hardly be accommodated at the same time. That is why the best solution would be to combine the kitchen with the hall.

However, these two zones can still be slightly demarcated - by installing a bar counter or an arch. If such zoning options are not to your liking, then the space will be demarcated with the help of the appearance of the finishes and furniture - use flooring and walls of different colors for the kitchen and room. Mark different zones can also be using different lighting.

In the apartments of this type, the toilet and bathroom are usually separate, but it is better to make them combined, and also to install a compact corner shower instead of a bulky bath. This will slightly increase the free space of the premises and make the interior more comfortable.

With this option of planning the bathroom, you can even install a washing machine in the bathroom, as well as carve out some space for hanging shelves or cabinets in which you can store various hygiene items.

Another idea that has recently enjoyed immense popularity is the conversion of a balcony into a spacious glazed loggia. In this way, you can get additional space where you can place another bed, or arrange a study there.

The most important thing in this matter is to provide a high-quality insulation of the loggia, it should always be kept at a comfortable temperature.

All Soviet apartments Khrushchev were equipped with small pantries, which can now be converted into comfortable and spacious built-in wardrobes.

Additional space can be carved out also by demolishing the partition between the room and the hallway.

Overhaul of one-room Khrushchev

As mentioned earlier, the 1-room Khrushchev is best turned into a studio apartment, in which one large space will serve as several different areas - the bedroom, living room and kitchen.

It is best to start an overhaul of an apartment with the replacement of old intra-apartment communications - electrical wiring, plumbing and sanitary, heating batteries. To do this, it is best to turn to professionals for help, because you should not risk with such things.

Also, you should definitely replace the old Soviet wooden windows with new modern windows. Will require replacement and entrance, as well as interior doors.

The next steps will be floor screed, as well as plastering, leveling and wall finishing.

Important advice - even before you start to repair, carefully and accurately calculate all the upcoming expenses - for building materials, as well as to pay for the work of masters.

You should not save on the quality of materials, because the durability of the repairs made in the apartment will depend on it.

Interior design options

In addition to the correct planning of the apartment, it is also very important to correctly design its appearance.

In order to visually expand the room as much as possible, to make it more airy and comfortable, the interior design should be done in bright colors. With the same purpose, you can use mirrors in the interior, as well as various glass and glossy surfaces.

Another very important point - in order to stay comfortable with an apartment, it is necessary to arrange the furniture correctly.

The best solution in this situation will be the style of "minimalism", so the furniture should not be much.

For example, if you have a couch in your room, you can safely hang over it a stylish hinged shelf for storing books, photographs, figurines and other accessories.

In the corners of the room you can install furniture such as a cupboard or bedside table. Successful options for furniture placement are presented in the photos below. It is desirable that all the furniture was in light shades - it is very important for a small apartment Khrushchev.

If you like modern and non-standard solutions, styling the walls with creative arches, niches and columns will be a great idea.

It is also very important to get rid of all the old and unnecessary things, because there will simply be no place to store them in a small one-room Khrushchev. And living in a cluttered apartment is completely uncomfortable.

Do not forget about such an important issue as lighting the apartment. For a small one-room Khrushchev requires the maximum amount of light, because in this way you can visually make the apartment more spacious, more voluminous and more comfortable.

Use modern stylish models of lamps that can be installed on the ceiling or on the walls. If you plan to install a chandelier - choose a small neat model.

Natural light is also of great importance, it should also be as much as possible. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, make the window sizes as large as possible - this will be achieved by reducing the distance between the two windows.

Large windows look very nice and unusual, make the room more light and breathable.

It is desirable that the decoration of the ceiling and walls be light, but it should be borne in mind that the walls should be at least a couple of tones darker than the ceiling.

Wall-paper can have small patterns in the form of florets or curlicues. And the ceiling can be glossy and thus additionally reflect and diffuse light. In the interior of a bright room, you can add accents in the form of pillows, blankets and other accessories made in contrasting colors, for example, blue, green or purple.

In small apartments with low ceilings, you should not choose suspended ceilings as finishing, as they will make your room even smaller.

Making the interior of the apartment, try to adhere to one modern style that you can choose according to your personal taste.

Today such styles as classic, modern, loft, chebbi-chic, ethno-style, minimalism, Provence, country, hi-tech, art deco and many others are very popular.

Even from the smallest one-room "Khrushchev" you can make a stylish modern and comfortable apartment, you only need to competently make redevelopment, as well as beautifully and originally decorate the interior.

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An example of planning a one-room studio apartment you will see in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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