Options for the design of a narrow room with a window

 Options for the design of a narrow room with a window

Designing a narrow room is a difficult task, since it is necessary not only to choose the right colors and interior details, but also to zone the space in such a way that it is comfortable to be in it. You will learn about the design features of such a room and the tricks that are used to expand the space in this article.

Special features

As a rule, in almost all apartments and houses there is at least one narrow and long room. As a rule, this is a living room, which is located among several bedrooms. However, there are also this type of kitchen and bedroom. Equip properly you can any of the premises.And you will have a functional place where you will be both pleasant and comfortable to be.

To visually expand the space and slightly push the walls, you can use several tricks at once. One of the easiest is to use the right colors and their combinations. Another interesting move is to emphasize the shortened walls. If you highlight them in bright colors, and in other cases use calm neutral tones, then the room will not seem so long.

You can also use a properly selected light sources.

Division into zones

A narrow and long room is an area that is quite difficult to divide into separate zones. But still it can be done with the help of colored wall coverings, partitions and shelves.

If you divide a children's bedroom into zones, then you can separate a place to sleep from the territory where the baby will play. And in the bedroom for a teenager or an adult, instead of a playing area, you can arrange a place to work, study or other activities that require concentration. In this case, the easiest way to choose the right color wallpaper. For the sleeping area, they are lighter, and for the playroom or workplace, they are bright or decorated with any patterns.

Deaf partitions in a narrow room are not entirely appropriate.If you choose just such a partition from the ceiling to the floor, then both zones will turn out to be uncomfortable and gloomy. Especially if there is so little light in the room. For the same reason, high deaf cabinets are not recommended.

Instead of such a high and dark partition you can use either a thin curtain or a translucent comfortable screen. You can also divide the space with the help of a low and comfortable sofa of light colors. So you not only separate one zone from another, but also arrange a comfortable place to relax.


In addition to all kinds of partitions, to make such a room more comfortable and beautiful, you will be helped by the right stylistic decisions. Let's look at several interior options that are perfect for designing such non-standard rooms.

A color scheme

The very first option is a combination of monophonic and patterned wallpapers in the room. Such a move allows you to select short walls and make the room close to the standard size. Wall coverings with an expressive print should be used on short walls.

They can also be decorated with tapestries, draperies or curtains, if there are windows.

Wall mural

Another familiar trick is the use of photo wallpaper along with traditional wall coverings. They can be placed both on short walls and on long ones. It all depends on what picture you choose. For a long wall any picture with perspective will suit. It can be a view of a mysterious forest or a path leaving into the distance. Such an image will visually push the boundaries.

Simple geometry

It is impossible to ignore such a practical move as the use of wall coverings with a geometric print. Buy several rolls of wallpaper with horizontal and vertical stripes. Horizontal pattern is suitable for a short wall, and vertical - for long ones. Such a move would balance the length of all the walls.

Windows and mirrors

Also, designers claim that a long room will seem a bit shorter if you put some kind of barrier or detail that attracts attention at the end. Often at the end of the narrow room is a window. If in your room it is, then boldly focus attention on him. Choose curtains with interesting drapery or put on it several pots with beautiful flowers.

Another tip is the use of mirrors. They should be installed on long walls. The higher and wider the mirror, the better. Instead of a simple full-length mirror, you can choose a mirrored wardrobe or even pick up modern mirror wallpaper. This seemingly simple trick actually works, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much your room will change if you add mirrors to it.


Now is the time to talk about flowers. As you know, they are also able to expand the space and create the effect of lightness and openness in it. Designers do not advise to paste over all room with one wall-paper, especially if they are monophonic.

It is better, on the contrary, to combine contrasting tones. The long walls of your narrow room should be made lighter. Here come pastel colors - coffee, beige or sand shades. But the short walls, on the contrary, it is better to highlight the color to a darker tone or add paint.

Design Tips

In addition to wallpaper and partitions, the appearance of the room is influenced by other things - for example, exactly where the doorway is located, or what kind of furniture you have chosen.

If you are building a house from scratch or doing its redevelopment, you should arrange the windows and doors on the horizontal wall.You can safely choose wide doors or decorate the arch with stucco or decorative brick. This will only benefit you, as this decor will remove the excess space.

Even the floor in a narrow room plays an important role. Experts advise to choose parquet or tile with a neat rectangular pattern. If you are doing redecoration and do not plan to dismantle the old flooring, you can simply pick up a rectangular carpet. He will also allow you to cope with all the shortcomings of a long and narrow room. To lay such a carpet is so that its short side was directed to the long wall of the room.

After you have dealt with the flooring and doorways, it's time to choose furniture. It doesn't matter what area your room is - 12 square meters. m or 20 meters, choosing the right furniture, you can create a cozy atmosphere even in an uncomfortable Khrushchev.

Professionals are advised to choose furniture on low open legs, so that the room does not have furniture that takes up all the free space from floor to ceiling. You should not also have all the furniture in a circle, filling the area along all the walls.

It will be enough to choose the most necessary and suitable things for the room. For example, for the living room there will be enough several soft sofas and a comfortable coffee table in the center of the room. Near the long wall can be placed cabinets or sideboards that will not interfere with the free movement and make the room too gloomy.

For kitchens, too, there are interesting modern ideas that will make even such an uncomfortable room functional and practical for any hostess. In a narrow and long kitchen it is illogical to install a wide island or bar counter. It is enough to place a kitchen set near one of the long walls and find a place for a dining area. If you have a kitchen combined with a balcony, you can use it for this purpose.

The room is not enough to simply equip properly. It is also necessary to choose the right lighting. Designers are not advised to use the familiar central chandelier in such a room. It is better to choose a few alternative fixtures. These can be floor lamps, wall lamps or table lamps. If you install them along horizontal walls, you get the effect of a highlighted tunnel,what looks interesting and benefits this non-standard room.

Finally, it is worth saying a few words about decorative trifles. Or rather, about their absence. In a long and narrow room, the excess decor should be avoided, since all this will significantly overload the room, which will make it seem cluttered. Limit yourself to the most favorite and necessary things, and, of course, do not forget about mirrors and all sorts of mirror surfaces.

For information on how to properly plan a narrow kitchen, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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