Design stylish interiors with light floors

 Design stylish interiors with light floors

To create harmonious and beautiful interiors, you should pay attention to all the details, whether it be furniture, decor or decoration of walls, the ceiling and, of course, the floor. One of the most popular and versatile solutions is the bright flooring. It looks organic in a variety of styles. Let's get acquainted closer with light finishing materials for a floor.

Features: pros and cons

Today the market of finishing materials is overflowed with products of different colors and operational characteristics. One of the most popular are coatings of light shades.This applies to both floor and wall and ceiling coverings.

Such enviable popularity is easily explained by the fact that the bright finish looks great in the interiors of a variety of styles. So, a beautiful white or beige floor can be organized both in the classical and in the avant-garde direction.

Consider the pros and cons of bright floors. Their benefits include:

  • Visual effect Many designers turn to light-colored flooring because of their interesting ability to visually expand the space. This property is especially important when it comes to the arrangement of small premises.
  • Undemanding in the selection of color companions. It is impossible not to note the fact that light finishing materials look organic in almost any combination. One can easily choose suitable companion shades for them, therefore such coatings fall into the category of universal ones.
  • On the surface of light flooring, as a rule, there is absolutely no trace of dust. These advantages can not boast of dark materials, on which the dust immediately catches the eye, because of what they have to vacuum and wash very often.
  • Design.It is necessary to mention that light floors look very presentable and aesthetically pleasing. With their help, you can freshen up the interior and emphasize its bright personality. Moreover, against such a background, almost any furniture seems to be brighter and more saturated, which has a beneficial effect on the image of the room and its perception.

But, despite all these advantages, light flooring has its drawbacks. These include:

  • Marco. Traces of dust are not visible on the surface of the light floor, but any other dirt on them is more visible and appears very easily. Because of this, many housewives refuse to buy such finishing materials, as they have to be cleaned too often, and it takes a lot of time. Also, the floors of light colors are not recommended to be installed in the hallway, corridor and other spaces where they are easier to stain.
  • Color imbalance. Some finishing materials may lose their former attractiveness over time. For example, white linoleum under the action of sunlight may noticeably yellow. Return him the old form is unlikely to succeed.
  • Excessive use of light tones.If there are already too many light colors in the room, the same floor will be superfluous.

A large number of similar shades in one ensemble looks inharmonious and “presses” on the eyes.


Light floor looks attractive in many styles of interior. Consider a few popular and harmonious ensembles:

  • Classic. In the classic interior light finish looks wonderful. It is better to give preference to the coating of natural wood. They are quite demanding to care and are expensive, but look really gorgeous. Against the background of such finishing materials, the quality and beautiful furniture made of solid wood looks just great.
  • Provence. This style is distinguished by pastel colors and light textile materials that look amazing against the background of a wooden light floor with a pronounced texture. These can be cozy and pleasant canvases in beige, cream, white or light ash shades.
  • High tech. In this modern ensemble it is worth using floor finishing materials that have glossy, semi-gloss or matte surfaces.It is advisable to give preference to seamless monochromatic copies. To do this, you can use laminate, special seamless tiles or light low-pile carpet.
  • Minimalism. This stylistic trend also applies to modern trends. In such interiors, as a rule, there are very simple and concise pieces of furniture and decor. Floor covering in a minimalist ensemble should be as simple and unobtrusive as possible. It is better to choose plain versions, devoid of colorful details and decorative prints.
  • Country For this rustic-style interior, it is worthwhile to select light-colored flooring with a pronounced structure of natural wood. It can be sheets from an array or their successful imitations (for example, parquet board or laminate). The country style looks very good floors, on the surface of which are visible traces of knots and natural damage (the effect of weak processing).


Today in the shops of finishing materials you can find the following materials for finishing the floor:

  • laminate;
  • natural wood parquet board;
  • ceramic granite;
  • natural wooden board;
  • tile;
  • linoleum;
  • bulk floor;
  • carpet
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What doors are combined?

The door is an irreplaceable detail, without which no dwelling can do. The main thing you should pay attention to is the compatibility of door panels and flooring. They must be made in the same style. For example, it is not recommended to combine a light wooden floor and a cheap plastic door indoors.

The main rule that modern designers adhere to is that the floor, the door and the plinth should be made in the same color scheme. For example, the presence in the floor of a dark shade of wenge makes you buy door leafs and baseboards of a similar color scheme.

Of course, the floor of a light shade is less capricious, since many colors look organically against its background. For example, if the room is lined with beautiful white coverings, then you can buy doors and baseboards of both similar (light) and contrasting dark colors.

We select under the walls

Light floor should be in harmony not only with door panels, baseboards and window structures in the room, but also with the walls.

In this question you should follow the following simple recommendations:

  • Light floor in tandem with the same light walls will create a feeling of freshness and spaciousness in the room. However, if there is too much light in such a space, it will lose all its outlines. Simply put, such a room will not seem spacious, but will become shapeless and cold. By combining bright scales with each other, it is worthwhile to ensure that one of the elements is slightly different from the other by a shade. For example, with peach walls is to combine brown or beige floors.
  • A light floor covering, dark side walls and a bright back ceiling can form an uncomfortable feeling of a tunnel in a room. If the space has a square layout, then a “tunnel” would be entirely appropriate, but if the room has a rectangular structure, then it is better to refuse it, otherwise all furniture in the space will simply be “lost”.
  • Light trimming of the floor and a darker rear ceiling can “steal” a sense of depth from space. Because of this, the room may seem smaller and cramped.

It is worth noting that most light colors look great in combination with contrasting and bright dark palettes.Designers say that having a bright floor covering, you can turn to the wall decoration of absolutely any color.

The main thing that you should avoid is “solid” monotony. It is possible not only to combine with each other materials of the same color, but of different colors, but also coatings contrasting with each other. For example, the kitchen will look bright and attractive tandem white tile and red and white coatings on the walls.

In the living room or bedroom from these striking contrasts is better to refuse. Refer to calmer and more neutral options. For example, soft brown wallpapers will look beautiful against a beige floor. A similar combination can be followed in the decoration of the hallway. However, in such small spaces it is not recommended to choose a dark wall finish, otherwise the room may seem even smaller.

We combine with curtains

Selecting curtains in a room with a light floor, you must adhere to the feeling of harmony and "cleanliness" of space. The choice of a textile should fit the overall interior design. It is recommended to apply to light and air canvases. For this fit organza or chiffon.Fastenings curtains can be any.


In a dwelling with a light flooring, properly selected lighting plays a significant role. So, the floors of white hue bring additional light into the room, but this effect is possible only if there is high-quality natural lighting of the space.

If you use only one main chandelier in the room, the flooring will appear pure white only directly under the light source. The corners of the room at the same time will appear dark.

In order to avoid unnecessarily noticeable light transition in the room, it is recommended to place the lighting devices in the corners. Also a good solution would be the lamps, installed next to different interior items. For this are great sconces, floor lamps and beautiful attachments.

Useful tips

Light floors are the perfect solution for many interiors. Today, many designers use such coverage in the design of a private house or apartment.

Choosing a suitable version of the floor of light colors, you can rely on some expert advice to make your home transformed and become more harmonious:

  • In rooms such as the living room and the bedroom, it is recommended to use delicate and calm color combinations, and leave contrast accents for other spaces, for example, for the kitchen. The fact is that in areas of rest and relaxation there should not be abrupt color drops, as they can interfere with proper rest and healthy sleep.
  • It is not necessary to lay out the light floor in rooms subject to frequent pollution. For example, for a hallway or a corridor, it is better to choose a chocolate or coffee coating. It will not reduce the space, but dirty marks on it will be less visible.
  • You should not be afraid of light finishing materials, as they are undemanding in the selection of furniture. Both white and contrast headsets will find their place on such a floor. However, it should be borne in mind that too much light paint will distort the room and make it uncomfortable.
  • Take seriously the combination of floor and walls as well as curtains. These components only seem insignificant, but in the right ensemble they look organic and attractive.
  • Do not skimp on the lighting.Even a snow-white floor will not give the room enough light, if it is not backed up with high-quality and properly located appliances.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Light floor looks attractive in a variety of interiors. Let's look at some successful ensembles:

  • Seamless white glossy floor is the perfect solution for the kitchen with red walls, decorated with golden prints, and with a white ceiling. Put in a bright room a set of milk-colored, white round table and chairs made of red-chocolate wood.
  • The snow-white carpet is a coating that is demanding and branded, but it is often chosen because of the stunning cozy effect that it brings to the living room interior. This cover will look great in a room with soft beige walls and a dairy corner sofa with peach pillows. Dilute the “whiteness” of the room with paintings with contrasting abstraction and live plants in vases.
  • In the bedroom it is recommended to use discreet finishing materials, so a soft cream or white laminate in such a room will look organically. A bed with metal legs and a wooden headboard andlay on her dark blue blanket. In such interiors, it is worthwhile to have dressers and cabinets of soothing brown tones.
  • Snow-white seamless laminate - the perfect solution for a living room in a modern style. Against the background of such a coating, a snow-white corner sofa, a square white coffee table and a similar console for TV will look harmonious. To dilute a large number of light colors, you should lay a gray fluffy carpet on the floor, and dark gray thick curtains hang on the windows.
  • In the dining room with a light brown two-way laminate, you can safely have contrasting furniture. For example, it may be a small table on black metal legs with a tabletop that repeats the texture of the laminate, as well as black hard chairs on chrome legs. It is better to finish the walls in this room with white plaster, and hang white lamps of simple shapes on the ceiling.
  • Snow-white floor and the same bright ceiling will look contrast, but attractive in a room with dark blue walls. In such a room you can place a blue-black and orange bright armchair, a metal floor lamp with a black shade and a gray velvety sofa.

Such an interior will be far from the standard, but if you place a snow-white fireplace, a round chandelier and a large mirror in it, you will achieve the amazing effect of a unique ensemble.

  • Gentle caramel parquet or laminate will look organically in a bright bedroom with an accent brick wall, near which you can put a snow-white leather bed. Put a white glossy TV cabinet in front of the bed. Complete the interior with a dark blanket on the bed, translucent light curtains and coarse metal loft-style lamps.

How to arrange the interior in bright colors, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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