Projects of houses with attic and garage: maximum comfort and convenience

Every year, the demand for one- and two-storey small houses increases. Such buildings are especially popular outside the cities, in the villages and cottages. Houses with residential loft (the so-called attic floor) - this is the maximum living space for less money. The combination of such a room with a garage will allow you to save a lot of space on the land. Such projects are very popular among people for whom the maximum comfort and convenience is the priority.

Ergonomic arrangement

The attic is often combined under the same roof with the room for the vehicle. Such houses in the modern construction market are very popular, they deserve special attention.

    When compared with the usual one-and two-story buildings, it can be noted that This type of house has many advantages:

    • Place on the land is used as efficiently as possible. On the ground floor there is a garage, various utility rooms. Due to this combination, there is more space left on the plot: for example, for planting trees, shrubs, flowers or placing a greenhouse and other structures you need.
    • Attic copes with the role of the bedroom, it can combine a sleeping area with a dining area. The view from the window can be very beautiful. Different projects are possible: you can choose a house that exactly matches your preferences.
    • At the planning stage, for any land owner, the cost of building a building is of great importance. The price for one useful square meter in the house, in which the attic and the garage are combined, will be lower than that of the building with a separate garage. Savings associated with the rational use of building materials and features of the builders. In addition, this arrangement requires less cost for heating and plumbing.
    • A large number of finished projects of such houses in the construction market increases the chance that all the wishes of the customer will be taken into account. The ability to create an individual project guarantees the receipt of the original building with exceptional characteristics. Thanks to the professionalism, experience of architects and builders you can get your favorite house in the shortest possible time.

    Of course, nothing can be perfect. So the house with an attic and a garage has certain disadvantages.

    This option involves a complex roof structure (to reduce heat loss), so in the future, if necessary, it will be difficult to repair.

    Due to the slope of the ceiling, the area of ​​the attic is reduced, which means that there will be restrictions regarding the layout. In addition, the design of the house is complicated by mandatory ventilation, which provides the necessary air circulation and prevents excessive humidity. Some owners of such houses say that the attic is heated in the summer.

    Ideas for different areas

    Appearance, internal capacity, efficiency of placement on the site and the cost of the house is largely dependent on the overall size andbuilding forms. Quite popular are the projects of houses with a garage and attic for small or narrow areas. The house, on the first floor of which there is a room for a vehicle, is perfectly suited for narrow spaces. A small house is quite enough if you come to the country not regularly, but only from time to time.

    Even if you have a plot that is quite impressive in size and you are not limited in your choice, a house with an integrated garage can be a very good option. The considerable size of the building will allow you to organize a garage for two cars. This is especially true for families with large numbers of people or for lovers of frequent guests. In this case, the cars can be located parallel or perpendicular to each other.

    The best options for summer cottages are rightfully considered to be houses of 8 by 10 and 10 x 12. In them, the total space can reach 150 square meters. m, and the usable area can start from 100-120 square meters. m. Most often, it is such options that plan with an internal lift to the attic. There are much more ways of interior design for such houses.

    Selection of materials

    The building with an attic, combined with the room for the vehicle, must be made of strong, reliable and environmentally friendly materials - like any other building. Usually, wood, foam blocks, aerated concrete, gas silicate blocks or bricks are used for this: they meet all the necessary requirements, although they differ from each other in many characteristics. The cheapest option is to build a house of block elements - for example, from foam blocks. It is also worth noting that the construction work itself will be carried out as quickly and easily as possible, but additional finishing will be needed (in order to improve the thermal insulation properties).

    The classic option is a brick house, which is distinguished by its durability, high level of heat and sound insulation.

    Unfortunately, the use of such material requires significant financial investments and time costs for construction work. However, this is exactly the situation when more expensive is better: a properly erected building will last more than a dozen years and will delight with very good quality.

    For the construction of such houses use not only the above options, but also wood, timber. The advantages of frame timber building - in a very aesthetic appearance, the ability to easily heat the room in the winter season and the undoubted feeling of comfort (due to the ability to maintain the optimum level of humidity). Such a building is easier to erect than a brick one, but it is more fire hazardous. It takes a long time to shrink a wooden house. Such houses are inferior to brick for durability.

    How to make calculations?

    Designing homes with an attic and a garage is a rather complicated process that requires certain knowledge, skills and time. The simplest option would be to appeal to specialists who will perform all the calculations necessary for the construction and will cope with other work. Many Russian companies are able to provide the services of professional architects and engineers who will not only take into account all your requirements, but also offer a project that meets all the necessary modern standards.

    If you want to carry out the calculation yourself and take care of the layout of the attic house, you need to know the size and shape of the land plot.Before calculations, it is advisable to determine the amount that you can allocate for the implementation of construction works. Focusing on the budget, you can begin to choose the size of the building, the type and amount of material from which to build the house. The next step will be a drawing: first a schematic, and then a more detailed one, with an indication of the optimal dimensions.

    Attic space is considered to be an attic and can be used for living in the following cases:

      • ceiling height must be at least 2.5 meters;
      • floor level to the intersection with the slope of the roof - 0.8-1.5 meters;
      • availability of windows and heating system.

      The calculation of the usable floor space of the attic space consists in the exclusion of the part that is “cut off” by the roof. These are places with heights of up to 0.8 meters. When the gable roof is excluded two three-dimensional triangle, which are located along the ramp. Their sizes can be calculated by the Pythagorean theorem: the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the legs (or c2 = a2 + b2).

      All attic space can be divided into triangles and rectangles.

      When calculating the usable and total areas, you will need formulas to calculate the area of ​​the rectangle (length,multiplied by the width) and a triangle (half the length multiplied by the height).

      The next step in the calculation will be the calculation of the area of ​​the windows. The area of ​​the glazing in the attic room must be at least 10% of the total floor area. The best option is to install two windows located opposite to each other. This is especially important if you plan to enclose the internal space with partitions for zoning a room.

      It is worth noting that for proper interior planning and calculation of construction costs it is not enough to know the size of the future building and its area. It is required to familiarize with the norms of construction of residential buildings and to consider several projects of houses (to determine the best option).

      The choice of interior solutions

      Ready-made designs of houses with a mansard combined with a garage are excellent illustrative examples. Thanks to the drawings and photographs of the finished structures, you will be able to navigate the choice of interior rooms. Ready-made options will help determine the material: this is important, because some projects are designed specifically for a specific building material.The most interesting interior solutions are usually designed for small and medium-sized houses, as they are most in demand in the modern construction market.

      The project of a cottage with a residential attic can even provide for the arrangement of a site with a terrace.

      This solution will add comfort and comfort to your home. (especially warm summer evenings). If the customer wishes, the specialists will be able to offer a building project with a garage and basement, and later bring this practical and convenient option to life. Since the house with the attic floor and the room for the car will significantly save space on your site, you can get your own bath.

      Creating an interior home is an important and time-consuming process., because it should not only please you, but also be practical. On the first floor, everything is more or less clear, since it is mostly occupied by a car and possibly a staircase and a storeroom. On the attic floor, the situation is a bit more complicated, but at the same time more interesting. On the one hand, the limited space “cuts” living space, and on the other, it gives room for new interior design ideas.

      Attic areas that are “cut off” by the roof can be used as storage areas. The most popular option is to install in these places long dressers for storing clothes, shoes, bed linen and other necessary items. Another option is an open narrow cabinet with one inclined face for books, which can simultaneously serve as a partition for zoning a room. A good solution would be to place along the wall of the desk, but only if you really need it.

      In some cases, sloping ceilings can cause a feeling of discomfort, but with suitable furniture and using certain colors, this problem can be solved.

      You can use more compact furniture and light shades of the walls. It will also help to increase the space around, which is just not enough. A large number of windows and good lighting will allow to fill the attic room with light, coziness and make the atmosphere more comfortable.

      Beautiful examples for inspiration.

      A wonderful example of a small cottage with an attic and a garage is shown in the photo below.This cozy building is very practical - despite its size. On the first floor, in addition to the car, there will be an entrance hall, an extra room, a small bathroom and a staircase to the second floor. This typical project is very well suited for a small suburban area.

      The next version of a two-storey house with an attic floor is of considerable size: its total area reaches 150 square meters. The modern design gives the building conciseness (thanks to strict lines and simple forms). The house is built of aerated concrete (using monolithic floors and a dark gable tiled roof).

      Another similar in area house has an elongated shape and a larger number of windows in the attic floor, which ensures the entry of sunlight.

      Designed in the same orange-white colors (with a dark roof). This option is more likely to the category of medium-sized houses, in which you can optionally accommodate several bedrooms and even bathrooms.

      Simple designs of houses with an attic and space for a vehicle can be complicated: for example, expanding the garage for two cars. This is done in the project, the photo of which you see below.Such a house immediately attracts customers by the presence of an open balcony with a high balustrade on the attic floor.

      Detailed video review of the layout of the house with an attic and a garage see in the video below.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

      Entrance hall

      Living room