Standard ceiling height in a private house

 Standard ceiling height in a private house

When building a private house, when deciding on the ceiling height, many intuitively make a choice in favor of the standard.

Understand how this decision is appropriate, it will be possible only after the construction of the house and living in it. But you can understand some nuances, evaluate the pros and cons even at the planning stage.

Accepted standards

It is necessary to consider, first of all, some existing regulations and standards. In addition to purely practical norms, depending on the complexity of the work and cost, there is a legally established set of building codes (building codes and regulations).This document establishes the minimum allowable height of the dwelling, based on fire safety and safety of the structure of the structure.

According to him:

  • the height of the rooms and kitchen premises should not be less than 2.5 m;
  • the height of corridors and halls - 2.1 m;
  • the height of the attic depends on the angle of inclination and is 1.3 m at an angle of 30 ° and is not normalized at an angle of 45 ° and more.

Making the height less will not only be uncomfortable, but also unsafe.

The minimum height, normalized by the rules, is not always optimal. Among the builders have their own standards, supported by experience and expertise. Of course, it all depends on each individual case.

For example, for a luxurious stone mansion you should not make ceilings of the same height as for a modest wooden house in the village, but If we proceed from the average size of a brick or wooden cottage, the standard height is 2.7-2.9 m.

This number allows you to find a balance between squeezing low ceilings and expensive high ceilings. Most country houses are built according to this standard. And not without reason: The standard height has tremendous advantages that many do not notice.

Advantages and disadvantages of the standard height

The average value in the construction of a private country house is often the best. When the goal is to build a comfortable home without extra costs and frills, the best solution would be to follow the standards.

Disadvantages of high ceilings

  • Construction of rooms with high ceilings is much more expensive, they take more material. This is especially true for two-story houses, so the ceilings on the second floor are usually made lower than on the first.
  • By increasing the volume of the room, the cost of heating is also increased.
  • Very often, there is no point in this: a few dozen upper centimeters remain unused, hanging in unnecessary space.

Disadvantages of low ceilings

  • Psychological sense of constriction and discomfort.
  • The complexity of the choice of furniture and accessories. It is necessary to choose furniture in such a way that it does not compress the space and does not cause inconvenience.

Choosing a standard height will bypass all these disadvantages and make your stay in the house as pleasant as possible.

Special features

There are different nuances, and not always the standard height is the best.For the construction of a simple, cheap, but at the same time comfortable and cozy home - certainly, but in cases where it is important to make the house also unusual, distinguished, sophisticated, it is better to act differently.

Standard height is optimal, average for all indicators, but this is also its main drawback, if the goal is to build something unique. In addition, for different particular cases there are particular approaches.

In the case of the construction of a frame house, the height is usually made smaller, reducing the ceilings to 2.3-2.5 m.

For example, in Finland most of the houses are built in this way. This is explained by the speed of construction erection and savings. But nevertheless, life in such houses is no less pleasant from this: as it gets closer, housing acquires more comfort.

Brick houses to build and increase by a couple of tens of centimeters is quite easy, besides with proper insulation, they are easy to heat, so the ceilings in such houses can be made higher. Raising the height to 3-3.2 m, you can attract interesting design solutions and achieve a modern beautiful interior decoration.

In log houses, an increase in height can cost a pretty penny in terms of both construction and maintenance.. Therefore, it is for such houses that the standard ceiling height option will be the most ergonomic. Timber is not an easy material and care is needed for it, therefore it is important to take into account its features when building.

For mansard and two-storey houses, as mentioned earlier, there are other standards. In order to save on construction and heating, ceilings on the second floor are usually made 10-20 centimeters lower than on the first floor. If there is an attic, then everything depends on the angle of inclination. The main thing is that the baseness of the ceilings does not cause discomfort.and everything else is a matter of price. You should consider the area of ​​the room and the functionality of the space. Higher ceilings should be made for higher ceilings, and for bathrooms and corridors - low.

With individual design projects, the laws are completely different and depend on the personal desire of the customer and the designer.


To make the living space of a private house more aesthetically pleasing, there are many interior solutions that most people simply do not know. People who have chosen ceilings of standard height can add the following recommendations to add visual beauty and volume to the room:

  • you should use shiny stretch ceilings - they pull the space, saturating it with a reflecting light;
  • in the decoration of the walls you need to add more vertical lines and mirrors - this will make the space deeper and visually higher;
  • it is advisable to paint the walls and ceiling in one tone, and the floor - a tone lower, that is, darker;
  • the ceiling is better to make light;
  • Windows should be placed closer to the ceiling in order to get more light on it than on the floor.


The choice of standard-height ceilings opens up prospects for a diverse and inexpensive design: from banal wallpapers (it is better to prefer wallpaper with stripes, as they make the appearance more subtle) to sophisticated author's patterns that can bring interesting ideas to the interior of the room. Using a small ladder, you can independently get to the highest sections of the walls and decorate them.

A room with a standard ceiling height can be compared to a standard sheet of paper, so familiar to creativity.There are, of course, both large formats and small ones, but it is the standard one that is so familiar and convenient for creating something of your own.


Houses are built for people and people to live in them, their feelings and impressions of living in a particular house - the most important thing to focus on. A normal height is one that does not cause unpleasant emotions: it does not press, does not make you feel uncomfortable, but at the same time does not create the feeling of being in a public place.

The house is a place where you need to relax, feel yourself in your place, rest. Strange as it may seem, a lot depends on the height of the ceiling.

It must be remembered that rooms can be very multifunctional. For noisy parties you need one thing, for quiet libraries another. Plus the standard height in that it can be adapted to anything. In addition, it is absolutely definitely a win-win option in the case when the exact purpose of the room is unknown. The feelings that the room makes you feel is the main thing that a room can give to a person.

Planning a country cottage is an important process and you should approach it from all sides, but first of all from your own feelings.Whether to make ceilings of standard height or not is the choice of the builder, to which it is important to approach responsibly and seriously, since there will most likely not be a chance to redo it. It is necessary to analyze everything competently, assess the prospects, so that upon completion of construction and settlement only the most pleasant impressions are obtained.

A little more information about choosing the height of the premises of the house will be found in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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