"Hi-tech" - a modern style of new technologies in the interior

The life of megacities dictates its own rules, bringing practicality and functionality to the first place. Modern high-tech style embodies them in a sleek interior that embodies high technology.

A bit of history

Foreign hi-tech came to us from England. In the 1980s, the popularity of science fiction literature was at its peak. At first, this was reflected in the architecture, where a new unusual direction appeared.

Then, thanks to architect Norman Foster, the trends of the future came to the design of the premises. The clarity of the lines, the cold shine of the metal, the ideal proportions and the maximum ergonomics immediately attracted the attention of the public.

Now hi-tech is one of the most popular styles.He is especially close to those who value their time, love comfort, plenty of light and space. High-tech is ideal for owners of studio apartments and other small housing. Wherein he is good and in large country mansions. The emphasis on the latest technologies and modern materials emphasizes the status, looks stylish and even in its own way luxurious.

Character traits

The main feature of this style is the saving of space due to its rational arrangement with the help of modern technical means. Hi-tech does not tolerate negligence. Stylistics must be respected in all respects:

  • Simplicity and clarity of geometry in the organization of space;
  • The abundance of chromed metal, clear and frosted glass, plastic elements;
  • The use of transforming and built-in furniture with lighting;
  • The absence of unnecessary parts, decoration of the room with avant-garde decorative elements in small quantities;
  • The use of sliding doors, often made of glass.

The result is a very simple, but at the same time stylish minimalistic interior. To some, the rigor and consistency of style seems too businesslike,and the apartment, designed in this way, resembles an office.

There are no items with patterns, openwork curtains and an abundance of decor. Therefore, lovers of natural motifs, souvenirs close to the heart and creative disorder in such a room will be uncomfortable.

Those who appreciate functionality, prefer pure monochrome colors, sparkling gloss and transparent textures, high-tech fit perfectly.

The choice of materials for decoration and repair

When creating a design project in high-tech style, it is necessary to decide what materials will be required for repair.

The walls of the room in such a style are usually covered with matte or gloss paint. Sometimes used inserts of plastic, aluminum, flexible stone. It is also allowed to use tiles with imitation of metal or wall panels of glass.

Floor finishing can be carried out by different methods. It may be granite, laminate or parquet. In the spacious hall you can make a podium with LED lighting. Also popular self-leveling floors. Options with 3D effect allow you to implement very interesting ideas.

The ceiling can be stretched or suspended. Often used multi-level design.In this case, it is important not to forget about the lighting system, which will emphasize the originality of the design.

The principle of choice of materials for high-tech style is based on their reliability, durability, resistance to chemical, physical and mechanical effects. Not suitable for such an interior wallpaper, stucco, panels of natural wood.

Color combinations in the design

The high-tech style is based on the classic black and white gamut. Also used are gray and silver tones.

In addition to cold colors, beige and brown shades are allowed. They can be used by those who are uncomfortable among the icy shine of metal and the restraint of gray tones.

The selection of other shades in high-tech style is not associated with nuances, but with a striking contrast. Therefore, bright "open" colors are used as accents. Red, orange, yellow, turquoise, deep blue are the most popular options.

Expressive color combinations compensate for the absence of any patterns and prints. Although it is worth noting that in the bedroom bright elements are usually absent. This is due to elementary logic, because juicy shades do not contribute to relaxation and proper rest.

Lighting use

To enhance the effect of spaciousness and harmony, the colors of the room in high-tech style are well illuminated. Numerous lamps in the apartment can have a different shape.

The living room can be decorated with a futuristic design chandelier. In the bedroom are laconic sconces. All kinds of lighting, halogen lamps, led-lamps visually divide the room into separate zones and emphasize the modernity of the situation.

Suitable furniture

High-tech furniture is comfortable and functional. It is distinguished by its concise design, clear lines and lightness of the design. Such interior items do not clutter up the space, providing freedom of movement inside the room and visually increasing its area.

Instead of walls in the living room are used separate items for storage (floor and hanging). Closed shelving, cabinets and shelves are usually in the form of a rectangle or square. Sometimes the design is complemented by dark glass inserts and backlighting.

Cabinets, as a rule, have a built-in design. Practiced the use of transforming furniture with remote control.Transparent glass tables add lightness to the setting. Glossy and mirrored facades of interior objects reflect light, visually expanding the room. Chrome steel elements are used as decoration.

Home comfort is created by modern electric fireplaces. Leather sofas of a laconic design are usually used as upholstered furniture, sometimes the room is decorated with chairs of an unusual “space” shape.

The kitchen is also dominated by metal, plastic and glass. Laconic kitchen sets often do not even have visible handles, representing a sleek minimalistic design. All appliances must be built.

If the size of the room allows, the kitchen is equipped with a bar with metal bar stools. The dining table can be made of metal in combination with plastic or glass. Tablecloths, oilcloths, decorative napkins are not allowed here.

Metal or plastic chairs of unusual design complete the design of the dining area. If this option of furniture for sitting seems to you not comfortable enough, you can put a small sofa or soft chairs with leather upholstery on the table.

The bedroom has an unspoken rule regarding the number of pieces of furniture. They should not be more than five. Usually it is a bed, bedside table, TV, lamp, built-in wardrobe. Another combination is possible.

In such an interior are often found models of beds with the effect of soaring and lower illumination. The bed seems to hang in the air, reinforcing the atmosphere of future technologies.

In studio apartments, folding transforming beds are often used, which are cleaned in a closet or wall during the day. This saves room space and supports the concept of style.

Elements of decor and textiles

The main decoration of the room in the high-tech style is modern technology and all kinds of gadgets. This emphasizes the design features of the style and speaks of the high standard of living of the owners of the house, because the “smart” equipment makes life as comfortable as possible.

Original vases made of transparent or frosted glass, abstract paintings in black and white, avant-garde figurines can serve as secondary elements of decor.

An interesting element that can surprise the guests and please the owners can be a large aquarium built into the wall.

In addition to beauty and aesthetic pleasure, it will give peace of mind, promote relaxation and relaxation.

Original table lamps and high floor lamps simultaneously perform two functions - practical and decorative. Usually they are placed next to upholstered furniture, providing additional coverage when reading books or magazines.

Textiles in this style is almost absent. The only exceptions are curtains and sofa throw pillows.. Blinds or shutters with remote control can be used for the windows. The fabric curtains on the electric cornice are also acceptable.

The color of the products is selected in calm colors. Unlike other styles, where the curtains are the decoration that should stand out against the walls, in this case, the opposite is true. The material should be monotonous, matching with a touch of walls or furniture is welcomed.

As for pillows, on the contrary, they are a great way to bring some brightness into the interior. Red, orange, blue or turquoise cushions are placed on a white or black sofa, creating a striking contrast and drawing attention to the seating area.

If the room already uses a bright color (in the form of wall panels, a lamp or some kind of interior item), then the color of the pillows is matched to them. Excessive raznotsvetie in this style is unacceptable. Against the background of a neutral scale, no more than two juicy shades can stand out.

Sometimes the walls are decorated with modern paintings or black and white photographs under glass, in metal frames or without them. This may be a panorama of the city, some kind of artistic photo or images of your family members. The latter option can make the room especially cozy.

Another way to give a homely comfort and warmth to a cold modern interior is to lay a carpet with a thick lush pile on the floor. The drawings here are also inappropriate. The color of the product should be monotonous and neutral. Usually it is white, black, gray, brown.

Ideas in the interior

The spacious hall with white soft furniture is transformed by the red decorative panels. The room immediately takes on a dynamic look and a bright personality. Orange pillows are successfully combined with the selected color scheme, completing the design idea.

Turquoise accents in black and white interior is a great solution.The room becomes visually more spacious and as if filled with oxygen, because turquoise, combined with white, creates a pleasant feeling of freshness.

The unexpected combination of turquoise and red colors in one room in this case looks very good. Bright shades visually divide the room into different zones, and the white color that unites them makes the interior calm and harmonious.

Those who prefer warm colors, do not necessarily abandon the modern interior design. Beige and brown also fit well in this style. The main thing - consistency of forms and proper organization of space.

A bed on the catwalk with light is a great choice for a bedroom. A TV, a bedside table and a small shelf make up the optimal set of elements for a comfortable stay. Panoramic windows fit perfectly into the concept of high-tech style, where an abundance of light and a feeling of spaciousness are welcomed.

The bathroom in this style is also equipped with the latest technology. Modern shower, bath with massage and other modes, sinks with the effect of soaring complemented by ultra-thin TV.This can not be found in other styles, but this has its advantages. It's so nice, lying in a bath with a fragrant foam, enjoy watching an interesting movie or program.

But an example of a country house design, proving that high-tech is suitable not only for apartment buildings. Space zoning is provided with dark and light tones, and decorative elements create a special atmosphere.

An interesting interior design solution in the style of "Hi-tech" is presented in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

Entrance hall

Living room