Rules for combining colors in the living room interior

The choice of the dominant color for the interior of the living room depends on the atmosphere that prevails there. Indeed, besides the fact that some colors you like or dislike from an aesthetic point of view, they can also influence you in different ways.

How to create harmony?

The right combination of colors is an individual concept. Someone is trying to choose light colors in order to create a recreation area in the room, while others dilute the space with bright colors in order to improve their mood in this way.

It is also important to remember that colors in the interior can affect how the surrounding space will be perceived. Some shades make the room more visually, others help to visually increase the height of the walls.If you want the room to appear taller, paint the ceilings in light colors and make the walls darker. And to expand the space, use cool shades.

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Plays an important role and texture. Glossy surfaces always appear brighter, and their colors are saturated. But the embossed wallpaper or wall, decorated with plaster, seem more muffled and quieter.


If you are looking for some unusual design of the walls in the living room, then you can pay attention to the blue color. It is rarely used for decoration of living rooms, is more common in bedrooms. But if you decorate the walls in the common room with blue wallpapers of different shades, you will get quiet place in which to have a good time.

Rich blue color makes the room more noble. And light shades help to tune in a peaceful way. Harmoniously blue wallpapers look in the interior of a room decorated in a Mediterranean style. Saturated shades of blue, aqua or even indigo will perfectly fit into the interior of a spacious room in a youth style. Light blue surfaces decorate the room in the style of classicism.


Another interesting color scheme is gray walls. At first glance, this color seems dull and dull. But, in fact, it is he who is universal. It has many shades that are perfectly combined with pastel colors and with bright rich tones.

Gray can make other colors more expressive and emphasize their depth. Against the background of gray walls, bright furniture in the hall looks especially good.


Like gray, this color can be called neutral. In general, beige shades are warm and contribute to creating a cozy atmosphere in the room. Beige color is soft and muffled. So if you have a lot of color details in the living room, then you can use beige wallpaper, to soften the diversity slightly.


White wall coverings can be used for the same purpose. True, it is worth taking into account the fact that white color always dominates the interior. The remaining shades, even bright and catchy, act as accents.

But white color allows you to really create harmonious and peaceful atmosphere in the room. This interior turns out to be very light, light, and the room seems many times more spacious.

In the living room, white wallpaper is used if the room itself is small.

Such light wallpaper is often found in the interior in the style of modern or high-tech. The use of light shades is also characteristic of European styles: Scandinavian, for example, or Provence.


Bright orange walls in the living room are also quite rare. This rich color improves mood and makes the interior warmer. Orange color will be useful to those who are prone to melancholy, because in such a sunny atmosphere, your activity will increase.

Orange color goes well with the same warm shades - brown, red, yellow. Best bright orange wallpapers fit into the interior of youth living rooms in the style of modern or loft. In this case, not only walls, but also furniture and decorative objects can be bright.

And so that the room does not seem too monotonous, dilute the interior with colors such as green, terracotta or sand.


This color is more versatile. It is believed that shades of green are good for sight. Especially if you use its light colors. Such colors allow, among other things, to visually expand the space.For this purpose, designers recommend the use of mint, olive or any other pastel shade.

However, the dark shades of green look advantageous. Rich emerald, pistachio or dark green colors look luxurious. True, they should be used in spacious rooms, since small rooms with dark wallpaper seem even smaller.

To make the room not seem too gloomy, dark walls can be added with light curtains or furniture. So the room will become much more comfortable.


Many people ignore this color, considering it too dull. But in practice, shades of brown can make the room cozy. From a psychological point of view, it is brown that we associate with stability and well-being. therefore it is recommended to use when making the living room. The brick wall and brown wallpaper look equally good in the common room.

Since brown is the color found in nature, details such as animal skins, natural wood furniture and fresh flowers are well combined with it. They can also be replaced by artificial imitation.For example, sofas upholstered under the skin of animals, artificial plants in wooden tubs and so on. This combination will allow you to recreate at home the pacifying atmosphere of the forest.

As you can see, in the apartment you can use almost all colors. The main thing is to combine them correctly.and then any color combination will look organic.

Tone Compatibility Rules

Each color has warm and cold shades. Depending on which tone you choose, the same color can create a more comfortable or working atmosphere.


When making a living room, most prefer warm tones. They provide a cozy atmosphere. Warm can be both shades of light colors and dark.

In a small room look good light wallpaper. A room in the style of classicism with such wallpaper will appeal to romantic people and those who admire the style from past eras. Complete the light walls with dark furniture made of natural wood, and you will be able to recreate the desired atmosphere.

From the darker colors, you can also choose shades warmer. For example, chocolate, burgundy and so on.Wallpapers in shades of brown look noble and make the room more luxurious. Cozy room will make dark shades of yellow, orange or red. For example, mustard, terracotta, peach or lilac.


In order to visually enlarge the room and make the walls higher and wider, cold shades are used. The palette of cold shades is rich enough.

Fresh and modern look cool shades of blue or green, such as mint, pistachio, olive, lime or celadon, for example. Make the interior of the room more luxurious and richer will allow different shades of purple. And for decoration Scandinavian or minimalism It is worth using cold monochrome tones: black and white.

Cold tones are undesirable to mix with light, if you want to adhere to clear rules of one style.

How to choose a color for the overall style of the room?

In many ways, the choice of color for a living room depends on the style in which you design it. At different times, different colors and their combinations were fashionable.

For example, in the Victorian era houses were decorated with dark fabric wall coverings.To recreate the atmosphere of that noble era, need to use darker colors. The perfect choice is marsala, dark maroon, emerald green or deep blue.

True, such shades should be diluted with light accents so that the room does not seem gloomy. In the dark living room will not only be less space. The combination of dark wallpaper and the same dark decorative elements will make you at a subconscious level to constantly remain in suspense.

In the classic interior there is also a place for dark colors. But the light color scheme here also looks good. In the style of classicism, light beige or white walls look great.

Bright color combinations are inherent in retro style. Geometric or floral prints, consisting of bright color spots (pink, purple), like fans of this famous era. It is possible to add such interior with the same bright decorative details or colorful curtains. The more colors, the better.

The same cannot be said about such stylistic trends as minimalism or loft. Here, on the contrary, there should be nothing superfluous. The background in the living room, decorated in this style, it is better to choose light.For example, white, beige or dairy plastered walls, light brown brickwork or wallpaper in different shades of gray. In a modern interior, bright colors are best used for placement of accents.

The correct solution is to use colored paintings in the style of pop art or impressionism, colored pillows, decorated with patterns of curtains and other eye-catching details.

Choose a style that you like and use the advice of designers to create the perfect interior in which you will live comfortably and receive guests.

Spectacular examples

Understand the features of all colors and their shades, as well as figure out how to best combine them with each other, by looking at examples of beautifully decorated rooms.

The modern living room in pink colors is an option that will appeal not only to young girls, but also to young creative people. The background in this room is bright - a combination of white and beige, and rich pink is used as bright accents. It is a rich shade door, armchair and abstract pattern, which combines pink, green and beige. The interior is lively and uplifting.

You can create a peaceful atmosphere by using different shades of blue. In the room chosen as an example, a combination of blue, bright blue and gray is used. A light blue tone sets the atmosphere. So that the wall does not seem too empty, it is filled with several paintings in monochrome shades. Almost all the free space is occupied by a gray sofa. Next to it is a low gray table.

And so that the room does not seem too gray and boring, it should be diluted with bright details. In this room, the designer uses colored pillows and blue decorative containers. Plays an important role and lighting. It uses a pendant lamp with several light bulbs that give muffled soft light.

The latest example is a modern living room in gray tones. The lightest shade here is used as a base. The walls and the ceiling are decorated in the same color. Literally several shades darker than the designer’s sofa, armchair and carpet. Monochromatic curtains of wet asphalt color and cushion in tone decorate the room. Tables and lights are made in dark colors.And the interior is diluted with a small amount of bright details: pillows, photo frame and lamp.

The working area, for which there was a place in the corner of the living room, is made in the same color scheme and does not violate harmony. As a result, the design looks cozy, but at the same time there is absolutely nothing superfluous.

All colors from warm and cool palettes are equally good and suitable for decoration of living rooms. There are no prohibitions and frames - choose those shades that you like, but do not forget that in order to create a harmonious interior, they need to be combined with suitable tones.

All about the rules of color combinations in the interior, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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