Apartment with attic: the pros and cons

French architect Francois Mansart in the XVII century rebuilt the attic under the dwelling. For this purpose, he invented special large windows. Attic took root in Europe, and from the XVIII century they began to build in Russia. At that time, students and poor artists rented housing in the superstructures of the houses. Today attics are being mastered not only in private houses, but also in urban high-rise buildings.

Nowadays, from gloomy komorki they have turned into modern comfortable apartments with an unusual layout. People get them because they want romance, special interior. Many are satisfied with the price: it is lower than for an ordinary apartment. Residents of the upper floors using the attic area create two-level premises.

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What is a loft?

Attic - is a residential area, created by the attic.In order to understand the topic more deeply, one should understand the difference between these two rooms.

Mansard superstructure is located between the upper floor and the roof of the building. The configuration of the roofs are different, their structure affects the geometry of the roofing space. According to the height of the walls (from the floor to the roof bevel), it is possible to understand which room the area under the roof belongs to. For the attic, it is 0.8 - 1.5 meters. If the walls are below the specified figures, this is already an attic, above one and a half meters is considered a full floor. The minimum distance from the floor to the highest point of the ceiling is 2.5 meters.


This room under the roof, bounded by walls and slopes, it is not heated and is not designed for living, therefore, it does not impose requirements regarding the height of walls and ceilings. Technical attic differs from the usual presence of communications and technological equipment. This area serves as a heat and sound insulator between the living quarters and the street.

A house with an attic is always warmer than without it.

Roofing areas are of two types: cold and warm. When building the building, the thermal insulation is laid in the ceiling of the last floor, the attic itself remains cold.But if it is planned in the future to build an attic, the roof structure is also insulated.

Care should be taken to create a ventilation system. Steam and moisture, rising from the premises, form condensate, which eventually destroys roofing materials. Through the cold attic, the ventilation channels are led to the roof. In warm attic rooms, air from the rooms is collected under the roof, and then comes out through the exhaust opening. Properly designed ventilation will create a good indoor climate.


This is a complete room for living, equipped under the roof. The surrounding walls, built on the frame, should be no less than one and a half meters. The configuration of the ceiling depends on the shape of the roof. Bearing structures built of wood, metal or reinforced concrete.

In addition to additional work on the insulation of the roof, it is necessary to bring the heating system into the room. Think well over ventilation. For a comfortable stay should be natural lighting, which is equipped with skylights. They are designed in a special way and adapted for ventilation.

To restructure the attic in the attic, you should apply for permission to the Bureau of Technical Inventory: based on SNiP No.2.08.01-89, they will re-register the residential premises.

Options in an apartment building

You can buy a finished apartment in the attic. There are many options, their diversity depends on the footage and the configuration of the roof. This can be one large room as a studio or a 2-room apartment with a separate kitchen.

Here is one example of such housing on an area of ​​40 square meters. The designer did not just have to create the interior on the attic, but to imbue it with the spirit of the attics of Paris or London. Huge brick walls predetermined the choice of style - loft. They are well cleaned and left virtually intact.

In one large area are all important areas for life. At the door - the space of the kitchen and dining room, united by a strict wooden table. A wardrobe, a kitchen set and a refrigerator refresh the brickwork with a contrasting glossy stain. Many luminaires illuminate the zones in the dark, and for the natural light there is a huge window, located simultaneously on the wall and ceiling.

In the living area, two square chairs are easily shifted to a full bed.Bright metal table accentuates attention. The metal theme is supported by a radiator, a fireplace and a bucket of firewood. An amazing design trick - plasma on the easel, a reminder of the artists who organized workshops in the attic. Rough simple forms of easel are combined with the same strict outlines of the table.

Fireplace with a living fire resembles a stove-stove, being between a sleeping and living area, unites them with common heat. The bedroom is separate, but at the same time it is not in a closed space, therefore it does not look too tight. A large window makes it possible to admire the starry sky. Antique mannequin serves as an original decor and a place where you can throw clothes. Two bedside boxes play the role of pedestals and spacious drawers at the same time.

The bathroom, combined with a bathroom, has absorbed everything you need: a shower, toilet, washbasin and washing machine.

Thanks to the efforts of the designer under the roof turned out a spacious modern interior.

All pros and cons

The pros and cons of building a mansard superstructure and living there are somewhat different.The owner of a private house, planning to increase their living space, decides that it is cheaper for him to build an attic or a full-fledged second floor. When buying an already rebuilt apartment between the top floor and the roof, you have to consider completely different pros and cons.

The advantages of acquiring an attic apartment:

  • The main advantage of such a purchase is its cost, it is lower than the price of a regular apartment.
  • Magnificent view from the side windows and the contemplation of the starry sky from the ceiling.
  • Creating a modern extraordinary interior.
  • The possibility of equipment of this fireplace.
  • If there are sections of a flat roof, you can equip them as an open-air area for recreation, games, sunbathing, or simply as a viewing platform.

The disadvantages of such apartments include:

  • Low walls (1.5 m), will have to order individual furniture.
  • Lift to the attic floor, most likely, will not go. Stairs can also be uncomfortable. There will be problems with the delivery of furniture.
  • The heat in summer and cold in winter will be felt more acutely than in ordinary apartments, even with an air conditioner and heating system.
  • Angled windows will accumulate snow, making it difficult to care for them.
  • Sometimes in these apartments there are small windows that affect the natural light.
  • If the roof starts to leak, the problems for such apartments will be serious.
  • Noisy during the rain and elevator operation (if the motor in the attic).
  • Psychologists against such apartments, sloping walls and ceilings depress consciousness.

For owners of cottages who are going to rebuild the attic space under the attic, there are advantages and disadvantages of such a solution.

The advantages include:

  • The owner receives additional space to his one-story house.
  • To build an attic floor without the participation of heavy machinery.
  • No need to invest in the construction of full walls.
  • Attic provides a beautiful view from the window and unusual interior.
  • Cottage with an attic has a more beautiful view than the building with the usual sloping roof.

If we talk about the disadvantages, the savings on the construction of the attic instead of the second floor will not be too big:

  • Will have to warm the roof well.
  • It is necessary to erect walls on a frame and a half meters high.
  • Think over the heating system.
  • Properly create a ventilation system.
  • Do not forget about waterproofing.
  • Place the skylights.

The disadvantages also include: heat in the summer, cold in the winter, the sound of rain, the howling of the wind. You also have to make furniture to order.

At the time of purchase of an attic room is impressive large area and reasonable price. But realtors indicate the area of ​​the floor, and the real footage is much smaller, given the sloping walls. Before deciding whether to buy an attic apartment, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Owner reviews

Reviews are ambiguous, as when buying any apartment. Some complain of summer heat and winter cold. They are told that the problem is solved by the air conditioner and the heating system. Someone’s windows are leaking, others have windows all right. Almost everyone is unhappy with the walls and the selection of furniture.

The owners of the apartments, in which the designer has worked, have no complaints.

In one of the reviews reported self-alteration of insulation and installation of a heating boiler. Stir the noise from the boiler, but eventually got used to it. They were satisfied with the apartment, they did not feel any particular high and low temperatures.

Design examples for inspiration

A well-designed room for a boy stylized under the sea theme. Visible part of a large window with active natural light. The staircase leads right under the roof where the sleeping place is. You can go down the cable ladder, like on a ship. Hammock and chest support the theme of the cockpit on a pirate ship. Small shelves in the form of a steering wheel are mounted into the wall above the working table. A recreation area can be seen through the children's room, and behind it - a working area for adults.

A variant of the bedroom, which is a separate room in the attic apartment. Special charm to the room give two different style windows located above the bed.

In a small space with heavily sloping walls, there is a sleeping area, a rest area, and many storage systems. In the white room, the orange contour has seating. Contrast with the black floor does not allow the interior to dissolve in space. A large window fills the attic with air and light.

There will definitely be people with nontrivial thinking, romantics who will enjoy living under the very sky. For such people and there are attic.

To learn about all the intricacies of arranging an apartment in the attic, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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