Apartment design in the style of modern classics

 Apartment design in the style of modern classics

A variety of design solutions for the arrangement of the premises is surprising for its originality. Especially popular is the design of the apartment in the style of modern classics. This version of the interior design gives the atmosphere a kind of nobility, and also allows you to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for spending time. The apartment, furnished in this style, is not only comfortable for living, but also corresponds to the latest fashion trends in design to the maximum.

Special features

Design in the style of modern classics does not lose its relevance over the years.It is always associated with wealth and luxury, it can combine several different directions simultaneously. Psychologists say that repairs in the classical style are preferred by successful and sensible people.

Modern classics (neoclassic), ideal for large apartments with spacious rooms. For decoration, they use calm and natural tones, which create a beautiful and favorable environment necessary for a comfortable stay. Apartment in a modern neoclassical style always looks relevant and presentable. This design direction is able to satisfy the needs of even the most capricious people, emphasizing their high status and solidity.

The most popular direction is considered to be the English neoclassicism, which is actively used in the form of minimalistic solutions using the most modern materials in the design.

Furniture and decoration in this style are characterized by simplicity, severity of lines and monochromatic colors. All these features are as close as possible to the Italian-style interior design.Beautiful interior of the apartment, created in the style of modern classics, gives the atmosphere sophistication, harmony and originality. The correct approach to the design allows you to equip the apartment so professionally that its interior for a long time will please others with its sophistication and ease.


Almost all pieces of furniture in the style of modern classics look expensive and attractive. They can be supplemented with various decorative elements. An apartment furnished with such furniture looks aristocratic and luxurious. The most common pieces of furniture are beds made of natural wood with an original headboard, chairs with oval backs, massive dressers, spacious stained-glass cabinets, elegant sofas with leather upholstery.

The neoclassical-style apartment is perfectly complemented by furniture with curved legs, where natural leather, velor, velvet, and tapestry with beautiful embossing act as upholstery. To maximize the balance in the bedrooms, they use voluminous puffs, comfortable chairs with large backs and armrests.Elegant coffee tables and functional coasters are also appropriate in this interior. More often they are distinguished by a metal or wooden frame and glass top. So laconic interior design fills the apartment with coziness, creates a feeling of celebration. This option is perfect for spacious rooms, where there is no need to save space.

Finishing materials

In the process of design of the apartment in the style of modern classics use the following finishing materials:

  • parquet or floorboard;
  • decorative plaster;
  • paint;
  • wallpaper;
  • stucco;
  • tree;
  • a rock;
  • marble;
  • combined materials.
a rock

All these materials are ideal for this design, allow you to create amazing combinations of a combination of several different options. For the decoration of the walls are often used paper or fabric wallpaper in a calm color scheme. They can be of the same type or several different species, harmoniously interconnected. Original look decorative elements in the form of rectangular panels that mimic natural wood.Professional designers prefer to paint them in bright colors, which gives the apartment a feeling of freshness and spaciousness.

The ceiling can be made in the form of a stretch fabric with a matte or glossy texture. This feature allows you to visually expand the room, fill it with lightness and airiness.

This design is durable and practical, which creates additional comfort. The best solution for the design of the floor is considered to be parquet. It is appropriate to use laminate or ceramic tile as a floor covering. These finishing materials are not only practical and aesthetically beautiful, but also have a long service life. They are produced in accordance with the latest global trends, they fully comply with all quality standards and the requirements of safety standards. The apartment in this design design looks beautiful and solid.

Color spectrum

To create an interior in the style of modern classics apply warm, pastel colors of light colors. It is not allowed to use bright and causing colors in any of their manifestations.This type of design is created in beige, white, gold, caramel, bronze, peach, turquoise, blue and light brown shades. In order to create a relaxed atmosphere, vanilla colors are often used, which in combination with strict furniture look quite harmonious and attractive. Gentle tones of light palette fill the apartment with ease, beautiful elements of decor in the form of gilding on textiles or frames perfectly highlight the high status of the owners, as well as their delicate taste.


To illuminate the apartment in the style of modern classics use chandeliers, sconces, modern dotted elements. Starting to create lighting, you need to ensure that it is as soft and diffuse. To achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to use several sources at once, complementing the central lighting with additional illumination. The best solution here will be a large crystal chandelier, which perfectly highlight the beauty and luxury of the apartment.

In spacious living rooms, this piece of lighting looks elegant, creates the necessary level of light from the center and around the perimeter.Additionally, you can use floor lamps that are suitable for this design, having the same temperature of light sources. The bedrooms look gorgeous classic chandeliers with shades, as well as sconces. Based on the volume of the apartment, it creates the necessary level of lighting. The larger the size of the rooms, the more carefully you need to select lighting. Each of them has its own characteristics that you should definitely take into account in the process of arranging a living space.


Beautiful curtains in the style of modern classics fill the apartment with real royal charm and splendor. They do not lose their relevance, create a favorable atmosphere in a particular room. Decorating the windows with stylish classical curtains or curtains, you can create an amazing setting that will be close to the royal halls. These interior elements create a feeling of harmony and completeness.

Elegant look in this design curtains with sliding type tullewhich are neatly assembled by pickups. They are made from dense fabric, so that such compositions have an unsurpassed appearance.A more common option is considered to be slightly assembled even textile curtains. Silk, jacquard, velvet, taffeta, satin, and chinil are used to make modern classic curtains. Products from them are perfectly combined with any interior items, filling the design with originality and self-sufficiency.

With the help of properly selected curtains, you can easily implement any ideas in the design of a unique and inimitable space.

Room Solution

Professional designers claim that you can create an interior of an apartment in the style of modern classics with the help of well-placed priorities. It is important to maintain the integrity of the space, as well as the free transition between certain areas. For a standard layout, where the project provides for the presence of one or several volume rooms, the classic design of the space will be the best solution. If the apartment has low ceilings, it is better to refuse this type of design, because it is designed for more modern rooms with high ceilings.

The furniture in each room must comply with its size and be strictly proportional.Living room would be appropriate to add bookshelves, fireplace and rich textiles. This will create an atmosphere of hospitality and comfort. For the bedroom in pastel colors with the presence of a large bed a high-quality textile, neat rollers and various decorative pillows, a soft long pile carpet will be a wonderful decoration. Artistic painting, frescoes, panels or paintings, and zoning using photo wallpaper will become an exquisite transformation of the walls.

The kitchen in the style of modern classics must be multifunctional. It should be equipped with all kinds of lockers, extra storage space for dishes, or other kitchen utensils. There will be relevant decorative elements with glass and plastic, photo printing on the surface of the tabletop. The bathroom looks great oval-shaped sinks, shelves for the location of various cosmetics. Here are relevant fresh paint color palette.

In a large apartment (of more than 80 m2) with the presence of a spacious hall, you can safely place mirrors and paintings in beautiful frames.

It is worth remembering that any glass and mirror elements make the apartment visually more spacious, which is important for this style of interior.

Properly thoughtful design will create a unique and unified composition, harmoniously combined in a single style. The hosts will feel themselves in such an environment as cozy and comfortable as possible, daily enjoying all its advantages.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

The style of modern classic is quite demanding. Getting to the design of the apartment in this direction, it is necessary to examine in detail its features. This interior provides a wide scope, which with the right approach can be achieved in larger and less voluminous rooms. Such a design looks noble due to the use of natural materials. Here it is important to use original furniture with smooth and well-defined lines, which creates a luxurious look of the apartment in all its angles. Finishing is carried out with the help of glossy, wooden or other materials suitable for the style. Each of them has individual functions that give the apartment a special comfort and originality.

For decoration of windows in the classic interior, fabrics from the elite category (organza, silk, viscose, flax and some others) are used. These materials are able to fill the space with notes of chic and create a positive atmosphere.

Of particular importance is the level of lighting, because for apartments in this style it is important to have a lot of light. This is achieved by using different lighting fixtures located at certain points on the ceiling, walls, floor (depending on needs).

Looks beautiful combination of leather furniture with glossy stretch ceilings. A great addition to this composition will be the floor of laminate or parquet, as well as the walls, decorated with vertical striped wallpaper. Original and elegant complements the interior glass table, located in the kitchen. Combined with ceramic tiles on the floor and walls, it is a chic decoration of the entire kitchen space. With it in the set, massive natural wood chairs harmoniously look, giving the interior a new and aesthetic beauty.

How to make repairs in the style of modern classics, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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