Two-storey house with attic: the choice of materials and examples of projects

It is a natural desire of each person to strive to ennoble their home, because it is the place where we spend most of the time. Pleasant memories of family comfort are associated with the house. However, with the increase of family members, the space may already be missed and there is a need to expand living space. Often, additional premises, such as an attic, are attached to a country house for this purpose.

Special features

Two-storey buildings with an attic have recently become very popular because they provide their owners with additional square meters, which, as we know, do not happen much. The first floor is usually allotted for utility rooms and a living room, on the second level there are sleeping rooms.

When it comes to the office, creative workshop or spare living space, the owners use attic space for these purposes. A house with an attic floor thus provides a structure that is significant in terms of its parameters and area, which residents can equip in any way.

Advantages and disadvantages

Buildings with an attic floor are quite popular because they have many advantages that meet the key needs of customers.

Using the attic space is one of the most advantageous ways to expand and increase the space of a houseas the attic is multifunctional. There you can equip another residential area or it can beat the space, for example, by equipping the attic under the office, a place for recreation, a billiard room or a creative studio.

Moreover, the attic is an unusual architectural solution for a standard room. The sloping ceiling design allows the windows to be arranged nontrivially - right in the roof slope. This provides the premises with a high level of insolation, that is, light. This factor is of fundamental importance, especially if a living room is planned in the attic.However, this decision is associated with one of the significant shortcomings, namely the high cost of installation work when installing roof windows in a sloping roof. Often their price is two or three times more expensive than usual.

Despite this, perhaps the main argument in favor of the construction of the attic is the economic efficiency of its construction. Compared with the usual construction of a full-fledged standard floor, the attic significantly reduces the cost of its construction. This is due to the peculiarities of the roof structure: the larger the roof plane, the lower the costs of the attic.

The attic plays an important architectural and stylistic role., because it forms a certain image of the exterior of the house. Thanks to the attic, the building acquires a compositionally complete look, and also makes the structure more attractive and presentable.

Along with the positive characteristics, there are also disadvantages, which can not be mentioned. These include thermal insulation: the attic, being actually under the roof itself, is very sensitive to changes in weather and temperature changes.With the right approach to the engineering saturation of the attic, this disadvantage can be turned into a benefit, that is, to reduce heat losses through the upper part of the house in general and the roof in particular. To do this, you should very carefully consider the use of all necessary materials. For example, you need to warm the space under the roof and between the gables. Such engineering techniques will make the room immune to any atmospheric phenomena.

What materials is better to choose?

Houses with an attic are considered the embodiment of a comfortable life, the construction of such a structure offers the freedom to choose and use building materials. As the main, and perhaps the most popular can be called drywall. It is quite durable, but at the same time very light. Thanks to these properties, there is no additional pressure on the load-bearing walls and the base of the house.

Recently, frame construction has been particularly popular.which is also suitable for the construction of buildings with an attic floor. They can be built independently, but you can buy teams, that is, ready ones.

In addition to them, foam concrete houses are also of interest to customers.Such buildings are very reliable and durable, they look modern and allow you to beat any design decision. Surfaces can be easily plastered, using various types of exterior finishes. A nice addition is the price of block houses: they are much cheaper than brick, although they are not inferior in their characteristics. Thanks to the use of foam blocks, you can not only reduce construction costs, but also time to build a building.

Whatever material is used, the base of the attic is always performed from the bar.Such a wooden frame can later be sheathed with plywood or the so-called OSB board - a multi-layered sheet of chips glued together. It is important to remember that all building materials should be intended only for housing, to be environmentally friendly. Otherwise, it will violate sanitary standards and adversely affect the state of the owners.

Overview of modern projects

On the real estate market, houses with a loft are in high demand, as they are considered to be perhaps the most spacious and comfortable. In this regard, a whole host of design proposals were developed with additional attic rooms. On buildings with different metric areas of attics will be discussed below.

Mentioning a house with a small area, we note the following project. It is presented in neutral light colors that look great at any time of the year. For example, in the winter it will fit into the snowy atmosphere, and in the summer it will stand out favorably, visually creating a cool shade against the backdrop of nature. Contrasting elements act as accents, emphasizing the rigid, geometric outlines of the building.

When building a house with a small area, special attention should be paid to the roof. It should be sharp enough, and its slopes - as steep as possible. This approach will help to visually make the house taller and more spacious, moreover, the simple form of the roof will save customers from additional expenses and will allow to expand the attic area from the inside. As can be seen in Figure 3, in the attic there are several bedrooms and a spacious bathroom.

Often you can find residential lofts with a balcony, this is one of the architectural techniques that allow you to create additional volume outside the house. After all, speaking, the balcony forms a certain bay area for the lower floor. This allows you to "play" with the area of ​​the building due to its increase.

For a large family, you need housing of appropriate size, for example, a country house with an attic of 10x10. In the attic you can equip spacious bedrooms and children's rooms. We turn to the project. At first glance, the house seems small, but provides ample space to accommodate all family members and meet their needs.

So, the plan shows that the first floor is completely reserved for utility rooms and a living room, and the attic room includes three spacious bedrooms, a bathroom and a spacious bathroom. This project proposal clearly shows how square meters can be effectively used so that there are no “dead zones” in the house. This technique allows you to create an intricate, elegant and original interior.

Beautiful examples for inspiration.

The design approach to the transformation of the attic has a significant impact on how the owners of the house will feel in it. For this reason, it is necessary to compare the purpose of the room with its stylistic component.

Warm light tones are suitable for the bedroom and the nursery, which will create a pleasant atmosphere in the room and will contribute to the relaxation of the person in it.

For the office, an excellent option is to use cold shades - they fill with energy and help to concentrate on work.

At the same time, we should not forget about stylistic decisions: for example, using several colors in an interior will not only add visual accents, but also help in zoning the space. This will also contribute to the use of various beams, rafters and niches between them. However, it is worth remembering that this is advisable to do in the event that the attic is large and there is no need to visually expand it.

Buildings with residential attic space are an interesting approach to the construction of a private house. It will not only look modern and solid outside, but also provide additional square meters for a reasonable price. Such practicality in combination of price and quality determined the trend in the construction of country houses.

The project of a small house with an attic, see below in the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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