The subtleties of planning a two-room apartment

One-bedroom apartment is considered the most popular and popular type of housing, as its area allows you to perform a comfortable layout and provides comfortable accommodation for all family members. In addition, for such apartments there are many design projects, thanks to which you can increase the space and thereby expand the functionality of the rooms. Using modern finishing materials and imagination in the interior design, it is easy to turn a simple one-room apartment into luxury apartments.

Types of typical buildings

The housing problem plays a huge role in the lives of many families. Before people sometimes becomes a difficult issue related to the sale, exchange or purchase of new housing.

Before you decide to move,First of all, it is necessary not only to select the area of ​​the apartment, but also to find out in which building it is located, since the layout of the rooms and the possibility of repairing will depend on the type of building.

Today, the following types of houses are distinguished.



Buildings are characterized by durability, good installation and retain heat. If the house was built in the 70s, then in its apartments the layout implies small walk-through rooms, a narrow long corridor.

The same applies to the "Stalinok": they are a five-story building with large balconies. In a 2-room apartment, here, as a rule, spacious rooms with thick walls and reliable ceilings. In addition to living quarters, a storage room is also included in the layout, but the general type of housing is spoiled by the “corridor” system.

In the "Khrushchev" two-room apartments are small, their height does not exceed 2.60 meters.

Although they are inexpensive, but poor sound insulation, narrow entrance stairs and old communications will create many problems during the stay.


Houses of this type are five-story and nine-story buildings, the external walls of which are lined with concrete slabs.The height of the ceilings in the apartments is 3.20 meters. There can be “old” and “new” prefabricated houses of improved planning, they are also called new buildings. The "old" panels also include "ships", "brezhnevki" and "Khrushchev".

The buildings, which were built in the 60-70s, likewise have small adjacent rooms, built-in wardrobes and storage rooms. Their apartments are cold, because the joints between the panels do not provide good thermal insulation. The area of ​​“dvushek” here does not exceed 42-45 m2, although the layout has a spacious kitchen and a separate bathroom. The houses have elevators and refuse chutes.

If the choice fell on housing in a panel building, then it is not recommended to purchase a corner apartment, as you will have to perform additional floor insulation.

As for the "ships", their planning will not particularly please: a miniature corridor and one large room, from which you can get to other rooms. But despite this, such facilities are durable in operation.

The most modern and convenient type of housing is considered the "new panel". "Twin houses" in these houses open complete freedom to any decisions in the decoration and redevelopment, ranging from the design of studios and ending with a two-level design.

Description of premises

One-bedroom apartments occupy most of the housing market, as they are in great demand. Moreover, the bulk of them are represented in panel houses. Here they have an area of ​​40-45, 50-54 and 60 square meters. m. The layout of modern housing includes not only the living quarters, but also spacious balconies, kitchens, halls, and bathrooms. Recently, developers are trying to build apartments of large areas that provide the most comfortable conditions for living.

As for the secondary market, then, as a rule, there are standard two-bedroom apartments that meet the linear layout. Of the area does not exceed 50.2 m2, the exception is considered to be “vests” with 57.8 m2. Therefore, if the financial situation allows, it is best for families to purchase housing in monolithic houses built on individual projects. In them, any two-room apartment will not be less than 75 m2, and a balanced ratio between non-residential and residential area will allow for rational allocation of space at its discretion.

Interesting design options

Often a family with children chooses two-room accommodation for living. So, as in one of them you can combine a working area with a living room, and in the second you can organize a bedroom.In order for such accommodation to be comfortable for all family members, it is necessary to arrange the design correctly.

First of all, you need to plan the space. The combination of kitchen and dining room will expand the room. As you know, the living room in the house is multifunctional, so in this room you can zoning and divide it into a place to rest and a small study. To do this, it is enough to place a standard set of furniture in the room, consisting of a coffee table, a sofa, an armchair and a desk.

If the modular design to pick up the same color and shape, then they will look like a headset.

An unusual feeling of comfort in the rooms can be obtained with the help of lighting; for this purpose it is recommended to use lamps with brightness control in the interior. Thus, for the evening time, a wall lamp or a table lamp will be suitable, and if guests gather in the house, the lighting can be made contrasting with upper chandeliers.

We should not forget about the workplace, so it is best to organize it near the window, closer to the natural light source, and embed various shelves and racks either into the window opening or hang it next to the wall.

As for the bedroom, then it must be provided with a large bed.The berth is traditionally placed near the wall, and on the sides are placed bedside tables and a chest of drawers. The closet in this room will be inappropriate, as it will take a lot of space and will collect dust. To store things and clothing should be allocated in the apartment a separate place.

If a child in a family is small, it is not necessary to separate his children's corner from the place of parents by screens and partitions. So that the baby can sleep comfortably, his bed cannot be placed near the window and in the draft. When the child grows up, you can allocate his personal space in the room and put a table for a laptop there.

To perform zoning between the bed of parents and the grown child, it is recommended to use special decorative screens.

Good ideas for repair

The need for repairs arises constantly, especially if the family lives in the apartment for a long time. Sooner or later, residents will want to change the layout, update the general appearance of the rooms and make the “family nest” modern. For a two-room apartment, you can perform both an economical (cosmetic) and a major overhaul.

If it is planned to paint the walls in the rooms, to glue the wallpaper and replace the sockets, then it is quite possible to do all this work yourself, observing the following rules:

  • First you need to finish the ceiling, and then the walls and flooring. All surfaces must be carefully prepared and primed.
  • Construction materials are best bought in specialized stores.
  • The colors that will be used in the decoration, you must properly select. Light shades will help to expand the room, and dark ones, on the contrary, will make it smaller.

For a complete redevelopment and creating a new design in a two-room apartment will take a lot of time and money. A new housing project can be either made on your own or by order.

To make the housing spacious and stylish, it is recommended not only to make a separate bathroom, but also to replace the interior doors with arches. In addition, you will need to completely replace the flooring, choosing laminate or parquet for this, install suspended ceilings, and decorate the walls with plaster or wallpaper.

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Examples of successful decisions

Two-room apartments are well suited for young families, their area even with the advent of a child makes it easy to organize the space and comfortably accommodate all tenants.For standard planning, it is recommended to use non-passable rooms. The further of them can be arranged as a nursery, and in the near room to arrange the bedroom of the parents.

In the event that there are no children in the family, the space is best made open. A large room will serve as a living room, which can be connected with a smooth transition from the kitchen, in this case it is good to add a bedroom to a dressing room, and the bathroom and the bathroom can be made into a single room, installing a shower cabin there.

Recently, designers are trying to avoid partitions in apartments, so they are trying in every possible way to remove them. For example, dismantling the walls between the living room and the kitchen will not only expand the area, but also make the room more comfortable. In modern design, the center of the apartment is the living room, so it should be large, bright, comfortable for rest and convenient for meeting guests.

For more information on how to start planning an apartment, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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