Original design of the man's room

For many people, the habitat of a male who leads a bachelor life is a leather sofa, a lot of dust and scattered clothes. Perhaps a few decades ago it was so, but in the modern world, young people want to make their home special, individual and comfortable.

Fortunately, at the present time there are a sufficient number of convenient stylistic trends that do not require much work for their creation by a beginner. In addition, it is available for any area, even if it is a flat with a room of 12-13 square meters or a separate room in a house of 16 square meters.

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About bachelor dwelling

It’s time to forget about the stereotypical opinion that the bachelor’s apartment is the realm of mess and lack of taste, because now men strive to make the apartment as functional and original as possible.The following aspects can be attributed to the characteristic features of such a dwelling:

  • Individuality. That is, the equipping of only one person and a reflection of his personal aspirations and interests;
  • Comfort. Here everything is utterly practical and convenient. The owner of the house does what he wants with his own freedom, and also has the opportunity to dispose of any zones at his discretion - by sacrificing them or setting, for example, a billiards table in the center of the room;
  • Minimal decor. Decorative elements are present everywhere and always, but in different quantities. In a single man, as a rule, there are very few of them; therefore, it will seldom be possible to find decorations in the form of flowers or a multitude of family photos;
  • Organization Disorder is the main taboo for a self-respecting person. To successfully prevent it, it is important to regularly maintain cleanliness and with proper rationality to keep wardrobe items and other things.


Men do not neglect the creation of a particular style.


This option for the arrangement of their rooms uses more and more men. He is strict, ascetic and brilliant in its simplicity.Empty concrete surfaces and the absence of objects decorating the space are its distinguishing features. The color scheme here is extremely restrained - no bright colors, only black, white and gray tones. Sometimes there are rich brown or pale-orange colors, somewhat enlivening the space.

The emphasis in this case is on modernity and strength, so the design is based on the use of reinforced concrete, glass, metal and wooden objects.

The ceiling receives much attention in this style, as it is a real representative of the most extraordinary part of the overall picture. At the desired height, it is decorated with the help of cross-beams made of wood or drywall ducts. This creates a lot of light in any available form, because the windows remain without curtains and curtains.

Furniture is extremely simple in its execution, multifunctional and practical, often has rectangular and other similar forms. It is not placed close to the center of the room - only to the corners so that more space is free.


Loft is a bright and modern style that requires maximum space in the room,even if you have to sacrifice whole walls.

This direction is a combination of new equipment and factory aesthetics, which include:

  • concrete;
  • brickwork;
  • unpainted walls;
  • ceiling beams;
  • uncovered communication.

Since the loft provides more space, it is better to organize it in the men's room with large windows, free from curtains.

This style boasts several advantages:

  • Open plan. Down with walls and partitions, because color, furniture and lighting work fine with the separation of zones;
  • Preservation of industrialism. Loft does not need interior decoration. The atmosphere of a real attic or other similar place is the key to success;
  • The combination of antiquity and novelty. You do not need to give up the charms of modernity, depriving yourself, for example, of a computer or TV;
  • Multifunctional furniture. It can be absolutely anyone, even antiques. The main thing is its convenience;
  • Unusual accessories. Let everything be simple enough, do not interfere with posters, road signs, paintings or graffiti.

High tech

Refers to modern directions.Here, the simplicity and convenience of the latest technologies are in perfect harmony.

The following features are considered characteristic:

  • The lines here are strict and clear. There should be no streamlined and intricate forms of furniture. Only functionality and simplicity. Built-in drawers, cabinets and appliances are welcome;
  • The use of materials of modern times, such as plastic, glass, concrete, metal and synthetic fabrics;
  • Neregorodka or door in a sliding form. They, as a rule, are glass-metal and are needed to divide the space into different zones;
  • A large amount of light. As a rule, it is artificial and appears in the form of a lamp or LED strip;
  • A certain range of colors, namely, shades of white, gray and metallic. Although no one forbids other colors, but their application requires a sense of proportion;
  • A moderate decor, the element of which can be a photograph, picture, poster or figurine;
  • The abundance of modern technology. All sorts of options become the center of the interior and immediately catch the eye.


A man of about 30, who is an avid music lover, will certainly appreciate the direction presented.This style will provide the most comfortable environment for such a person.

Since he is young enough, the required subtleties of performance have not yet appeared, but it is better to take into account Some tips for achieving the goal:

  • rock style is simplicity that does not tolerate pretentiousness and special intricacy;
  • This also applies to materials. Brick masonry, untreated wood or other coarse and textured species should be used;
  • do not clutter up the room with unnecessary elements. Maximum functionalism is important;
  • The lighting here is of great importance, and it is possible to use not only natural, but also artificial light. Therefore, the window should choose a larger volume, and if desired, add them with the help of suitable curtains. By the way, there will be various lamps and lamps, but not bulky chandeliers.


Since simplicity, convenience and functionality are priority qualities, the honor will be, for example, an unusual modular sofa or other options that have the simplest forms.

In order not to correspond to unpleasant cliches, it is not recommended to bring the room to a state of absolute confusion. This will help closet, as well as various shelves and drawers.

For the design of a burnt place, a specialized podium is often used, which can be replaced by additional lighting. It is equally important to take care of the convenience and sufficient spaciousness of the bed.

For more on the design features of the men's room, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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