Hozbloki for giving with a shower and a toilet: advantages and disadvantages

The presence of a toilet and shower at the dacha is an integral part of a comfortable rest. As a rule, in the country is set mostly summer shower. You can independently build a building that will combine several rooms at once. Thus, not only space is saved, but also the materials that will be involved in construction.

Hozblok can be used for completely different purposes. For example, in the heat it will be possible to hide from the sun by building a room that will resemble a rest room. You can also use it as a warehouse, which will store vegetables, fruits and other fruits grown in the garden. It all depends on what a person needs and what is missing.

Special features

The building is a structure that combines several rooms that are necessary for comfortable use. Basically, the hozblok for giving includes a toilet and a shower. You can build several compartments that will be designed to store the necessary things in the household. It is not excluded that inside you can combine a place to rest with a garage.

The size of the building depends entirely on the individual preferences of the person, as well as the free space on the site.

The design can be completed by installing an angular shower. This device can be equipped with heating.

Accommodation options

There are two approaches to placing hozblok:

  • several rooms are combined together and a similar complex is created;
  • household outfits are located around the perimeter of the suburban area in separate blocks.

Experts advise to place such buildings in places with shading, for example, in areas not intended for a vegetable garden or a place to rest.

The exception is the summer dining room or kitchen. A place for such purposes should be sunny, as for a recreation area.


For the manufacture of hozblok can be used the following types of materials:

  • metal;
  • tree:
  • plastic.

In the first place, their choice depends on the individual preferences of the person, as well as the purpose of the economic unit. As a rule, wood is used as a building material. It is especially important for summer cottages. It should be noted that the choice of material directly depends on the budget, the expected duration of use of the structure, installation site and other factors.

Plastic models are the most cost effective as well as lightweight. Wooden hozbloki are considered more environmentally friendly, durable and aesthetic. Most manufacturers cover the tree with special impregnation, which provides protection from rotting and insects. Metal structures are installed as a garage, storage space, and also used on construction sites.

How to do it yourself?

Before you start the construction of the hozblok, you must consider its project and draw up a drawing. Only after that you can proceed to the construction. In this case, you can be sure of ease of use.Improperly designed layout can spoil the impression of the design. As a rule, low-cost materials for the construction of the utility block are purchased for suburban areas. In this case, we will focus on the most popular material - wood. If there is at least a small understanding of the construction, then you can try to build a building block yourself.

An important part of the construction are the tools that will be involved during the work.

For the construction of hozbloka need:

  • shovel;
  • concrete mixer;
  • water tank;
  • pliers;
  • building level;
  • measuring tape;
  • cord;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • pencil;
  • ax;
  • gon;
  • plane;
  • hacksaw;
  • wheelbarrow for the transfer of concrete mix;
  • screwdriver.

In the process, it will be clear what tools are missing. Everything is determined individually. As a rule, some of them will be superfluous. But it is better to prepare in advance.

Stages of work:

  • Choosing a place for construction. It should be immediately noted that the site should not be located in the pit.
  • The column base is established. To make it, you should make a markup on the ground. To do this, use a tape measure and rope.
  • After marking a excavation is dug out, which should not exceed 1.5-2 m in depth. The width may vary depending on preferences. But, as a rule, the length and width correspond to the standard sizes 100x150cm.
  • After the hole has been dug, it will need to be reinforced. This will require bricks and cement mortar, which will serve as a material for bonding.
  • As the walls are ready, the pit is filled with sand and gravel. Next, you need to concrete all. Thus, a container is obtained that will not let the contents through the walls.
  • Installation of the column base. The wells are dug up to a depth of approximately 80 cm. After that, they are covered with a thick layer of sand, which is tamped. Above the sand, the same layer of gravel is poured, which is also compacted. Only after that the pillars are lowered into the prepared pit and covered with sand.
  • Installing the drain pipe under the shower room. You need to install a drain in any place and then bring it out.
  • A frame is assembled from a timber, the shape of which depends on the project and the number of rooms in the future construction.
  • Racks which are tied around the top edge are mounted on the frame made.
  • If necessary, it is necessary to install window and door openings for each room in the household unit from a bar. You can do them from any side. As a rule, it all depends on the wishes of the owners and the location of the building.
  • Laying the roof. As a rule, for this they use several types of materials to choose from, depending on personal preferences. For example, sheet steel, roofing material, slate, tile, corrugated. But It is worth noting that the most popular option is the tile, which will be in harmony with the rest of the buildings on the summer cottage.
  • Floor covering. An important step that provides not only ease of use, but also security. For this, boards are used and external upholstery is carried out. Wood veneer is covered with oil paint.
  • Insulation. For these purposes, you will need foam and fiberglass wool, which is attached with a stapler or glue.
  • The final stage is the interior decoration. Usually the walls in the shower or toilet are sheathed with plastic clapboard. Inside, you can do everything on your own. For example, build shelves for things, shampoos, soap, toilet paper, etc.Especially the shelves are relevant for the storage of necessary things in the household.

In the summer dining room you can put a small table at which the company will gather. There you can also install various drawers for storing dishes and other small items.

Such a building will be a small house that will serve as a recreation room and a small outdoor dining area.

Construction of the utility block is shown in stages in the video below.

Tips and tricks

If the utility unit includes a shower, then you should take care of the availability of water. For this great barrel. It joins the tube with a watering can, which is installed in the shower. For this installation the best option is a flat roof. So installation of the barrel will take place without any problems. The main thing - do not forget about its consolidation.

The barrel may not be installed on the roof itself, but next to the structure., it will be on a special frame, which is made of metal corners. For this fit a large sump, the water in which will heat up quickly enough.

Do not forget about installing the toilet. First of all, it is important for hygiene and comfortable use.

If the toilet is planned to be used also in the winter season, the seat is better to buy from foam. It will keep warm absolutely in any weather. This fact is important for health.

Cons and pros

The advantages of the power block are more than obvious. The main one is to save space. At the dacha there is everything you need for a comfortable stay or normal rest.

Additional benefits:

  • The main advantage is saving space on the site. Hozblok helps to build several buildings that will not take up much space around the perimeter. As a rule, on the basis of this, financial resources are significantly saved.
  • Aesthetics. It is impossible to disagree with the fact that one large building looks much better than several small ones that are scattered throughout the site.
  • Construction of the utility block is not a very complicated process. It can build anyone who at least a little understand the topic of construction.
  • Save time. At construction of the hozblok time is considerably saved. This is due to the fact that some parts need to be built only once.This is a great advantage, especially for those people who do not spend much time in the country or have little free time.


  • The main disadvantage is the smell from the toilet, which can penetrate into other rooms. But it is easy to solve with good ventilation. Thus, use of the hozblok becomes more comfortable, it will be pleasant to come into the neighboring rooms.
  • On a small suburban area a large building will look out of place. It should be immediately noted that this design will look good only over a large area.
  • It is better not to attach the shower and toilet to the garage or the dining room. This is due to the fact that these places are quite specific and intimate. Therefore, it is better to install them separately from other common areas.
  • Construction may take several months. This should be considered in advance. An adverse weather conditions or a physiological factor, such as a disease, can interfere with work.

Only after all the pros and cons are weighed will it be possible to begin construction. The main thing is not to hurry with the choice. It is possible that it is for your suburban area that such a structure will create problems.

It is not necessary to undertake the construction of the hozblok, if a person at least approximately has no idea what to do. In such a case, it is better to turn to specialists who will do everything qualitatively without loss of time and money. But if a person is still a little versed in construction, then with a little effort and time, you can build the necessary construction in the household, which will become an assistant and make your stay at the dacha comfortable.

To wash, no longer need to spend electricity. The water will heat up naturally enough quickly. A combined extension to the house will decorate the dacha and perfectly fit into the big picture.

Successful examples and options

Hozblok, one part of which is used for a toilet, and the other can be intended for shower or storage. This change house saves space at the dacha.

Basically, the hozblok to give combines a toilet and a shower. Above is a barrel with water that does not spoil the appearance of the structure.

Stylish option of street construction from a professional flooring. This design is an example of the fact that everything can be done with taste.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

Entrance hall

Living room