New Year's decor: design ideas and the process of making jewelry

 New Year's decor: design ideas and the process of making jewelry

Beautifully decorate your home in the New Year holidays everyone can. All you need is desire and some free time. We have prepared several original ideas for decorating the room for the holiday loved by Russians.

Materials and types of jewelry

If you do not want to overload the room with New Year's décor, it is enough to decorate the room with the main attribute of the holiday - a Christmas tree. If a part of old toys has broken or acquired an unpresentable appearance, you can restore the decorations with your own hands or create new ones.Such a Christmas tree with toys of own production can be installed in each room, then the festive atmosphere will immediately fill the dwelling. It is not necessary that the Christmas trees were all green, with real or artificial branches. Original trees can be made from scrap materials:

  • photos;
  • bead;
  • paper cones;
  • sweets;
  • electric lights;
  • pasta;
  • knitting yarn;
  • cones.

Christmas trees can vary in shape, color, size and installation method. (not only floor options, but also wall). Artificial snow or plain cotton wool can be used as decorations for fluffy beauties. Toys can be placed on the tree in any order, chaotic or strictly thought out (diagonally, vertically, go from larger to smaller). The New Year tree decorated with one color, for example, red, will look very stylish.

Spruce in any stylistic design will look more organic if you put Santa Claus and Snow Maiden figurines at the base, spread out cones, small shiny plastic balls, and winter-style figurines cut from felt.For the restoration of old Christmas balls, you can use textiles, yarn, figuratively carved felt, acrylic paints, cones. If the toys are re-created, it can be based on a plastic or foam ball. It will be interesting to look for cookies, decorations in the form of figures of animals or stars (like "Gingerbread").

Also useful for the manufacture of decorative ornaments:

  • paper;
  • textile elements;
  • cotton wool;
  • buttons;
  • cardboard;
  • candles;
  • wood stumps;
  • cones;
  • sprigs of needles.


If you have never been to France, but you want to go there, arrange your house in the style of Provence for the New Year, and then France will be at your home. By the way, real French people use not only ordinary electric lights, but also real candles to decorate apartments. This decor method looks very impressive in the interior. It is best to start decorating the room from the front door. Style obliges to choose natural materials. So, outside the door can be decorated with fir branches with ribbons, pendants and cones hung on them. It is the spruce branches and the smell, which they exude, create a special atmosphere of warmth and tranquility.

On the inside of the doorway, as a rule, the use of wreaths. However, this tradition is more typical for the European New Year, so in our country bright red berries, fir branches, cones or other acceptable materials that are at hand are used to decorate the inside of the door. The room itself is decorated with garlands of roses, original figures of wood, stone or clay. For Provence is not so characteristic saturated colors. All colors should be discreet, and any decorative details require scrupulous selection and installation.

The peculiarity of the style is the use of independently made toys and other accessories in the design of the room. Most often, such products are made of textile materials. The main thing is not to overdo it with the quantity, since 2-3 toys for one room will be quite enough. Sills and a table (if present in the room) must also contain souvenirs or self-made toys.

Well, if in the closet old things are preserved, with which pleasant memories are associatedbecause the New Year is a time to sum up some results, to remember everything that was good and bad in the past year. If such objects were found, they also need to be placed in prominent places: a table and window sills. An integral part of the new year's interior in the style of Provence are candles. They can be a single candle or create a whole "bouquet" composition. Perhaps the acquisition of candlesticks in the form of a house or herringbone, inside which you can light a candle. Thanks to such elusive trifles, a unique style is created.

For those who decide to decorate their New Year's home in the Scandinavian style, You need to know a few important rules that will help recreate the atmosphere of this country at home.

  • Simple details.
  • Natural materials (wood).
  • Reserved tone (mostly white). For a festive decor allowed a combination of white and red.
  • The presence in the interior of plant ornaments and images of animals (deer).
  • The attributes of the winter season: hats, scarves, mittens, skates and others.
  • Decorations from natural materials: cones, twigs with berries, coniferous wreaths.

Rustic style Christmas decoration is more suitable for country residences, however, if you wish, you can recreate the features of this style in a standard city apartment. For this you need to use jewelry that is distinguished by its simplicity of forms and natural base: twigs, cones, logs, twine. Following the trends of this style, it is recommended to decorate the front door with decorative felt boots, and to make garlands of sackcloth, cones and bows.

Country style involves the use of raw materials in room designspecially worn and aged. Another feature is a lot of elegant textiles in the interior: pillows of different sizes, rugs, which are decorated with sofas and chairs.

For the new year decor in loft style, it is recommended to choose three basic colors: red, gold, green. Interesting will look on the table candles mounted on a wooden sawn or concrete candlestick. Spruce can be made of wooden planks, metal pipes, pieces of cardboard, or simply depicted on a piece of cloth. The furniture in the room can also be made of unusual materials: a table from a stump, a chair from a pallet,the lamp is from an electric garland.

The decoration in a fabulous style combines the trends of previous directions. Here there is a comfort from the direction of the country, and the magic Scandinavian motifs, the sophistication of Provence and the rustic simplicity of rustic. The special atmosphere of magic adds the presence in the interior of fairy-tale characters and accessories, hints of upcoming surprises.

Color spectrum

Christmas decoration of the room should be harmonious with the general style of the room and give it a solemn festive gloss. The essential attribute of the holiday is the herringbone, which means a green shade. To bring a variety and brightness into the room, it is necessary to add only three contrasting accents. It is better if it will be golden, silver and red. Look good shades of blue, aqua and purple.

You can give preference to the bold option - to hold the whole room in one shade, it will look stylish and original. But here you need to take into account one nuance: silver is suitable for a room in cold colors, and for light rooms it is better to choose gold or rich red as a contrast.

For different rooms

One of the most important parts of the house is the windows and the front door. Seeing your windows, passers-by make up their idea of ​​the owner of the apartment. The entrance door should signal the incoming ones that they will be welcome here. In order to decorate the windows, you can use bright Christmas toys in the shape of a ball, ikebana from candles, cones and fir branches, paper garlands, plastic or paper snowflakes, winter forest, Christmas socks. All these festive attributes can be placed or simply beautifully laid on the window sill.

Beautiful on the windows will look hanging decorations-vytynanka. This may be an image of houses, snowflakes, birds and other items on a winter theme. You can decorate window glass with the help of applications in the form of Christmas trees or stars. For creative personalities, you can recommend pasta and stencil. If you want something brighter, use LED strip. You can choose a decoration in the form of falling icicles or iridescent lights, which are usually placed around the perimeter of the window.

The front door is most often decorated with a wreath. To create it, you can use absolutely everything:

  • beads;
  • dried mandarin or orange zest;
  • live flower buds;
  • berries (cranberries, mountain ash);
  • spruce twigs;
  • traffic jams;
  • tapes;
  • tinsel;
  • candy canes;
  • bows;
  • electric lights

But to decorate this New Year's attribute can not only the front door. Such an accessory will be appropriate for placement on the wall, ceiling (as a pendant on a chandelier), window or furniture products with protrusions (handles). In a private house, decorations should also be placed on the stair railing. This may be electric lights. The walls along the stairs and the ceiling can be decorated with iridescent LED strips and multi-colored pendants.

Owners of their own homes are advised not to dwell on the interior decoration of the house., and create a festive mood and throughout the local area. It is customary to dress the front door (with homemade garlands, tinsel, lush shiny bows and other accessories), wickets, roofs, trees and bushes, walkways, garden statues. In order for the New Year's decor to look beautiful and at night, you need to purchase LED lights.

In the living room, the most attention during the creation of a festive atmosphere should be given to table setting and interesting lighting. An essential attribute of the New Year is candles, the more the better. You can fill the room with them in different ways, based on your imagination.

Transparent vessels (jars, vases, cups) will look cozy at home with white or colored wax products, decorated with 1/3 winter berries (cranberries, mountain ash) and large sea salt. From the outside, the composition is complemented by spruce twigs and cinnamon sticks. Lighted candles are best placed in the center of the New Year's table (although such a composition would be appropriate in every corner of the room).

It is not so important whether you will be celebrating New Years with a modest company in the kitchen, at the usual dining table or in the living room, at the large folding table for 10 people. The basic rule of serving - compliance with the color scheme that prevails in the selected room. Be sure to present a luxurious, preferably new tablecloth with the addition of New Year's themes and shiny elements. Each guest's plate can be decorated with a paper Christmas tree with initials or a postcard with New Year's greetings.The menu is compiled and designed to your liking, however, experienced chefs recommend on each dish to reproduce at least a distant association with the symbol of the coming year.

Symbols of the animal patron of the coming year must be present in the interior of the apartment. It can be figurines made of porcelain or felt toys for the Christmas tree, garlands of decorative vegetables and chocolate figures. In the overall design of the rooms should be shades of red, gold and yellow. If you think that too obvious accents of the listed colors will add frivolousness and bad taste to the overall decor of the room, add golden sparkles to the created festive decorations, and paint a few Christmas decorations in red.

How to do it yourself?

Basic tools and materials necessary to prepare for the creation of Christmas decorations:

  • Pva;
  • scissors;
  • simple pencil;
  • threads;
  • acrylic paints;
  • needles;
  • Scotch;
  • sequins;
  • beads;
  • sparkles;
  • multi-colored varnish.

    Most often, Christmas decorations are made of paper. It is easy to work with it, therefore it is possible to realize the most original figured ideas.However, this material has a significant disadvantage - paper products are strongly deformed, crumpled and quickly become unusable. Therefore, such decorations will last only during one winter vacation, and next year they will have to make them anew.

    From paper

    Do not lose their relevance decorations in the form of paper snowflakes. You can create a garland with sisal, needles and a large number of snowflakes. If you make several decorative garlands, they can be used as a ceiling decoration or for window decoration. Paper can make multi-colored curly chains. This will require many strips 15-20 cm long and 1 cm wide. To get a garland, the strips are formed into links, where one end is passed through to the previous link and glued to the second. To such a garland can be glued additionally paper stars, lanterns, Christmas trees.

    Of candles

    It will take a few candles, varying in size. To create a New Year's composition, the lower edge of the candles needs to be singed, so that it melts a little, and press tightly to the saucer. Then decorate candles with green garlands, artificial or natural spruce twigs, colorful balls, shiny cones.In order to keep the composition well, all the elements can be sealed together with a few drops of hot melt.

    You can make another Christmas composition. To do this, you need a rather thick candle and cinnamon sticks (they should not be longer than the main wax element of the bouquet). Sticks of cinnamon one by one to lean against the candle and fasten with felt. Such a New Year's bouquet will add a zest to the room and fill it with a pleasant, warming aroma.

    Of cones

    To create jewelry you will need:

    • heat gun;
    • acrylic paints;
    • gouache;
    • large bumps;
    • varnish;
    • sparkles.

    One of the easiest to make Christmas decorations - Christmas trees made from conesthat will look very original on the holiday table. Cones cover with green or snow-white paint, let dry. Apply colorless varnish and sprinkle with sparkles. Ready cones nicely placed in a small pots. Cones and as a basis for a New Year's wreath or a fur-tree will approach. It is recommended to glue them together with the help of hot melt glue.

    From branches

    In order for the material, taken as a basis, not to be deformed further, it is necessary to varnish it before beginning to create jewelry.Thanks to the ability of the branches to be flexible, they can be woven into interesting decorations - festive wreaths, decorative stands, animal figures and others. Wood stumps of compact size can be used as candlesticks for tablet candles, and large branches can be put in a floor vase, picked, decorated with foam plastic balls and an electric garland.

    From textiles

    Exclusive Christmas balls can also be made independently. To do this, you need fabric scraps. The ball of foam should be wrapped with textiles and tied with a satin ribbon. You can decorate a toy with beads, sequins, felt figures. To give a new life to old toys will help beads. Glue is applied to the surface of the entire ball. Crochet beads are superimposed on the toy in any order. After the toy dries, the elements that are not stuck, you need to shake. A similar technique can be applied to the entire decoration or any part of it.

    Original ideas in the interior

    An interesting idea would be to decorate a festive table in the form of snowmen from improvised accessories: plates, spoons, forks, knives and napkins.Buttons and eyes can be made of black currant, and the nose of carrots.

    The atmosphere of intimacy with nature will help create the figures of animals mounted on the table: deer, and in each guest's plate - a bird on a branch. The animals must be made in bright colors, have a pleasant soft surface and be slightly powdered with snow - then the necessary atmosphere will be completely recreated.

    If there is not enough space in the room, you can make a wall version of the Christmas tree. Its basis: small photos in frames, homemade textile toys, colorful animal figures. Charming gnomes, who are conveniently located on the window frame, will help to bring a fantastic atmosphere to the room.

    In order for the hostess in the kitchen to maintain a festive mood, you can hang a beautiful New Year's wreath directly above the hob. A simple, but very effective method of creating the New Year mood is the decoration of the dining room napkin. It will take only a felt figure with a hole for a string and a small piece of artificial spruce. The Christmas tree figurine is attached to the napkin with a strapping, and the needles are pushed under the thread.

    For information on how to make a New Year's decor with your own hands, see the next video.

    Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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