Different styles in the interior

Just a few decades ago, not all people could afford to arrange a home to their own taste. Part of the country lived in communal apartments, part in houses for two owners, and the rest - in the “Khrushchev”, where it was sometimes difficult to turn around. Over time, the situation has changed, and today everyone has the opportunity to decorate his apartment or house in almost any stylistic direction. About the features of the styles will be discussed in our article.

Special features

Today, thanks to the abundance of goods in hardware stores, anyone can afford to decorate the interior in the style they like. Some ideas can be found on the Internet, some in special television programs.Of course, in some regions, the choice of materials is quite modest, but you can also get out of this situation by ordering wallpaper, laminate or paint through online stores from other areas, including the capital.

After all, it is no secret to anyone that fashion begins in large cities, and only then by leaps and bounds is it going around the country.

What creates style in the room?

After the repair is completed, the room takes on a final look. If it was possible to realize his plans, then, in addition to satisfaction, the owner of the room also receives a number of advantages. Among them - a convenient location of things, lighting, recreation area, work area and sleep area.

But that's not all. Building materials suitable for certain styles have practical applications. Wallpaper, flooring, plastic windows have noise absorbing properties, keep the room warm. After finishing the surface of the walls with a primer, mold fungi and microorganisms do not appear on it. This means that both allergy sufferers and small children can safely be in the room.

There are rooms in which there are ledges, niches and asymmetrical walls.And it is precisely the style directions that make it possible to beat the room, to focus attention, to translate the cons into pros. Even communication can be “entered” into the interior, and ignorant people will perceive it as part of the design.

The main style directions

Different styles invented by mankind over the years of its existence and gave them names. Some of them are found in European and American homes. Some styles were invented specifically for the domestic consumer.

The list of styles can be divided into the following groups:

Before you make repairs to the room, in order to educate yourself it is very important to study the directions that exist today.


Main directions:

  • Art Nouveau style is one of the representatives of this group. It appeared in Europe at the end of the nineteenth century, it was caused by a rapid jump in technological progress. New technologies sought to “sell” correctly, and for this they needed a new style. Very wealthy people became the first owners of premises in the Art Nouveau style, since any novelties were always expensive, and only a few could afford it.

Expensive furniture and building materials greatly alienated this style from ordinary people, so the logical result was that in the twenties of the last century, the modern style went out of fashion. Over the years of its existence, the modern style has become popular not only in the Americas, but also in European countries. Each country sought to bring something new, its own.

The Russian imprint also left its mark on history.

So what is the modern style? First of all, of course, a large number of wooden furniture and decor. Only products from natural materials, about any plastic can not speak.

The tree should be everywhere - on the floor, walls, ceiling and in the setting. The tree should not have traces of paint, its texture should be pronounced. To do this, often used oak or beech - hard wood.

This style does not provide any lines and corners, only smooth transitions. The predominance of natural themes - trees, plants and insects was obligatory at the dawn of the appearance of style, today it was abandoned. Furniture, including soft, should be without corners, chairs with wavy backs. Simplicity is not about modern style, unusual rounded shapes are more suited to it.

Balcony blocks and interior doors are made on the stained glass system. They must fully overlap with the main design, complement it. Windows and doors can be both rectangular and arched.

In a country house, the stairs must be decorated with wrought and openwork inserts. This is a kind of reference to the past century. Much attention should be paid to lighting: lamps with glass or plastic inserts that mimic a chandelier will fit perfectly.

If in a country cottage there is where to turn around, then in a city apartment the modernity will be "cramped." Most often, this style designers advise for studio apartments, while it does not need to “clutter up” the room, it should remain spacious. It is necessary to exclude any partitions.

Color design implies pastel and soothing shades. You can also use cinnamon, beige and black. The decor can be supplemented with pearl and silver, it is desirable to choose and wallpaper of these shades. At the same time, colors should complement each other, be companions.

It should pick up the "highlight" and already everything else to it. Assume that the room is expensive furniture, which means that it is impossible to focus on the ceiling in any way.And if you want to highlight the display design, then the furniture should not loudly declare itself.

For example, in the corridor, papering of the walls in the upper part is recommended, and the lower part of the wall is decorated with wooden panels.

The ceiling in this style is decorated with stucco plaster or wood. The lighting is muted, fitting into the interior, with inclusions of gold. Curtains made from natural heavy fabrics, ideal for the interior. A floor from a natural tree, a laminate or a parquet board will not burden the room, and to focus attention on itself.

Gold and patterns are an integral part of style. They are available on curtains, furniture, wallpaper. Suppose the decor of porcelain, glass, bronze. Fireplace can be an integral part of modern style. But remember that the classic version with wrought iron details will suit the room.

  • Baroque style is another representative of the classical group. It can be described in one word - luxury. After all, it involves luxury finishing materials and expensive furniture. In the middle of the 17th century, palaces of emperors and kings were decorated in the stylistic direction of the Baroque.

From geometric shapes, he "transfers" both an oval and a rectangle. The room must be large in size, an ordinary city apartment will not work. High ceilings are decorated with columns, stucco and crystal chandelier. When zoning floor lamps and lamps are installed in the areas of rest and sleep.

It is possible to distinguish burgundy, brown and blue from the colors, but white and golden hues are considered to be the main ones. It is permissible to hang mirrors and use moldings to hide the transitions.

Wallpapers are selected with monograms, silk-screen printing.

When installing the floor is used parquet or laminate. It is possible to use ceramic tiles and marble. Remember that cold marble or granite must be covered with natural carpets.

Ordinary furniture in the room, made in the Baroque style, will not work. It must be handmade furniture with carvings and gold-plated inserts. Will add an interior and dense curtains from expensive materials.

  • Vintage style involves the inclusion of antique furniture in a modern interior. Therefore, the main place is devoted to antiques and furniture that imitate the products of the past and before last centuries.

The ceiling in this style can be painted in white paint or simply plastered. On the walls are glued ordinary wallpaper without any monograms, enough strips. When installing the floor, experts recommend using parquet. The focus should be on the furniture itself.

The color design must include white, beige and light blue. For registration in the feminine style using pink and green, but always pastel colors. Lamps, floor lamps and table lamps of past centuries are perfect for lighting. They emphasize antique furniture, its flaws, including scratches and scuffs. For vintage style flaws - the main advantage.

From the furniture we can recommend a dressing table, sideboard, dresser and sideboard. A chest with a rocking chair will also find its place in the interior. But remember, the furniture should relate to one time period. The décor matching this style is made from copper, wood and ceramics. It is complemented with antique clocks, tablecloths, knitted curtains and photos of past years.

Vintage is more suitable for people of art - artists, artists, musicians. The room, made in vintage design, easy, comfortable and cozy, with some notes of nostalgia.

  • Stalin's Empire managed to absorb several styles, including those mentioned earlier. Luxury, pomp and grandeur were first demonstrated during the construction of Stalin's skyscrapers.

The premises in these houses necessarily included stucco, marble, bronze and parquet floors. The floor was covered with carpets of natural materials, preference was given to red colors. All the interior details were not just big, but huge. The interior doors of snow-white shades included glass inserts, the lighting was underlined by crystal chandeliers and wall lamps.

Massive lacquered furniture, decorated with carvings of dark and hard wood, such as oak or walnut, is a constant component of the Stalin Empire style. Furniture with glass inserts and gold-plated handles, floor clocks, coffee table complement not only the living room, but also the bedroom. Since wall decoration is always performed in calm, bright colors, it is a pleasure to relax in such rooms.

As a decor, experts recommend porcelain, copper figurines, a tablecloth on a round table, especially for the dining area.Silverware, crystal vases and curtains of natural dense fabrics will complement the room, made in the Stalinist Empire style.

  • Retro style - a combination of furniture, decor and colors come from the second half of the last century. But these are the times of our youth, the youth of our parents and grandparents. This is a story to which you can “reach out”. And probably, in any family there are interior items of that era.

Furniture design must necessarily consist of sideboards, dressers and cupboards, but the original colors. The main focus should be on originality. Bulky furniture with polished surface is acceptable.

After the flight of the first man into space, the space theme was widely used; it can also be transferred to the retro style. These could be geometric figures on the wall, a starry sky, photos of astronauts.

In the post-war years, designers tried to bring bright colors to the life of the simple Soviet people, therefore retro colors are peculiar to exotic colors. A large number of red, blue, green colors. An abundance of black and orange.

As in the Soviet years, it is enough to whiten the ceiling or paint it in white, the wallpaper needs to be selected as usual, monochromatic or with small blotches of colors, with geometry. Linoleum is suitable for the floor, on the first floor you can lay parquet, on top of which there is a carpet or natural carpet.

Floor lamps and lampshades are recommended as artificial lighting. Modern radio telephones should be replaced with disc devices, crystal glassware and porcelain vases will fit into the decor. Remember that you do not need to abandon modern household appliances, it is important to correctly beat her in the old entourage.

  • Gothick style known to the world for more than one century. At the present time it is often used for decoration of hotels and restaurants. This is due to the fact that for the Gothic scale of the room is important - high ceilings and windows. Unfortunately, in the framework of a city apartment or a small country house it is almost impossible to carry out our plans.

Gothic style implies dark shades - black, purple and burgundy. Magenta, mauve and blue are used as a supplement. Ceilings, floors and walls should be finished with natural materials.These include marble, stone and wood. Metal and glass inserts are not excluded.

For rooms decorated in the Gothic style, suitable solid wood species - oak, beech and cedar. For modern design is used, including larch, and alder, and juniper.

If the country cottage has beams, you can beat them beautifully. Do not forget about stucco. Interior doors are best made of wood with carved inserts. For the Gothic it is recommended including stained glass decoration.

Since dark colors prevail in the Gothic style, it is very important to pay attention to the lighting. The main will be, of course, the central chandelier. It should be big and wrought. Additional lighting can serve as a fireplace.

The furniture should be chosen wooden, with forged legs, preferably white or black colors. Mirrors, bronze or golden figurines, lamps that imitate lighting in castles are perfect for decoration.

  • The last representative of the classical group is the direction rococo. Rococo is a continuation of the baroque style. The peak of its popularity, the Rococo received in the middle of the XVIII century, European palaces and temples were made out in this style.

It is characterized by curls, pastel colors with a predominance of white color, stucco. Furniture with curved legs will certainly handmade, looking rich in any room.

Oriental themes occupy a special place in Rococo, so Chinese porcelain is an integral part of this direction.

For this stylistic design do not need high ceilings and large dimensions of the room. In urban apartments they can arrange living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. It is necessary to avoid museum decoration, for this the elements of decor should be equidistant from each other, it is desirable to supplement the walls and ceiling with things from that era - chandeliers, mirrors. Furniture must necessarily be with drawings, patterns can be transferred to the walls.

The color palette should ideally consist of white, gold, blue. Perhaps a combination of light shades - pink, green, beige and sand. In the past, rococo was an integral part of the love theme, so the pictures on the walls and ceiling included clouds, angels and a clear sky.

In order to save, experts recommend the use of modern building materials, they are easy to install and they are cheaper.For the floor, you can choose parquet or laminate, for the ceiling - polyurethane stucco. Furniture, decor and textiles in Rococo almost repeat patterns and colors in the direction of the Baroque, so you should not dwell on this in detail.


  • Direction Art Deco appeared in the beginning of the 20s of the last century, at a time when ruin, deficit and economy reigned in Europe on everything, including building materials. Representatives of estates living at that time in expensive hotels, contributed to the emergence of a new style.

At the present time, this direction is chosen for the decoration of rooms in which there are famous and famous personalities. That is why expensive building materials are used - crocodile leather, amber and ivory furniture. Original paintings by artists of past years are hung on the walls, the room is often decorated by combining black and white.

A reasonable question may arise: how did the style, which appeared almost a hundred years ago, get into the modern group? The fact is that the Art Deco direction received its second wind only at the end of the last millennium.The modern branch of this style allows the latest innovations in electronics and premium-class furniture. But, like a hundred years ago, art deco has a zigzag or round pattern that emphasizes walls, ceiling and furniture.

Furniture, by the way, is made of expensive woods and sheathed in snake or crocodile leather. In its composition may be expensive metals, including gold and platinum. The carpet is made from the skins of rare animals.

The color scheme is given special attention. For Art Deco preferred white, black, brown shades. Violet, gold and red colors are possible. Expensive chandeliers and lamps only emphasize this direction. To reflect the light used lacquered surfaces, mirrors.

  • Chebbi chic - This is the direction that suits the old, expensive furniture. And it is desirable that it was scuffed and scratched. Despite the abundance of old things, discomfort in such a room does not occur.

This area is only about thirty years old. Shabby-chic from the United States of America. And the background to the appearance of this style is as follows: Rachel Asheville bought antiquities, including furniture, which she decorated at home.The first copies were stored in a small room, and later she began to receive orders from friends and random people. Thus, the chebbi-chic style entered homes all over the world, the Internet played a significant role in the distribution.

This style is perfect for decorating bedrooms and living rooms in which creative people live. Unfortunately, a person working professions simply do not appreciate expensive furniture. By the way, the rest of the interior is played up, starting from the furniture cabinet. This color design, and decor, among which may be decanters, boxes and sets.

The key color in this direction is pink. Additional - white, beige and light green. Despite the luxurious furniture and elegant decor, everything in this room should look like home.

  • Eco style became popular at the end of the last century. This is not only a whole direction in painting and in the interior, but also for someone the meaning of life. People who are tired of the daily bustle of the city, tend to recreate an island of nature in their own apartment.

Only natural materials are used in the design of the room, it can be wood, bamboo or ceramics. Only paper “breathing” wallpapers are glued to the walls, natural fabrics are used for curtains.For an eco-style, even an ordinary board of boxes can serve as a building material. But at the same time no chemistry and synthetics.

Natural colors such as green, brown, blue are suitable for color design. Experts recommend using including white, yellow tone and marshmallow color. It is very important to implement a certain concept. If the task is to create a rocky theme or river, then the color design should be carried out, starting from this.

Furniture for eco-style is selected from natural materials, about any glued chipboard and can be no question. Moreover, cheap products can release formaldehydes - substances hazardous to human health.

  • Avant-gardeas the style direction appeared relatively recently, it is characterized by contrast, dynamism and a bright color palette. Color design includes colors such as red, yellow and green. Dark colors, such as blue and black, are combined with a white tint.

A distinctive feature of the avant-garde is the absence of small parts in the decor and clear lines. The use of partitions is allowed.But for the realization of the plan will require large areas, so for a city apartment this direction is not suitable.

  • For rooms made in black and white, industrial hi-tech style. It is characterized by a strict geometric component and free space. So, making the room unnecessary furniture is not worth it.

It perfectly combines modern technologies and building materials, straight lines and furniture with metal or chrome stakes. According to its design, this direction “gives away” with cold, therefore it is very important to use artificial lighting.


Varieties of the group:

  • American country appeared three centuries ago, its founders were immigrants from European countries. Europeans, accustomed to certain things, tried to recreate similar in their new homeland.

Rustic minimalism is peculiar to this trend, since the settlers did not have any furniture or decorative elements with them. The room was only the most necessary - a bed, a wardrobe, a table. Only natural colors, natural materials and handicrafts are suitable for him.Designers recommend furniture in the interior of the most uncomplicated forms - round, rectangular or square.

  • English style - this direction, which is always out of time. But at the same time it is very important to select furniture and building materials of the last century when you make a room in this style. Collectors and holders of an extensive library will appreciate the English design and lifestyle. Will have this trend to the liking and lovers of the classics.

The main focus is on furniture made from solid wood. Parquet board or glossy laminate is suitable for the floor. Artificial lighting - sconces and lamps, in combination with a fireplace make the interior home-like cozy.

The color palette includes cinnamon and golden colors. Acceptable beige and sand shades. Wallpapers must be from natural materials.

  • In oriental design has its own national characteristics. Thus, the premises, equipped in Chinese or Japanese style, emphasize not the viability of the owner, but his attitude to nature. Therefore, there is minimalism in the interior: only the most necessary furniture that can be easily transported.

In Japan, houses were built according to the constructor principle, so that in case of an earthquake the house could be easily disassembled.

Modern current allows the use of light shades, natural building materials or high-quality imitation. Japanese furniture is usually low; this is due to the desire of the Japanese to make the space free in both height and width. By the way, the doors in the Japanese style should not take up much space, so it is customary to use a sliding system. Preference is given to more natural light.

In recent years, not only Europeans, but also residents of other continents, have shown interest in the Chinese style. Appreciate it for simplicity and underline the most important. Many details have something in common with the Japanese style, in particular, furniture on small legs, sliding doors.

At registration only wood or paper wallpaper is used. Pictures play a big role in Chinese style. Each of them is about something, as, incidentally, and color. Representatives of this country believe that the combination of red, black and gold colors brings good luck, peace and tranquility to the house.

Preference is given to bamboo and silk.

As a decoration, the Chinese prefer china, vases and small figurines. Furnish the room according to old traditions, nothing extra should be in the room. A special place is occupied by a folding screen. You can add floor lamps and lampshades to natural light, in the central part of the room a chandelier in the oriental style looks great.

At a democratic cost stands the Mediterranean style. It has marine shades and decor in a marine theme. The furniture should be functional and not necessarily expensive.

This area has a special branch, including in Greece, Algeria and Egypt. There is a French style, they know in the world both Italian and Moroccan. Despite local differences, accuracy and a certain regularity are inherent in this stylistic direction. Mediterranean style is often used in bathrooms.

The color scheme includes yellow, blue and turquoise hues. The Italian style is characterized by brick and brown shades, and the Greek - white and black colors. In the European branch, in particular, Italian and French, the ceiling is made of wood,in other cases, painting in white is allowed.

In addition to natural lighting, the use of spotlights, wall lamps and chandeliers is very important. The more artificial light the better. After all, light emphasizes the interior and a certain style.

  • Chalet style originally from France, this country is famous for its mountain resorts. Therefore, in this style are often made mountain homes. To maintain the warmth and comfort of this area are inherent natural natural building materials, primarily wood, as well as fur carpets and a fireplace.

In urban apartments this style is not yet so popular, but among the owners of country houses and small hotels, it is the absolute leader. For economy, experts advise selecting materials that imitate wood and stone. And the main focus is on lighting.

  • Russian style It is perfectly combined with environmentally friendly materials, folk traditions and home comfort. Since ancient times, Russian cottages have been dominated by wood, stone and handmade furniture. All these points are taken into account in the present time.

If the Europeans have a central place with a fireplace, then in the Russian style it is a stove.The decor is a lace tablecloth on the table and curtains on the windows. With proper design, you can enter and modern electronics, and beautiful lamps.

  • The final in this group is Provence style. Pastel colors are inherent to it, walls are sustained in one coloring and, as a rule, plastered directly on a bricklaying. Floors are laid from tile or solid wood. Furniture should be combined with decoration, and the decor should be used as intended.

The Provence style is suitable for aged furniture with shabby paint and with forged inserts. A certain flavor is introduced by old things and interior items. Rooms with uneven walls are ideal for this area.


Main directions:

  • Fusion style originated in the Americas at the end of the last century. This was facilitated by the fall of the Berlin Wall, the opening of borders and the interaction of different cultures. A certain influence on this style was made by Chinese and African cultures.

In simple terms, this style has incorporated all the best that is in other directions. Sometimes it seems that the designer simply decided to experiment and added bright spots to a certain style.

Most often white, gray and chocolate colors are used, there are rooms made in sea color. Additional shades can be any remaining tones. The style is combined with geometric figures, and with zigzags, and with patterns, and with stripes, and with photo printing. There is no particular limitation on building materials.

  • Contemporary style based on convenience and simplicity, it lacks a certain framework in terms of colors and decor. Modern people buy the furniture they like, without thinking whether it will suit the color of the wallpaper or not, which means that without knowing it, they are arranging a room in this style.

The protrusions, niches of stucco moldings are all not inherent in this direction, in the modern pace of life there is no time to be distracted by such trifles, so you can use laminate with stretch ceilings or ordinary whitewashing with painting. Because at the head of the style of contemporary style is free space, which means that it is impossible to “clutter up” the room.

Furniture should be simple, comfortable, functional and easily disassembled.

  • Grunge style inherent in spacious rooms with an abundance of natural light.The furniture is only necessary, the room is decorated with natural finishing materials - brick, wood or stone. This also applies to textile design: curtains and carpets can be made of wool, cotton and silk. The color palette should include beige, brown, white and black.
  • Eclecticism Suitable for people who want to combine the unmatched. Since it is possible to use simultaneously up to three styles, decorated in the same color scheme and in a particular theme.

Examples of various interior design apartments

Tile in the bathroom is used most often and, as a rule, blue. But if you show imagination, you can beat the bathroom and in white.

For stylish design typical 24 square meters. m (the size of the studio apartment), you can use modern high-tech style. This will separate the dining area from the seating area.

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Description and characteristic features of interior styles, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

Entrance hall

Living room