Modern ideas of flat design

Fashion trends cover not only clothes and shoes, personal accessories, cars, travel directions and the choice of profession. They also regulate the style of home space design. Having decorated the dwelling in accordance with the latest trends, it is possible for several years not to fear the obsolescence of its appearance. Therefore, you need to find out what approaches are popular now, how they can manifest themselves in individual rooms, how to combine design requirements with creating a comfortable environment.

Major fashion trends

Italian design of the apartment is equally appropriate in both large and small rooms. The expression of this approach is the use of arched structures, columns; It is advisable to install wooden furniture, rather than products made from other materials.No matter how you try to introduce more jewelry, they should not cancel conciseness and elegance. The space is saturated with diverse parts, designed to improve perception, make it fresher.

Modern style is not something unified, monolithic, like most other formats. In it you can find notes of minimalism and country music, loft and classic, pop art.

Unconditional priority is given to those solutions that are externally unique, demonstrate at the same time the well-being and aesthetic tastes of the residents, look beautiful and practical. Increasingly, designers use metal parts for decoration, which have very different practical uses. Matte surfaces also came into fashion.

Obligatory feature of the modern style in the apartment, whatever products for the decoration were not used, is the ease and unobtrusiveness of the created environment. If there is a desire to make it less homogeneous, it is enough to enter a detail made in pop art format or in any ethnic style. As before, clear straight lines should be used.

The rounding of corners, the diagonal of the modern style is completely contrary.

Apartments of a small or standard area for a long time will be the predominant type of urban housing, and therefore the characteristic feature of modern fashion will remain the union of different rooms into one. When re-planning, partitions and even separate walls are removed, which contributes to the expansion of the available space. After such a procedure, it becomes easier for the designers and the tenants themselves to translate ideas.

To rationally use the area that is already available and less often resort to redevelopment, many people use furniture with lightweight structures and transforming products. Instead of a large desk in most apartments, a light console is enough; still, the amount of written work is unlikely to be large. The current tendency to use folding furniture options is determined not only by the desire to save space, but also by the preference for minimalist design.

If you need not only real, but also the visual effect of reducing the occupied space, you should prefer furnishings, which in varying degrees, made of durable glass, transparent brands of acrylic or plastic.

New items of household appliances, made in a futuristic spirit, will occupy a worthy place in the middle of the room, decorated in the style of high-tech, in this regard, the design of 2017 has not changed. The actual trend of the outgoing year in the high-tech style was the embedding of technology in furniture, especially when selecting non-standard design elements.

Decorators recommend not to use too thick colors, concentrated paints.

Interiors are fashionable, where all ideas are embodied due to manipulations with white, black, gray and blue. But the geometry may well be not the same as usual. It will even look advantageous.

Style selection

When making repairs in a new apartment or in an old house, it is advisable to give preference to natural finishing materials. In principle, they do not go out of fashion, and even after decades, you will not have to regret your choice. A variety of suitable materials and designs is quite large, they allow you to embody any, even the most non-standard idea.

The best projects made by modern designers rarely do without the use of wood.

Its use brings beauty and unique texture, facilitates the approach to harmony.In addition, wood surfaces are easily combined into one composition with details of both light and dark colors, if used correctly the effect of contrast.

To emphasize the decisions of different colors, beautiful details of the interior, it is advisable to add multi-level lighting, especially in large and multifunctional rooms. When choosing a design approach, always look at alternatives to it, to stylistic solutions that achieve the desired goal by other means.

For your information: the design of all rooms must be chosen more or less homogeneous, only world-class designers will be able to decorate them in a contradictory and cozy manner.

Stylish design in the spirit of avant-garde Most likely will appeal to those who like the original design decision, catchy accents, unique shapes and manipulations with light and shadow. Creative people - experimenters in the soul can safely choose expressionism, with its help, a chic result is obtained if everything is done correctly.

The modern edition of this style is distinguished by the combination of the prevailing strict elements with bright and rich parts of the room, aimed at developing positive emotions.

If used indoors modern style, saturated colors need to be applied very limitedly and only in the main functional area. Do not forget about the sophistication and sophistication that any modernist room should meet. Be sure to use textiles, make sure that harmony is preserved in different places between shades.

Put only the most necessary furniture, discard any accessory that has no direct practical value.

Loft - a kind of hybrid of home and street space, and the amount of furniture here, unlike modern, is unlimited. It should be strict and simple, not have a single excess accent. In the fashion wall decoration using plaster of various kinds, mirror panels, imitation of natural stone and brick. But dwellings created by large-panel housing construction should be decorated differently.

Apartments in the panel house are recommended to finish in the spirit of country music or in more pronounced ethnic styles.

The hallways, as before, are equipped with cabinets of compartment execution, and along the walls are bedside tables, shelves are hung on the walls themselves. Due to this step, there is no need to increase the area of ​​the corridor to 20 square meters. m, radically reducing the living space so that it becomes comfortable and functional.

In the combined bathrooms angular baths are quite fashionable, while avoiding unnecessarily dark coloration. Design solutions that pay maximum attention to storage systems will help to increase the return on the usable space, turn even an apartment of 53 m2 or less into a fairly spacious housing.

Color solutions

White color and its diverse shades will forever remain one of the key options for interior design. They allow you to demonstrate the elegance of furniture and decorative details of any other color.

In addition, light colors in the interior:

  • Externally increases it;

  • Provides a disguise of architectural flaws and errors in the finish;

  • It creates a feeling of freshness and weightlessness.

According to experts, the snow-white interior should be diluted with a maximum of two other colors, including their shades too. Fashionable and elegant solution - the use of imitation wood as additional colors (whether it is light or dark - this is your personal decision). Such a step will help create an atmosphere that is fresh and not screaming, as calm and sympathetic as possible for people.

If you are not afraid of more decisive experiments, it is worth replacing gray tones with bright ones, and diluting white color with occurrences of wood surfaces.

But keep in mind that preserving harmony will not be easy, do not introduce too many bright tones, let them touch only some accent detail or part of the room.

In medium and large rooms it is worth using contrasting colors to emphasize the geometric properties of the rooms and visually divide the territory into zones.

Remember: decorating in beige colors or in another calm gamut is the fashion of 2017.

It is safe to use azure-turquoise, thick blue, crimson or violet tones in addition to it. Extinguishing emotions of coffee, cream, cream colors should be supplemented with chocolate-colored. According to some experts, the so-called grassy greens will be popular in the near future, the meaning of which is not only a hint of freshness, but also the creation of a summer atmosphere.

Room decoration

In addition to the general requirements specific to the house as a whole and each part of it, it is necessary to take into account those fashion trends that relate only to individual rooms. Let us examine them in more detail.

Living room and kitchen

The living rooms of the modern look can be quite diverse; the classical approach - when a separate room is created, where people living in the house and guests gather, does not require using it in any other way.

With a different scheme, the lines between the living room and the dining room are erased; Such a move is advisable if you combine the kitchen and the dining area does not go out.

The organization of the studio is quite popular, in which the line between the family room, the dining room and the kitchen room disappears.

The latter also has a number of formats that fully comply with the current fashion. In small rooms, one working area is often organized, and the placement of a lunch group is refused. When there is a little more space, it is worth putting a dining table and chairs in it in the kitchen itself.

The kitchen space in the late 2010s is transformed: instead of a long time without an alternative to the upper tier of cabinets, open shelves have become fashionable. They allow externally "unload" the room, make it somewhat easier and freer.

Designers do not urge to refuse cabinets; they only note that it is better to use relatively small suspended products.

Kitchen set, as in the beginning of the decade, it is best to take a smooth and solid.The simpler his design and the less decoration, the better.


Rooms for sleeping deserve no less attention than the kitchen space and the territory for receiving guests. Most designers believe that the sleeping area should no longer be part of the studio. Moreover, even a very modest area allotted for the bedroom does not interfere with the formation of a comfortable and quite practical interior.

All functional parts, except the bed, should look as neutral as possible, so as not to delay attention to themselves.

Creating a workplace, it is desirable to equip it with a console, fastened to the wall and kept in the unfolded state on one support. When a home library is being installed, it is advisable to put not weighty cabinets, but open shelves with shelves of light colors.

In a confined space it is advisable to install a sofa bed.

On the walls, it is recommended to glue wallpaper with geometric ornaments or low-key pictures of warm colors. If you create in this way the feeling of an old, romantic interior, you get a completely elegant setting; enhance the effect of a carefully selected overhead light or sun rays penetrating the thick curtains.In general, retro style is recommended for sleeping areas in 2017.

Add notes of comfort, regardless of the area of ​​the bedroom, will help the use of natural wood. Some experts believe that velvet will soon become extremely popular and popular. Even if these ideas do not suit you, you can try other options inspired by the years 1960-1970.


It does not matter whether the office is created as an autonomous room or as part of a bedroom, it is very important to adapt it to the future owner. Solutions with long, relatively narrow tables along the glazed wall are popular. To the left of the window on this wall, you can hang one or more capacious shelves, and under the countertop on the same side to put a mobile bedside table.

When it turns out to use only a very small working area, it makes sense to install a desk lamp with a variable lampshade, adjustable support.

Classical-style cabinets are furniture made of expensive wood, massive in appearance, and must use pilasters. By adding gold-plated elements to the “minimal set”, metal chandeliers with candlesticks, and curtains that resemble theatrical backstage, you can create a very lush setting.

If you are not flattered by the idea of ​​a palace or a luxurious mansion of the century before last as an ideal place to work, you want something more modern, the office can also be designed for art deco.

This direction is infinitely far from the standard offices, which they used to imagine. It will be easy to create an atypical configuration of the room, it is quite appropriate to even make a dome ceiling.

Modern home office - at the same time strict, minimalistic and exclusive place. Professionals try to resolve the contradiction between these requirements by introducing an unusual look of detail and strengthening the decorative role of lighting devices.


But if the design of the working area has not undergone significant changes over the past year, then this can not be said about the design of the balconies.

Do not try to put a refrigerator there, it is impractical and will only reduce the illumination of living rooms.

When organizing a miniature greenhouse on the balcony, designers are increasingly offering to combine it with a dining area; all you need to do is to put a small table and chairs.

However, even if you absolutely dislike the idea of ​​a greenhouse, you should use at least one plant for decorative purposes.Greens are used in all the most advanced designs of modern balcony designs. Lovers of greenery, nature, is to break not just a greenhouse, but a whole winter garden. Instead of solid fences, gratings are often put, diagonally elegant coverings are placed on the floor, and the strip adjacent to the wall can be filled with attractive pebbles.

The original solution is when a glazed partition is installed., the room is completely isolated from the street. At the same time, LED lighting is placed inside in the form of long tubes, the walls are painted in delicate light pink tones, and a picture with a black and white image is hung on one of them.

Among the materials that should be used when decorating balconies and loggias, plastic and wood are most popular now. All surfaces while it is desirable to make one color. A balcony of a classic format would look good if you decorate it with natural stone or brick. The Mediterranean style in this room shows itself by the active use of white, blue and green colors; it is possible to use wrought decor or decorations associated with water.

As for functional use, loggias and balconies are now actively being converted not only into work rooms, but also into miniature sports halls.

Whatever method of decoration you choose, consider whether the fastener can withstand the load.

It would be possible to talk about options for decorating the balcony for a long time, so let's go back to the inside of the apartment and see what the designers have prepared for children in 2017.

Decorating the walls in the nursery should be as simple and concise as possible, perfectly safe in environmental and sanitary terms. Stickers and paintings, contrasting joints are recommended as expressive accents. Experienced designers will not neglect the use of the accent surface.

It doesn’t matter if there are children in the house or not - the bathroom will not care. And, most likely, its area will be relatively small, sometimes not more than 4 square meters. Therefore, every move aimed at expanding the space will be an undeniable fashionable solution. It is necessary to apply light shades, add gloss, organize mirror surfaces. A tile going diagonally, well-designed edging and a print positioned so that the room seemed higher — here are some more interesting tricks.

Apartment design in the last couple of years has become more blurred in style., more and more rarely there are rooms that would be clearly interpreted as classical or modernist. In general, they try to combine accents and single elements of various stylistics, to create original compositions on their basis. At the same time, attention is being paid to the zoning of the internal space of dwellings and to its differentiation according to a functional basis. On the other hand, the tendency to combine is gradually indicated, when one room performs two or more tasks simultaneously.

You can often see a dressing room, located in the bedroom, a corner for games in the nursery.

When a room has more than one functional area, they try to demonstrate the unity of style as clearly as possible. Wallpapers of identical color are a very good way to do this.

The drywall ceiling has now become an anachronism. Basically, they try, as in the design of the walls, to achieve maximum simplicity. In some cases, only introduced elements designed in the spirit of modern classics. The most popular solutions based on PVC panels, cassette systems.Fans of the original design can safely try to apply liquid wallpaper on the ceiling and use wood constructions. As before, the mode corresponds to "floating" products, especially when placed around the perimeter of light sources.

As for the color of the ceiling, it can be either strictly monophonic, or multi-color, illuminated by LED lights and supplemented with elegant decorative objects. Glossy surfaces better than others meet the requirements of the season 2017; in many cases, low geometric relief and built-in lights are used.

Variants and examples in the interior

Let's look at a few examples of how designers in 2017 design living space in apartments.

Decorators have not left attempts to beautifully submit children's rooms. Fashionable last year are the decorative elements of the most fantasy, fabulous look. Romantic mood is created by compositions in the spirit of “enchanted forest”. But this is possible only with sufficient space, and when it is not enough, design searches are aimed primarily at compensating for the missing space.

The solution is often bunk structures with an obligatory fence for greater safety. From above, there is usually a place to sleep, and immediately below it is a dressing room with all the necessary attributes - small closets, a mirror, hooks.

Reputable owners often try not only to elevate the entrance hall, but also to decorate it as elegantly as possible. Often for this purpose use moderately dark laminate and slightly lighter furniture.

In general, the higher the ceiling, the lighter the room appears.

The designers are not too keen on accessory accessories, but on the other hand they quite clearly carry out the task of decorating with their help. Here you can see how the combination of bright colors is advantageously played on average along the area of ​​the corridor. Saturated yellow walls are in harmony with the bright red coat hanger of the original form. This is a floor construction, the lower part of which allows you to put umbrellas.

Opening up the perspective to the living room by dismantling the doors, as well as the single color of the floor, which differs little from the color of the curtains, drastically expands the space, destroys the very idea of ​​crowding.

But if the corridor pleases first of all the guests, then the bedroom is a room especially for the owners. And here the scope for fantasy is simply inexhaustible.Here we have a room full of bright colors, sustained as symmetrically as possible. It is emphasized by the same type of lamps installed along the edges from the head of the bed and the same storage systems just below. But the flowers on the left and on the right are somewhat different, as are the vases in which they are placed.

The authors of this project also took into account the idea of ​​symmetry, but in the first place for them came the romantic mood and the natural atmosphere. These motifs are highlighted by a background wall decorated with an image of an autumn forest shrouded in thick fog. The stands on the sides of the sofa are intentionally made different.

The transformation of a balcony or a loggia into a part of the mastered space is a rather old trend. The photo shows the office, organized on the former balcony. Between any two rooms they are now trying to use transparent sliding doors with a diagonal layout. They allow the premises to remain united, but if necessary, immediately divide the space into two autonomous zones.

If the rooms are combined and the partitions are dismantled, then this path is not suitable.In kitchen-dining rooms zoning is popular with the help of a corner set, bar counters and "islands". But if the premises are not interconnected, the problem of free space often comes to the fore.

Designers offer more efficient use of space through niches that can accommodate open shelves with decor, and even furniture.

Studio apartment

This is a special type of housing, and it is not always reasonable to apply general schemes to it. In 2017, in studios it is recommended to use as many partitions as possible, which not only visually divide the space, but also, for example, prevent the penetration of extraneous odors from the kitchen into the living area.

In one of the variants, the main emphasis is placed on the white and maximum light colors - the ceiling is snow-white, the walls are of an indefinitely gray color, the flooring is of noble color with some patches of dark stripes. A moderately dark row of kitchen wall-mounted cabinets can play in contrast with the bright surroundings, while the dining group is much lighter than it.

In studios, as well as in any small apartments, it is now recommended to use more mirrors.

They are built into the walls at different levels, some of which can be placed horizontally, and others vertically. Such a solution adds light to the room and is therefore easily combined even with rather dark furniture, which in another situation would seem too gloomy.

Experts recommend using scattered light sourcesto prevent the appearance of the "hospital ward" effect. On short walls it is better to install spotlights, which will help out when you need to provide maximum illumination. Another interesting option - linear LED chandeliers located along opposite walls parallel to each other. They allow you to visually extend the space, thus the room will seem much larger and more spacious.

Studio apartment

Here, as in the studio, maximum functionality is required. Designers have come up with a number of ways to ensure it, without detracting from external grace. Often the hall is made completely utilitarian, and the hallway is at least partially converted into a space for experiments. The mosaic panels, decorating with textiles or stucco elements will look attractive here.

The trend in the design of one-bedroom apartments now is to reduce the space allocated for the sleeping area, but it must be maintained rigor and conciseness.

Completely refuse heavyweight cabinets: they are either not at all, or hidden in niches are used.

An overview of the implemented design project of the apartment you can see in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

Entrance hall

Living room