Ideas for home: create comfort with your own hands

For each person, the house is a special place where you can relax your body and soul, relax after a hard day’s work, and spend time with your family and friends. This is a serene island, filled with peace and warmth, comfort and care, which fills the heart of the owners with unlimited peace, instilling in their soul peace inherent in happy people. Not always our house looks as cozy as we sometimes would like. This problem is completely solved: you can turn your home into a corner where comfort and warmth live, and peace and serenity inhabit. You yourself will be able to turn your home into a desired place for your heart: we understand the intricacies of creating comfort with your own hands.

Special features

All the necessary materials for crafts you can find at home or do it yourself with your own hands. Such crafts will not give way to even the most stylish designer ornaments. But do not forget about the features of the choice of decor for each room. What is appropriate for one room, for another will be absurd and absurd.

The kitchen will look great fabric panels, especially if it is on the topic of cooking. Topics can be teapots, jugs and other table attributes.

Such a panel will create the impression of a special comfort and warmth. Beautiful paper butterflies designed for the chandelier will not be appropriate in the kitchen, as they will interfere with it.

Paper butterflies are the perfect complement to the living room or bedroom. It is in these rooms that they will create the feeling of weightlessness, the lightness that is required for such rooms.

In the bathroom, you can lay a rug made of cloth, made by hand. Choose the color that will harmonize with the color scheme of your bathroom. Do not forget that not every craft is suitable for a particular room. Before you start tinkering, match its color with the color of your room, the relevance of the room, the similarity with the style.

Interesting ideas

Now more and more people have become interested in hand made (handmade crafts). Such crafts are highly valued because factory extrusion and the absence of an exclusive are alien to them. Handmade is always a unique style, the only instance. You can make a hand made for the house, you just have to give free rein to the fantasy and think about what you want to do. You can make everything that allows fantasy. Such a thing will have a unique design, special value and originality. You can make something for the interior and for the facade of your house.

Think what it can be. That will give your home extra comfort. Perhaps an unusual picture, panel, figurine of plaster, a lamp that resembles a starry sky, and much more. You can transform your interior with any, even a small element that will harmoniously fit into the style of the room. All this you can do with your own hands.

Occupation by similar creativity weakens and brings pleasure. Be creative. Let your house become your personal workshop and a museum of your unique works.

For different rooms

You can build something with your own hands for any interior (whether it is a decor for a beloved summer house or a cute hand-made article for an apartment). As a rule, for a country house is made something that will fit his style. The design of such a house is most often laid-back, fairly simple, not pretending to exacting luxury. Therefore, make such crafts that will complement the house, reflecting its essence. This can be a picture made with the help of flowers, a knitted panel or a wicker basket.

For a wooden country house is also suitable simple elements of decor. Anything that evokes thoughts of nature, simplicity (for example, crafts made of wood or fabric will be an excellent addition to the decor of such a house).

For a private house or apartment there is a huge variety of ideas of interior decorations. It can even be crafts from the leaves (autumn leaves, slightly dried, then coated with varnish and glued to cardboard, which will add charm to your home). For some handicrafts, you will need male hands to help you work beyond your strength.

From improvised means

It is possible to realize your creative intentions even from the most usual means that are found at home. Brilliant crafts do not require you to huge costs.You just need to connect your imagination and start tinkering the decor for your interior. To do this, you can use various unnecessary fabrics, for example, from old clothes, cardboard, paper, simple toothpicks, CDs and other small items that can be found in any home.

Decorative panels can be made of fabric or yarn. Monochromatic furniture can be decorated with butterflies cut from paper: this will give your room a fragrance of beauty and immediacy. You can paint the walls with sakura, and pink petals should be carefully cut out of paper and pasted on the wall.

Use old utensils that you no longer use, shoes or bags. Any unnecessary items (old clothes, magazines, boxes for something, old boxes, suitcases and much more) can be used.

Detailed workshops

You will learn how to make panels of fabric, a picture in the technique of quilling, crafts in the technique of patchwork, learn how you can apply the old CDs, paint the wall paneling at home, learn about other useful information to make your home more comfortable. Take a note of a couple of useful tips, which will be presented below.

What to sew for comfort?

Incredibly cozy and cute crafts look that have an interesting name - the panel. They can be made from fabric, wood, beads and other materials.

We consider the most simple option, how to make a panel of fabric:

  • You will need patches of different colors and lengths. It is necessary to stick them on cardboard or any other dense material (you can on a wooden plank, if you have one). Immediately decide on the picture you want to embody: it will be easier for you to pick the right material.
  • After selecting the desired image, start cutting it out of fabric and stick it on the cardboard. It is advisable to use PVA glue, as it is suitable for sticking patches, it will firmly hold them on the cardboard.
  • Cardboard pre can also be pasted over with some kind of fabric, preferably monophonic. It will serve as the background for the main image.
  • If you do not want to use glue for your panel, you can sew patches of thread. These seams look very interesting.

If you think that such a task you can not afford, do not worry. For the panel fit any images, even the most simple and straightforward.Cut out various geometric shapes or simple objects (for example, a teapot, cups, pots, jugs, flowers, etc.) from the fabric. Even a child can do it.


No less interesting in the interior look crafts in patchwork style. This patchwork technique resembles a panel of fabric. These are neatly carved patches collected in a composition of a specific theme that can decorate any object in your room. For example, often patchwork decorate pillowcases or blankets, collecting them from a variety of patches of different sizes and colors. More often fragments for compositions are rectangular and triangular geometric shapes, as well as squares. The pillows made in the patchwork technique look very interesting, they will definitely add bright colors to your living room.

By the way, the elements of the decor, made in the technique of patchwork, most of all are suitable for interiors in the style of Provence or boho.

Creative knitting

Undoubtedly, knitted crafts made of yarn will be a beautiful element and addition to your interior. If you love and know how to knit, the original schemes of toys, stands and napkins will help you to translate your plans into reality.You can knit an interesting case for flower pots or a stand for hot. We present to your attention instructions for creating a knitted rug from those things that you no longer use.

Take the old thing and start cutting it in a spiral. You should have a long strip with a width of no more than 4-5 cm. Arm yourself with a crochet hook and start making a chain of air loops. Use strips of different colors if you have a lot of old stuff. The resulting rug decorate the corridor or any other room in the house. Such a decor item looks original, it will not be difficult to make it. Moreover, it is made for a short time, so it does not take much time to create, but you will definitely be guaranteed comfort.

Storage Ideas

Not only a professional designer can make creative things that look stylish and original. You yourself can make unusual and useful things for household trifles.

For example, an empty plastic bottle of lemonade will be suitable for storing all kinds of small things:

  • Using a clerical knife, cut the bottle in half. You will need a bottom without a neck.Arm yourself with beautiful paper napkins and glue. Mastering capacity in decoupage technique.
  • You will need to use a glue to paste over a part of the bottle with a napkin. Make it, as you already understood, easy.

If you have old boxes from the table, you can transform them into an exclusive designer thing, pasting the inner walls of the drawer with colorful paper napkins or shiny paper for gifts. In this box you can store any small things. By the way, the outer walls of the box can also be repainted in a different color or specially aged, stripping the old paint.

Aging of things is now a special technique that will give the decor a vintage style.

If you have left after repair jars of paint, you can use them as a storage of small items. One has only to figure out how to decorate the jar and give it a proper look. You can work in the technique of decoupage, wrap gift wrapping or even decorate with rhinestones, sequins. You can hang such a jar or put it on a shelf, store stationery and other trifles in it.

Restoration Tips

If you are the mistress or owner of a wooden house, you are not alien to the problem of darkening wood and the loss of its former attractiveness.To prevent damage to the wooden surfaces of the house, you can paint the lining inside. The paint will keep the wood texture well and make the wood more resistant and durable. It is necessary to paint lining in several stages:

Paint preparation

At this stage, you will need pumice, clean cloth, paint brush, primer. Clean the lining of contamination by using the solution obtained from warm water and soda; old paint can be removed with the help of foil. Wipe the surface with it, without exerting too much pressure, so as not to spoil the wooden surface.


Use pumice or sandpaper (preferably fine-grained) to polish the wallboard thoroughly.


Thoroughly wipe the lining of the collected dust and apply a primer in several layers with drying each of them.


This stage is the final stage, where you need two brushes: medium width and narrow brush. Apply paint in several thin layers, but no more than three. It is recommended to start painting from above, so that the smudges do not flow over already painted places. Wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat of paint.The last coat of paint should be the thinnest. Choose only good colors that have proven themselves in the market of this segment with a positive side and receive the highest ratings from buyers. To do this, before buying is worth asking reviews.

Paper master

Paper is one of the most affordable materials for crafts. From it you can make origami, napkins, stand under the hot and other crafts that will look original and interesting, you just have to show imagination. One of the most beautiful crafts that can be made from paper is a picture in the technique of quilling. For this cut thin strips of paper.

Each strip is folded, giving it any shape (usually oval). With the help of pressure on your rolled ball of paper with your fingers, form a multi-layered oval shape. Just do not push the paper too hard, otherwise you risk turning it into a flat ball. In this technique, you can make a picture and hang it on the wall. And you can immediately glue these paper balls on the wall, if it is solid and not bright.

Take the cardboard and prepare the paper. You can use colored cardboard.Cut thin strips of paper material and begin to stick it on the cardboard with the help of PVA glue. Picture a fantasy flower or butterfly. The image can be anything. This picture can be hung in the bedroom, living room. It will look gorgeous in any room.

From paper, you can even make a stand under the hot. To do this, cut thick strips of paper, start folding the resulting strips, forming a ball. Depending on what size you want to make a stand, cut the balls more or less. Then connect them with each other, sticking together on the sides. Stand under the hot ready.

We suggest you decorate your chandelier with paper butterflies. To do this, draw a butterfly on paper and cut it along the contour. Needle a small hole and thread a thread there. Making a knot at the end, hang the resulting butterfly on the chandelier.

The more butterflies you cut, the more charming your room will look.

Draw a tree trunk and branches in dark paint on monotone wall in different directions. Using colored paper, cut the green petals of the tree or the pink petals of the sakura,sticking them on the twigs of the painted trunk. This is a marvelous option for brightening solid walls.

Spectacular parts from the disks

Surely in your house there are old discs that you no longer use. Such material can serve as an element for the original decor. You can gently break the disk into small pieces (mosaic elements) and glue over the old plate. Such decor will serve you as a beautiful addition to your interior. It can also be hung on the wall or simply put on the coffee table. You can change the color of the disc by decorating it with a color marker.

And here is another way how to use old discs, making an crafts out of them: break the discs into large pieces, decorate them in any color, stick them on the wall in the form of some image. If you do not want to smear the wall with glue, first glue the parts of the disc on the cardboard, and then hang the cardboard with the finished image on the wall.

You can make panels from the disks by decorating them with sequins or beads.

The disc shimmering in its unusual color resembles fish scales. We offer to make you an interesting decor for the bathroom: take a disk and use a black marker to draw something like scales. Glue from paper fins, eyes, tail. Crafts are ready.In specialized stores for creativity sell doll eyes of any size. Use them for your fish image.

Tips for all occasions

As you can see, decorating your interior, giving a home comfort, is easy. It is only necessary to find the unnecessary things that are in the house of each person, to equip with the necessary tools (scissors, glue, brushes, paints) - and the crafts are ready.

Before choosing one or another element to decorate your house, it is important to decide on a set of tools for creating a decor:

  • Give preference to liquid glue, which adheres strongly to parts and is suitable for paper, cardboard, textiles, wood and leather. He quickly and permanently glues various parts of its texture.
  • Brushes for painting lining use medium hardness.
  • For coloring CDs, use markers designed specifically for writing on such material. If you decide to use a regular marker, it will simply wash off the disk.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Making beautiful decor for your home is simple. We present to your attention a selection of options for decorating your own home.

  • Chandelier, decorated with butterflies, cut out of paper.This decor will impress not only you, but also your guests.
  • Paper butterflies on the wall. Dilute the dullness of the wallpaper and evoke the thoughts of the beautiful. They can be made in any color or tone of textiles, furniture, curtains.
  • Monochromatic walls of the room can add bright colors by painting them with any image.
  • Sakura on the wall can be drawn, cut the petals of pink colored cardboard. It looks very impressive.
  • A panel made of fabric is the perfect complement to plain walls.
  • An ordinary mirror can be framed with small parts of disks, resembling a mosaic.
  • The original curtain of old disks. To do this, you will need to make holes in the disks for the hooks, which will connect the disks with each other and is mounted on the eaves.
  • Commode in decoupage technique. More often such technique is used in Provence style interior.

In the video below you will find even more interesting ideas for home.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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