Two-story houses with a garage: interesting projects

A two-storey house with a garage is the embodiment of a modern dream of comfort and security. In such a room there is a place for a large family, and for the garage, which will be safely sheltered from snow and rain.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are many options for the location of the garage on the site. Someone more like it to stand separately, under a canopy, others prefer everything to be under the same roof. Both of these and other options have their advantages and disadvantages.

One of the main advantages of a single structure is the saving of free space. Since the garage is located close to the house, the territory is vacated, which is important for small areas. Also, it is most often possible to sustain a single style, because of which the courtyard looks neater and more beautiful.

The advantage lies in the fact that this type of garage is very versatile.It can be converted into a storage space, workshop and so on. Even if the main space is occupied by a machine, some garden accessories, tools or fishing rods will still fit in it.

Among the undoubted advantages of this type of garages:

  • heating from communications at home;
  • the presence of one roof for the entire building;
  • access to the car without going out, which is convenient in the cold season.

The disadvantage of the house, which is located under the same roof with a garage, is only one. If the partition is not very dense, there are vents, then the unpleasant smell of gasoline, exhaust gases can gradually penetrate into the living room. To avoid this, you need to very high quality finish the walls of the garage from the inside and have a good ventilation system.


For the construction of a 2-storey house with a garage place, different building materials are used, but the same for the whole building. The final choice, as a rule, depends on what means the family has. The most environmentally friendly are natural wood and brick.


The tree lets air in, but does not release heat from the house, so in such a building you sleep well and breathe easily. The atmosphere in it is healthy and relaxing.Yes, and it is worth building a wooden house of small size is relatively inexpensive. Especially if you take into account the fact that you can get by installing a light foundation.

Look beautiful at home, built of timber. There are several types of it used in construction. The most budget option is a rectangular timber. But he has an obvious drawback - the material is short-lived. In order to at least a little extend the life of its surface is required to varnish.

The second option is a high-quality profiled bar. It looks not as attractive as all other types of wood. It is usually used simply for additional insulation of the room, which eliminates the need to waste time on caulking the gaps. Due to the profiled timber, the walls are reliably protected, they do not rot and retain heat better.

The last type of timber - glued. This is the most expensive and quality option. It is used to design garages and two-story houses, those who are willing to pay for quality. Build a house of laminated veneer lumber, much faster.


Brick house is considered the most reliable and durable.This material does not need any additional protection. You don’t even need to paint it; the brick itself looks attractive.

Types of garages

In relation to the main part of a two-story building, there are three main types of garages location.


Elevated garages can be divided into two subspecies: the side - in the form of an extension, and the bottom box. The first option is a room that is located close to the house, right or left. This garage is convenient in that it can be attached even a few years after the main building was erected. Often homeowners complement the garage door that leads to the house. As a rule, the entrance is combined with a hallway, rarely with a kitchen.

The lower garage is part of the ground floor. Its construction should be thought out in advance, because other rooms will be located above it. This arrangement of the box can increase the height of the entire building, but the option is good because the garage is part of the house, which means that the space in the yard remains free.


Garage of this type settles down under the house. Under it is either a basement or basement.In order for the car to freely enter inside, it is necessary to equip the level driveway at a right angle. It should be foreseen that during the cold season such a descent can be slippery.

As a result of these efforts, home owners save space and reduce the amount of work with the ground, and often also reduce the height of the entire building. In some cases, the garage may be combined. You can attach a sauna or workshop to it, for example. This saves space.

Planning and construction

The plan of a two-story house with a garage always turns out to be much more complicated than usual. There are many nuances that should not be forgotten in any way. After all, comfort and safety depend on it.

Location selection

The first stage of building a house with a garage is the choice of location. First you need to decide: the aboveground it will be a building or an underground one. In this case, we must not forget that, according to the safety rules, residential premises cannot be located above the garage.

Pre-calculated and the size of the building. If there is more than one car in the family, it is also worth considering, and not only take a bigger area under the garage, but also make a trip for two cars.

The gates can go out either directly to the street or into the courtyard. You must decide on the entrance in advance. Everything is done to ensure that the car owner is more comfortable. So, if the house is being built closer to the road, then it is more rational to make a garage with access to the street and save on the driveway

Project preparation

In order to build a two-storey house on the site with a garage from scratch, it is not enough just to take this step. Be sure to get the necessary permissions and collect all the papers.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the drawing documents. Their list includes floor layouts with exact markings and the correct scale, and communications layouts in the house. You will also need additional information about the design of the foundation, stairs and other elements.

Communication and Security

For comfortable use, the rebuilt garage needs to be adapted to suit your needs. Their list is usually short, and it is enough that the room is warm, bright and safe.

It is at this stage that heating pipes are held in the garage if necessary, and plumbing is installed. If you plan to make the box heated, then you should not forget that you need to calculate all the costs, so that you do not face monetary problems due to high tariffs.

Also worth a good ventilation system. All unpleasant smells and gas vapors should be displayed on the street and in no case do not penetrate the house. This can lead to health problems.

For extra comfort, the compact garage can also be complemented with soundproof panels. So fussing with the car will not interfere with those who are in the house or want to sleep longer.

Arrangement of the second floor

Above the garage is also quite possible to place some room. Safety regulations do not allow placement on top of the dwelling. But no one bans a workshop, or, for example, a winter garden in the upstairs room.

It is convenient to use the space above the garage to place the attic there. You can also do with a balcony. In the attic or balcony they arrange a greenhouse with a garden, although smaller than in a full-fledged room. Such a reception will allow you to fill in the uninhabitable space and at the same time create a beautiful corner that will revive the house.

General tips

Despite the existing shortcomings and prejudices associated with the location of the garage and the house under the same roof, many still choose this type of construction.In order that the selected result does not disappoint, you need to listen to the advice of professionals.

First, you need to always plan expenses. The layout of the building makes it possible not only to make sure that everything will be in place, but also to estimate how much money will be spent on construction. Experts advise, add about twenty percent on top of unexpected expenses.

Secondly, the attached garage should be made, if not from the same material, then at least in the same style as the house. Otherwise, the courtyard will look sloppy, and the exterior will seem ill-conceived. Correct all the paint of the same color or covering of all rooms with a bar.

And, finally, it is worth paying special attention to the choice of the gate. Now there are different options: swing, lifting, sliding and so on. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. It is worth finding a compromise solution that will please both with its quality, price, and functionality.

Two-storey house with a garage is a reliable building for a large family with a good income. With a well-thought-out layout, it will truly become a full-fledged “fortress” for both residents and their transport.The main thing is not to violate safety rules and to remember that in such a construction even small things are important, which at first glance seem insignificant.

Garage at home or on the street - the pros and cons of both options, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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