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 Products of the company Alexandria doors

Alexandria Doors has held a strong position in the market for 22 years. The company works with natural wood and makes from it not only interior, but also entrance door structures. In addition, the assortment includes sliding systems and special (fireproof, noise insulation, reinforced, armored) canvases. The quality of these doors is known far beyond the borders of our country.

Features and benefits

The main features of all products of the Alexandria Doors brand are:

  • Structural strength. Entrance doors are made of durable steel, and interior doors have high moisture resistance, resistance to mechanical stress, easy to clean surface.In the doors, which have a special sound-insulating purpose, Avotex material is used, developed for the aerospace industry.
  • Impeccable design. All door linings are made of precious wood, interior doors are finished with high-quality natural veneer made in Italy. Patterns with a three-dimensional effect are possible. No door leaf exposes hinges and has a perfectly flat surface.

The advantage of this manufacturer over others is a large selection of specialized doors. with a focus on one particular feature:

  • Reinforced doors are a structure that is designed for high-traffic areas, but without special requirements for fire safety. They have a more durable and heavy frame, reinforced canvas of wear-resistant materials.
  • Lightweight doors have less weight and are great for installation in residential areas.
  • Doors with high sound insulation are designed for installation in meeting rooms, hotels of no less than four-star level and in residential areas where there are special requirements for sound absorption (for children, rooms with HiFi acoustics or home theater). The door leaf is made of wood and complies with all SNiP.
  • Fireproof doors have three fire resistance classes (30, 45 and 60 EI), a thick door leaf and sound insulation parameters of 45 dB.


The doors are divided into two types: entrance and interior, each of which can differ in the type of construction, the main function (in addition to zoning the room) and the material from which it is made.

The collection of entrance doors is called Aviator (Aviator) it is based on the possibility of embedding in the system of "smart home". Each door, regardless of the model, is equipped with top-secret locks (breaking class 3 and 4), access to which is blocked from intruders by embedding a lining of heavy-duty metal with magnetic armor piercing firmware.

No entrance door can be removed from the hinges from the street due to the anti-removable hinge system.

The lock is locked in three steps. In addition, there is an application that allows you to control the door and track hacking attempts via a smartphone on any operating system. The entire "brain" of the door (processor, hard drive, display and speakers with a microphone) is embedded inside the canvas.

Interior canvases, in turn, are divided into two types: classical style and modern.The classic collection includes the same name. Alexandria and Emperadoor. The first collection is based on antique-style canvases with paneled parts and decorative columns, with stained glass and gold on the glazing beads. The second is a more massive structure, in which the canvas is divided into several parts. The presence of inserts in the form of bas-reliefs and partial glazing is allowed.

Modern collections Premio, Cleopatra, Neoclassic. The Premio collection is designed for those who do not like to dwell on any one style and often change the interior. This door leaf is suitable for any modern design (except the classics and Provence), because it has the most simple design and different shades of color.

"Cleopatra" is a door of natural warm colors (walnut, cherry, oak), has bends in the form of glazing.

Neoclassic - framed doors with a large glass area or completely deaf. In contrast to the classical versions, the framed part has a strict geometric shape without bends and curls.


Entrance structures are divided into two models: “Comfort” for apartments and “Lux” for private houses. Each model is made in three trim levels: lightweight, basic and smart.

Models in the collections of interior doors vary in size and location of the framed parts. Each model is represented by several variants of colors and several variants of glazing.

Unlike usual doors, models of sliding interroom designs differ in the method of installation and method of attachment:

  • Normal is a regular compact sliding door.
  • Liberta is suitable for those for whom it is important that the door in the open state was completely invisible. Door leaf completely goes into the wall.
  • Turno is designed for rooms with high traffic, because the canvas opens in both directions (in and out).
  • Altalena consists of two autonomous parts and compactly folded in half, allowing you to significantly save space when opening the door.
  • Invisible has a door leaf, in which the entire mechanism of fastening is hidden, therefore when opening the door it “floats” through the air. Suitable for futuristic or minimalistic designs.


Materials used in the space industry and in the construction of premium facilities are used to create doors.All doors for special purposes, as well as entrance structures have a multi-layered filler, which prevents freezing and does not release heat from the room.

For the manufacture of fire doors as the filling is used fireproof German stove LHD VLwhich is also an excellent soundproof material. The total width of the canvas is 6 cm. For finishing the platbands and the box, varnishes of varying degrees of fire resistance are used.

Models from the Alexandria collection are made from an array of conifers lined with Italian-made veneer, but the doors are made from more expensive collections from valuable species (oak, mahogany, ash, bubing). To prevent distortion, a 5 mm thick lamella is glued onto the array, so the design can easily withstand changes in humidity in the room without changing its size. Some models are encrusted with elm roots.

All accessories, as well as lacquers for facing work, are made in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Color solutions

The colors of the doors from this manufacturer are not limited to standard factory solutions.If the budget allows, the company goes forward and can arrange the door leaf of any model in the color solutions that you require. For example, one side of the door should be decorated in ivory and the other - “black patina”.

Due to the large number of color options, the user has the opportunity to collect about 400 different combinations. The catalog contains light tones - all types of patinas (gold, bronze, antique, vintage, etc.), medium tones - natural wood (natural cherry, walnut, white oak, palermo), semi-dark (natural oak, bubinga, cherry) and dark (wenge, mahogany, oak chestnut, black ash).

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback on brand products are rather controversial. If you collect the reviews of most buyers, then we can say that the main complaints are made not to the doors themselves, but to the quality of service. Often consumers are dissatisfied with service, there are also questions about the quality of work of measurers and installers. Such responses concern so many representative offices of the “Alexandrian Doors”.

As for the products directly, the mainly negative reviews are related to the discrepancy between the decorative elements in tone among themselves and with the door leaf.

The overwhelming majority of customers note the high quality of the product, perfect design, reasonable prices, a wide model, size and color range, practicality in use. The company offers a wide range of products designed for every taste and wallet.

Another point that is mentioned in the reviews - this is a contract. Users recommend that you read the document carefully, especially the clause regarding reimbursement of penalties for late delivery. Speech there can go about indemnification of the fixed sum, instead of the percent stipulated in the legislation.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Products from the company "Alexandria Doors" look great in any interior, the main thing is to choose the right collection. They are especially well revealed in the neoclassical design, for this purpose traditional, discreet variants are best suited. To make the door look advantageous, not to be lost against the general background, but it also did not become the central accent, it is better to choose models that are two or three tones lighter (for dark interiors) or darker (for light interiors) the colors of the walls.

If there are a lot of paintings on the walls, fabric printed or silk wallpaper, then the doors should be as simple as possible (without complicated paneled parts and stained glass glazing). Ascetic design allows you to make the door the main focus. Allowed selection of doors in the color of the furniture or the main decor of the room.

Designers warn that paneled doors themselves are an element of decor, so you should not overload space with details. For austere and ultramodern design, there is a modern group of collections that include doors with a simple canvas, and with minimal glazing.

You will see how the Alexandrian Doors are made in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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