Layout of a 3-room apartment in the “Khrushchev”: beautiful examples of interior design

By purchasing their own housing, many prefer an apartment in a new house with a convenient layout of rooms. But what to do to those who became the proud owner of a 3-room apartment in the "Khrushchev"? You need to carefully consider a beautiful interior design on a small square.

Housing features

Brick and panel typical houses of the Khrushchev era, popularly called "Khrushchev", began to be built from the end of the 60s. Since the main task was the rapid resettlement of families from village to city, apartment buildings were built with lightning speed.

Initially "Khrushchev" meant as temporary housing, but their lifespan increased. Such houses will stand for more than one decade.

"Khrushchev", we inherited from grandparents, have a number of signs distinguishing them from other types of housing:

  • small square. As a rule, such apartments have an area of ​​up to 57 square meters. m;
  • low and in some cases even low ceilings. Their height does not exceed 2.5 meters;
  • a narrow, small corridor;
  • combined bathroom;
  • the kitchen is square or rectangular in shape, reaching a size of 4.0-6.2 square meters. m;
  • availability of passage rooms;
  • built-in mezzanine and storage room;
  • availability of a balcony;
  • the presence of temporary partitions, the demolition of which allows you to expand the space - it helps to significantly improve the functionality and appearance of the home.

Types of planning

If we are talking about a two-three-room apartment, then one of the rooms in the “Khrushchev” is surely a checkpoint.

In a two-room apartment, both rooms are located on the same side. In the planning of a three-room "Khrushchev" there are several options:

  • one big room and two very small ones;
  • two equal in size rooms and one smaller;
  • the same area of ​​the room is on both sides of the house, the so-called version of the "vests";
  • It is very rare to find an option with isolated rooms.

Unfortunately, the old fund "Khrushchev" has a lot of flaws. Among them, it is worth noting the small area of ​​the premises, the uncomfortable layout, poor heat and sound insulation, the absence of a garbage chute and an elevator.

Owners of apartments in the "Khrushchev" note and positive aspects of the home, such as:

  • lower cost compared to apartments in new high-rise buildings;
  • quiet courtyard with quiet neighbors - choose such housing for the most part families with children and pensioners;
  • developed infrastructure - "Khrushchev" is geographically located in the center of the city, while the new fund is being built mainly on the outskirts.

In any case, using modern tools in interior design or redevelopment, it is possible to significantly transform even the most banal "Khrushchev", making it a comfortable place to stay.

Ways to change space

To improve the internal appearance of the apartment, you can use various design techniques using the game of light and shade, color design, furniture, wall decor using materials of different textures.

A fundamental way to expand the boundaries of the room is redevelopment. The main thing in the design of the three-room "Khrushchev" - the maximum release of the usable area. Some tricks will help you in this.


Very often, the space "Khrushchev" is not enough light. A bedroom in such an apartment cannot boast of having several windows - most often it is a small room with one small window.

As an additional light source It is best to use several different fixtures. A good solution will be their location in different parts of the room: a floor lamp in the corner, a lamp on the bedside table, sconce.

In the hall it is worth refusing from the central chandelier on the ceiling, since the multi-tiered structure requires a good ceiling height. Looks beautiful spot lighting arrangement.

Choice of furniture

For the "Khrushchev" the best option would be compact modular furniture of a simple, uncluttered design. Choose tables, chairs, sofas of laconic forms with a smooth surface.

A great solution would be to purchase furniture that can be easily hidden in a wall, niche or wardrobe.Retractable beds, roll-out tables - you can find such items on specialized sites or make custom-made furniture.

For a kitchen that cannot boast a large square, choose furniture that fits tightly against the walls and window sill - this will help save significant expensive centimeters. Do not buy deep cabinets that take up a lot of space. It is better to choose high designs under the ceiling.

Choose furniture of light or natural shades. You should not choose a dark leather sofa for the hall - it will look too cumbersome.

Milky-beige, gray sofa with chrome legs gives the room lightness and freshness.


Stretch ceilings have become very popular. Use such a coating with a glossy surface for ceilings in the "Khrushchev". The mirror texture will reflect light and furniture. Best of all, if the design of the ceilings throughout the apartment will be the same - this will create the illusion of scale and spaciousness.

Do not use hinged multi-level structures., rack ceiling - this design will significantly reduce the height, giving the room a box feel.A prerequisite for the correct ceiling is its color - a classic white, milky.


Choose a laminate or linoleum of light shades for the floor. The best option would be to use materials from natural wood or imitating it. In the combined room, consisting of a kitchen area and a living room, the floor made of different materials will look advantageous. Use tiles in the kitchen and laminate in the living area. It is necessary to abandon the mosaic compositions on the floor and complex drawings.

Wall decor

The decoration of the walls in the 3-room "Khrushchev" should be given due attention. You can withstand the design of the walls throughout the apartment in one color, you can use different colors.

It is necessary to ensure that the walls are "dressed" in light shades - pastel, gray, pale pink, milky, light yellow and others. You should not choose too bright wallpaper or decorate the walls with textured materials. Visually extend the space of the room, you can use wallpaper with a vertical strip.

Visually enlarge the room of the bathroom will help glossy tiles of light shades, lined from floor to ceiling.


To place stylish accents in the interior of the “Khrushchev” is best with the help of bright accessories - pillows, blankets, napkins, capes. An interesting solution would be the selection of light of any objects - paintings, figurines, photographs.

To make the room seem light, better to abandon heavy curtains and curtains. Prefer tulle and silk, organza, mesh curtains. This technique will allow you to fill the room with natural light.

Furniture with mirror surfaces that reflect the space can be used to create the effect of the depth of the room. A wardrobe with a mirror, a mirror table, full-length mirrors in an unusual frame look very elegant.


Increasingly, the only solution to expanding space in the “Khrushchev” is redevelopment - the demolition of internal partitions and the union of rooms and zones.

If you can not decide on a dramatic change in the interior, you can start small. Arches in the wall instead of doorframes can significantly transform the room. Hinged mezzanines should be dismantled, so the ceiling height will increase significantly.

Also a good solution would be to increase the window opening or the use of frameless glazing. Gaining popularity of the French windows could not be better suited for the "Khrushchev". The seemingly absurd idea of ​​panoramic glazing, on the contrary, will give the room chic and space.

On the balcony you can make a great extra place to work or relax. For this Balcony must be warmed.

Consider the basic ways of redevelopment apartments.

Kitchen-living room

The most common option for redevelopment in the 3-room "Khrushchev" is to combine the kitchen with an adjoining room. To do this, remove the partition. Thus, it turns out a kind of kitchen-living room, where the refrigerator can be put in the area that used to be part of the corridor.

It is possible to divide the dining and living room area by the bar counter or by applying various color and light elements. For example, use tile as the flooring in the kitchen area and laminate in the room. You can paint the walls in different colors, thereby delimiting the territory.

To increase the space of the hall will allow the unification of the balcony.In this case, the partition is demolished (BTI permission is required), the balcony is insulated.

Corridor and bathroom

In the narrow corridor, you can expand the doorways, removing part of the brickwork. In the vacant space you can take out the washing machine, thereby relieving the bathroom. It can be placed under the window sill in the kitchen - in the “Khrushchev”, this part was designed to store perishable food and served as a refrigerator.

If you are the owner of a separate bathroom, you can expand it at the expense of part of the corridor. The situation is more complicated with the bathroom. In the combined bathroom, the bathtub is dismantled, giving way to a compact shower. You can increase the height of the room using extended doorway


Another common option for redevelopment "Khrushchev" is to combine the hall with the next room or two adjacent rooms. In the resulting spacious room it is easy to make zoning by partitions, color, curtains, niches and a podium. You can infinitely much to fantasize in a large space.

The storage room, which most often adjoins the bedroom, can be disassembled and the space freed up can be used at your discretion.

Legal aspects

In the event that you have enough enthusiasm for a radical redevelopment, it is necessary to coordinate the overhaul. To do this, you need to contact the project company, where they will help you to make a competent plan. The project should include an apartment plan prior to renovation, a work plan and an apartment plan after all the work is completed. Required coordinate the project with the local architectural department and approve it with the fire and gas service. Thus, the overhaul takes a lot of effort, money and a sufficient amount of time.

Redevelopment of "Khrushchev" - costly to do, but the result guarantees a unique home, made to the needs and tastes of each family member.

How to warm and connect a balcony to the room, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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