Popular styles in the design of studio apartments

If the living space is small, then the main task is to make it as original as possible, to expand the space, but at the same time also not forget about home comfort. If you need to equip a small studio apartment, you can choose one of the popular styles in the design of such rooms and create a unique atmosphere there.

Room features

Studio apartment is a room in which there are no partitions. This is a single space bounded only by the main external walls. Such housing became popular in the United States of America when the economic crisis hit there. Since many immigrants were entering the country at that time, there was not enough spacious living space for everyone.Had to do with small studio apartments.

In Russia, such apartments began to gain popularity only at the end of the last century. There was a need to use the space as rationally as possible. However, even today, not everyone fits into their heads, how can one fit into a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and other rooms in one room.

A studio apartment has many important advantages. Among the most significant advantages are the following:

  • The choice of styles is almost unlimited, plus in such apartments it is also very convenient to translate design ideas into reality. The area is limited, so you don’t have to think about how to decorate different rooms.
  • You can even combine several styles at once, connect different directions in the same room. Of course, you need a subtle artistic taste.
  • Even if the studio apartment is not small, but big enough, everything you need is almost at hand, always in sight.

This is very convenient, because you do not have to search for missing items in all rooms. This advantage is especially important for busy people, as well as for those who are very tired.

  • Such housing is a great option for childless families, lovers, single people.
  • The lack of interior partitions. Some people think that this is a minus, but you can see from the other side. The walls take up space, because of them the usable space will significantly decrease. If there is no wall, you get the visual effect of freedom and spaciousness. Many people who work in closed office space lack this effect.

However, the studio apartment has its drawbacks. This is definitely the wrong option for a family with children, because everyone should have an isolated space. Otherwise, the psychological situation in the apartment will be very tense.

A large studio apartment with no partitions seems almost empty. It looks like an uncomfortable office or manufacturing facility. In order not to overload the space, but at the same time order and zone it, need spatial and logical thinking, as well as careful analysis.

If you are not sure that you can understand these subtleties, it is better to take the help of a specialist.

We determine the style

The choice of the most appropriate style depends on the tastes of people who live in an apartment. There are many options, so it is worth highlighting the most popular ones.


The classic style never ceases to be popular - this design emphasizes good taste, the refinement of the apartment owner, his personality. For the classic style is characterized by the use of fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen. Should select furniture made from natural materials. Usually in the room a lot of glass, mirror surfaces.

The rooms, decorated in a classic style, are quite spacious. Do not clutter the room with furniture and various items. Indoors stand out dishes, beautiful paintings, luxury goods, and equipment should be in the background or absent altogether.

Choosing a classic, find a compromise between practicality and luxury.

Many choose for a studio apartment. Empire style This design is associated with royal palaces. Usually, the center of a pololk is distinguished with the help of beautiful chandeliers that attract the eyes of the tables. Many mirrors are used,due to which unusual optical illusions can be created. The decor uses elements of antiquity (columns, various sculptures), attributes of military glory.

Another characteristic feature of the Empire style is a large amount of gilding, various ornaments, crystal, and stucco. Furniture should be smooth lines. It is very important in such interiors, in some cases, pieces of furniture in the Empire style can be compared with works of art.


Perhaps the most popular among ethnic today can be called the Scandinavian style. It is characterized by light shades that add more light to the room even on the most overcast days. Pastel, beige, white tones are used. This style is also characterized by natural shades (for example, green blotches), various surfaces of wood. The floor must be matched in color with furniture.

For the Scandinavian style, wall coverings are usually chosen without any images or patterns. You can use pastel paints of light shades. For such interiors well suited textiles, which is decorated with a small pattern.

The rooms are decorated in the Scandinavian style, cozy, but also functional.

The interiors decorated in the oriental style - Chinese, Japanese - are very attractive. Of course, such options are not suitable for everyone, but only for those people who are interested in the culture of the eastern countries or simply can appreciate such aesthetics.

For such styles is characterized by the use of decorative curtains, curtains. For the Japanese style choose sliding partitions. The furniture is concise, harmonious, simple. It should not be much - the room is filled with accessories and textiles. For Oriental styles is characterized by the use of natural finishing materials.


In the rooms decorated in a minimalist style, only the most necessary items are used. Minimalism is a very suitable design for a studio apartment, where every subject is in front of us. In such rooms light shades are often used: milky, gray (usually light ones are chosen), snow-white. Flowers in any case should not be very much. Pick up furniture as well: various non-functional elements (for example, curlicues) are not suitable for it.

High tech is the personification of the latest technology. It is also characterized by maximum functionality and the absence of any decorations. In the design used chrome products. You should stop the choice on a simple and clear geometry, artificial materials.

Provence - This is a rustic style that echoes country music. Faded colors, a large amount of textiles are used for it, it is associated with convenience, comfort. Various pieces of porcelain and ceramics, carved pieces of furniture, floral patterns, light floors, curtains with ruffles are also used. The walls are usually painted, rough whitewash. Such premises are reminiscent of French villages.

Loft- a style that is rapidly gaining popularity today. Such rooms resemble industrial and warehouse space. This style is characterized by unusual accessories (for example, automotive parts), rough textiles, plastered or concrete surfaces.

Modern can be called modern classics. For him choose not very catchy, but non-standard accessories, unusual shapes. Many today prefer eco style: it is characterized by the use of natural materials.Some opt for rather unusual options - for example, in the design in a nautical style. Its main elements are shells, pebbles, various hand wheels, chests, light wooden surfaces, white and blue stripes.


The furniture in the studio apartment should be placed around the perimeter, along the walls - so you can save free space, which is not very much. However, the room can be arranged and so as to zone it.

For studio apartments are not suitable complete sets. Ideal options for such premises - transforming structures, a large number of tiers, vertical cabinets, built-in furniture.

Interesting ideas and examples.

An example of an interesting Scandinavian design. The room looks very bright, spacious.

Loft style room. An interesting accent is a stylish lamp of unusual shape.

Hi-tech is a glass surface, modern materials. The embodiment of functionality.

Provence, which is associated with comfort and the French province.

About how you can create a design in a studio apartment, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

Entrance hall

Living room