Design apartment of 40 square meters. m: examples of interiors

Quite a large number of people live not in luxurious mansions and not in miniature housing of the “Khrushchev’s” format, but in apartments of 40 square meters or so. This property has its own features of arrangement, design, and all this should be considered as carefully as possible. There are techniques to achieve a positive result, but it is necessary to take into account errors that spoil the perception of the room.

As in any other case, it is recommended to make a plan, if not on a computer, then at least on paper, this will allow you to visualize your plans and understand which of them will succeed to do, and which - not.

In order to improve a small apartment, it is almost inevitable that you will have to do redevelopment, so do not forget to familiarize yourself with the provisions of laws and regulations.

Color solutions

Painting designs and decorative materials should be given no less attention than geometric shapes. It is necessary to take into account both personal tastes and fashion trends, as well as the psychological effect of this or that color, it is even more important. Suppose thick black color comes into fashion, but it still will not be the reason to mindlessly apply it everywhere. The brown and red tones are emotionally tiring, and the introduction of purple into the interior creates a feeling of misalignment of space.

According to the designers, sand, beige and cream shades are safe in almost any premises. Pale green and light blue tones are a bit less versatile, but they can be used quite widely. It is useful to take as the main white color, diluting it with expressive accents such as yellow, turquoise or orange.

An interesting move - do the opposite. That is, it is important to abandon minimalism and light colors, use a gray or other moderately dark background, adding bright color accents to it.

Furniture selection

For the formation of an elegant apartment interior you need to think about the use of furniture.It should be comfortable, but it should not pick up products of large size. The best solution in most cases will be embedded convertible headsets. It is worth looking at the hills-walls. This type of furniture is increasingly in demand, so that you do not violate the requirements of fashion.

It is recommended to choose folding sofas, they are multifunctional and allow:

  • Arrange a bed if necessary;

  • Keep a piece of bed linen in the bottom drawer;

  • To accommodate guests in the daytime.

It is unacceptable to overlap the entrance doors with bedside tables, hangers; it is more appropriate to create a wardrobe or pantry next to them, freeing the living part from unnecessary furniture in most cases. If you are very busy and still spend most of your time away from home, buy a folding kitchen table. For those who like to cook, transforming structures will be useful, but you need to find out if the mechanism used in them is reliable or not.

It is advisable to buy wall-mounted cabinets, freeing up a maximum of space for use (dishes and cutlery are removed there).

For those who have just moved to a new home or are going to do it, it’s better not to buy a desktop computer or a candy bar, but a laptop so as not to use large desks. Storage of ordinary papers can be arranged on hanging shelves, and for the most important documents a small bollard is removed.

Special tricks

Design apartment of 40 square meters. m can be supplemented by a number of original moves. One of them is the use of mirrors and mirror surfaces for decoration purposes. They are able to visually complement and make even the most boring rooms livelier. In living rooms, bathrooms and corridors the mirror ceiling will look quite good, besides it will also raise the walls. If you start a small part of the mirror cloth on the wall, you will get a very interesting effect.

Try to add as many light sources as possible to your apartment, in any case, do not limit yourself to those that are necessary from a practical point of view. But an unnecessarily bright luminescence is undesirable; it is more correct to choose lamps with shades and other details regulating the light.

Choose lamps that differ in color, this will create interesting design effects.

Being engaged in zoning, it is not necessary to remove all partitions and rearrange them, obtaining special permissions. It is much easier to remove existing doors or replace them with new ones. If all the same the door will not close (at the entrance to the kitchen, for example), then it makes sense to replace it with an elegant arch or use a sliding door in the Japanese style that perfectly combines decorative and practical advantages. Another way - the doors of transparent glass with blinds.

Probable errors

Consider that a number of decorating techniques are undesirable in small rooms, they only worsen the situation. Do not use dark colors on the ceiling and walls, they will increase the darkness, "szhmut" space. Do not try for the same reason and imitate the overlap. Very bad step - large flowers on the windowsills, as they interfere with natural light. Having created a multi-level ceiling in the middle of any room, you will not be able to eliminate the psychological pressure exerted by it with any decorating tools. Lamps should not be massive in appearance; they “steal” space and make it less airy.

Good options

A great idea is to directly link all the rooms together - for example, the kitchen from the living room. The bedroom can be separated from the living room with a partition from vertically set blinds. The door to the bathroom to put a translucent (although it is not suitable for all). Embedding into the perimeter of the ceiling spotlights helps in the visual separation of living rooms from adjacent rooms.

It is very important to immediately determine which of the rooms you want to make the main, the largest. If this is a bedroom, it is not bad to put a glass partition on its border with the hall. The project will only be more perfect if you enter into it a maximum of natural materials that contrast with the already existing part of the interior. Modern geometric tile is very reliable and corresponds to the latest fashion trends. The best beds are on platforms with built-in drawers.

Embedding open shelves in the walls and in the space behind the sofas (beds) helps to maximize the use of literally the smallest part of the space, to create a feeling of greater height.

The introduction of the loft bed in the interior looks harmonious in a concise, strict Scandinavian style.To increase the attractiveness can be due to the window separating the kitchen and living room.

The format of Chinese minimalism is the severity of the rectangular contours of furniture, combined with rich green, fresh pink and purple splashes. A semi-transparent partition can be installed at the entrance to the bedroom, and a large wardrobe will compactly fit inside. To maximize the useful area of ​​the bathroom, they place a narrow shower cubicle and a small washing machine in it.

If you want something more fresh and youth in spirit, then choose a combination of light neutral shades with single entries of various colors of the rainbow. In such interiors, shelves-partitions for living rooms, beds on platforms and hanging versions of cabinets look elegant.

New items are not always relevant in the interior of a small apartment. If a piece of furniture or a stylistic device has appeared relatively recently, it should be used with caution. Better consult professional designers; You can use only proven solutions and products on your own.For the kitchen combined with the dining room, the stylish white bar counter is ideal.

In almost any room, decorative objects can help make the situation more vividly - paintings and prints, attractive photographs, flower arrangements and panels.

Possible styles

Modern design delights are not limited to the use of ready-made styles, accumulated over many years of interior decoration. Some designers are looking for inspiration in completely unexpected objects, such as Lego. To embody his spirit is easy, you only need separate parts of the room to perform like the original puzzle. The brightness of accents is moderated by the predominance of white color, in the bedrooms the design is completely neutral, so that you can fully relax and gain strength after a hard day.

Scandinavian style harmoniously combines with Japanese. From one you can take an imitation of light wood and inconspicuous tones, and from the other - blue and yellow blotches, chairs with soft seats and decorative paneling of the bedroom walls. When there are children in an apartment with an area of ​​about 40 meters, any project must adapt to their characteristics and needs,so be sure to consider a spacious study space. A very good idea is hanging bookcases.

In apartments with a not too large area, located in a brick or panel house, you can beat the loft style favorably. Ceilings made of concrete, painted brick, open wiring execution allow to hold the main idea of ​​this approach. It will be appropriate to look vintage furniture, even if it is only a stand for the sink. If you give up the desire to create a large kitchen and most consistently withstand the style, you can avoid the feeling of chaotic clutter of objects.

It will be very effective to perceive the apartment, where the bedroom and the office were made a single zone, placing them on a pedestal with auxiliary storage systems inside. With the help of a high partition it is easy to separate the private zone from the general one, without creating obstacles for natural lighting.

Children's room

Ideas for the design of children in the apartment average size can be very diverse. Many children will be delighted with the use of sea-style space for them.These are not only white and blue colors, but also images of anchors, sailboats, sea animals and exotic coasts.

A radical saving of space is achieved if you prefer minimalism and focus on multi-functional two-tier furniture. The classic design implies that lacquered wood or its imitation will be actively used, the prevailing color range is blue, gray and beige.

If you are trying to reproduce the modern style, then the repair should be aimed at the formation of solid surfaces. Only in some places are moderately used decorative geometric prints.

How to decorate apartments from 36 to 40 square meters, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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