Original design ideas hall area of ​​18 square meters. m

When the area of ​​the room is limited, it is necessary to use the subtleties of the decorative design techniques in order to visually change the aesthetic perception of the space available. In most cases, the largest room in an apartment or house is the hall. To make it look stylish, match the status of the owners of the house and their taste preferences, the furniture should be comfortable and the general look is homely. We arrange the space of the hall with an area of ​​18 sq. M. m, given the original ideas of design, understanding the school of style.

Special features

Living room in 18 sq. M. m is a typical space of most apartments from the Soviet period, including the famous Khrushchev. Basically it is a rectangular layout with one or two windows and a standard doorway.In other cases, the room can be a passage, its area has a broken prospect, which significantly complicates the arrangement of the room. This forces us to use zoning techniques in the design, or more significant changes associated with an increase in doorways, the implementation of arches, and the expansion of windows.

Well, if the windows are located on adjacent sides: in such rooms more light.

If there are protrusions in the room, niches, sloping walls, this affects the harmonious arrangement of furniture, clearly defining a specific place for each piece of furniture. Less often in such rooms there are bay windows, podiums are performed, or the room has a connection with a loggia or balcony.

The design project of this room, whether in a panel house or a private building, takes into account a number of tasks of playing around the design features of the space.

In the hall area of ​​18 square meters. m important:

  • visually fill the space with space and depth;
  • to bring maximum light into the room;
  • use design features, giving them the appearance of functionally important details of the situation;
  • make the ceiling visually higher, doorways - wider, windows - more;
  • demonstrate the uniqueness of the chosen style;
  • do not overload the interior with an abundance of details of the situation;
  • functionally equip each zone of the room;
  • make the space a feeling of home comfort.


The style of a small apartment hall can be designed in different directions of design. A moderate classic is welcome, but in classical directions (neoclassical, Italian style and classicism) it is worthwhile to limit the abundance of palace solemnity and pomp.

It is important to reduce the amount of gold in the decoration of furniture. and the abundance of crystal in the pendant chandelier, to minimize the plaster stucco of the ceiling and the massiveness of the furnishing of the guest area. In the space of 18 square meters there can not be an abundance of luxury and pretentiousness, especially if the room is narrow or has a small window.

Modern styles that emphasize functionality are a great solution for decorating a small living room. Minimalism, modern, bionics, art deco, brutalism can change the perception of the room. These areas welcome the use of modern materials, metal and glass surfaces in the setting.Due to this, the furniture harmoniously combines with the stereo and video system, the corners of the working space with computer equipment, making up a composite ensemble with it (if the hall is the only living room of the apartment).

Ethnic and creative design ideas are appropriate in the design of a 18-square-meter hall. In the first case, the emphasis is often placed on natural materials and natural tones of the color palette. At the same time, unusual tables with a stone leg and a glass table top, wicker furniture and wooden accessories often become accents of the interior.

Directions in the spirit of loft and grunge in the usual sense are not suitable here.but their stylization is quite appropriate: in some places small protrusions trimmed with imitation of brick or elements of rough surfaces in the spirit of industrial objects add individuality to the interior. This is reminiscent of a studio apartment.


The decor of a small living room of a rectangular, square shape, corner or other perspective may be different design elements.

The most interesting methods of decoration demanded by professional interior stylists today include:

  • artistic painting of paintings, abstraction, photos in small laconic frames;
  • original figurines, glass or porcelain figurines;
  • combining wallpaper with different colors, patterns, textures, mixing with other facing materials;
  • composite illumination of certain functional areas (shelves, shelves, walls, ceiling);
  • the combination of the hall with a balcony or loggia, giving it the appearance of a bay window;
  • the use of glass partitions;
  • use in the interior of gilding, silver, metallic shades;
  • the coloring of the wallpaper (embossing, gold plating) and their decoration with special stickers;
  • highlighting accent places with photo themes with the necessary theme;
  • adding to the style of expensive functional accessories (watches, floor lamps);
  • the use of beautiful textiles in the upholstery of furniture, sofa capes, covers, poufs, curtains.

Furniture of a small room should not be massive: compactness and lack of pretentiousness are welcomed. In this case, the legs of upholstered furniture can be curved, carved. For such a living room fit small linear and corner sofas, compact chairs, footstools and neat tables.

Today, the focus is on accessories: on such tables you can place a minimum set of necessary trifles, they look harmoniously against the general background of space, are functional accessories and in some models imply a transformation, which is especially convenient if you need to receive guests after having a tea party.

Armchairs and transforming sofas are being matched with them: if the living room is a single room of an apartment, at night the sofa will organize a comfortable and comfortable sleeping place.

Beautifully look in the interior of the living room shelves and narrow cabinets with glass or mirror facades. With their help, you can visually enlarge the space, make the room bigger and lighter. So that the room does not seem cluttered, it is better to buy products with a mezzanine, removing as many objects as possible into it: this will contribute to the creation of a spacious interior composition.

It is better to purchase a video system in a standard size by embedding it into a wall and decorating it with laconic acoustic devices on both sides.


With an area of ​​18 square meters. m can be lined with wallpaper, plastic panels, laminate, partial imitation of stone and brickwork.An excellent method of decorating is the finishing of vertical planes with decorative plaster with the appearance of chaotic strokes with a large brush, or another pattern made with your own hands.

With a harmonious approach to the combination of materials, planning with zoning is possible, in which part of the wall is designed as a bottom panel (plastic and laminate), or accentuating the guest area (decorative brick or wallpaper-imitation in white, light gray tone). If the wall covering is undesirable and seems to be time consuming, you can decorate the walls with different textured wallpaper.

In the choice of wallpaper material it is necessary to give preference to expensive varieties: non-woven, textile options, raw materials with silk-screen printing, for painting, liquid and glass wall-paper are in priority. A single-layer paper cladding will simplify the interior: the walls set the tone for the whole situation, an emphasis on premiumness and original texture (plush, velvety, rough) is needed.

It is worth choosing materials with ease of care. (allowing surface cleaning), sticking and the presence of an additional effect (fireproof, eco-friendly, moisture-proof, anti-bacterial).Material with a glossy surface is undesirable: preferably a version with a matte background and a silky sheen, through which you can convey the beauty of the pattern and set the desired mood of the interior.


Actual floor materials for creating the original interior of a small hall are:

  • parquet;
  • floorboard;
  • linoleum;
  • linoleum tile;
  • laminate;
  • bulk floor.

The uniqueness of the materials is that they can be combined with each other, allowing you to zone the space of the hall. So you can select a guest, work area or dining space. Using a combination of different finishing coatings, the possibility of facing the floor, taking into account varying degrees of terrain and humidity.

Floor decoration can be a variety of curly lines., imitation of carpet coverings, abstract patterns. In some cases, a small fill with the effect of 3D, which fills the room with a special atmosphere, however, requires moderation in the subject of the drawing and the size of the accent area (if there is a lot of such fill, the interior of the room can be overloaded).


With a small space, it is preferable not to overload the ceiling area, although simple décor elements in moderate quantity and size are welcome. To make it appear taller, it is drawn in white. Lighting plays a major role in creating the right atmosphere. It should be composite, near-surface, zoned, consist of central light and additional illumination. One light source is not enough: you need a main chandelier and auxiliary spotlights on diodes with a warm temperature of the stream.

If there is not enough light in the room, the room is narrow, divided into zones, instead of one chandelier you will need two. At the same time, they should not be massive, although light eclecticism and a different appearance are allowed, maintaining the right atmosphere for each functional area of ​​the hall, given its purpose. For example, for a guest zone, a light fixture may be larger, more colorful, for a dining room with a fairly concise model with a closed canopy, or point diodes in two rows around the ceiling zone of this area.

Color solutions

The choice of color is a key factor in the interior of the hall. Acid and aggressive tones are unacceptable.The monochrome design in black and white style is undesirable: it is devoid of cheerfulness, it is necessary to add color tones to this design, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to be in the room. Regardless of the basic tone, you need to use white color (in the facing of the ceiling, textile curtains, window frames, and more).

Harmonious popular shades, appropriate in the original style of the living room design, today are the combinations:

  • white + beige + chocolate + light wenge;
  • white + light coral + cream + wenge;
  • white + beige + coffee + brown;
  • cream + amber + white + orange;
  • light gray + wenge + brick + white;
  • olive + white + cream;
  • pale green + cream + pinkish + white;
  • white + bleached turquoise + light sand + amber;
  • terracotta + wenge + brown + white.

Popular combinations of light beige tones and brown gamut with the addition of brown-lilac soft hue. Wine and blue color change the perception of the room, such tones are good in drawing textiles, but with abundance they deprive the interior of the atmosphere of coziness. The turquoise hue is today in the spotlight, especially if it contrasts with cold sand or a hint of coffee with milk.

The combination of rooms

To make the living room more spacious and spacious, and the interior is not limited in design, in some cases it is allowed to combine rooms. If they do not comply with the regulations established by law, it is allowed to connect the hall with a balcony, a kitchen, a corridor, a hallway and a dressing room. In each case, it turns out to bring room into the room, to arrange the furniture in an unusual way, without obstructing the freedom of movement around the room. The combination allows you to make room in other rooms.

Using the space of the corridor, you can equip a small dining areawithout reducing the place to go to other rooms. At the same time the living room will seem more comfortable and comfortable. Connecting the room with a balcony, you can give it the appearance of a working area, a nook for relaxing, reading books or sleeping. Economy options provide a partial solution of combining (expansion of doorways)

Beautiful examples of interior design

The arrangement of the hall does not depend on whether it is a private house, a one-room, two-room or more apartment: beauty can be arranged everywhere.

Among the beautiful examples of the style of the hall there are a lot of original ideas that can be taken as a basis, adjusting to your preferences:

  • a square room in sandy-white colors with a white stretch ceiling, a corner sofa of a similar tone that stands out against a contrasting wall, having support for a sandy tone of the facing on the opposite side, highlighting the video system and the shelf with drawers;
  • by increasing the width of the doorway, you can connect the living room with an adjoining room, while making a separate functional area in each corner: a dining area, a guest room and a cooking area, delimiting them with different shades of the color palette;
  • the space can be arranged differently: to give the window sill the appearance of a desk, adding two chairs to the work area, separating a peculiar bay window with textile screens, a guest area should be designated with an angular sofa to match the screens, add furniture to the space between the acoustics (the door remains opening - and a hospitable room with an original design is ready);
  • the interior of a narrow room can be beaten with light by placing a central near-surface type lamp with closed shades in the center of the hall on a stretch ceiling, decorating an auxiliary light on two opposite walls decorated with original paintings in laconic frames;
  • Imitation loft looks great with brick walls in the place of the guest area and opposite it as a panel for TV, while the ceiling and elements of communication are originally added to the style, complemented by stylish lamps of the desired design.

To learn how to design a room with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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