Toilet design in the "Khrushchev": design ideas

 Toilet design in Khrushchev: design ideas

Arrangement of a bathroom in a small apartment often consists of placing all the necessary plumbing materials on the back, without a hint of creativity and style. However, today experts are confident that the design of the toilet in the "Khrushchev" is able to surprise and delight their owners.

Features of planning

Area "Khrushchev" is famous for its small parameters. Especially in this layout suffer the kitchen, corridor and bathroom. Most often, the share of the bathroom is allocated only 4 or 3 square meters. Initially, the toilet and bathroom in such rooms were separate, and therefore the toilet was located in a tiny narrow room resembling a matchbox.

Today, the idea of ​​a combined bathroom has penetrated almost all homes, and designers consider this the most optimal solution.

So, if the toilet is combined with a bathroom, you can proceed to the immediate transformation of the space with the help of finishing materials and the correct selection and placement of plumbing. In the case of a separate bathroom, it is worth thinking about redevelopment with the permission of the housing inspection.

When combining dismantled:

  • plumbing;
  • lighting;
  • pipes (in some cases).

Time and cash costs for such repairs increase, however, the room at the same time gains in practicality and design. Agree to 2 square. m in a separate toilet is difficult to recreate something stylish and fashionable, while the combined space of 4 square meters. m gives plenty of imagination.

The choice of materials for finishing

Arrangement of a small room can be done using any materials that are resistant to moisture. It is important to remember that condensate will collect here, and therefore all products must meet the stated requirements.

In carrying out repairs, they give such popular materials as:

  • tile;
  • plastic;
  • mosaic;
  • liquid wallpaper;
  • wallpaper.


Tile is a classic and standard solution when designing a toilet room. Despite the use of this material as a finish, the tile has not lost its relevance, because the walls and the floor with it look great, and they serve for more than a decade. In addition, various sizes, textures, design ideas and a combination with friezes allow you to create unique surfaces.

However, ceramic tile has its drawbacks in the complexity of the repair procedures.

Walls for decoration should be:

  • leveled with putty;
  • primed.

In addition, all engineering communications should be thoroughly disguised at the “bare walls” stage. As a rule, they are concealed with the help of gypsum boards, on which tiles are subsequently laid. The main condition for finishing tiles - ideally smooth surface.

The tile with the glossy invoice reflecting smooth surfaces is ideal for the small room, and therefore visually expanding space. It is also worth remembering that the tile for the floor and walls differs in thickness and density, and therefore it is important to use it strictly for its intended purpose.

Plastic panels

Interesting in design and PVC panels, displaying a variety of textures, imitating all sorts of trees or themed prints.

Advantages of using plastic panels:

  • long service life;
  • easy to care and clean;
  • glossy surfaces expand the space;
  • wide range of dimensions of the panels;
  • prevent mold and mildew between the wall and the PVC panel.

Among the shortcomings here can be identified low resistance to mechanical damage. Plastic is easy to break through, and therefore thin plates up to 8 mm are at risk. Nevertheless, in a small apartment, plastic looks easy and organic, and therefore you should carefully look at this type of finish.


Small-sized toilets are often painted. Such a simple coating today may also look advantageous, because the various textures of enamels, the use of patterns and stencils, the combination of colors can turn walls into an amazing creation. Here you can recreate the thematic drawings in contrasting shades, beat the plumbing and make your interior exclusive.

In addition, for the application of paint does not require additional space. It does not need battens and drywall constructions, and therefore the walls remain completely free. Design with painted walls is subject to the stereotype that with time and under the action of moisture the paint will start peeling off. It is worth saying that the use of plaster on the walls, starting and finishing putty can reduce this problem to nothing.

Other ideas

Small premises are able to organically take over the finishing mosaic. According to its characteristics, it resembles tile, however, due to the small size of parts, it is possible to use it on walls with some errors and irregularities. And still the mosaic can be used in the most various styles since ethno-motives and finishing with a laconic hi-tech.

You can use and moisture-resistant wallpaper. However, here it is worth remembering about the combination, and to equip the area around the sink and bathroom with more resistant finishing materials. Fiberglass wallpapers are considered ideal for the bathroom today, however, their high cost becomes for some reason a failure.It should be noted that liquid wallpaper, despite its budget, can be a good option for finishing areas that are not directly in contact with water.

Perhaps the only material that can not fit into the interior of "Khrushchev", you can call natural stone.

Its becoming, heavy weight, luxury and beauty of natural highlights require sufficient space for evaluation. Even after redevelopment, old buildings cannot provide such freedom.

Plumbing placement

The placement of all the necessary plumbing fixtures becomes a problem for a small room.

Here it is necessary to consider the following indicators:

  • free space between the bath or shower and sink - 70 cm;
  • free zone at the washing machine - 90 cm;
  • the gap between sanitary appliances - 25 cm.

The presented measurements are minimal and, if possible, can be increased, however, if they are observed, spaciousness and convenience will prevail in the bathroom.

In the arrangement, you can use the action algorithm, depending on the length of the wall and groups of devices. So, if the entrance door is located on a short wall, in front of it have a bath or shower.If the door is on a long wall, a toilet and sink are successfully placed opposite it. The interior of the washing machine also requires its placement on a long wall.

Speaking about the plumbing itself, the best solutions will be:

  • hanging toilet;
  • drop bath;
  • compact shower;
  • a small sink located at the narrow edge of the drop-shaped bath.

Such variants of modern plumbing delight with its versatility, as well as ease and convenience.

Design features

When starting a repair, it is worth considering some features of the color of the future renovated room. Thus, the design of "Khrushchev" accepts a bright palette, visually expanding the pressure walls of this area. It is absolutely not necessary to create a faded routine, because you can always color the universal white, milky or beige color with juicy shades, be it yellow, orange, lime or burgundy. This is especially easy to do when assembling a tile composition.

In addition, do not forget about the mirrors. They increase the space in any room, and therefore their presence is mandatory. The best option would be the location of mirrors of various sizes opposite each other.

The correct solution would be to use bright plumbing unusual forms. This will help turn the bathroom "Khrushchev" in an interesting design object, worthy of attention. Saturation and color will add panels made of mosaic.

Interesting options

The design in the style of minimalism is characterized by conciseness and restraint in everything. Simple plumbing, compact shower and comfortable sink does not litter the space. The clever combination of tiles on the floor and on the walls adds bright accents to the room.

The luxurious interior of the bathroom with the use of glossy tiles of two colors very clearly demarcates the space into zones. Rounded plumbing smoothes all corners of the room.

The location of the washing machine under one panel with the sink significantly saves space, freeing one of the walls.

Compact shower allows you to make the wall as functional as possible. So, saving space on the placement of a full-fledged bathroom, the long wall is complemented with glass wall shelves for small items and a small washing machine.

Snow-white toilet design in the "Khrushchev" conquers modern look.Bright accents in the form of red textiles and strips on a tile paint the room, and a hanging toilet, a small bath and niches that play the role of shelves, save space.

On how to make the original repair in the toilet and prevent mistakes, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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