Design rooms in various fashion styles

Before you begin to finish the room, it is necessary to determine the style of registration space. To create an aesthetic interior you need a harmonious combination of different elements. It is better to maintain the decoration of walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, curtains, decorative objects in a certain style, this will help to create an actual and beautiful look of the house.

Variety of options

What room style to choose the room will be prompted by the functional features of the room: a young man, a large family or a single old woman will live in this room. A small room in a small apartment or a large transforming space also influences the choice of style. In each case, you can choose the most suitable finish.

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Designers offer a variety of options for stylistic solutions, and manufacturers - a huge palette of finishing materials and furniture in any direction of design.

Actual and fashionable interior can be obtained by decorating the room in a classic style, and in the ultra-modern. Today, designers are quite liberal with classic English-style interiors, baroque luxury, chic chic or modern charm, futuristic high-tech, tech loft and minimalist Scandinavian style. Provence and Art Deco are still in fashion. For fans of ethnic destinations the best choice would be country, Russian or oriental style. Consider the main features of each stylistic direction.


The utilitarian attitude to the world around us has shaped the current and fashionable loft style today. This design uses structural elements of the building in the interior decoration. This industrial style appeared when industrial buildings began to be used as housing for workers. Masonry, concrete floor, metal rusty floor beams, free planning, bathroom and toilet behind the curtain,simple lamps without lampshades, a minimum of decor, gray and brown tones gradually became the hallmarks of a tech loft and acquired an elite color.

The interiors began to decorate the collapsed brickwork, concrete textures in the flooring, in the decoration of the ceilings beams are deliberately distinguished.

For lighting, stylized lamps are used in the form of huge incandescent lamps or spotlights with directional light for zoning rooms. Electrical wiring hangs especially freely along the walls and ceiling. Heating pipes do not hide, stylized under the metal and are a kind of interior decor.

The entrance door usually leads to a single space where the kitchen is separated by a concrete ledge, a massive ceiling beam can visually share the bedroom and living room, a stylish metal bathroom can decorate the interior without hiding, as well as the toilet. For solitude, a portable screen is sometimes used. It can be a bright accent in the gray palette of the interior.

Window openings are somewhat larger or much smaller than standard ones, often they are equipped with ceiling lights for lighting, if it is an attic room, curtains are the simplest, and better blinds.Furniture is preferred on metal structures, worktops made of glass or steel, upholstered in plain leather or imitation leather.

This design requires high ceilings and sufficient space.

Often arrange the second level for the bedroom or office. Steps and railings make simple functional designs.

The loft style has three branches:

  • Bohemian, or boho-loft, preserves the factory style of the main room, the furniture has obvious signs of wear, which are artificially created or, being a rarity, are acquired for a lot of money, the situation is complemented by aged fine art objects, old playbills or time-touched sculptures.
  • Glamorous loft: some dramatic color and some elegant furnishings add to the gray-brown gamut.
  • Industrial loft is a basic interior decoration with all the attributes of a factory floor.

High tech

Another young interior style is high-tech. It originated in the 60s of the last century, when the era of space technology began. Space exploration, the study of distant worlds inspired to create a futuristic design.This style keeps up with the development of progress, uses the latest achievements of engineering art in decoration. This design option also likes open plan, strict geometry and minimum furniture.

The decoration uses a monochrome color palette with one or two bright accents.

Constructivism, chrome and plastic finishing materials, metal and glass is welcomed. Furniture is selected only necessary to perform vital functions. Well, if the furniture has various complex transformation mechanisms. Here you will not meet ottomans, boutonnieres, stucco and carving. On the contrary, the very unusual design of furniture, copying cosmic geometry with its lines, makes this style unique.

Special lighting organization is another high-tech style feature. Chandeliers and lamps have an unusual shape and are simple functional cone-shaped ceiling with a dotted direction of illumination, for example, on the dining table. Such lamps can be formed into a group of several lamps, while the design provides the opportunity to turn each ceiling in the right direction.

Or chandeliers of absolutely fantastic form from tens and hundreds of LED bulbs. Such chandeliers can occupy the central space of the room and be an independent architectural element.

For zoning, hidden lighting is used not only for different levels of the ceiling, but also for the walls, creating a truly cosmic atmosphere.


Originating at the end of the 19th century, the Art Nouveau style replaced palace luxury, it is still very popular today. The sophistication of the interior in combination with floral motifs, smooth curved designs windows, doors, arched windows attract with their decorative effect. From finishing materials preferably natural wood and forged metal elements with floral ornaments.

This is one of the most expensive styles, as it requires natural materials and artistic decoration of the interior. Such decoration are stained glass. They can be made of tinted glass or simple transparent. Important here the presence of floral ornament or floral theme in a modern interpretation.

Only a professional designer with the involvement of specialists in the processing of wood, glass and metal can design the interior in modern style.

The high value of such decor and decor makes modern not the best choice for families with small children.


More democratic and warm style of finishing Provence has a lot of fans. This style originated in the French province and gained popularity around the world. The charm and elegance of the decor, the floral print on the wallpaper and curtains, the slightly faded colors of the painted furniture are its distinctive features.

Many old pieces of furniture can be simply dyed in blue, pale green, pink, milky colors, allowed the lower layers to shine through the top, decorate simple vases with field flowers, hang curtains made of simple linen fabrics or chintz pastel gamut with small flowers on the windows. This setting is a comfort and relaxed summer holiday. It will be nice to warm households gathered at the dinner table. The walls are often simply plaster and whitewash, decorated with paintings with floral themes.

Country music

Rustic theme in interior design continues country style. It originated in America and is different. the brightness of natural wood colors, colorful textiles. Furniture is a simple form of wood.Often used for decoration animal skins and hunting symbols.

In the interior decoration structural elements are not decorated, the ceiling beams are part of the decor of the room. Organic here looks like a simple-shaped fireplace with chairs or a sofa in front of it. Here you will not find ultra-modern lamps or chrome-plated surfaces, the maximum proximity to natural forms is the trademark of this direction.

Ethnic style has its own characteristics in each country.

In Greece, it is customary to simply whitewash the walls inside and outside the room, the floor is laid out with ceramic tiles of natural sand colors, the decor is used in the form of clay vases, pots or artistic reliefs. Mediterranean style there is no multicolor, as in American country music.

Russian style, perhaps closer to the American. But he has his own attributes - the presence of a stove for cooking and heating, instead of chairs and sofas, benches, benches or stools. The decoration used log walls, a lot of wooden carving, wooden plank floor. The decor is dominated by woven rugs, colorful simple curtains, and embroidered tablecloths.This setting gives a feeling of warmth and security.


At the peak of popularity today is the Scandinavian style. This is the most concise and simple in the design of the interior. The Nordic countries, due to their climate, have a lack of sunlight, so the main focus is on maximum use of white and beige colors.

The walls are plastered with light wallpaper, it is possible with a geometric, inconspicuous pattern, they are plastered sufficiently textured for applying matt white-milky paint or sheathed with boards. Wall structures and ceiling beams are distinguished by natural stains or paint of natural tones. The floor is finished with a large parquet board of natural color to match the beams, or almost white parquet to fit the walls.

A distinctive feature of the Scandinavian style was a small amount of furniture, simple geometry of the interior, natural colors, laconic decor of windows.

In some rooms of the first floor, the walls can be lined with stone, and the floor is trimmed with a plank of parquet which is aged to black. Then the interior acquires rustic features. The furniture here is selected corresponding - a large wooden set of dark color, a carpet with a geometric pattern of white-brown or white-black gamut.


The direct opposite of modern utilitarian styles is baroque. it luxurious aristocratic style, which arose in the XVIII century for giving magnificent decoration to the palaces of high society nobility and ruling dynasties.

Often in this style make out the hall and the main hall for receptions in private houses and mansions. Walls are covered with wallpaper with a metalized thread woven into a pattern with monograms of gold or silver finish. Sometimes they are revetted with natural marble of pink or white color, the ceiling is supported by columns decorated with the same marble or another valuable stone - malachite, amber and others.

The ceiling is decorated with stucco and rosettes around a magnificent chandelier with crystal details to create a play of light on surfaces. The ceiling can be painted with a mural with a biblical, military or romantic plot. The floors are made of parquet floor with artistic inserts.

Curtains with complex draperies of brocade or satin on high windows reinforce the compositional height of the space. The color palette consists of royal colors: burgundy, white, blue, rich green and brown colors.Gold or silver fringe, tassels with brushes, pelmets adorn the curtains.

Chebbi chic

Nostalgic family design in the style of the sixties - shebbi-chic, is increasingly finding its admirers.

The name itself (“chebbi” - old) implies the presence of furniture of those years and decor, which belongs to the past generation.

Furniture is purchased in antique stores or artificially aged. Paint and polishing should have beautiful cracks, furniture - artistic wiping. In general, the interior has a touch of chic. This design is not cheap. It is very subtly combined antiquity and sophistication.

The interior of the chebbi chic is filled with soft lines and pastel colors. White, ivory, pale pink, pale green make up the main palette of colors. The main focus is on floral ornament. The abundance of textiles, ruffles and frills in the decor are an ornament and complement the decor. The theme of roses prevails in everything. The walls are covered with white or floral wallpaper. Mint color background is preferred. Chandeliers - white with gold and lampshades, will be the accent of the ceiling decoration.


Beautiful interior can be created in a classic style and without the help of a professional designer. This design option has incorporated respectable features of palace styles without too much luxury.

Natural artistic parquet and marble flooring are appropriate. In the decoration of walls and ceilings used moldings, simplified strict stucco, sockets for chandeliers. You can use elements of the architecture of Greek temples, white columns or half columns for accents of walls and doorways. Colors of finishing - quiet white or beige scales. Furniture is chosen natural brown gamut.

Fabrics for curtains and upholstery of upholstered furniture are preferred velvet or silk. Gilding will be an exquisite addition to the setting.


Puritan simplicity of decoration is compensated by the decoration of valuable objects from India, Africa or Australia. Historically, these countries were colonies of England, household items were brought from trips. They fit into the Victorian interior setting and gave color and value to the interior - wallpaper in stripes or panels of wood, the ceiling is sewn with shades of the same wood, fairly simple furniture of dull colors, a calm range of pastel colors of decoration.

The floor is finished with parquet in the herringbone.And against the background of this calm video series, an unusual object, made by Indian masters or brought from Africa, immediately revives the room, gives it sophistication and a certain mystery.


Minimalism arose as a requirement of modernity - a person, faced with the flow of information, needs psychological rest. Almost empty laconic atmosphere of the room will not take away the emotional background. Convenience and lack of detail are the basis of this style.

The main focus here is a comfort lighting device. The two-color palette of the decor is used, the monochrome finish of the surfaces of the walls, floor and ceiling.


Oriental directions of design are close to such an organization of space. Japanese style is characterized by the almost complete lack of furniture, the use of natural materials for decoration of straw and bamboo. The colors are yellow, brown and white.

Chinese style is enlivened by objects of worship with bright red and green symbolism.


The original and exclusive look of the room can be given by decorating it in a nautical style. This design does not apply to architectural classification. It is based on decorating the premises with marine paraphernalia - white wallpaper, blue and white strip of furniture upholstery, sometimes a red accent strip and various items of ship life: anchor, rope, steering wheel, chest, decoration of the frame of the mirror with shells or sea sand. On the walls hang various seascapes. This is a great solution for a teen room.

How to choose a design?

Each person will suit something "his":

  • Respectable family fit luxury ceremonial halls of palace baroque or classical styles.
  • An elderly lady will look decent in the English interior.
  • The girl will be cute and modern look in a modern setting.
  • Energetic hi-tech or loft is indispensable for a young man.
  • Apartment in Provence or Mediterranean style will be the best choice for a young family with children.
  • A Scandinavian-style office will allow you to focus on working in a relaxed atmosphere.

Examples in the interior

Always look stylish interior in black and white color, regardless of the architectural style.

If you are not sure whether you should upgrade the interior of the apartment, the following video will help resolve this dilemma.See the top 10 signs of outdated interior, compiled by a professional designer.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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