Doors with double glazing

 Doors with double glazing

Doors with a double-glazed window will help to create an aesthetic look of the house, emphasize hospitality and hospitality of the owners. They give the room lightness, airiness and look very elegant. Glass is one of the most sought-after building and finishing materials, which are very popular among consumers.

Advantages of glass pack products

The main advantages of doors with glass inserts include:

  • possibility of installation in rooms without windows - the product passes light well;
  • modern windows perfectly cope with the functions of sound and heat insulation;
  • the design allows you to see those who came to visit, to follow the yard and what children in other rooms do.

Due to the transmission of sunlight in the premises, it is not necessary to switch on the light often, which entails a reduction in the financial cost of electricity. In the hallway of the house you can place light-loving potted plants. In addition, the doors look original, especially if the glass insert is not standard (square or rectangular), but of an unusual shape (round, triangular, wavy).

What are the?

There are two main types of glass doors:

  • Interior - are mounted indoors. Such products are divided into traditional swing structures, sliding and sliding. The last two types are used quite often, because they do not need a large area to open, and when closed, they almost merge with the wall and become one with it.
  • Input - installed at the entrance to the house. They are made in such a way as to protect the home from the penetration of cold. Products are found mainly in private properties - in an apartment building, few people dare to put the door,through which you can see everything that happens inside the room.

Thermal break products are a good version of the input design. In the winter season, ordinary doors let through the cold and can literally freeze. But for structures with thermal break, this is not terrible - they represent a canvas divided into several parts that conduct heat. When creating doors, a material with low thermal conductivity is used, due to which heat is stored and maintained in the house.

In country houses, some owners prefer to install the door with bars and windows. The grille provides additional protection against hacking and intruders.

Products are suitable for those who have doubts about the reliability of the construction with a double-glazed window, but wants to install it in their home.


Any door consists of a frame, reinforced profiles. They are placed inside the product and prevent the appearance of deformations. Each design is completed with loops and handles for opening. Glasses are inserted into the frame and in some cases protected - for this purpose, forged parts are used, acting as a decor.

Doors with single-glazed windows have an insert of two glasses - between them there is one chamber. It is filled with inert gases - most often it is argon or krypton, which increase sound insulation. Features of double-glazed windows - low weight, low price, but poor heat retention, so they are used for interior doors or entrance structures mounted at moderate temperatures.

Two-chamber double-glazed windows have three glasses and two air chambers, also filled with inert gases. Doors with similar glass packs withstand much better noise and provide a comfortable microclimate in the house.

Products with three-chamber double-glazed windows are more massive than others. The door is placed insert of four glasses, forming three cameras.

Such constructions are recommended to be installed in houses located in the zone of increased noise or harsh climatic conditions.

Types of glass

For the production of door structures using different types of glass:

  • Demand is for products with reinforced glass, equipped with metal mesh.This glass is quite thick, so the doors have good sound insulation properties.
  • Tempered glass is often used to create entrance doors. Their quality characteristics and wear resistance are at a high level, due to which designs are popular among consumers.
  • Triplex is several layers of glass connected by a film or a liquid polymer. Doors with triplex are resistant to mechanical stress and are characterized by increased strength.
  • Armored windows are rare and are inserted into armored doors.
  • Energy-saving glass has a special coating - it consists of rare earth metals. Such products perfectly retain heat in the cold season and cool the room when it is hot outside.
  • Tinted windows are chosen by those who do not want the inside of the house to be seen from the side of the street. At the same time the street will be visible from the room.
  • Stained glass will help to revitalize the facade of the building, to introduce bright colors.
  • On interior doors are corrugated or frosted glass, performing a decorative function.


Basically, all manufacturers produce doors with standard sizes established by GOST. For interior products, the height of the door leaf should be 190 or 200 cm.

Single door width:

  • for the bathroom and bathroom - 60 cm;
  • for the kitchen - 70 cm;
  • for rooms - 80-90 cm.

Double-wing structures have two canvases - the width of each of them corresponds to the dimensions of single-leaf products (for example, 60 cm). Doors can have different widths (60 and 80 cm).

For entrance doors, the height of the leaf is 200 cm, and the width of single-leaf structures is 80 or 90 cm. The width of double-leaf structures with identical webs varies from 60-80 cm.


Doors with a double-glazed window are made of the most various materials. Interior wooden structures are most common. Also, wood is used to create entrance doors. They look rich, are durable and environmentally friendly. Products made of natural wood are expensive, so imitations are made of laminated chipboard or veneer.

Entrance doors are made of various materials:

  • PVC - often used to equip the exit to the balcony or loggia.The modern plastic door is resistant to moisture and corrosion, has a long operational life, and is easy to clean.
  • Aluminum - aluminum acts as a frame for sliding structures. The material retains heat poorly and needs protection if the product serves as a way out to the street. In such cases, it is rational to install grille or roller blinds.
  • Iron door - the product will help not to let extraneous sounds into the room, to increase the house insulation. Iron constructions are rather durable and it is not so easy to crack them, therefore the visit of uninvited guests is excluded. Previously, the steel door served as a protective function and had an unattractive appearance. To date, double-glazed windows are inserted into the products, and the metal construction is decorated with laminate, leatherette, MDF panels.

Many doors are produced with forging - it can be patterned, in the form of floral ornaments.


For interior designs, different colors are used: from white to brightly screaming. If all doors with double-glazed windows go out into the common corridor, then the products should be selected in one color.

Light shades (white, sand, pastel) are suitable for interiors in classical and Scandinavian style, Provence. Dark colors of the door should be combined with the floor, walls or furniture - then everything will look organic. The color of natural wood is used in ethnic and historical style, country. If the house is two-storied, then the shade of all interior doors can be combined with the stairs.

Best of all, if the color of the entrance door with double-glazed windows corresponds to the shade of the facade of the house, or to the distinguished details - blinds on the windows, stucco molding. Common color is black. It fits any design.

Red looks great on the background of Asian motifs. The green construction with glass unit is perfectly combined with a white or brick facade. Deep blue is a good solution for houses in a classic style.

Yellow shades are ideal for homes with black details on the facade.

Beautiful interior solutions

It is interesting to look at sliding doors with a frame made of aluminum or wood and large double-glazed windows. Such designs, facing the veranda, will help to merge with nature and admire the scenery at any time of the year.

Luxurious entrance doors with double-glazed windows in the form of a snail.

Products for the bathroom can be decorated with double-glazed windows with beautiful multi-colored stained glass windows. This option is very original and suitable for bright interiors.

You will learn more about how to choose doors with double-glazed windows in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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