Design apartment in bright colors: the embodiment of modern style

Each apartment owner wants to bring to life a homely atmosphere. But before you make a project, it is worthwhile to think carefully about the style of the room and its color scheme. Each person has his own idea of ​​comfort, but many people agree on choosing their own corner in bright colors. The rules dictated by modern trends are constantly changing, but the white and other bed tones firmly hold their positions.

Special features

Design work in this situation is limited only by your imagination, since the love of experts in creating interiors for playing with white is widely known. Also, when creating the atmosphere, beige, golden, milky and cream shades are actively used.

Even the smallest apartment will look great in pastel colors, because:

  • extra light will fill your room;
  • visually expands the small space;
  • colors are quite easily combined with each other;
  • bright bright accents look more advantageous.

Do not be afraid of the fact that the light tone in the apartment may seem like a complete bad taste, but in fact it is a win-win option in the design. Surrounded by artificially created light, calm and peace of mind are easily achieved.

Such an atmosphere will never be oversaturated with boredom and tediousness. And the addition of its bright details will be a real work of art.

Keep in mind that lighting plays a key role in modern design. The combination of different methods of lighting, various lamps and other elements can visually increase the space and bring comfort to the rooms.

It is necessary to consider the nature of the lighting. The main light source is a chandelier. A variety of spotlights, lamps and floor lamps furnish a cozy corner in the large hall of a three-room apartment. Pictures, niches, certain areas are emphasized with decorative lighting, and this is always relevant in the living space.

Many modern trends in the interior use white and pastel colors. These include both Scandinavian and classic styles. White often draws the walls of housing, designed in the style of high-tech, and this once again shows the versatility of the use of pastel shades and their successful combination with other colors.

The ceiling in white color is often performed using drywall or tension construction, and the floor in this case is recommended to issue in coffee or milk shade.

To create the desired emphasis can be used tile, painted wood or parquet. Those who want to get extra comfort can lay the carpet on the floor, but it is important that the overall color scheme overlaps with its color.

Depending on the chosen style on the walls can be wallpaper, tile or paint. Despite the fact that the white color on the walls always looks stylish, you can resort to the use of light gray, gold and beige.

Doors and window frames are almost always recommended to be performed in the same shade and from the same material. But do not forget that you should not use too many shades in one room to maintain harmony.


In the modern design of an apartment of any size and its layout require the use of practical natural and high-quality matter. The increase in visual space is achieved with the help of materials finishing light colors, as well as proper lighting.

A special feature of any residential area is a practical finish. The hall and bathroom, decorated with ceramic tiles, in most cases look interesting, especially if it is lined with patterns on the floor and walls. If you need a kind of neoclassical, then this technique will also be appropriate.

Always relevant combinations of different contrasts. Wallpapers pasted for painting, allow you to change the color of the surface.


A feature of modern design of any room, apartment and house is the use of neutral shades in conjunction with brighter tones.

The game of contrast also fits well with any interior and style, be it classic or hi-tech. Light tones are used much more often, because they provide a visual increase in space. Rooms that have a small area in a multi-room apartment should not be performed in a dark color.

It is best to use a light palette and dilute with separate bright areas or "woody" inserts. It is precisely due to this color range that the room will appear visually wider.

The decor in a variety of styles also implies monochrome surfaces. For example, eco style is made in white, beige, light brown and other warm colors. For other design directions, light gray, blue, green shades can be used.

The harmony achieved by light shades may include several neutral tones, for example, white or beige, which are complemented by bright details.


Of course, the white color is the “king”, but you should not neglect the use of other colors in the design and creation of the interior of the apartment / room. In the color palette, the next after the "king" is beige. It is an excellent base for a warm and gentle atmosphere. Due to its neutrality, it is combined with a huge range of other colors and shades, which means it can be easily applied in any combination.

For example, combining a beige color with any contrasting shades, such as red, blue, yellow, black, will be successful.brown. There is a huge amount of ideological variations that cannot be realized without his participation.


The next color is gray. He deserves attention. In this color you can boldly decorate the rooms in gray tones, starting with lighter tones and ending with combining it with the rest of the accents of the same gray. In addition, it can be combined with white, black, beige, yellow. In general, it is quite compatible with most paints.

Mentioning accents, one cannot but mention the successful game of multi-colored inclusions. The main role of bright colors is to attract attention. Another option is the design of the background in neutral colors.

The most common solution is the design in black and white style. This composition is most often chosen by lovers of laconic style. Well-chosen accessories successfully fit into the overall picture.

Floor and wall decoration

Many people do not imagine the creation of comfort in the apartment without the use of wallpaper. And in fact, they are almost perfect for any style. The variety of colors and textures of wallpaper is extremely wide today.

Therefore, when choosing them, they are advised to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • determine the desired wallpaper structure. For example, for the bedroom more suitable paper wallpaper. This is due to their airtightness and decorative range. The most successful solution is a two-layer wallpaper of paper of different types;
  • take into account the color scheme, since it must fit the overall picture of the whole room in a design project;
  • designers are recommended to arrange the entire perimeter of the room in pastel shades of the same type, and to execute one wall with a pattern;
  • choose the glue, which its texture is only suitable for purchased wallpaper;
  • if you chose photo wallpaper or wallpaper with a pattern, it is recommended to put a cut pattern before marking, to mark the cutting line by comparison;
  • the room should be warm air temperature and there is absolutely no allowed drafts and even more so, moisture.

Ideas for design

To achieve complete harmony and balance, as well as to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, an excellent option would be to place a bright (or in a coffee shade) panel on bright wallpaper.For lovers of scenery, you can create a whole scheme (collage) of paintings or photographs.

Other various decorative elements are also relevant:

  • mirrors;
  • bookshelves;
  • LED strip lights;
  • other elements.

They bring comfort to any apartment. But it must be borne in mind that everything should be in place and not violate the general harmony. For a three-room apartment, cozy carpets with a long nap, which can be placed in the living room and with the same success in the bedroom, are a popular solution.

For a small one-room apartment or Khrushchev, it is worth picking up practical and compact decorative elements so that they do not clutter up the furnishings.

The coffee-and-white design of the classic living space makes it possible to create an unusually fresh and even, one might say, a status look. Boards that constitute a floor covering in combination with a neutral-tone carpet will perfectly complement the bright atmosphere of the room.

With the widespread use of a light palette, a room may seem cold, so designers recommend adding some “warm” moments (namely, wooden furniture, paintings and panels, a red tint of upholstered furniture and, of course, plants whose presence ensures the appropriate presence of nature).

What should be the furniture?

Although white furniture is often not practical, it is very beautiful. The furnishings used in this color solution are selected only if the chosen style requires it.

To fill the apartment with additional light and to avoid turning it into something like a hospital ward. You can use the following tricks:

  • To select one piece of white furniture as a “light spot” in the setting, which can be made from both textiles and leather.
  • The color of the rest of the furniture set is worth choosing a tone that is darker relative to the general background, this will help to slightly relieve the tension caused by the glut of white.
  • It is advisable to create a group of bright and dark accents - an example would be chairs, throw pillows, a table or a chest of drawers.
  • If in the interior with bright colors to free up the center of the room, it will help to achieve a visually maximum expansion of the space.
  • To get rid of the sense of loss in space, freeing the desired zone, you can equip it with modular or corner furniture.

In their work, designers are not limited to this. They give recommendations on the addition of the interior with additional details: curtains, lamps, paintings, various decorative objects.They bring some variety and make the design successfully completed.

Light colors in the interior will always remain stylish and modern. This interior does not require unnecessary costs, does not put forward strict rules for the design.

The main rule of its use is to successfully combine the selected shades and colors.

With all this it should be borne in mind that light colors make it possible to widely improvise on the theme of design, since they are well combined with each other, which, however, designers successfully use in their projects. An apartment with such a color scheme is also suitable for freedom-loving people who feel comfortable only in a lighted environment. Everywhere it is such an option that is gaining popularity in a variety of style decisions, which are based on pastel and white colors.

In the style of minimalism, it is not entirely appropriate to use furniture of complex shape or with elaborate decor. This direction in the design includes strict lines. At the same time it is very preferable that it is transforming furniture. This format is very convenient in small apartments, studios, "Khrushchev".

Choosing textiles

In each style of the interior there is a textile element. Home comfort is created with the help of curtains, rugs, cloth paintings, cushions, bedspreads and other details. When choosing any of these parts, you need to pay attention to the design style. A small apartment, decorated in the style of minimalism, does not fit a variety of textile details, while the curtains should look as simple and easy as possible.

Textile elements with small dimensions will help to create a harmonious atmosphere in the apartment. As an example - the main shades of paintings or curtains for the living room are appropriate on the fabric of the rug or sofa cushions. A variety of textile decor is best suited for a spacious apartment.

Curtains at all times were a decisive element in creating home comfort, as well as ensuring the obstruction of light in the bedroom. When choosing them, you need to start from the general style, the combination of texture and colors of other types of textiles. The most suitable colors for curtains in a bright room for sleeping are blue, milky, pearl, peach, golden.

An interesting find is the decoding of windows with dark tulle. It looks unusual and interesting.

Dark curtains or bright rich tones should be used with great care so that there is no sensation of dark spots in a bright room. We should not forget that with limited space, their use is highly discouraged.

Beautiful examples of the interior

In modern realities, planning the design of a two-room apartment with the help of general design principles is often the best solution. The development of any project should include the characteristics of each room taken. Everything is taken into account, starting with the shape of the room and the height of the ceiling and ending with the nature of the lighting.

Hallway combines style and practicality. In its design uses high-quality materials and small furniture. Small spaces should be decorated in light colors, and flooring should be darker for practicality. The interior style is characterized by two features: calm and restraint. But at the same time, it never ceases to be homely and cozy.

We give the following example.

Imagine an average family of four. The budget for the arrangement of the room is small. For this reason, budget furniture and finishing materials were used. The corridor together with the hallway was executed in light beige tones with elements of brown shades. The surface of the walls was treated with decorative plaster and lining for painting. Directly the corridor and entrance area itself was divided by a different floor covering: the corridor is covered with laminate stripes, and the entrance hall has tiles with an interesting pattern.

In order to somehow increase the space, there is a mirror at the entrance door, which easily confuses not only guests, but also owners. In order to save space, the storeroom was completely removed, it is necessary to plan a system for storing outer clothing and shoes (not to mention trifles).

Great is the placement of cabinets that will be built into the wall. To highlight them in the interior should use the pattern in shades opposite to the color of the walls. You can use glass, decorated with a mural, or wood. And at the entrance to the kitchen should be placed wooden installation, it will fit perfectly into the overall picture.

The kitchen is executed according to standard planning schemes. Due to the small size, in order to visually enlarge the space, the doors were abandoned. The main color made white and beige.

These flowers will be decorated:

  • ceiling;
  • kitchen facade;
  • partly furniture.

The walls will have an adjacent character. Since most have a light tone, the tile will have most of white with bright inserts in the form of a pattern. The ceiling will organically repeat the overall picture. It will be made of LDF-profile, have false beams, arranged for painting.

The bedroom will be 2 in 1, that is, the living room and bedroom in one room.

According to tradition, in the bedroom you must use a large double bed and bedside tables. But in our case, a large corner sofa will be used in this role.

The living part of the room will include a framed portal from the eaves with imitation of decorative masonry, and an electric fireplace will be located on its background. Opposite him is a wall decorated with photo wallpapers.

An example of the design of a classic living room in bright colors, see the following video.

The first children's room for a girl gives an opportunity to plunge into the bright and colorful children's world. For her, the main role is played by pink. On the walls are placed wallpaper "Butterflies". The main part of the room is decorated in pink shades, but more emphasis is placed on the geometry. The wardrobe is made to order for the preservation of all the same lines and geometric shapes, but with the addition of blue and green shades.

In the second nursery also reigns the atmosphere of fun and color. If the first nursery is a room for a princess, then the second one is “hosted” by cartoon characters. Because of this, all the bright components are appropriate. There is certainly a childish chaos.

Since all children's furniture is of small dimensions, the rearrangement can be carried out daily, and it is worth noting that it can be carried out directly by the owner of the room. In case of arrival of guests there is a chair-bed, which fits into a bright environment.

The contrast of the style decision was chosen as the main design of the bathroom and the bathroom. Because of this, the bathroom is decorated with bright colors, and the bathroom appears to be discreet and concise.The material used is traditional tile.

Another bright element stands for the bathroom curtain, which brings some pomp. The bathroom is restrained. For the main color is taken restrained blue and white. Its main motive is made with a geometric strip on the tile, white and black wallpaper and wall-mounted shutters.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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