We select the layout for a studio apartment

 We select the layout for a studio apartment

Studio apartment is a lifestyle. Appearing on the Russian market a few years ago, this type of residential premises became one of the most sought-after and competitive. The reasons lie not only in originality and maximum freedom of the internal space, the studio breaks the stereotypes established since the Soviet times about what the apartment should be.

Special features

There are several misconceptions regarding the studio apartment. For example, it is believed that the studio is designed to live for one or two people and is not suitable for couples with a child, which is completely untrue.The demand for a free layout, primarily studio-sized small-sized cars, is made mainly by young families, often with one or two children, as well as with a cat, dog, hamster and a flower to boot. And all this young and purposeful citizens manage to comfortably accommodate thirty square meters.

A studio apartment is not only a choice of young people, not just a “HYIP”, as they say now. Older couples also strive for modern standards of comfortable living, especially since the benefit of a studio apartment is not only the relatively low price, but also the additional possibilities of free public space, which will be discussed in more detail.

In the meantime, the obvious should be admitted: living spaces with a free layout is a very popular product in the modern real estate market. There are studios of 24, 26, 18, 28, 27, 45, 12 square meters in size, there are 50, 15, 35, 22, 29, 32, 21, 23 meter schemes, there are also areas of 36, 19, 37, 13, 14, 33, 16 square meters. m

Such apartments can be found in modern residential areas of Moscow and Moscow region, as well as in the Stalinist low-rise buildings of the “quiet center” of the capital and other large cities of our country.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of studio apartments are obvious:

  • first of all, a studio apartment is a free space, limited only by external walls and height from floor to ceiling. The lack of internal partitions, firstly, visually increases the area of ​​the apartment, and secondly, significantly increases the illumination and generally contributes to a cozy atmosphere;
  • due to the lack of partitions, the useful area increases, which allows at its discretion to carry out almost any options for redevelopment and zoning, without resorting to the help of professional repairmen and significantly saving money, and, most importantly, time;
  • access to any of the zones is much easier than in an ordinary apartment, divided by internal partitions. Fast access from the food intake zone to the workplace or to the bathroom in the conditions of the modern rhythm of life is one of the key conditions when choosing a new home.

This can also be attributed to a significant simplification in cleaning the apartment: it is much easier and more pleasant to carry out cleaning in a common space than in an apartment divided by partitions and doors.

Do not do without the disadvantages:

  • lack of personal space - a very significant drawback that can be eliminated at the stage of the decision to move. If you are not ready to share the common space with the rest of the family, even if only two of you, it may be better to postpone the choice of an apartment-studio for a while, or even refuse it. However, if you manage to decide in advance that the overall space and openness of the zones do not bother you, this disadvantage easily turns into a pleasant virtue;
  • conversion challenges. Indeed, an ordinary apartment is quite difficult and even impossible to convert into a spacious studio. Virtually all internal changes in the layout can be made with the permission of the BTI. However, at present these issues are solved much easier and faster than a few years ago, and every year the process of registering redevelopment becomes easier;
  • heating and ventilation. Since the kitchen with all its smells and noises is located in the same space with sleeping places and a play area for children, serious consideration should be given to the re-equipment of the thermal and ventilation systems of the living room.Often, the financial costs of such events significantly increase the cost of an apartment and make it less attractive.

We consider the area

The size of any apartment, regardless of the presence or absence of partitions, is always of great importance. In the case of a small-sized studio, you need to understand that the key role here is played not by size, but by the ability to competently and practically use the available square meters. The layout of a small apartment is always a special approach and consideration of various small nuances that can be neglected when designing the interior of large multi-room apartments.

The area of ​​a modern studio apartment can vary from 12 to 50 meters; There are studio options with an area of ​​one hundred or more squares.

Based on how many meters are available, you should plan the situation according to the zonal principle: in each zone there should be only what is really necessary there.

For example, there is no need to hang up an additional TV on the wall in the kitchen if there is a plasma screen in the recreation area, around which the whole family will gather in the evenings.And there is no need to build in a closet in the bathroom, hiding precious meters of the forcedly fenced off zone, when there is an opportunity to use another part of the apartment as a dressing room, pantry and space for outdoor children's games at the same time.

The most common area of ​​a studio apartment is from 20 to 50 meters, while the presence of a balcony or a loggia is almost a prerequisite. The height of the walls also plays a significant role: standard 2.6-2.7 meters make it difficult to use the second tier to accommodate beds and mezzanines. The best option for height from floor to ceiling is 3-3.5 meters.

Form matters

The shape, like size, in this case plays, if not the key, then a significant role. The room can be elongated rectangular in shape or tend to square. There are living quarters even of irregular shape, in the form of the letter “r” or even a triangle. In this case, based on individual taste preferences, the fact that the square and the rectangle are the most convenient from the point of view of planning options should be taken into account.

In a quadrangular room It is much more convenient to use natural daylight, place the necessary interior items and make a change of layout during the stay without difficulty and as quickly as possible. Also, a square or rectangular studio is much easier and more pleasant to clean, and this will have to be done very regularly, since the dust and dirt in the studio is noticeable especially clearly.

In general, one should prefer the form of the studio that will be as functional and spacious as possible. Non-standard form can be quite compensated by a large number of niches and convenience of the location of the kitchen area and bathroom relative to the rest of the apartment space.

Lighting options

Lighting is of two kinds: natural and artificial. Of course, daylight, especially in the warm season, is very important to us. Studio in this sense is a win-win option, especially if there is not one, but two or even three windows. This allows you to maintain natural lighting in all areas of the apartment, including in the bathroom, which significantly reduces energy costs, and also increases the number of options for placement of furniture and other interior items.

Artificial lighting in a studio apartment is a topic for a separate article, if not a scientific paper. Due to the absence of internal partitions, the lighting devices in such an apartment, in addition to their basic functions, begin to play the role of stylish interior items and allow to significantly diversify the color range.

Here it is important to understand that good lighting should be on the whole areaand not only in the places that you most often use, since there are practically no insignificant or even insignificant parts in the studio apartment.

Currently, there is a separate type of lighting fixtures specifically designed for installation in a studio apartment: the total space and accessibility of all areas of the room inspires designers to create a large number of options and designs.

And here you can surrender to the will of taste and fantasy, not forgetting that the total area is, as a rule, seriously limited.

Important accents

What you need to consider:

  • total area - matters both the length and width, and the height of the room. In the case of a studio apartment, it’s fair to talk not about the square,But about the volume: is it possible to install sleeping places and various kinds of cabinets and mezzanines for storing necessary seasonal things that have no place on the “first” floor by the “second floor”?
  • whether there is a balcony in the room, and a loggia, which, as a rule, are combined with the main room, allowing for a significant gain in addition to the usable area and ways of using it;
  • shape - square and an elongated rectangle are most preferred;
  • Be sure to think over the options of natural and artificial lighting in order to maximize your comfort;
  • try to decorate the interior only functional objects.


A modern studio apartment without exaggeration represents a challenge to established traditions and stereotypes. There is a great variety of design styles, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, pursuing the same goal: to satisfy the picky tastes of the modern city dweller. You can give a few practical recommendations, based on which, You can make the right and compromise decision in the design of interior design:

  • Try to use light colors when designing the living and working area of ​​your studio. This significantly improves the visual perception of the layout: the apartment seems more spacious and comfortable;
  • Do not be afraid to experiment with finishing materials: prefer paint and plaster to traditional (even designer) wallpaper, this will save a significant amount and significantly diversify the design options;
  • important: the furniture in the studio apartment must be multifunctional. Do not neglect the various options for wardrobes and spacious floor stands, which can be used as a stand for TV and other household appliances;
  • Give preference to minimalism, and you will be able to fully enjoy what free space planning gives - space with relatively small sizes and logical completeness of each object;
  • layout experiments. Remember that a studio apartment is much easier to redevelop than a standard one-bedroom, two-bedroom and the more two-bedroom living space with isolated rooms and a corridor.

Beautiful examples of decor

In this example, in addition to the original color solution, a mirror is used that is built into the partition between the kitchen and the living area, which creates the effect of a visual increase in area.

The option of using the useful space of the balcony / loggia, combined with the kitchen. The wall mural on the right wall fits perfectly into the overall style of the eating area.

An excellent example of the transformation of a room in a Soviet dormitory into a full-fledged studio. View from above.

In the next video you will find a review of a 45 sq.m. in modern style.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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