Ideas for an apartment interior: design advice

We all live in the modern world of technology, and today there are few who can be surprised by dull interiors. Not only the owners of multi-room apartments, but also small-sized ones want to decorate their living space beautifully. But few people know where to start and how to finish, and it is at such a moment that professional advice comes to the rescue.

General tips

Before starting an apartment renovation, designers recommend to sketch out on paper a draft of a future residential or non-residential premises. Designing the premises is a creative process, but there are moments that are necessarily taken into account. All interior details are thought out to the smallest detail, housing should be harmonious and beautiful. Special attention is paid to building materials, lighting and furniture.

Ventilation in a panel house over the years begins to work poorly, so if you have thoughts of redevelopment, for example, combining a kitchen with one of the rooms, it is important to take this into account, because odors will scatter throughout the space.

By the way, the interior can be changed not only by the union, but also by the division of living space. To do this, they often erect a metal frame, which is sheathed with sheets of drywall. Such a partition, if desired, can be easily dismantled, besides it can be pasted over with wallpaper or painted in one tone with the main room.

Visually, the repair of “stalinka” or “Khrushchev” will, of course, differ, since there is a difference in the height of the ceilings and in the dimensions of the living space, but it will be based on general rules, which will be discussed below.

Color solutions

Color design can be monophonic, polar, two-color and multi-color. A one-color solution includes a base color that is compatible with a number of shades. The polar design is a combination of two different colors, and if you combine two related colors - this is a two-color solution.Well, multi-color involves the use of several tones. From this designers repel when designing the future interior.

Warm tones - beige or golden, must be used in dimly lit rooms. These colors are perfectly combined with classic wooden furniture and floorboard. Keep in mind that if you use a good substrate under the flooring, you can achieve good sound-absorbing effects. So, the cries and extraneous sounds from the neighbors below will not enter the room. A good substrate is cork, experts also say izolon.

Cold shades, which include green, gray, blue and mother of pearl, contribute to the visual expansion of the space, apply them in bright rooms located on the south side.

The choice of wallpaper affects the size of the room. In large rooms, wallpaper with a large pattern is acceptable, for small ones they are not suitable. In this case, it is better to stay at the bright wallpaper with small patterns.

Visually expand the room in height will help wallpaper with a vertical strip, and in length - from the horizontal.Diamond-shaped wallpaper designs can increase in width.

Often the most interesting interior options are obtained when a combination of wallpaper is used. This technique achieves zoning of premises, the allocation of work areas, recreation areas and sleep. For example, in the living room you can select a wall on which the TV hangs, and in the bedroom - behind the head of the bed.

With a contrasting combination of colors you need to know that the intense colors are used in small areas. If this is not followed, then it will be uncomfortable to stay in the room, not only for guests, but also for household members.

Black wallpaper should be used with great care. We can not allow the room was dark and gloomy, so it is recommended to add a reflective surface - gloss, mirrors, as well as install good lighting, buy luxury chairs and sofas. Furniture must necessarily be with chrome inserts, and the use of gold is not prohibited.

By the way, white color can create an impression of a hospital ward at all, it must be combined with other colors. In addition, this color is very easily soiled - care for the snow-white surface is difficult,since dirt and dust is always striking.

Cozy conditions are obtained by using photo wallpaper. Photo printers print not only various types of animals and insects against the background of nature, but also the architecture of cities, abstraction, thematic drawings.

Some companies print individual orders; thanks to this, portraits of households, a beloved dog, and a New Year's plot can appear on the photo wallpapers - any theme is used.

It should be noted and the fact that when you make a room, for example, in a loft style, a brick wall is required. Unfortunately, in the monolithic houses to paint the brickwork will not work, because in principle it does not. Therefore, come to the aid wallpaper, imitating bricks or stones. By the way, they can be relief and voluminous, and from afar it will seem that the wall is real.

Imitate wallpaper not only a brick wall, but also wood, marble, granite. Which ones are suitable for a particular room will depend on the stylistic direction.

Stylistic directions

Some people believe that for an ordinary city apartment luxury design options are unacceptable.They are satisfied with a simple decoration, redecoration. As they say, cheap and cheerful. But in fact, modern styles do not imply the use of expensive building materials and redevelopment, which means that such repairs will not cost a pretty penny.

For example, in order to install a fireplace in the room, which is inherent in the style of a chalet, Provence or Loft, you do not need to break the walls. The stores sell electric fireplaces, which are installed in a few hours.

Moreover, if an electric fireplace is installed in a niche and sheathed with sheets of drywall, then it can be tiled and, accordingly, fit into any interior.

If earlier the bas-relief and columns were erected in country cottages in the implementation of the Baroque style, Empire style or modern, now they can be installed in city apartments. Make them from polyfoam. These lightweight designs are sold at affordable prices. And since they do not weigh anything, the process of their attachment is also facilitated; glue and a few minutes of retention are sufficient.

It stands out for its simplicity and naturalness Swedish style. Sweden is a northern country, so ideas that are implemented in this style can be borrowed for the decoration of domestic housing.White and light shades are inherent in color design - this also applies to the walls, the ceiling, and the floor. Furniture made of larch or other light wood species will be a wonderful decoration of the interior, but the room must remain free. No curtains, only curtains - nothing should obstruct natural lighting.

Italian style is divided into classic and modern version. In the classic focus is on history, used by hand-made wooden furniture, Venetian plaster, murals, stucco. Lighting emphasized luxurious - crystal chandeliers, forged lamps. At the same time, the modern version of the Italians is comfort and convenience. Massive furniture, large sofas and sliding tables, a combination of cabinets and shelving, asymmetrical forms of niches and ledges that immediately catches the eye. It would seem that this combination is incompatible, but, as is known, Italy is a trendsetter, and that today is popular in this country, tomorrow will be popular everywhere.

For lovers of the classics can recommend the English style. This is a clear symmetry, an abundance of wooden furniture, the use of only natural building materials.But in order to save, imitation of an expensive tree is permissible. For the wall used wood panels, moldings and baseboards. The upper part of the wall is plastered with thick wallpaper or painted with matte paint. Keep in mind that there should be no plastic in the interior. When implementing the English style you need to find a place for the fireplace and for the library.

For city apartments with high ceilings fit French style. In the large living room you can put old-fashioned furniture with rounded corners, art objects, and organize a workshop. It is important that the room had large windows, open space. The ceilings are decorated with stucco. For the floor flooring is considered the ideal solution, there are no restrictions on the lighting design.

Eco-Style is characterized by the use of natural building materials - wood, bamboo, and stone. Textiles - only from natural fabrics. Preference is given to natural colors - green, blue, brown.

It is not recommended to buy plastic, metal furniture, it should be abandoned and from harmful products from chipboard - all this is not combined with nature.

Subtleties arrangement of a small room

With high probability it can be argued that whatever the size of the apartment, there is always not enough free space. But subject to the advice of designers, you can visually expand any living space.

It is important to keep in mind that the first impression of an apartment depends on proper planning. For example, if in a small apartment low ceilings (owners of Khrushchev houses most often face this), then combining the living room and kitchen into a studio is undesirable. Since the area of ​​the combined space will be larger than the height of the ceiling, this will immediately be evident. The situation will "push" on the psyche.

It is permissible to use symmetry in a small area. Such compositions balance the space, but you need to stop in time, because if you overdo it, the room will look boring, and the situation will tire.

Without the use of color design can not do. Experts advise to paint the walls and ceiling in one color. Such a transition will visually expand the height of the room. In the united or adjacent rooms the walls are made out in one color, it will only emphasize the integrity of the composition.At the same time, it is possible to separate one zone from another by flooring, for example, in the kitchen to lay tiles, and in the living room - laminate. It is very important that the color of the walls and the ceiling be close to the color palette of the floor. This contributes to the expansion of boundaries.

Another means of visual deception that can increase the living space, is the edge. The edging stands out against the background of everything else, so you can focus on the ceiling.

Keep in mind that in small rooms with low ceilings stucco is undesirable. In this case, it will visually reduce the height of the space.

If in the hardware store to pick up the paint of the same color, but with matte and glossy properties, you can enhance the impression of the room. The walls can be painted with matte paint, and the ceiling - glossy. Gloss is capable of reflecting not only light, but also nearby objects, which visually increases the space. In this regard, designers recommend to mount the glossy stretch ceiling.

A special place in small-sized housing is occupied by mirrors. Reflecting the situation, they contribute to the expansion of space, while it is very important that they be in large quantities. It is desirable to equip the doors of wardrobes with exactly mirror surfaces.

With regards to the cabinets in small bedrooms or living rooms, their functionality is not only the storage of things, but also the ability to hide interior items. So, for example, transformer cabinets can be equipped with a bed, which at night with a slight movement of the hand falls to the floor. And some models of cabinets are equipped with an ironing board. Try to pick furniture with rounded corners.

To distract from the size of the room can one large objectlocated in the center. It is also possible that the wall or part of it is not cluttered with furniture. In this case, attention is focused on the decor, and not on the square, it seems like free space.

As a rule, in small bedrooms there is only one closet, so it is very important to place unnecessary things on the upper shelves, away from prying eyes. You can compactly pack things using boxes-organizers that are sold in furniture stores. And in plain sight should be only necessities.

Box organizers buy and for storage of bedding or underwear. Thanks to this decision, there will be no need to order a dresser or wardrobe, and therefore the bedroom will not be filled with extra furniture.

In case the space is sorely lacking, design experts advise mounting overhead shelves - this is an additional storage for things.

Do not forget about the glass insert. For example, interior doors can be made of frosted glass. This will contribute to additional lighting from the corridor. Some wooden furniture, in particular, a table, can be replaced with a glass variant.

Every detail of the interior should have an additional purpose. For example, in a men's room, an ottoman can act not only as a chair, but also as a place to store old things, because many models are empty inside.

When zoning living space, do not forget about lighting. Spotlights, table lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps in combination with the central chandelier when reflecting light from mirrors, chrome-plated or gold-plated inserts, will give additional visual expansion.

Layout and decor "dvushki"

One-bedroom apartments are very popular in the real estate market. This is due to the fact that one-room housing for a family consisting of three or more people is close.A purchase of a three-room requires substantial investment. Accordingly, the repair and new owners often do in the "twin".

Unfortunately, the old apartments of at least 49 square meters. m, at least 60 square meters. m have a layout that is not suitable for today's youth. There is no convenience and functionality. And older people tedious to move from the hall to the kitchen through the corridor, and there is a natural desire to make an additional doorway.

The real inconvenience brings small kitchens, combined bathrooms and close long corridors. Only one way out of this situation is redevelopment. But this process is troublesome, because it is necessary to obtain permission for the demolition of walls from several regulatory bodies, while interfering with the ventilation, gas and sewage systems is unacceptable. A project plan will be required.

You can carry out the project on your own or by contacting design companies. Firms take a lot of money for their services, but this work is done on a turnkey basis. The project bureau staff themselves contact the authorities to agree on a major overhaul.

The Housing Code clearly describes what actions can be performed and which are strictly prohibited. Breaking the supporting walls, interfere with the heating system or the work of gas equipment, no one will.

Having permission to overhaul, you can get down to business. For the dismantling of reinforced concrete walls, a hammer drill, a grinder and a scrap will be required, and the dismantling of the brickwork is done with a chisel, a hammer and a hammer drill. But we omit the process and proceed directly to the design.

Suppose the union has already taken place. As a rule, in a standard “two-room apartment” one room is given to children, and in the other parents sleep. In fact, the living room is also a sleeping area.

Under the nursery emit the warmest and lighted room, it is desirable that the windows overlook the south or west side. Remember that the north side is cold, to engage in or play in dimly lit places is fraught for the health of the child. You can plant eyesight or get sick with acute respiratory diseases.

Even small children need a table, they can draw or make crafts for the kindergarten, and schoolchildren need it for homework. Therefore, the desk must be placed near the window.In order to save space, you can use the window sill as a countertop, it is made of durable natural or artificial stone. Such a surface can withstand mechanical loads, it is easy to care for it, because the stone does not deteriorate under the action of strong detergents, which means that you can use any household chemicals. Probably, any parent knows how much trouble ordinary drawing can deliver and how difficult it is to wash off traces of paint from plastic or from a wooden surface.

For harmony, under the window sill there are drawers with drawers, and on the sides there are cabinets. From the point of view of design, this layout allows you to significantly unload the space, the furniture takes place along the window and does not focus on itself. But by all means it is necessary to take into account that the desk and the cabinets must be made in the color scheme, combined with the color design of the walls and the floor.

Often there is not enough storage space. Children grow up, their wardrobe changes, and the tired toys need to be removed somewhere. In this case the bed attic comes to the rescue. The bed is located on small dressers, the furniture is solid, it easily maintains the weight of the child, so young parents should not be worried.

The ascent and descent are designed in such a way that the baby will freely climb using the steps. The dresser is additionally equipped with a protective crossbar, thanks to which the probability of falling in a dream is excluded.

On sale there are models that are equipped with a workplace. At the table, you can do homework or play video games. Such models are also suitable for the hall in which zoning on a children's corner and on the parent part is made. Unfortunately, few parents can afford a separate room for children.

A loft bed is an interesting area for games, if it is made in a specific theme. It can be bunk, it is especially valuable for a family with two children. Until adolescence, an attic bed is enough, so you can save a lot.

Furniture for the nursery, building materials and things must be made from natural, environmentally friendly components.

Decorative plaster is recommended as a substitute for wallpaper. Keep in mind that Venetian plaster is only suitable for a leveled base. Minor drops are allowed, which are checked by the building level.The leveling process involves applying plaster, using a paint mesh, leveling layer and primer. Each subsequent stage is made only after complete drying of the previous one.

Relief plaster is suitable for uneven surfaces. By the way, this can save both money and time. Properly apply the plaster in two stages. For the first time there is a smoothing of large differences, and in the second - a relief pattern is formed. But before applying the plasterer-painters advise to read the instructions, as some manufacturers allow the use of a single layer.

A little advice: in construction stores there are self-adhesive chalky wallpaper - if you stick one strip on the cabinet door or completely paste over the nursery with them, then the child will have a drawing surface. It's no secret that children love to paint on any surfaces, and thanks to the marker wallpaper, cosmetic repairs will not be required.

Choosing color shades for a nursery, it should be borne in mind that the kid in her not only rests, but also does her homework, plays. So, overdoing with bright colors is not necessary,there is a risk of over-stimulation and fatigue. Emphasis should be on calm, pastel shades, bright spots are used only to a point.

With regards to the living room, in which parents sleep, its designers are advised to equip with sliding sofas. During the day, they are refueled, the space is freed up, which can be used either as a play area or as a dining area.

The hall is usually located electronics - TV, satellite TV receiver, game consoles or a fireplace. In the evenings, all family members gather in the living room, chat, drink tea. Therefore, it is very important to put a coffee table in this room and to lay a natural carpet on which children can play.

Since the hall is large, it requires auxiliary lighting. As a rule, the chandelier shines evenly and does not reach the corners, which is a significant drawback when zoning. Each zone must be equipped with a light source; for this, floor lamps, spotlights or sconces are used.

Laminate, floorboard, carpet, linoleum are bought as flooring for the hall - the choice is big and it remains only for the consumer.It should be borne in mind that the care of building materials is very different. If the vinyl linoleum can be washed with a wet cloth and it will not be anything, then the care of the laminate will depend on its class of durability. By the way, cheap laminate can even release formaldehyde, and it is dangerous to human health.

When using a heating system "warm floor" will need to carefully study the labeling of the floor covering. The fact whether building materials are combined with high temperature or not is indicated on the packaging.

The choice of colors will be based on the color of the furniture, lighting, style and personal preferences of the owners. If the furniture is of classic color and light laminate is used as the flooring, then white, brown colors are chosen. And, let's say, light furniture and whitewashed floorboard are suitable for Japanese style.

Textiles in the living room plays an important role. Blackout curtains are suitable for rooms that are used for sleeping.

If in a large room households gather only during the daytime and in the evening, it is useless to weight the situation with massive curtains, it is enough to hang tulle or blinds.

Registration of the three-room apartment

The design of three-room housing will depend on several factors, including the composition of the family, the need for zoning and the design features. For zoning, not only light screens and curtains can be chosen as partitions, but also forged metal structures, as well as erected plasterboard walls.

Glass blocks are the latest fashion trend in the construction market. Soviet citizens, of course, remember these constructions, they were often used in public places and at work. With their help, you can build walls. What distinguishes them from other partitions is that they can be hung on the door leaf.

You can do it yourself and cosmetic, and overhaul. When coordinating redevelopment designers advise to expand the room at the expense of the loggia. Unfortunately, to bring the radiators and connect them to the central heating system will not work. Therefore, you will need glazing, insulation and sheathing of the balcony.

When glazing your choice is best to give a plastic profile and it is desirable that it was a five-chamber. Aluminum constructions freeze in winter. The more glasses, the better.The three-chamber double-glazed window is considered ideal, it retains heat and does not allow extraneous noise into the room, and this is very important, since there will no longer be a balcony unit.

Mineral wool or synthetic materials are used for insulation. You can buy foam - it is easy to install and it is cheap. Provided that in the winter on the balcony will go out the household, experts recommend paving the heating system. You need to choose from electric "warm floors", because water in a city apartment is prohibited.

Dismantling the balcony block and the base under it - a brick or a reinforced concrete slab, you can proceed to the finishing finish. For lining the balcony is used either lining or plastic panels. Some stylistic directions inherent in the decoration of wallpaper or decorative plaster.

In plastic windows, it is desirable to install roller blinds. If the side is sunny - they perfectly protect from natural light, dense specimens may not let the daylight through at all. This will be appreciated by families with small children.

The main room will look beautiful two-level stretch ceilings, but it is importantso the ceilings were high. It is used for the construction of a two-tier structure and drywall. It is easily cut, and thanks to this, unusual shapes are achieved, and spotlights can be easily mounted into it.

The difference between stretch ceilings and plasterboard options is that the first are installed in three hours, and the installation of the second will take more time. In addition, the tension option is not afraid of water and does not deteriorate during flooding. Water is easily drained through the hole for the chandelier.

Keep in mind that the ceiling must be in harmony with the interior of the room, including the color design. If it stands out against the main background, then the proper effect will not work. By the way, a two-level ceiling is inappropriate in small premises.

In some three-bedroom apartments a small bathroom. It can be expanded at the expense of non-residential premises - storerooms, corridors.

In this case, reconciliation with the authorities will be required. It is important to consider that the wet area should not be located above the living quarters of neighbors.

Summing up, I would like to note the fact that there are no similar interiors.Even if you liked some idea in the photographs or the situation shown in the television program, you still will not be able to achieve one hundred percent similarity. After all repair will be done by other people. But in fact, this is not the main thing.

It is important that in a renovated room it was warm and cozy for all family members.

Beautiful examples

This section will look at the best and most unusual, chic and simple interior options. Each person will emphasize interesting design details. For some, it can be wallpaper on the wall, and for someone - candles, figurines, vases or decorations on the curtains.

Top 5 workshops on how to make interior decor with your own hands, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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