The style of "minimalism" in the interior of the apartment: refinement and austerity

 The style of minimalism in the interior of the apartment: refinement and austerity

One of the popular modern styles is minimalism. He catches the eye with his simplicity and accuracy, he is chosen for various types of premises, both homebodies and people with a busy schedule find pleasure in him. Before you make a room in this style, you should certainly get acquainted with all its features in more detail.

Style features

The basis for the formation of this direction was constructivism, which flourished in the first half of the 20th century. Due to the development of many trends in fashion and technological progress, there was a change of various styles, before minimalism was at the peak of popularity.

Since the style began to develop in the 70s of the 20th century, it supplanted such a trend as pop art. The latter were characterized by bright colors, and minimalism is characterized by restraint of tones. He conquered everyone with his freshness and softness of shades.

Apartment or room in minimalism style has a number of specific characteristics.

  • For the direction is characterized by clear lines. Many furnishings have a strict shape and elegant outlines. Rectangular shapes, which can be seen in furniture silhouettes, are especially popular for style;
  • Style is inseparable from good lighting. The room may contain a whole group of ceiling lights, sometimes supplemented by floor lamps and table lamps. Contribute to the abundance of light will help large square windows. In addition to traditional lighting in minimalism, there is also a multi-level, which is achieved by placing the lights on different levels of the wall;
  • An important element of minimalism is open space. The room should not be overloaded with furniture;
  • The room in a restrained style should not be cluttered with accessories. Their abundance will break the concept of the interior,therefore, only two or three decorative elements are sufficient for a good design;
  • The style is characterized by mostly light shades. Sometimes they are diluted with brighter accents, but most of the things in the room are made in discreet colors. There are never prints and patterns on the walls; plain paint or wallpaper are chosen;
  • In the direction of using a large number of different materials. It can be raw materials from plastic, wood, glass and even bricks.

Design of different rooms

Modern minimalism is popular for houses and apartments of any size and layout. Three-room, two-room and one-room apartments are combined with this concept in their own way.

The first two types of apartments are characterized by the use of style in rooms with a specific purpose. In each of them, the minimalist design is embodied in an original way and makes the environment comfortable.


Kitchen using the style of minimalism is usually divided into two zones. One zone is a working area. For it, do not use too light colors, because it will make the pollution very noticeable on the surface of the headset.The most organically looks plastic furniture with compact handles. With the help of panel furniture, you can emphasize the simplicity and elegance of the room.

The dining area is separated from the functional area by a bar or arch. The place for a meal can be made in lighter colors, the table is often placed near the window. To make the atmosphere more comfortable, colored chairs are selected for a neutral shade of the table.

The kitchen, made in a similar concept, often contains features of high-tech style, especially if it is decorated in gray shades.


A room for sleeping in a minimalist direction implies the presence of a large and, preferably, a built-in wardrobe. He will get rid of piling up things and free up space in the room. If it is not possible to install built-in furniture, you can choose the case model, made by modular technology.

The bed is central to the room, it is a simple design that can be on a low podium or be equipped with a canopy. The role of a bedspread in the style is important - it, always being uniform, often plays an accent role,if done in a bright color scheme. On the wall at the head of the bed you can often see pictures or lighting.

Sometimes the whole room is made in bright colors, and sometimes it is based on the contrast of textiles and furniture. In most cases, plain curtains with a modest design and a straight silhouette are hung on the windows. In color, they are combined with a veil, and can sometimes be draped.

In the corner of the bedroom can be located working area. This area can be decorated with such interior items as a table, an elegant chair with castors, a bookcase combined with a bedroom set, a pier glass or a cradle if the family has a small child.


The minimalist living room is usually very bright and spacious. The set is often built into the wall and is a series of shelves and cabinets made of wood in low-key tones.

Additional means of increasing the space and filling it with light are panoramic windows and a light floor, the surface of which near the sofa is often decorated with a plain rectangular carpet.

For more light to penetrate into the hall, either the curtains are not hung on the windows, or the curtains are made of transparent light fabric.

Sofa - an important attribute of a minimalist direction.It consists of rectangular or square backs-pillows, visually looks quite soft and comfortable. In some living rooms an angular structure is placed; in other cases, two sofas are located opposite each other while the third is placed perpendicular to them. A coffee table made of plastic, wood or glass can often be seen in the center of the construction.


Finishing the bathroom in the concept of minimalism implies a fairly large area of ​​the room. The most convenient in a similar style to do the bathroom in a private house or overall apartment.

Bath, like other plumbing parts, is usually white. It can have not only rectangular, but also oval and even elongated shapes. If you prefer showers, then it is desirable that they be made of transparent glass.

The walls in the bathroom often have a matte light shade. But in the design of the option is acceptable when there is a contrast between the walls - some surfaces are made in a dark or bright color.

A large horizontal mirror, or a wall cabinet with doors with a mirrored surface, is usually located above the sink.In order to bring a touch of freshness to the interior of the room, as an accessory you can use plants located on the floor or on the pedestal, depending on its size.

An interesting option would be the design of the bathroom in beige tones. In such a room, the surface of the walls often imitates wood panels. In this embodiment, can also be decorated with cabinets and shelves.

Entrance hall

The project of the corridor in the style of minimalism depends on its layout. It is on the basis of how narrow the corridor is, the color is chosen for the walls.

In a long and narrow room walls must be light.

At the top of the walls are small lamps that help to expand the space.

In the hallway of a square or rectangular shape, darker colors in the design of walls are also permissible.

The furniture is a built-in wardrobe. Often you can see a low bench or ottomans. On one of the walls there may be small coat racks and a mirror. Most of the space remains free.

When it comes to adapting the style of minimalism in a studio apartment, it is important to keep in mind such factors as zonal distribution.This style implies an unobtrusive transition from one zone to another. The pieces of furniture themselves, as a rule, form the boundaries between the sections. As a rule, a sofa, a decorative partition or curtains usually separate the living room area.

Before you make repairs in such a room, you need to choose a color that will link all zones. It may be present on furniture items, accessories and textiles.

You can learn about all the subtleties and secrets of minimalism style by watching the following video:

Real examples in the interior

To make minimal design look too boring, you can resort to original solutions offered by designers:

  • Black and white contrast looks amazing in the living room. A light shade takes more space, and black or dark gray is embodied in furniture and textiles;
  • To save space in a small room, you can make a special niche in the wall and embed a TV there;
  • To "dilute" the minimalist design, on one of the walls of the room, you can place the wallpaper or panel. With this design, a small room will appear larger;
  • If you plan to make a ceiling in the room, it can be interesting to embody it in the style of minimalism. The suspended part is made out in color, contrasting with the main one, and has an asymmetrical form;
  • In order not to clutter the space with different shelves, compartments for small items and accessories can be built right into the wall. Having supplied these areas with lighting, you will originally transform the interior of your apartment;
  • The fireplace for minimalistic direction cannot be embodied in the traditional look. It has a more flat shape, sometimes its smooth texture is glossy;
  • The concept allows for the presence in the interior of accent details in the form of sculptures of unusual shape. They may be dim, but have a non-standard design;
  • For furniture or the ceiling is sometimes used lights, which creates a special atmosphere in the room.

Minimalism is an interesting trend that has not gone out of fashion for a long time. You will not regret if you design your apartment in this style. With the help of his restrained beauty and brevity, he will give you aesthetic pleasure, psychological comfort and good mood.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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